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Topic:  RAIDERS Halloween
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  RAIDERS Halloween
October 26, 2009 10:50:49 PM    View the profile of Rizzit 
Continue your story on this thread. Squad Leaders, you will have your orders via Comnet PM.

The Sentinel-class shuttle, Demon departed from the ISD Dominion towards its destination: Arkania. This was not by any means a short trip, it also was not the longest trip the VE had ever been on either. One way or another: Sergeant Havock was not looking forward to the long trip. Everyone was exhausted and all anyone wanted to do was rest.

Some people were not quite up to resting however. For some the trip before a mission could be quite nerve-wracking and therefore needed a way to calm their nerves. Something like Sabaac for example. Aeos was dealing in Grahim and Njall while the others got some rest. The three figured at the most, they would have an hour's rest: which would barely be enough to make a difference. That was when it happened: the ship began to rumble. The Sabaac Cards went flying and Havock was woken up from her nap.

"I'm going to have a word with the pilot." She announced as she made her way to the cockpit.

"Pilot? What's the situation?"

"Well ma'am we were pulled out of hyperspace by some force and it is too strong for our engines to escape. We are making a slow descent it seems towards one of the moons of Bogden."

"So...when is the backup ship arriving?"

"What do you mean?"

"Surely, you contacted the Dominion and informed them of the situation. They would surely send another ship to come get us."

"I'm afraid not. We also have lost our communications due to them being jammed from somewhere."

What had in fact happened was the gravitational wells from the Kohlma, one of Bogden's 20+ moons, had pulled them out of hyperspace and pulling them surface side. Now, the RAIDERS Squad was stuck in space with no way of contacting anyone else for the time being. It was just then, Havock had a thought. What of the other shuttles? Surely one of them would notice Demon was in trouble and come to their aid?

"What of our companions? Is the same thing happening to them?"

"I am afraid I have no answer for you ma'am. I would hope they took a different flight path than us and therefore avoided this mess, but even the wisest cannot tell. I suppose if we crash nearby another shuttle, we'll know it's them." much for that idea. They truly were alone out in space and were about to fight for their lives - and their survival. If they so much as survived the crash that is. Survival...what were they really trying to survive? The mission? That was going to be over before it started? The crash? Maybe. If they did survive, what would they do with their lives afterward? Ironically, it was their lives that they were trying to survive. Even if the crash was kept to a small skim along the planet's surface: they needed to find a way to survive until they were able to be rescued IF they were to be rescued. They very well could have to make new lives for themselves on the moon. Havock did not have the time to think about that at the moment: the pilot was going to try to make it as smooth as he could, but made no guarantee that the crash would leave any survivors. Havock left the cockpit to go tell her squad how everything was going to be okay and what the plan of action was going to be once they "landed".

Havock had just finished explaining the situation to RAIDERS Squad when it finally happened. Demon picked up its descent speed. Faster and faster it raced towards the moon's surface. Eventually, the climax of the descent happened and the ship crashed onto the surface of Kohlma: killing the pilots. Smoke was finding its way out from the hull of the ship which had sustained significant damage. Luckily, they all survived with minimal cuts and bruises.
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  RE: RAIDERS Halloween
October 27, 2009 2:27:13 PM    View the profile of StarFruit 
"I friggin' HATE crash landing!" Jaenna's voice erupted from her lips as she stumbled to stand up. Havock had just finished explaining that we would end up having to crash just as the inevitable actually happened. Her forehead had sustained a minor cut during the crash landing, and her bright green eyes were wide with worry as she looked around at the debris from other bits of the transport laying on the floor. She placed her right hand on her left shoulder and tried to rotate left arm, almost instantly she grimaced and snarled. "Great. An injury and we aren't even in battle yet." She looked around for a second, and then sighed. "I swear, our luck." She grumbled quietly and began to make her way down the metal hallway, her hands on the walls in order to keep her steady. Not only was her head pounding but the transport itself seemed to be titled due to the horrid landing.

As she came to the room that had the Sabbac table, her eyes grew wide. Aeos had been thrown to the side of the room, her back propped up against the wall, but the back of her head was bleeding pretty badly. Grahim and Njall were pinned to another wall by the Sabbac table itself, both of them knocked out. Sergeant Jaenna, knelt by Aeos first, since Grahim and Njall didn't seem to be bleeding, though they would need a ribcage exam. The ASL garbbed the hem of her shirt and pulled a strip of cloth from it, She moved Aeos head from the wall slowly and began to wrap the cloth around the girl's head, tieing it to the side.

"Urgg. What... What happened? Jaenna?" Aeo's voice was weak, but it mean that she was still alive at least. Her eyes tried to open, blinking a few times, and looked at Jaenna, still half closed. "We crashed didn't we?" Janena nodded, her eyes filled with worry for what could have happened to the other troopers. "Just our luck."

Jaenna chuckled at that. "That's what I said. You stay here, I have to find Karash and Havock. We will start checking on everyone else once we find our medics." Aeos nodded and placed the back of her head against the wall as Jaenna stood up.

Aeos winced and grumbled loudly. "Not doing that again." She said as she picked her head back from the wall and just let it hang there as she attempted to gain her compsure back.

The Sergeant moved to the Sabbac table and grabbed two sides of it. Grunting, her cheeks turning red, the girl used all of her strength to pull the table away from the wall that was pinning Njall and Grahim. She grunted loudly as finally, the table gave way and moved, untraping the two troopers behind it. Using the strength in her right arm, it being cybernetic, she pushed the table aside and knelt down beside the two of them. Grahim moved slightly, then opened his eyes.

"Garhim, are you okay?" Jaenna asked the Gungan as she heard Njall move next. Grahim nodded and stood, grumbling a bit as he softly complained of a bruised rib or two. Jaenna then looked to Njall, who as already up. "You alright?"

"Yeah. Was just knocked out from the force the table came at us." He shrugged and went with Grahim to go sit down and get his head straight.

Jaenna stood as she heard footsteps. The other troopers had obviously gone around the ship to check on other things and the other troops. "Ayme!" she yelled excitedly as she saw that red, unruly, hair come around the corner, Vee following close behind. She ran up to the SL and wrapped her arms around the girl's waist as she hugged her tightly. She smiled to herself as she felt the other Sergeant hug back. She stepped away then, and looked into those blue eyes. "Where are Joamer, Beta and Karash?"

"They are outside. They sent us in here to grab everyone else so that Karash and I can do what we need to in order to fix any minor cuts." Havock's eyes softened as she saw the cut on Jaenna's head. She touched it gently and chuckled. "You always get hurt before battle." She said as she smiled at Jaenna.

The ASL shrugged and laughed it off. "Oh well. Everyone else is at least a little hurt now, too. The pilots are even dead. Come on, we need to get Aeos to Karash now. She had a head injury. Njall is fine, but Grahim might have a few bruised ribs. Him and Njal got pinned by the Sabbac table." Havock nodded and she and Vee moved over to Grahim and Njall, helping them to move to the outside. Jaenna went over to Aeos and helped her up, placing and arm around her waist and using her other arm to holding onto Aeos' left hand as she helped the girl walk out of the transport.

Once outside, Karash went to work on Grahim and Aeos. The other were gathered around, still putting their armor on, as they listened to Havock and Jaenna.

