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Topic:  Embracing the Darkness
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  Embracing the Darkness
October 6, 2005 10:16:00 AM    View the profile of Kami 
Paige Sharpe, First Lieutenant and Platoon Commander of the New Republic Military, strode down the long steel encased hall of her barracks, a young aide chatting animatedly at her shoulder.

“The new shipment of armor arrived today, finally! I told Ally that she should have chased it up earlier, it seems like the merchant was sleeping instead of shipping because he thought he wouldn’t be needing the armor in a hurry! Hah! Not in a hurry! I seriously doubt whether our citizens still realize that there’s a war going on…”

Paige sighed, trying to focus on the report despite the headache plaguing  her temples, “Don’t dislike them for yearning for peace Deakin.”

The young aide’s freckled face flushed bright red, “Oh! Never lieutenant! I was just saying…”

Paige’s mind drifted off once again as the aid continued to rant on about the critical condition of NR military materials,

“…that with Thrawn pushing us from one side NR citizens should be a little bit more worried about their homes. I mean especially thanks to the Vast Empire as of late, I mean, they came out of no-where and bashed the crap out of us where we least expected it and…”

Paige’s fiery green gaze snapped onto the aids, a severe reprimand hovering within its depths, “That’s enough Deakin.”

Deakin opened his mouth, red once more, then clamped it shut and nodded almost sheepishly. Paige strode ahead and away from her aid, her long legs carrying her with a grace that had been hers since birth. She steered towards her office and the piles of paperwork that rested there, silently contemplating turning about and sprinting screaming in the other direction. Whilst she had originally relished the change from the frontline to the office with her appointment as platoon commander, the continual supply of administrative work was slowly taking her toll on her. Even her natural gift with words had failed to save her as she stumbled through the position, learning her steps and making often disastrous mistakes along the way. But such was the price of the military: Platoon Commanders were an expendable asset, still capable of being shot down upon a battlefield, still subject to the sands of time as they aged and lost wit and brilliance. Her troops were used to it.

Slapping the panel to her doorway, she flicked her gaze to Deakin, who had broken into a jog to keep pace with her, “Could you get me some caf? I need to start on my report to high command.”

Still bearing the hint of a sulk within his demeanor, Deakin nodded, then turned to move back down the hallway towards the galley.

Letting out a soft sigh of relief now that she was alone, Paige moved into her office, crossing the steel floor to the large feature desk on which the skeleton of a dreaded report sat. Slumping into the hard backed wooden chair behind the desk, Paige tucked stray strands of her jet black hair behind her ears, then reached unenthusiastically for the first page.

A flicker in the corner of her eye made her hesitate.

Turning her head slightly, arm still extended towards the report, Paige took in filing cabinet lying against the wall to her right, searching for whatever had caught her eye. The dull tarnished cabinet seemed to stare back…a keepsake of earlier days when Paige had first gained the role of an officer within the Republic.

Lured by strange compulsion, Paige withdrew her arm, coming swiftly to her feet to walk towards the filing cabinet. Reaching out with long, elegant fingers, she traced the cold metal of its face then dropped down into a crouch to access the lowest drawer. The cabinet opened with a stiff screech of laziness, revealing a clutter of photo’s and keepsakes in a jumble upon old files…dusty and limp from disuse. Still not knowing what drove her actions, Paige lowered her hand within the draw and plucked a photo from the top of the file, raising it to the light.

Tears sprang immediately to her eyes as her green gaze traced the scene etched forever upon the photo’s face. Two young girls, bearing identical and beautiful features, stood within a lush forest, joyfully posing with their arms flung about the other. Herself…and her sister…captured not long after their graduation from the Kuati Academy.

Tears rolling silently down her cheeks, Paige cast the photo back inside the drawer, before violently slamming it shut. The filing cabinet groaned at the brutal treatment, shaking on its fragile hinges as Paige came to her feet, moving back to her chair. Swiping at her tears with the back of her left hand, she reached for the first page of the report, laying it before her. Questions and figures rose up to meet her…but stubbornly, Paige’s mind refused to comprehend them.

She knew now what had compelled her to the cabinet…and to the photo’s stored within it. It was her birthday, which she had completely and utterly forgotten in the face of work.

Her birthday…and Kami’s…

*        *        *        *        *        *

Do you see her?


