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Topic:  Viper Squadron: Search and Rescue
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  RE: Viper Squadron: Search and Rescue
March 5, 2008 9:46:38 PM    View the profile of Tomas 
“Immensely. Now, I’ve got new orders for you. Admiral, I’m afraid your ride is on the other side of the Dreadnoughts. The Thantos, Cerberus, and the Nemhain are distracting them for the time being. Dagoram, get what active pilots you can and join me, we’re going to flank them. If they’re smart, they’ll retreat and the Admiral will have a clear run. If not well, do your best to punch through.”

“Easy for you to say, you haven’t got Romeo and Juliet here babysitting you.”

“Alright people, you heard the man. Everyone form up on me and arm your missiles, let’s see if we can’t make these beasts bleed. Two, Eight, concentrate on getting the Admiral to the Thantos. After that you can rejoin the battle.” With that, Tomas pulled his fighter around such that the Umbra came into view before him. Behind him what little that now remained of his squadron formed up on him one by one. When all was said and done half a dozen fighters was all that they would be bringing to the fight. His only comfort was the corvette now moving along beneath them. In an attempt to flank, time was not on their side and as such the seven ships chugged along as quickly as they could.

"Umbra, Viper Lead ... do not, I repeat do NOT fire on the freighter entering the fray. Gage and Beliam are on board. I repeat do NOT engage." Ibram's voice carried over the comm. Tomas let out a sigh of relief to know his flightmates had made it off the planet in one piece. Now it was up to him and the rest of the squadron to clear a path for the XO and the others.

"You guys all get that?" Tomas queried, receiving a series of affirmatives in response. "Looks like we're ready to go, Umbra."

"Standby, Viper Lead." The formation as a whole continued to move, though Tomas could see the corvette altering its flight path ever so slightly, the TIEs matching it accordingly. "Alright, let her fly Vipers!" the comm. tech. announced over the comm. as the corvette pulled in range of the first dreadnought., its own turbolasers opening up on the prey. Tomas couldn't help but feel for Ibram, Aleia, and the freighter. Ship to ship battles could be terrifying and at least his group knew what they were getting into. The others on the other hand were faced with running the gauntlet, the object of the enemy's desire in tow.

This was it. The TIEs accelerated past the corvette on strafing runs towards the target dreadnought. So far so good as their group had drawn much of the enemy's attention.
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  RE: Viper Squadron: Search and Rescue
March 7, 2008 4:34:25 PM    View the profile of Ibram Tyrol 
“Gak me! That was a close one.”

Ibram wiggled and jinxed his fighter, frantically trying to keep himself from being atomised by the nearest Dreadnought.

“Language Pilot.” The Admiral said calmly. For reasons Ibram probably wouldn’t be able to fathom, the Admiral was flying through the maelstrom with ease, only making slight adjustments to his course to avoid the Turbolaser Batteries.

Viper Squadron had already managed to deal some damage to other Dreadnoughts, making hit-and-run strikes against key points whilst the Task Force kept them busy. That was five minutes ago, and as life had taught Ibram on many occasions – Time tended to make things run out.

Now the Squadron was buzzing about the Dreadnoughts like dra’hk bees, trying to sting the bigger foe to death.

“Why does the Thantos have to be right in the thick of things!?”  Aleia cursed as she too dodged to avoid a near miss.

Ibram could see the Strike Cruiser up ahead. It was going toe-to-toe with one of a Dreadnought, whilst the Corvettes Nemhain and Cerberus were flanking it. Lances of light, each easily as big as the cockpit of his TIE, stuck out from one ship to the other, impacting on shields and deck alike.

Ibram started as he saw something tumbled by his view port. And then another. And another. Looking over, he saw that the nearest Dreadnought has a hole in it’s side. The wound was venting wreckage, atmosphere….and people.

What a gakked up way to die.

Ibram, Aleia and the Admiral had jus cleared the first Dreadnought a huge explosion lit up the area. Ibram was blinded, and nearly hit someone from Devil Squadron.

He could here someone’s voice break over the coms…It sounded like Mira.

“…. me!” “What the- “ “was that!?” “It was probably Nazgul….” “….the Admirals ship.”

Ibram could indeed see several new blips on the radar, the IFF identifying them as Nazgul….Nazgul 1 was conspicuously absent however.

Oh Gods no…

“Vipers, Devil’s this is the Commodore. Nazgul is inbound. Cover them whilst they dock, and then get the hell out of there yourselves. Emergency Landings are authorised.” Darkhawk’s voice cut across the coms chatter that had sprung up after the explosion.

“You heard the man, let’s haul ass you two.” The Admiral gunned his defender towards the Thantos.

Up ahead, Ibram saw Nazgul Squadron making high-speed landings into the hanger bay. On his Radar, he saw the rest of the fighters break off and race towards the Thantos.

Ibram was thankful that they had reconfigured the Strike Cruiser so that it could take the extra squadrons, otherwise it would start to get crowded.

“Control, this is Vipers Eight and Two, we’ve got the Admiral and we’re bringing him in.” “Roger that Vipers, you might want to speed it up. Your buddies are coming in Hot.”

Ibram gave his bird a kick of speed, and brought it down in an expert landing next to one of the Nazgul’s Interceptor. Aleia came down next to him, and the Admiral was caught by a docking clamp in the Ceiling.

Ibram was climbing out of his cockpit when the rest of Viper and Devil landed in the Hanger. Even with the configuration, it was still crowded. Ibram couldn’t help but laugh at the Irony.

“What the Frak you laughing at?” One of the Nazgul pilots was glaring at him. “You think this is funny, puke?”

“I think Life if funny, what’s it to you, slime?” Inter-Squadron rivalry, whilst never actively encouraged, was never put down either. Even when it got ugly.

“You have fun on your stroll down on the planet? Have fun picking locks whilst we lost friends!? Our CO!?”

Ibram didn’t often lose his cool, but people had a knack of going one step too far.

“You think you know what it is like to lose someone close to you? To find yourself helpless? To Watch that loved-one die in your arms? Don’t try my patience my friend.”

The Pilot started walking towards him. Ibram could now see his tag. G’shlecc.

“Is there a problem?” Ibram turned to see the skipper walking calmly towards the pair, helmet in hand.

G’shlecc’s eye’s narrowed, but he didn’t stand his ground. “No sir.” 

“Off you go then, I think Nazgul are being debriefed soon.” G’shlecc turned on his heel, and strode off to find his fellow pilots.

The Co watched him go. “You okay Ibram?”

“Sir, yes sir. I don’t blame him. This battle has cost everyone.”

“War costs everyone. Well done today. I’m going to put in a recommendation for both you and Aleia for your work.”

“Thank you sir….What about Anden and Phineus?”

“That freighter they hijacked has its own hyperdrive, they’re going to ride in our wake. Get yourself off to the rec room. You’ve earned it.”

Ibram started walking off slowly towards the hangar bay door, gear in tow. Around him, the deck hands and chiefs swarmed around the fighters, bring tools, fuel lines….for them, life was returning to normal, but Ibram had a feeling that nothing would quite be the same again.

=====Mission Complete=========

That’s it for Search and Rescue guys. Well done. Tomas is away for the weekend, so I’ll be I charge for the moment. I might put up a C/D story tomorrow, to pass the time. Consider this topic closed – so no more posts.

Tomas may want to post up an official debrief, but apart from that consider this a job well done.
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