"Communications are out. We can't contact Dominion for a rescue. But," Jaenna looked down at her Data Pad then showed it to the others. "We still have contact with in the squad comms. The range is low though. So stay close. I saw we head North and see what's there. We need to find a way to establish more communications." Jaenna looked down at her Data pad as she began to do a scan of the geometrics of the moon. "It looks like there's even higher elevation towards the NW, so I might be able to set up a mini com or something to try and contact anyone else who landed her." She finished speaking and looked to Havock, who nodded to her and looked back to the troopers.

"We need to do this quickly, but safely. So, just be careful and stay alert. If we need to split up, you all know the Fire Teams." Havock nodded to everyone who nodded back. She loked to where Karash was taking care of Aeos and Grahim. All three of them looked ready, Aeos with a wrap of white cloth around her head and Grahim with a sort of small wrap-brace combination around his upper ribcage. "Alright, RAIDERS. Lets move out!"

Info is on the Squad Topic
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  RE: RAIDERS Halloween
October 27, 2009 4:49:22 PM    View the profile of Decembrist 
From his comfy seat with a million different safety restraints, Vee lit a cigarette as they went down. He had placed himself in the designated passenger seats near the rear of the transport where he knew nobody would be because – honestly – who expects to crash-land? To his surprise, a decked-out Stormie came in and sat calmly as the altitude alarms started chirping. Platoon Sergeant Jegora Fal, “the Man.” Vasili raised his eyebrows over the only non-regulation equipment he owned right now – his sunglasses. The two men lacked helmets and gloves (as well as their equipment), and neither were showing signs of stress over the eminent crash; Jegora, no doubt, because of the whole Commander thing; Vasili because he was half way between not caring and actually enjoying such a rush.

“You should really settle down, Rustam. You work too hard in these situations,” the Commander said dryly.

“No can do sir, I love this shit,” Decem responded equally disdainful.

As the exchange ended, Havock rushed in after checking in on everyone. “You two seem comfy,” she remarked, showing a little stress as only an SL could in these situations and buckling her straps.

“Everyone tucked away somewhere, Sergeant?” Fal asked.

“I told them to get anything loose squared away and meet back here,” the transport jolting and picking up speed as she said this. “Shit. Hurry up everyone,” Havock muttered beneath her breath. Vasili handed her a cigarette which she declined almost angrily. He lit and replaced the one in his mouth. Joamer, Beta, and Karash barely threw themselves into seats as the shuttle once again picked up speed. They frantically strapped themselves in, muttering curses.

“Where’re the others, Hav?” Joamer asked, concerned for the squad he cared so deeply for (minus Vee, probably).

The feeling of the crash wasn’t nearly as bad as the sound. The Demon was ripping itself apart around RAIDERS as it broke through atmo at out of control speeds, metal tearing away from the hull even before it hit groundside. Rumbling and creaking its way down, the Demon was the beneficiary of better-than-average pilots who managed to keep the ship upright, minimizing the damage. Still, as it contacted with the moon, it jerked violently and erupted in a cacophony of disaster – alarms immediately going off throughout and the outer layers ripping off from the hull even more.

The three soldiers in the Passenger seating slammed forward against their restraints. Vasili reached down and grabbed his seat, tensing himself against the various forces of the crash, which knocked the sunglasses right off his face. From the cabin ahead, grunts and screams could be heard as materials were thrown about and slammed down. Slowly, they came to a long stop.

“Well,” Jegora released his breath coolly, “Go get the Squad prepared, Katash.”

She was already half out of her seat when he said this. “Reistlin, Rythoran, Norgath,” she called to her men, “Get your gear and get outside, make sure this location is secured. Rustam, on me.”

She turned and marched out of the Passenger section with a crunch. Vasili frowned as he witnessed his glasses being shattered under the armored boot of Havock. He looked over to Jegora for sympathy. Decem pointed to the door to say “Yeah, I’m going” as there was no sympathy to be found, just scorn.

The Cabin was a disaster area: tables, chairs and soldiers who were caught off guard by the speed of the crash were flung about the room in all the commotion. Jaenna awaited Havock and Decem as they entered. Aeos was mumbling something and holding her head. Vasili wanted to go get her out, but Havock needed him for the other two soldiers under a table.

“Take Grahim,” the Squad Leader directed as her and Dec pulled the table off the two men. Even with their torso armor strapped on the table caused some decent harm. Without his glasses, Vasili felt drained, unable to resist some manual labor. He helped Grahim to his feet and offered his shoulders to support the man and took him outside.

Jegora was busy carrying equipment out from the shuttle’s armory to where the squad was gathering. He, Joamer, Karash, and Beta were already fully equipped, suited up in their helmets and gloves, equipment and weapons draped about. Karash ripped his helmet off as he saw the wounded and immediately started giving medical aid, Joamer and Beta kneeling and pointing their rifles towards the treeline of the woods the ship crashed near.

“Report!” Havock yelled, letting Njall free.

“Movement in the trees, but nothing’s shown its face yet,” Joamer replied gravely.

StarFruit gave her assessment as everyone grabbed their gear from the pile Fal had assembled. The injuries sustained were invisible under all their armor, and the Stormtroopers were truly a sight: white like ghosts against the dark scenery. They spread out, combat instincts kicking in. Each soldier was about 20 feet apart, moving towards the trees and higher ground. Heavy breathing was all that was heard over the Comm until they neared the treeline.

“Hold,” Havock ordered. She took a knee and pulled out night-vision binoculars, peering into the woods ahead. “It’s too thick. Anyone see anything?”

A chorus of “Negative” pushed through everyone’s helmet.

Havock sighed. “Alright then, scouting party form up. Volunteers?”

As expected, nobody chimed in to volunteer themselves.

“Come on, they’re just some creepy woods with potentially dangerous enemy combatants. What could go wrong?

“Sergeant,” Jeg’s commanding voice pierced through, “I’m not going to take over your squad, but do try to remember that we’re cut off from EVERYONE, try not to be so liberal with your troopers’ lives.” He paused as that fact suddenly sank in. "I suggest Decembrist."

"Ok then," Havock took a deep breath. "We can't risk everyone. Beta, go back to the ship. See if you can find any reason why the hell we crashed. Grahim, Joamer, go with him. See if you can salvage anything of use, and please do protect him if need be. Sir," she directed at Jegora, "Mind staying back as well? No need to put you in harm's way, and we'll need some of us to stay at the ship if help does come. The rest of us will escort Jaenna to higher elevation to try to get something out of communications."

“Not a problem," he responded and got up. "Reistlin, Grahim, Rythoran, on me." They left back to the ship, leaving the majority of Raiders to head north.

Decem knew that Jeg's comment was more than a suggestion, and without even being told he stood up and holstered his pistol in favor of a shotgun. “You got it,” Vasili said to reassure himself that there was no such thing as monsters, though clearly he was breathing heavy and his voice was shaking.

“Vee, we’ve got your back,” Aeos said almost gleefully. A torchlight from somebody’s rifle shone behind Decem, who was now cautiously entering the woods. The rest of the Squad began to stand up and walk behind him.

The visibility in between the dead trees was impossible. There was absolutely no way to anticipate if something or someone was around a corner until he was there. It felt awfully a lot like being bait. Shadows danced around, just barely out of sight, causing Vasili to shoot his head from one side to the other to make sure nothing was lunging out for him. The white armor was no comfort to him in this place, especially as up ahead something was making noise.