Are you sure?

…yes…its her…

Good…what does she do?

…she…she is sleeping…

Good…you have done well

…very well…

*        *        *        *        *        *

Paige stirred from her dream, her eyes snapping open to cast about her office. Shivers trailed up her spine as she took in the darkened shadows of the furniture about her. The sense of being watched…by someone…by something… pervaded her thoughts so strongly she was too afraid to move from where she rested, hunched over in her chair.

Forcing a deep breath into her lungs, she worked on calming her trembling fingers, slowly becoming aware of the noise and light that was filtering in through the crack between her door and the wall of her office. The strong waft of the galley assaulted her senses, suggesting that not only had she slept through lunch...but almost supper as well.

Slowly, inch by inch she unfolded her limbs, coming carefully to her feet. Her green eyes still darted about the shadows, searching…searching… despite the skeptical voice in the back of her head that noted she was alone within these walls. She stalked forward through the shadow towards the light, slapping at the door panel, and stepping out into the bright artificial world of the corridor.

The barracks were alight with activity, corridor jammed with troopers in various states of dress from battle ready to casual jumpsuits. As Paige crept out further into the light, feeling her earlier trepidation melt within the light and company, she was saluted enthusiastically by a few troopers, many flashing friendly winks and smiles at their newest commanding officer. She worked her face, smiling and nodding back, already feeling foolish about skulking out of her office in fear.

Turning on the spot Paige forced her feet to carry her towards the galley and with the flow of traffic, well aware that her stomach was turning furiously with hunger. The sense of being watch had faded completely with her first few steps and diminished with each stride she took away from her darkened office.

“Stupid Paige…really really stupid,” She murmured beneath her breath, flicking her eyes to the chrono on her wrist. As her mind comprehended the time which blared up at her, she abruptly skidded to a stop mid-stride, causing a junior officer to collide with her from behind. Mumbling a brief apology, Paige leapt about him and began to sprint back down the hall towards her office and the exit to the barracks.

She’d forgotten! Dammit!

She sprinted past her office, barely sparing it a second glance, then up a flight of stairs towards the wide set entrance of her platoon’s barracks. Troopers and crew stepped hurriedly out of her way as she approached, one particularly unfortunate trooper being subject to a foot stomping as the lieutenant wisped past. Bursting out into the fresh night air of Coruscant, she skidded to a halt once again, looking at the long winding line to the air taxi’s that awaited her.

Stifling a curse, Paige turned to make her way to the back of the line, silently berating her forgetfulness.


Paige glanced over her shoulder to where a soldier bearing the rank of a Sergeant on his tunic hovered halfway in and out of a newly arrived air taxi, “Need a ride?”

Ignoring the groans of those within the line, Paige flashed the Sergeant a smile capable of making any man’s heart skip a beat. Not noticing the sudden flush of red along the man’s cheekbones as he stepped back to let her past, Paige leapt into the cab, the Sergeant folding himself in after her.

The flight to her apartment seemed to take hours…when literally, it only took minutes. Saying a quick thanks to the Sergeant and throwing a pile of cash within his hands, Paige sprinted to the elevator and down the hallway to the characteristic silver sheen of her front door. Pausing momentarily to catch her breath and arrange her hair back into the clip behind her, Paige keyed in the access code, then walked into the lounge…

Lights flew on, people abruptly springing from all corners of the rooms from behind the glittering furniture.


Paige did a double take, flying backwards to the doorframe, one hand immediately falling to land upon her blaster. About her the sea of faces slowly came into recognition, senior officers and a scatter of her troops from her platoon, as well as two dozen friends of Jareth’s from beyond the military, all of which beamed happily at her, party hats clamped securely to their heads.

The first line of party goers broke to reveal a tall, well built man with piercing blue eyes and a dashing smile. Crossing to the other side of the room, he caught Paige’s hand with his own where it hovered still at her blaster, then pulled her into his arms. With cheers and wolf-whistles breaking out about the room, Jareth, Paige’s partner of more than a year dipped her back, catching her mouth with his for a breathless kiss.

Pulling back, he offered a suave smile, “Happy Birthday Sweetheart.”

Paige flushed bright red, still gazing stunned at the smiling people about her. Finally, a brilliant smile flashed over her face, and she leapt forwards onto Jareth, wrapping her arms about his neck for another kiss. Friends cheered, whilst someone at the back of the room slipped on some music in the background.