Vasili dropped to his stomach and looked around frantically. “Shit guys, there’s something here.”
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  RE: RAIDERS Halloween
October 27, 2009 6:58:38 PM    View the profile of Havock 
A light fog settled as they walked through the forest. The haze was making it difficult to see, the light from the stars was covered by thick clouds. Jaenna, Decembrist, Aeos, Havock and Njall made their was to the nearby elevation to the north west of their crash site. Luckily it was only about a hundred and twenty yards away so their comlinks still worked.

Havock couldn't shake the feeling that they were being watched. She had a glowrod in one hand and one of her DE-10 pistols in the other. Her hands were crossed at the wrists to allow her to shine her light while still raising her pistol at the darkness around her.

The forest made strange noises. You would expect a forest to sound spooky in the dark. Animals walking on the dry leaves around them while bugs carried on in the air. But this forest didn't sound like that. It was almost too quiet, then every so often there was a sound like a snake would make as it moved through the foliage.

The crash had been a totally unexpected event and they needed to figure out what happened so that they knew if the enemy was in the air or somewhere else. Something had to cause a perfectly good transport to fall from the sky.

Decembrist stopped just before the rise and panned his rifle back and forth a few times. Havock motioned to the others who were all formed up close to get down and take defensive positions. She scooted up next to him and slowly rose back to her feet. “See something, Vee?”

“I thought so dammit, bah, I guess not.” He nodded and continued on to the elevation.

There wasn't much more to see from the small rise in the forest. The trees cleared slightly but not much, in fact the only thing the rise did was make the lack of stars more apparent. Jaenna quickly moved past both of them and started setting up her equipment.

Havock wished they had a clue where they were, it wasn't even clear if they were on the right planet or not. And she hated being separated from the rest of the squad. This place was starting to bother her and she didn't like the idea of half the squad being out of eye shot. The four of them took up defensive positions around Jaenna as she continued to attempt to make comm contact with the Dominion.

“I’m telling you I saw something.” Njall pointed off in the forest, there was little to see due to the fog.

Decembrist shook his lighter with frustration as he spoke, an unlit cigarette in his mouth.  “Havock, I think Njall has a head injury.”

“No I don’t. I saw something move right over there. I’m telling you it was right there.” Njall’s voice was rising, Havock silenced them both with a snarl and took a long look in the direction he was pointing.

“I don’t see anything now Njall.” Decembrist looked beyond pleased by that statement, she sent him a glare. “Which doesn’t mean there wasn’t something there before.” That was Njall’s cue to smirk. “Just keep an eye out for anything suspicious and tell me, both of you.”

They both muttered ‘yes, Sarge.’

“Hav.” Aeos called her softly from the other position. She dropped her weapon slightly and made her way there until she was standing next to the second lieutenant. “There.”

Both of their weapons shot up as a branch fell off a dieing tree, then a small creature not more than a meter high hopped into view. The women shook their heads and relaxed as the rabbit started to chew on something it found on the ground. Havock smiled and shook her head at Aeos. She was about to leave when something amorphous slammed down on top of the rabbit. “What the hell!”

The weapons shot back up into firing position. The rabbit was still visible through whatever was covering it, then it rippled and the being seemed to get larger as it slipped back into the darkness.
“Did you see what it was Ae?”

She shook her head in the negative. Havock stepped back and knelt by Jaenna. “Where are we with the comms?”

“The equipment is fine, but I still can't get a signal from any of the other squads or the Dominion.” She absently rubbed the cut on her forehead.

Havock nodded and looked around, the others were now on alert after whatever Aeos and she had seen. And she wasn't in the mood to stay separated when they had confirmed that there was definitely something out there. Now it wasn't even clear if the other squads were even on the same planet as they were. They could have made it to the drop site, or crashed, or who knows what.

“Okay we need to get out of here.” Havock pulled out her comlink. “Joamer, is Beta making any progress.”

The response came back but the connection was obviously not as good as it should be. “No, he can't find anything that suggests what caused the crash and the cockpit is badly damaged. In fact the whole ship is starting to fall apart.” Well that rules out going back to the ship, Havock thought to herself.

“Joa, round up the others and meet us here. Jae is going to keep trying to get comms established but if she can't by the time you arrive we need to scout out and find shelter.” Jaenna glanced up from what she was doing and nodded then got back to work.
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  RE: RAIDERS Halloween
October 27, 2009 8:09:23 PM    View the profile of Joamer 
Joamer tapped his comlink once in acknowledgment. He looked over the wreckage of the ship again and sighed. He knew enough about structural integrity to know she was a lost cause. Picking up his M41-A Pulse Rifle he slung the harness around his shoulders, and let it hang in front of him as he looked over the small group of men trying to salvage anything that was still usable.

Luckily his backpack was with him when the ship crashed, it held everything a combat engineer like himself needed to cause mayhem. As was his Particle Magnum, his pulse rifle, and both his saber knives. His older model Katarn Clone Commando armor felt weird after so long from not wearing it. The helmet sat hooked to his belt, he always had an issue wearing the thing. Everything was painted stealth black, scuff marks, and blasters burns were in evidence in several spots. He was not one of those who went into a battle with fresh armor, he liked his just the way it was. It had proven its ability to save his life many times, so why mess up a good thing.

"We find anything that still works?" Jeg asked a few seconds later. After the squad had split up Jeg and Joamer had quickly become almost hostile towards each other. Beta and Grahim had sensed trouble in the water and kept their heads down.

Beta looked up after a second and looked at both men for a long moment before choosing to address the space between them. "Nothing, the crash compacted the supply containers, everything we have to use we had on our persons." Grahim nodded in agreement as he tossed down a very badly damaged circuit board.

"Alright, we have our orders then. We are to rendezvous back with the squad, let's move out." Joamer said as he took one final look at the shuttle. Jeg was looking at him with his helmet in his hands, so were Beta and Grahim.

After a long moment Jeg spoke up "Listen, Sergeant. Don't you think I should be giving the orders here?"

Joamer looked at him for a long moment, his hands well away from any of his weapons. Truth be told he did not like those in positions of command above the normal squad command. He felt they became rusty, and out of touch with how things worked in the thick of things.

Sighing softly to himself he turned towards Beta and Grahim, then said "There are two people on this moon I take orders from. Jeg is not one of them. Now, I am technically in charge of this fireteam. Whether you decide to follow my orders, which do come from your squad leader, is up to you. I'm going back to the squad, as are my orders, and as such are your orders."

Lifting up his Pulse Rifle he walked away from the shuttle, leaving the three men behind. A few seconds later he heard three pairs of boots walking towards him. He figured either they had decided to follow him and Jeg thought it wise not to be left alone. Or Jeg ordered them to follow, he wondered what the answer was.

Stopping at the edge of the treeline he knelt down and examined very odd markings. He looked over to see Jeg looking at the same thing. After a moment Joamer said "I've seen some strange stuff in my time, but this beats them all. Whatever left this is tracking the squad." He heard Jeg grunt in agreement. He turned to see Beta and Grahim guarding their rear.

Flipping the safety off his rifle he walked inside the tree line, instinctively all three men separated about five feet apart. He wondered if Jeg thought it odd the squad members knew what to do without being told to.

Minutes later Joamer halted and knelt down again, not looking at the ground but feeling suddenly weird about their surroundings. Tapping his comlink he said "Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this place is really eerie." Hearing three clicks in reply he grunted.

Looking up he spotted movement and sighed in relief as he saw Aeos raise a single hand. Standing up he and the three others quickly joined the squad. Havock walked up a few seconds later and nodded at Joamer.