Elsewhere…another watched….

*        *        *        *        *        *

You must go to her…


You must face her…and make a choice

I…I cannot…

You must…I have foreseen it…

But…she is happy…she is at peace

Why should she see peace after what she has done? Why should she be happy when you have suffered?

…I’m…afraid…this is something I cannot do alone…

I am here…I will guide you…

*        *        *        *        *        *

Paige lay in Jareth’s arms amid a pile of party hats, streamers and takeout food boxes piled upon the couch. Outside, the first light of dawn was winding its way down through Coruscant’s hazy atmosphere...piercing the smog to flash though her apartment window and bathe the living room in weak light. Pulling the blanket about her and Jareth closer to shelter them from the bitter cold of the winter morning, Paige glanced once again at the chrono upon the wall before pointedly letting her eyes slide away once more. She didn’t want to go to work…not today…

Careful not to wake Jareth, she slid free from the blanket and onto her feet, sidestepping bare footed about the mess strewn across the floor and into the kitchen. She paused briefly at her bedroom, reaching inside for a dressing gown to cast about her naked form, then padded over to the kitchen bench to make a much needed cup of caf.

Minutes later, she emerged onto the apartment’s small balcony, sliding the door shut behind her. Above her, the sky flashed a shade of orange as Coruscant’s sun finally managed to pierce the clouds, beaming down upon a city which never slept. Traffic still streamed endlessly about the tall towers and spires of the planet, the population of trillions moving purposely about the levels, arches and catwalks below Paige…and above her.

Taking a mouthful of the steaming hot caf, Paige savored the bitter taste briefly, the let the liquid glide down her sore throat. Caught up in the party atmosphere of last night, Paige had drunk far too much and was now struggling to cope with the unfamiliar side effects.

A cold breeze swept the balcony suddenly, catching her bound hair and sending it streaming free…a mane of jet black that cascaded about and framed her lovely face. Feeling a sudden chill brought on by more than the wind, she stilled, fiery green eyes searching the horizon once again as she felt another presence briefly brush hers…searching…searching…

Suddenly, tears spilled down her face, blurring her vision as the presence touched her, trailing icy fingers down the length of her back. Stifling the cry that threatened to break free of her, Paige closed her eyes, awash with an abrupt wave of grief that filtered through her entire body. The mug holding her caf slipped from stunned fingers, tilting and catapulting to the floor to shatter into a million pieces at her feet. Then…then presence retreated…and vanished as quickly as it had arrived.

Behind her, the balcony door groaned, causing Paige to spin about in fear. But instead of the piercing green eyes she half-expected to see…Jareth emerged, tanned skin glowing in the early sunlight. His striking eyes crinkled with worry at the look on his lover’s face, before trailing down to take in the shattered mug at her feet. Dark eyebrows knitted, he finally turned his blue gaze to hers, “What happened?”

Unable to speak, Paige took two strides forwards, pushing herself against his warmth. Shivers racked her body, trailing painfully up her back and stomach. She gasped softly with each icy breath that she pulled into her lungs. Wordlessly, Jareth swept her up into her arms, pulling her close to him to shelter her from the wind. Then together, they disappeared inside the apartment, as the sun vanished…swallowed by billowing dark clouds…

*        *        *        *        *        *

You know of her location?

Yes…I know where she is…

Good…leave soon…time is your enemy

…who…who are you?

Ah…you finally ask…I was beginning to think you didn’t have the courage…

I am…a friend…a guide…

…where do you guide me?

To darkness…to darkness….and power

*        *        *        *        *        *

Kami woke.

Her stunning green eyes adjusted slowly to the darkness about her, slowly identifying the shapes and forms of her and Angel’s chambers. Her heart raced within her chest, its beat echoed within her ears. It was the third time the voice had come to her, the third time over three nights of restless sleep.

Raising a trembling hand, Kami wiped sweat from her face, forcing her dry, parched throat to swallow. She had touched her sister, felt her, seen her from millions of light years away…and she did not know how. How she, a lowly Krath Adept wielded such power to travel such vast distances.

“You are her twin Kami.”