"Well, the ship is a total loss. The engine has been compacted about two feet, even if you got the thing running again the amount of stress fractures along the support structure would cause the whole ship to break apart under any amount of strain. I'm afraid she is not going to get us off this rock." Joamer said after a few seconds.

"Any other supplies, or components?" Havock said after she tapped her datapad a few times.

"None, the supply boxes were pretty much welded together by the force of the landing. All we got is what we have on us now." Joamer finished. Havock started to say something but Joamer continued "We have a problem, something is tracking the squad. The marks left behind are unlike anything I have ever seen. I really suggest we get out of this forest now." Havock nodded and while she looked at her datapad, he forehead scrunched in thought.

"Everyone listen up, I think it's best we get out of the forest right now. Shelter is going to have to wait, besides you are all highly trained I'm sure spending a night out in the open is more preferable then getting into a close quarters firefight with something that eats bunny rabbits." Havock said, pausing a moment to let the squad digest that, after a moment she continued "Pack everything up, let's head to that hill we saw north of us. We can try the comms again there."

Joamer walked up to Jaenna as she began packing up the comm equipment, after a moment he said "Thing that eats bunnies?"

She looked up at him and pushed hair out of her eyes then said "You know those stories you told back during your first few months in the Empire? What we saw was worse then those things you saw."

Joamer gripped his rifle tighter as he believed her. He knew Jaenna would not lie about something like that, and anything worse then the horrors he saw left a very bad taste in his mouth.
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  RE: RAIDERS Halloween
October 28, 2009 12:29:57 AM    View the profile of Jegora 
Things had gotten off to a rough start. Jegora could already tell that Joamer disliked him, although in all honesty Jegora could care less what the other man thought. He would take orders and obey, or he would suffer the consequences. Jegora had never set out to be anyone’s friend; his primary objective, first and foremost, was to be a competent commander, and commanding was different from leading. Leaders could afford to be friendly with the troops. Commanders could not.

As long as he was being honest with himself, Jegora also had to admit that the Raiders weren’t as professional as they had first appeared. The majority of the troopers seemed to be running around without helmets, which didn't strike Jegora as particularly good idea in a hostile environment. He had also pretended not to notice the slightly-less-than-appropriate hug that the assistant squad leader had given Havock in the aftermath of the crash. That had been particularly unexpected, and as a man who had always been a strict, by-the-book kind of individual, such public displays of affection bothered him greatly.

Shaking his head, Jegora pushed away his negativism for the moment and focused on the situation at hand. The shuttle was ruined, but for the most part Jegora had remained relatively untouched throughout the crash landing. His equipment also seemed to be undamaged. One of his plastoid armor plates had a dent in it, but it was superficial damage. At least, he thought it was superficial damage. Either way, everything was in working order, and that alone made him feel a bit more secure about his situation.

Glancing up at the sky, Jegora couldn’t help but notice that the moon’s single sun was dipping below the horizon. Pretty soon the Raiders would be left in some semblance of darkness, and it seemed to him that it would be a prudent move to locate a defensible position to set up camp at, especially since they didn’t yet know exactly what they were facing.

Luckily, Havock seemed to have the same general idea. She ordered the squad towards a barren hill that was only a kilometer or so away. The Raiders set off at once at a quick trot, and they made good time. They reached the hill just as darkness fully settled in around them. In actuality, the hill was more like an outcropping of stone, but the stormtroopers went about settling in anyways. It didn’t take them long to set up camp, as there was very little to do. Their stormtrooper armor kept them comfortable in the frigid air, and the vitamin rations required no cooking, so fire wasn’t necessary. Not that a fire would have been allowed in any case. After all, there was no way to tell who was watching.

Jegora was lost in his own thoughts when one of the troopers spoke up. He was a younger trooper, and although he wasn’t sure, Jegora thought his name might Njall.

“How long we staying here?” he inquired to no one in-particular. It was, of course, Havock who answered.

“Not long. Just enough to rest up a bit and take stock of our situation. I want to move in a couple of hours.”

Jegora nodded to himself. It was a good plan. Each and every one of these stormtroopers had excellent endurance, and none of them were even close to being wore out yet. It made sense to keep moving, just in case they were being pursued. Still, he rather liked the defensive position they had on this outcropping. He almost thought about mentioning something to Havock, but in the end he bit his tongue. Things would end as they would end, and Havock’s plan was as good as any Jegora could have come up with.

Gazing out into the darkness that was pooling around the base of the hill, Jegora suddenly had a very bad feeling that he was being watched, and if there was one thing he had learned over the course of his career it was that his feelings were usually right.

Not for the first time, Jegora took a second to appreciate the upgraded sensor technology that had been installed in his helmet. It provided with him low-light and infrared viewing capabilities, not to mention a rather sophisticated heads-up display. It was the former that Jegora had use for now, and as he activated the helmet’s infrared visor, what he saw very nearly took his breath away.

The ground at the base of the hill was one massive heat signature, for meters in every direction. And it was growing. Whatever was at the base of the hill was big, or else there were a lot of them. Either way, Jegora knew that the Raiders were in trouble.

“On the bounce, people. We have company,” Jegora said, his ice cold voice belying in his inner anxiety. 

All the Raiders joined him at the edge of the outcropping, gazing out into the darkness. Some of them had infrared filters, some of they didn’t. Either way, even those without infrared filters could see the roiling mass of...stuff at the base of the hill.

“What is that?” Grahim inquired.

Aeos just shook her head as she watched the show below. “Slime.”

That's right. Start shooting. I also figure that after a while of shooting we can make a run for it. Towards the fort we're supposed to be taking out, eventually.

Convenient, huh?
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  RE: RAIDERS Halloween
October 28, 2009 7:19:29 PM    View the profile of Havock 
Havock clicked the infrared filter on her storm commando helmet when she heard Aeos call the creature 'slime'. That description did nothing for her nerves. She usually would have had the filter on to begin with in the dim light, the fact that she forgot was pissing her off. Her mind was a jumble, between being on her first mission as a squad leader, and crash landing on the wrong planet, and being alone without supplies she wasn't sure which problem to deal with first. But then again she did know that she needed to move the squad to safety, and there had to be something on this damn planet that they could use as a more defensible position in the dark then a fraking hill in the forest.

She watched as the one large heat signature started to separate into smaller globular forms. “It's moving right towards us.” Karash muttered at her side.

“No, its not. Maybe if you shut up it won't even see us.”

Havock shook her head. “Right Njall, because its not on its indigenous planet where it knows the terrain and had adapted to survive for however many generations.” She turned around to see Jaenna fighting with the comms, Aeos was kneeling near her to cover her, still favoring her injury from the crash. It was obvious from the comtech's expression that whatever she was trying to do was not successful.

She walked over to where the two of them were. “Jae, are you getting anything at all?” Movement flashed across her visor from the group still standing at the outcropping with their weapons at the ready. It was only Beta, knelling down trying to read something beeping at him on his datapad.

“No.” Jaenna whacked the device in frustration. “Its just the same damn static, I can't get anything from the Dominion or the other squads.”

Havock nodded. “Pack it up then, we have an issue that needs to be dealt with.” She stood and walked back over to the ridge, raising an unseen eyebrow at Beta still looking at his datapad as she passed him.

Grahim backed up slightly from the edge of the ridge, she couldn't tell why right away, then she turned her attention down to the red blobs now several dozen meters away from their location. “Okay then, I guess they are heading right for us. Defensive positions, spread out, whatever the hell that is I don't want it on this hill.”