Angel’s voice did not surprise her, though she still jumped within the circle of his arms at the interruption of her thoughts by his calm presence. Slowly, she turned about to face him, meeting his vibrant amber gaze. “And unless those stories about the link between twins are highly exaggerated…I believe that with the call of your blood combined with the power of the Force you can touch her.”

Kami rested her head on the pillow close to her lover’s face, feeling his hands glide up her body to cup her face, “Another dream?”

Her voice emerged as a harsh whisper, “Yes…of Paige.”

Green eyes locked onto amber, Kami let him see the extent of her confusion, drawing strength from the wave of love and support Angel sent to her in response. Resting her head against his hand…calloused and worn from years of farming and training… she closed her eyes, speaking instead to Angel through her mind.

I have to go

She felt, rather then saw the extent of Angel’s dismay.

Are you sure?

Kami searched within herself, contemplating, searching, then opened her eyes once again to see the worry creasing Angel’s face.

Yes…I am sure

Leaning forward, Angel pulled her closer, resting his forehead against hers.

You go to face her…Paige

A statement, not a question, to which Kami nodded.

I must…I have run from her for too long

Angel’s fingers danced across her face, swiping away the cascading strands of jet black hair that rested there.

I must go as well. Master Talon is getting impatient He swallowed, a sheen of moisture in his magnificent eyes an omen of impending tears. Promise me … he started.

Promise me that you will come home…as you are…

Fear of Phoenix ran uncontrolled through his mind and into Kami’s.

I don’t want to lose you as I nearly lost myself…

Stunned momentarily by a flash of fear within her breast, Kami swallowed once again, then leaned forward, catching Angel’s mouth with a fervent kiss. Curling her arms about his form, she deepened the kiss until all his fears vanished beneath his desire and love for her.

Breaking the kiss, Kami gazed into his eyes, trailing her index finger down his cheek,

“I promise.”

Angel’s expression shifted into one of relief. He mischievously trailed both hands down to Kami’s lower back, and pulled her close once more.

*        *        *        *        *        *       

The next morning Kami glided through the hallways of the Citadel, her shimmering, loose black hair streaming out behind her. Navigating the maze with little more than a thought…for she had dwelled here now for over six months…she focused instead on the ever deepening call within her chest, the will of the Force as it weaved her way through her.

And it was the will of the Force…that gave her the strength to walk straight past the large doors to her master’s chamber…and enter uninvited.

The four silent guards shifted immediately, drawing vibroblades and pole arms as one. Shadows broke about Kami…sweeping forward in a rush to bring her fiery death for once again ignoring the rules. Yet as the first gleaming blade screamed through the air…the Force screamed out warning and she halted in one fluid movement, quivering to a stop. A gleaming blade screeched through the air where Kami would have stood if not for her reflexes, then stilled mid-swing. Blood red armor swept before her, a darkened visor filling her view. Pure malice radiated towards her from the figure, building upon the fierce anger of the other three guards who stayed their hand at Kami’s back.

But none moved to kill her…and none spoke of her intrusion

They too could sense the will of the Force at work.

Letting her steady green gaze rest briefly upon the guardsmen before her, his presence the same that had once offered assistance when Phoenix ran rampant, Kami called upon every scrap of confidence within her. Ever so carefully, she stepped about the deathly still figure of red, and walked swiftly towards her master’s desk.

With each step, Kami’s breath tore at her throat, excitement coursing through her veins as her abandoned Kuati dagger came into view, still resting upon the edge of Talon’s wooden desk. Its gleaming blade caught the light momentarily, the inscription flashing beautifully along its sleek curves to provoke a sudden flash of rage deep within her. Finally she reached the edge of the desk…and finally…she outstretched her hand.

Trailing her fingers along the soft grip of the dagger, Kami closed her eyes, then swiftly closed her right hand about the worn yet beautiful blade, leaving its razor sharp edge hovering bare millimeters from her skin. She knew her blades…trusted her blades…as they were incapable of betraying her. And she had not known till now the extent to which she had felt empty without one strapped to her left thigh.

Sensing the rising danger behind her as the guardsmen moved once again, Kami flicked the dagger within her grasp, curved blade pointed down, and spun in a fluid movement to face them. She crouched slightly, her matching dagger appearing almost magically within her right hand, both held slightly before and away from her body. Fierce green eyes watched the guardsmen as they flittered once again into the shadows to become one with the impenetrable darkness of the room.