Havock aimed at the closest reddish blur in her viewscreen and fired. The blob separated at the point of impact for a few seconds, then slowly reshaped into its original form and continued is slow progress towards the top. Oh that cannot be good. The rest of the squad opened fire on their targets all having the same result. At best they were slowing the creatures down.

She noticed vaguely that Beta was still fiddling with his datapad. “Beta what the hell are you doing? Get up here and help.”

“Just one more second, Sarge.” Havock was not in the mood to be told no by someone, she turned ready to give the PFC a piece of her mind. Then he yelled out before she could. “Look, no don't look.” He corrected when he saw that Havock was still firing at the creatures. “I downloaded some data from the ships computers, got it on the datapad before we headed out.”

She was a bit surprised that Beta was able to perform such a technical task, she didn't give him that much credit. But she supposed she would have to pay more attention to the trooper in the future. “What data?”

“Well I wasn't sure, but it looks like radar readings from before we crashed. Its not totally clear but there seems to be something that was scanning us, and I don't have a location but at least a general direction in relation to our current location.”

Beta was still excitedly engrossed in the datapad and the readings, Havock reached over and grabbed him by the back of the chest plate which yanked him to his feet. “That's great Beta, but our current location is in the middle of evil slime, so once we shoot all of those things.” She pointed down with her blaster. “THEN we can look at what you found, unless of course you found something that tells us how to kill these things or even what they are?”

He thought for a second then shook his head sadly. “No ma'am.”

“Well that's a shame, now shoot!”

pew pew
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  RE: RAIDERS Halloween
October 29, 2009 9:26:56 AM    View the profile of Aeos 
The lone shot of Havock’s blaster had not improved their expectation of the situation.
Aeos stepped back involuntarily as her visor analyzed the heat signatures splitting apart before slowly and threateningly so, regroup to reform itself.

She felt a hand on her shoulder.
“Steady,” Jegora’s deep voice vibrated.

She bit her lip nervously and refocused the fear which had her trembling.
They were trapped on the top of the hill, forming a perfect circle, backs facing each other yet they stood no chance if their blasters had no effect on whatever it was that was approaching them.

It was either Beta or Njall who finally lost their cool and triggered into action with a volley of shots. It set of a chain-reaction and soon the whole squad let loose with their weapons. The mass of red on her visor repeatedly scattered and regrouped as it got hit and melted back together all the while closing on their little circle.


Havock’s voice was hoarse and hard, fear had sliced into her voice with force, but it did not render her incapable of numbed. It only hardened her resolve. Her  command was effect and the troopers’ relaxed their index fingers on the trigger while keeping their aim focussed on whatever part of the target they thought might be the bullseye.

Havock did not rely anything more than that for a few moment. With the sound of blaster shots out of the way, Aeos could focus her ears, and the dead of the nigth silence accompanied with sludging sound of fluid dragging across earth startled her. Her eyes darted around, she bought an index finger up to her helmet and deactivated the infraviewing. As if it would help. However, instinct called and demanded for natural view. Their surrounding were now clouded in the darkness of the night, with only enough moonlight to cast shadows on the ground.

The whole squad was tensing, they had thirty meters of free ground left before they would be overwhelmed.

Her eye caught movement in the corner, and Aeos swung her aim towards it.

Only the wind, her thought registered as the leaves rustled again at the top of tree nearest to them.  They could climb the tree, or…


“What?” Decembrist who stood to her left risked the loss of his target and glanced at her from the side.

This time, raising her voice from the previous whisper, Aeos chanced herself to grin inside her helmet.

“Fire! The wind is picking up as well I daresay,”

True to his character, Jegora replied:

“It might work Aeos, but they might not be affected by it,”

He kept his weapon trained at the front. For the first time, Aeos appreciated his presence with them. Unfortunately for Raiders squad, almost no one in the squad was known for their rationality and thoughtfulness. Jegora had an abundance of this, and so he served as a good balance for them. He did have a point, but then again, what choice did they have?

“I don’t see any stability in its consistency, change of temperature might be enough to destabilize it and give us a chance to escape it,” Havock muttered.

No one talked. Best to leave the decision to their squad-leader. The woman had to think fast however. Twenty-five meters…

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  RE: RAIDERS Halloween
October 29, 2009 7:52:11 PM    View the profile of Karash 
“Well this is it.” Karash thought to himself as the wave of slime grew ever closer. “How undignified and just as things were looking up.”

“Over there!” A voice cried.

“What?”  Replied the majority of the squad.

The voice, which Karash now recognised to be Nijall, was now pointing westward. “Look a road or path or something.”

“Oh well were saved then.” Karash tried to stop himself from saying it but it just burst out of him.

Havock shot a deep and piercing glare at Karash that instantly made him regret what he had just said even more. Though the fact still remained that the RAIDERS were so close to their salvation but they could not reach it, they were still going to be engulfed but the tide of ooze unless someone thought of something. Suddenly, from no where, explosion sent part of the slime flying in all direction; Karash made sure that none of it had landed on himself or anyone else because he did not believe that his medical ability could solve that injury.

“Who the hell did that?!” Havock boomed over the eerie squelching sound the slime was now making.

Joamer was just before he could, the whole squad seemed to realise that where the grenade had hit the stuff was not reforming. Sensing the orders that were about to barked out the whole squad began to throw their grenades westward, to form a route of escape towards the road. However the slime was still enclosing in all other directions it now seemed to be growing faster and there was odd noise that could be mistaken for screaming.

It was just as the slime was going to overcome a few members of the squad when Havock screeched, “Go, now!”

The RAIDERS did not need to be told twice a one after the other they ran single file between the two halves of the mass that was beginning to reseal itself. As Karash looked upon the slime he was amazed at how quickly the cells of this thing must be able to duplicate as it just seemed to grow with every passing second. The squad continued to run for a good few minuets before they stopped to realise that they had once again survived a seemingly impossible situation.

“Everyone here and ok?” Havock asked whilst panting heavily.

All of the squad responded in turn, each of them panting, until their silence was broken by a soul destroying scream. For a moment Karash stood stuck to the spot not wanting to look at what had just made that noise, but another part he forced himself to do so out of pure curiosity. There stood Aeos trying to remove her left glove without actually touching it because on closer inspection Karash noticed the mass that was growing on it.

“Get it off her!” another voice whaled.

Eventually the glove was flung from her but no one dared to speak or look at her in case she erupted into a mass of slime herself, instead they all focused on the now disappearing glove. The slime grew in size as the glove just disappeared and before long the slime was making its way towards the group of transfixed troopers, who slowly began to run once more. It was truly something out of a storybook, Karash had never heard of or seen anything like it in his entire life; he didn’t even realise they had reached the road until he was being shouted out.

“Karash… Karash, can you see anything wrong with her hand.” Havock was asking, as she was too inspecting it. The rest of the squad providing cover for them.

“Erm, no obvious problems.” Karash examined the hand a little closer, “Nothing but scratches and bruises which I suspect were inflicted when she was removing the glove. It’s perfectly fine.” Aeos quickly snatched her hand back and cradled it slightly.

Grahim stood a few feet away panting franticly, “Are you alright?” Jaenna asked.

“Mesa isa fine.” He replied catching his breath.

The squad stood for a few minuets gathering themselves at the side of this pathway, not one of them was daring enough to speak about the events that had just unfolded, but each one of them sharing the common sense of shock and fear. 

“I say we head northwest along this trail, as it is away from that… well its just away.” Jaenna spoke in a hushed tone.

“Agreed, all of you keep up and keep your eyes open, we don’t know what were up against here.” The squad leader gave her commands the squad began to move at a hurried pace.

What was awaiting them was surely not going to be pretty or even believable but none the less Karash had a deep set curiosity about this whole thing  and a part of him could not wait to find out the answers to the questions he had. The silence that engulfed them forced some of the RAIDER to speak, just so they didn’t feel so alone, just so they could be reassured that some else was actually there.

“Follow the green slime road. What could make more sense?” Karash thought to himself as the RAIDERS made there way ever deeper into the night.

Apologises for any mistakes but its late and I have no time to check it properly. Any big problems and let me know.
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  RE: RAIDERS Halloween
October 30, 2009 10:01:32 PM    View the profile of Havock 
They made it to the road. Beta's information he managed to get off the ships computer, or what was left of the ships computer, had proved useful in it gave them a direction to start looking for shelter on the road. Havock didn't really expect that it would be any easier in that direction but it was better than nothing she supposed.

They walked in a defensive position, paired up, weapons at the ready pointed into the darkness of the forest. The air smelled of humidity, it was only a matter of time before it started raining. But that didn't bother her. The heat, the darkness, the uncertainty all of that she could deal with. The silence and lack of slimy blob creatures that was effing freaking her out.

The creatures didn't seem to be killed by the blast of the grenade, just displaced. Her skinned crawled as she remembered the goo slide its way across the forest floor, blindly seeking its equally displaced  mates. She wondered what the creature could be doing. It couldn't be scared or retreating, that would just be insane. Seeing slime move and attack with her own eyes was unbelievable enough, but to think the stuff was intelligent? They would send her away for sure.

She could make out a clearing in the dead and dieing forest ahead. The trees surrounding the clearing seemed to become more bone like as naked branches reached up into the darkness. As they approached the edge of the forest, Havock motioned for the rest of the squad to hold their position as she and Decembrist took the final steps forward and knelt down to scan the area.

It was difficult to worry about anything given the sight before her eyes. There was a large grayish building rising out of the earth. A flash of light from lightning off in the distance gave a split second of detail to the size of the structure. It was old, very old. A taller square structure made up the center with two wings spreading out in opposite directions of each other. It looked like the citadel wanted to reach out and embrace its visitors, yet she couldn't imagine there being many people choosing this as a vacation spot.

Havock clicked on her infrared filter to check for any signatures that may be blended in with the darkness around them. A lone figure could be made out near the entrance to the citadel. It looked vaguely humanoid in shape and was slowly moving in the squad's direction.

“Contact, 4 o'clock.” She heard Decembrist's voice whisper in her comm. She looked and there was another figure also creeping out of the shadows heading towards them. When the light flashed again she could see that the 'body' was translucent.

Sweeping back she could see three more appear against the gray of the citadel. “Fall back to the others.”

He nodded and they both backed up, staying low to regroup. She knew they had to take the citadel, it was there best chance for survival at this point. That meant they needed to find a way to get rid of the current tenants, which were apparently these slime creatures.

She turned to look at the rest of the squad, they needed to move up and attack the target and she wasn't entirely sure how they would be able to kill them, since they hadn't been successful in doing that as of yet. As she turned she saw something with the infrared filter just before she was about to speak. It was another one of the figures from the front of the citadel, but this one was right behind Jaenna.

Without a second thought she reached up and grabbed a very confused Jaenna pulling them both to the center of the trail. The ASL, let out a string of curses as Havock ignored her and pulled out her pistol fireing at the blob. The others quickly followed suit and the creature began to slip back into the woods. “Move towards the citadel now.”

“Havock.” Jaenna was gritting her teeth, she could tell.

She was still on the ground, she watched as the others advanced down the trail. She wanted to make sure that they were not about to be surrounded. “Yeah.”

“If you want me to move towards the citadel, you're going to need to let me go so I can get up.”

“Huh?” She didn't realize it but that whole time she still hadn't let go of Jaenna. “Heh, sorry.” She rolled over and stood, still scanning the forest as they caught up with the rest of the squad. The number of blobs had increased now they covered the entire field between the RAIDERS and the citadel. They got their weapons ready, the combat engineers were whispering to each other planning something, it was time.

We have arrived at the citadel, but its occupied as you can see. You guys have until Sunday to find a way to get past the blobs and get us in the citadel. There are probably some supplies in the Citadel since it was where some scientist worked for a bit. So lets get to it people!
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  RE: RAIDERS Halloween
November 2, 2009 9:18:33 AM    View the profile of StarFruit 
Jaenna's voice rose from the line of Black-clad troopers standing before the field of globular evil. It held it's normal tough ridge, but there was a pinch of fear under her breath. "Are we seriously going to fight our way through evil ooze monsters?" She asked, an annoyed scoff jumping from her lips as she ended her question in order to hide that pinch of fear. Her eyes, half closed with annoyance, turned to the SL, who was standing to Jaenna's right, DC-15s drawn and ready to fire. "Hav. Evil Ooze. Really?" It was her way of trying to lighten things up. Make jokes and people won't be so heavy on a situation.

Havock looked at the ASL, her expression unable to be seen through the visor of her Storm Commando armor. "Yeah, really." Was her oh-so-simple response as she turned her attention back towards the ever coming field of slime. Jaenna shrugged as she admitted that she wasn't about to get even a small chuckle out of the SL. She tightened her grip on her own DC-15 and took into mind that her Starslasher was still on her back. "Evil ooze. This fracking sucks." Janena looked towards Havock again as the SL's voice reached her ears. Somehow, she could tell that Havock was smiling. "I would have liked to pick the cliche evil monster that we run into after a crash landing on a scary hunk of rock."

Jaenna chuckled at that, and nudged Havock's side gently with her elbow before looking back at the field between them and the Citadel. She could hear the Combat Engineers talking about something, but she wasn't sure just what it was. She hoped that it would be something to make at least a little bit of a trail between them and the entrance to the creepy building looming in the night sky.

The rain was still coming down, and Jaenna was beginning to get frustrated as she continued to hear the Combat Engs behind her whispering. She whipped around suddenly, DC-15 tight in her hand, her angry expression thankfully hidden behind the armor's visor. "Oi! If you don't mind, stop whispering and put your little ideas to use. Because if you haven't noticed there is a sea of evil ooze between us and that fracking building. So put your minds to use and do something." She wasn't losing her temper, she just wanted to get things done. She had command in the squad so she used it.

The three combat engs looked at her and nodded, then looked back to each other and nodded. Aeos was the one that approached Jaenna. The ASL looked at the much higher ranked trooper and was slightly caught off guard by the very idea that she was such a high rank. But she instantly shook off that 'fear' of sorts and prepared herself to listen to whatever idea Aeos had.

"The best thing we can think of is taking our M327s and lining up in front of you guys, and firing into the sea as we run. We don't have many Thermal Dets left, so that's... That's the best we can do right now." Aeos shrugged, her voice holding a slight tinge of fear as she waited for Janena to reply, or to get angry at their lack of ideas.

The ASL sighed and walked over to Havock, she placed a hand on the SLs shoulder and sighed again. "Aeos and them have an idea. We need to let them do it. There's no other way." Havock simply nodded and Jaenna turned to face Aeos, Joamer and Njall again. "Do it. Whatever your plan is, just do it. We need to get into that Citadel."

With that, the three troopers took out their M327 Grenade launchers and held them tightly. They trotted to the front of the group of troopers and took three different angled points. "Right after we fire, you start running! But stay behind us!" Aeos shouted right before she gave the signal to fire the first round of grenades from the oversize gun. The projectiles whislted slightly as they flew through the rain soaked air. Then, they hit the ground and the area around it, ooze and all exploded, sending small bits of debris into the air and scattering about bits of slime.

"Go!" Havock yelled as she started to move behind the already moving combat engineers. The rest of the troopers followed. Jaenna was right behind Havock as they ran.

The ASL looked around them as they ran, she could see the small pieces of the ooze slowly forming back together. She shuddered. "This is freaking insane." She muttered to herself as she turned her attention back to the front of the line, watching as Aeos and the other two shot off another round of grenades into the sea of slime.
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  RE: RAIDERS Halloween
November 2, 2009 10:43:55 AM    View the profile of Aeos 
“Are they there yet?”

“Affirmative,” came Njall’s reply.

Aeos cast the pale blue eyed boy barely older then she was at a glance. He caught her glance and heaved his shoulders. They both knew the next phase of this predicament. Aeos turned to Joamer.  The latter had no time to spare her his thoughts as he was in the process of loading one of the last grenades which would grant the squad access to the citadel. They left a path of destruction behind which was slowly yet steadily oozing back to form a mass.  From afar, Aeos could make out the distinct form of Jegora and Havok monkey-climbing a huge pile of debris, the remains of a south wall which had come down and pulling out their binoculars to keep an eye on the group of trapped Combat Engineers.

“I guess we need to get ourselves out!” Joamer grunted and he heaved himself upward.
“Aeos, Njall, unload your grenades and take them with you; you’re not strong enough to run with these launchers, I’ll take this one with me,”

Aeos knew they had better manage themselves fast or else their path might disappear without them even coming halfway. Hopefully their squad would provide them with some cover fire as they make their way.

“Ready? Let’s go!” Joamer shot off, easily taking the launcher.  Njall followed closely behind. Aeos gulped and sent a small prayer to her deity. She was really bad at running, sprinting and in generally covering a long distance in a short time. She might be able to make it….



She felt a strong yet feminine hand burning against her cheek and startled her eyes flew open.


Havock’s face watered into focus and Aeos blinked.

“What happened?”

She bolted herself upright and this action seemed to startle the small circle of concerned people which had huddled around her. She managed to discern some of her surroundings through the darkness and pairs of legs. They were not outside anymore.

“What…how?”  She glanced at Decembrist and Jegora questioningly, but the latter kept their silence.

“Okay, Havock, move,” came a sharp order. Havock moved away gingerly while still keeping her eye on Aeos. Karash knelt down at her side. He pressed two fingers on the skin of her exposed neck.

“What do you remember?”

“I…I dunno,” Aeos stammered reddening as she did so. What a fine example she was setting about keeping her cool.

“The last thing Ae,” he’s soothing voice urged.

“I was running after Njall, that’s it,”  Karash stared at her with intense eyes. Momentarily he heaved his shoulders as if expecting an attack, but it all passed away in a split second.

“Aeos, you, Joamer and Njall made it here safely, and barely. We moved immediately to this room to and bolted the door close. You sat down and fell asleep, Havock just woke you.”

Aeos reddened an ever deeper shade of red.

“My apologies guys,”

“No, don’t worry. This is not unheard of, your body shut down momentarily to rework the shock and adrenaline, it often happens as soon as you allow yourself to relax mentally and physically after a traumatic event,” Karash continued.  He squeezed her arm and stood up and extended his hand to help her up.

Aeos grabbed his hand and got to her feet. The small circled dissipated and she cast Havock and Jae an apologetic glance.  The squad-leader waved it off with one hand.

“We’re all human, we’ve all been rather on the edge tonight, but we should focus on moving on,”

“We need to establish ourselves a temporary base somewhere and exploring the building and sealing it,” Havock continued addressing the whole squad.

“Objection, sealing ourselves in might be a bad idea,” Jegora muttered in his deep and slow voice. 

“We can’t allow this place to overflow with the bluddy things either,” Jae cut back.

“We shall decide on this hopefully in the next thirty minutes when we have a better idea with what we are dealing with, Ae, Dec you take the ground floor.  I’ll take Grahim, Jegora and Joamer to the second floor, meanwhile Jae; you take the rest to top floor. “

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  RE: RAIDERS Halloween
November 2, 2009 4:33:27 PM    View the profile of Havock 
The second floor was dark. It was clear that whoever used to work here had left a long time ago. There were several examination tables and the walls were covered with glistening beakers and measuring tools.  A few tables to the far right were set up with some chemical reaction which was interrupted by time or worse.

Havock was first through the room, followed closely by Joamer, Jegora and Grahim. All four of them had their weapons out and ready, the light from their glow rods the only light in some corners of the laboratory.

“Whasa thatsa?” Grahim whispered as he came up next to Havock. She had to click several settings on her visor just to make out the strange object giving off a fine plume of smoke in the corner.

Jegora and Havock moved closer to the tall cylinder. It was one of the last remaining items in the room to still be working after who knows how long. “Its a condenser of some kind. It seems to be keeping something...cold maybe?”

Grahim walked up between the two and touched what looked like a door to the object then quickly yanked his hand back shouting so loud that both Havock and Jeg shushed him. “Mesa hand.”

“Let me see.” She reached out and saw that his hand was plainly burned but cold to the touch. Havock quickly felt around in her medpack and got some burn ointment while Jeg put on the gloves hanging next to the device to see what was in it.

The inside was lit but the contents were still hidden by a white smoke that started to billow out of the now open door. She could make out six individual foot long cylinders inside attached to some kind of spindle. Using some tongs, Jegora got one of the containers out and had to wipe off the label to read it, once he did he looked up with a slightly amused expression. “It's liquid nitrogen, they all are.”

“Well that could be useful. Here use that container over there, it seems to be a carrying case. We'll take them with us if the CE's fail to blow up the blobs, maybe we can freeze the bastards.” He nodded and got to work.


As they arrived back with the others on the ground floor, Havock could see Aeos holding some kind of device and Jaenna speaking in an excited tone to a very confused Decembrist. “Thank God, Havock, do you understand this crazy ass language? Cause I don't, and that one won't let me smoke.” He pointed at Aeos.

“Do you see this Vee? Its basically homemade napalm, and no I don't want you to blow us all up cause you need a cigarette.” She let the bag fall back to her side and let out a frustrated breath.

Havock was about to say something when Jaenna ran right at her and almost knocked her down. “Hav, I contacted the Dominion, I finally got through! They know we are here, and it was hard to make out what they said, but for sure they know we are here so hopefully they can get us off this screwed up planet soon and back on track.”

She blinked, Jaenna was talking so fast it took Havock a minute to put it all back together again. “Good, and we found some liquid nitrogen in the lab upstairs so if whatever that is doesn't work maybe cold will. We need to hold out until the Dominion can get here.”

There was a loud bang at the boarded up door, and she could make out a small trail of slime now in the door jam as it descended towards the floor. “Aww shit.” Another noise came towards the rear of the structure, the bastards had them surrounded now. “Aeos, if we need to blow that door outward to make a run for it, can you set it up?”

Njall crossed his arms and came to stand next to the female combat engineer. “Actually, I might have something that would work for that.”

“Good, get it rigged. I don't think we have much time.” Havock looked around for a second, something was missing. “Anyone seen Joamer?”

Jegora quickly ran back upstairs to see if he was still on the second or third level, he came back down at a much slower pace. “He's not up there Sergeant.”

“Alright, lets spread out we need to find him.”

“Hav.” Aeos spoke a few seconds later when nobody moved. “If he's not here, then he's gone. Let him go. He knows what he's doing.”

Havock stared at her for a long moment, every fiber in her being wanted to find her friend, and beat him senseless for thinking going off alone was in anyway a good idea. “Gah, alright. You're right.” Jaenna put her hand on her shoulder and gave it a squeeze. The blobs kept slamming themselves against the doors and windows, and in the distance the thunder was getting closer.
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Joamer was gone; Everyone was hurt at least a little bit; They were a Squad of crazy bastards cornered in a castle thingy with a case of Liquid Nitrogen and a case of Nitroglycerin with a sea of evil slime slamming itself against the only exits to the castle thingy. Oh yeah, what a wonderful predicament to be in when you’re known as the craziest squad in the fracking army. The squad was getting closer together, the cases of LN and Nitroboomboom in the middle of the group, their backs to each other, and their guns up and in firing position. It was hell. It looked like hell, it smelled like hell, it sounded like hell. It WAS hell. The troopers were all tence, everyone could feel it. They all knew that they were about to be stormed by a sea of evil ooze from outside. The sound of the lightning storm grew louder, only meaning that the rain was harder and the lightning was closer.

Jaenna heard Beta speak up, his voice full of fear that was quite obvious in the most terrible way. “Guys, excuse my language and rashness, but what in the HELL are we going to do?!”

“Well, we’re down a Combat Engineer now, since that bastard decided to dip set on us.” Jaenna answered back to him, her green eyes staying focused on the front door of the Citadel. The tone of her voice was beginning to sound much more like the old Jaenna. She chuckled. “We just have another one of those good ol’ RAIDERS obstacles before us.”

“Not unlike any other mission we’ve ever been on together, right hun?” Havock chuckled along with Jaenna. The spirits were up for an odd reason. It was something that Havock and Jaenna had learned during their times in RAIDERS. It was a defensive reaction to situations that looked bad. They had been working, and working hard, on trying to not flip out so much in a bad predicament. It was working.

Grahim even chuckled softly before speaking up. “Wessa can get outssa dissa guys.” He smiled to himself. The Gungan had grown to become such a good trooper. Jaenna liked that about Grahim. He never gave up and he was always willing to put himself up in some sort of way in order to help the squad.  “Whatssa be the plan, Sergssa?” He asked, speaking to Havock and Jaenna, his back still to them , for he was facing the back door.

The circle of troopers stayed in their tight circle, not wanting to break the formation that would give them the best chance of survival right now. “Well for one, don’t step on that Nitroboomboom.” Jaenna said, a bit of a joking tone to her voice.

“You guys should stop joking around and get to a freaking decision.” Jegora spoke up then. Jaenna looked to her left, where was standing, and grumbled.

Her eyes narrowed behind her armor’s visor. “Look, sir. No disrespect meant in any way, but Hav and I can handle this. Just give us a few minutes.” The Platoon Sergeant quieted down, a silent grimace spreading his lips apart in a slight scowl as he turned his attention back to the front door. Jaenna grumbled softly and shrugged her shoulders, as if preparing herself for something. “Havock. We set up one canister of the LN at each door, rig the LN canister with some of the Nitroboomboom, then when they come in, it goes boom, it freezes and disorients the front line, then we make a run for it with Njall and Aeos at the front again.”

Havock nodded as she broke the circle to turn around and kneel down next to the cases. “Help me out Jae.” Jaenna knelt down as well, the others keeping the circle intact. The two set to work quickly, working on getting the LN and the Nitro out their cases carefully. They worked quickly, a boom continuously resounding through the entire place with each crushing wave that the sea of ooze sent against the doors. The two commanders worked faster, each of them carefully combining a cylinder of Nitro Glycerin and Liquid Nitrogen together.

“Guuyyys. Hurry up!” Aeos said to the two girls, as the wooden planks of the doors began to split against the crashing waves of the slime monsters. “Seriously, now. Come on-“

“We got it!” Jaenna shouted as she and Havock stood up, the two girls each going to one door. Jaenna set her double cylinder down by the front door, and Havock set hers down by the back door. They came back to the middle, where the circle was, and grabbed their guns, holding them ready.

“Now what?” Njall asked as he looked at the SL and ASL.

Havock smirked. “We wait. Njall, you get next to Aeos at the front door. Get ready to brace yourselves for a mini explosion of cold. Lets hope this works.” The SL looked to Jaenna, a smile on her face. Jaenna nodded to her love and smiled back.

The booming continued. Each and every time it seemed to get stronger. The troopers stood there, waiting, their knees almost buckling in fear and anticipation. Their guns were held tight, their night vision and heat sensing was turned on in the visors, their inter climate control was set to deal with the chilly rain storm that was beating down on the hunk of rock called a moon outside. Boom boom boom. The hits grew stronger. The door planks growing more and more weak every time. Jaenna looked to Havock, then to Njall and Aeos, then to Beta and Grahim, then to Jegora and Vee and Karash. All of this was such a big risk. Her plan could kill the entire squad. But sometimes, and she knew this very well, risks had to be taken if you wanted to stay alive and have respect.


The hit was strong, the ooze could now be seen through the cracks in the wooden planks. Havock instinctively took a step closer to Jaenna, who smiled to herself. Aeos seemed to take a step towards Vee, Njall hunkered down with his M327 Grenade launcher. Karash had a hardened expression on his face. It was completely stoic. Part of that worried Jaenna, but she brushed it off as another strike came into contact with the door.


Aeos made a noice that sounded like a whimper and a scoff all mixed into one. “Uh, guys. I think we should get ready.”

“She’s right. The next hit could do it. Prepare for the blast!” Havock shouted as everyone got into an even tighter circle, Jegora and Karash holding the cases of booty close to their chests.


They broke through; the ooze began to leak through, that sickening noise of slime over wood and concrete reached Jaenna’s ears and she wanted to scream. But then, an even better noise reached her ears. A louder book. A bright flash went through the entire place. One from the front and one from the back. The flash died down and everyone shivered slightly as the cold chill could be felt from the LN. Jaenna looked up, and her plan had worked! “Yes!” She shouted with joy as she saw the frozen oozies all clumped together, debris on either side of the group. “Alright! We have enough of a path to get through now!, Aeos and Njall, go! Fire your launchers whenever you see fit!”

“You got it, Serg!” Njall shouted as he and Aeos took off over the frozen solid ozzies, the rest of the troopers following them.

They ran and ran, explosions happening every now and then to clear a path through the sea of slime. The others firing off their own weapons every so often just to catch the slime off guard. They ran and they ran. On ward, faster, faster. Jaenna took a second to look at her Data pad. They were heading South East. She didn’t care where it took them, but they needed to get away from the citadel. “Keep those cases safe!” She yelled as she kept running.  They needed to get away; the sea was closing in behind them as they continued to move. Her heart was racing, her palms were sweating, her eyes were blurring. The rain wasn’t making anything any easier. This was getting bad.
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