Talon glided forward between the door, his presence a swirling beacon within the Force.

“You seek death Kami?”

Noting the sign of a smile beneath her master’s dark hood, Kami quirked an eyebrow,
“I simply came to reclaim that which is mine master…nothing more.”

She stepped fluidly from the raised platform which bore her master’s desk, and moved to Talon in six long strides. Blades still held easily within her grasp, she lowered her head, watching him from beneath her eyelashes,

“I am ready.”

She let the hint of a challenge flow into her voice and was not surprised to feel the Force rage suddenly into being within Talon as he gazed upon his apprentice. When he spoke, his voice suddenly contained a quiver of power; his dark eyes alight with strange light.

“Leave us.”

The four guardsmen vanished…the large door of Talon’s chamber closing silently in their wake.

Talon smiled, a predatory grin which twisted at his features. Casting his cloak aside, he reached slowly for his lightsaber,

“Prove it to me.”

Kami closed her eyes, then abruptly cast both daggers to the ground, both of which landed without a sound. Glancing up at her master, she stilled….then flew at him, hair cascading behind her in a wave of inky blackness.

She reached him at a speed that no normal human being could match, her silver training blade flashing to life halfway through her first swing. A low hiss escaped her lips as Talon sidestepped, leaving the glowing blade to thrash harmlessly through empty air. The Force screamed within the back of her mind in warning and Kami twisted side wards, barely avoiding the strike aimed directly at her back.

She retreated; blade held point down along her right leg, eyes warily watching Talon as he backed up, the easy smile upon his face a facade compared to the severity within his gaze.

“Too slow.”

The two words bore into Kami’s mind; carrying within them provocation intended to lessen her grip upon the power flowing through her veins.

Kami’s jaw clenched involuntarily, before she forced her anger to fade, to come back within her control. She needed to be focused, to have a plan of attack if she hoped to best her master. Her heart thudded madly in her chest as she met Talon’s gaze, seeing for once the rare threat of danger resting there. He meant to lay a blow if she let him…and he bore a blade capable of dealing death.

What use is a weakling to the Order…

Kami started as the whisper of a voice floated within her mind, directed easily by Talon,

You are faster than this…

Her jaw clenched again at the sudden rush of emotion deep within her. He was mocking her…daring her…

She charged again.

Her white cloak flew out about her in a stream of movement as she whirled impossibly fast towards her target. The Force swirled up within her again…aiding her as she dodged the first testing blow by her master, before bringing her lightsaber straight up, driving it towards his chest. Talon laughed, sliding away and lashing out again, forcing Kami to parry madly to prevent his blade from casting her head from her shoulders.

“Where others may have skill with technique Kami,” He grunted as his apprentice launched another string of attacks, “You bear skill with a speed not yet mastered....”

Knocking aside another abrupt blow, he grunted, then lashed out with his spare hand, catching Kami across her face. His apprentice stumbled backwards, blindly raising her blade just in time to catch Talon’s follow up strike.

“Where others bear skill of manipulation…” He lashed out with a sudden mental attack, sending his apprentice flying back once again with a shriek of pain, “You bear skills of thought…misty substances of illusion…”

He pressed his attack on the young woman, whose hold on the Force was slipping quickly from her grasp.

“You are not ready…”

Catching a clever attempt at an uppercut, Talon turned the opposing lightsaber blade away then struck out again, catching Kami’s cheekbone with his elbow.

She cried out again, one hand moving instinctively to cover her face.

“You cannot face what you must face now. You were overconfident and cocky to have come here…you…”

Talon halted, suddenly aware that Kami was no longer before him.

He laughed, the sound carrying up within the domed ceiling of his room.

“Hiding apprentice? Within the shadows?”

He turned, his now glowing gaze searching about the rounded corners of the room. He laughed again, the sound brief and unimpressed, “Something you have become skilled at since your time here Kami…always hiding, always running.”

“You don’t know me.” Her voice whispered back, swirling about the room to shadow her position, “You don’t know what I’m capable of.”

Tiring of the game, Talon called upon the Force, then threw it violently towards all corners of the room. The walls shrieked in a parody of agony as it touched them…shaking, rocking their foundations to the core of their being. The desk trembled…then flipped upon its side, papers casting themselves within the air in a whirlwind of snapping white.

Yet still…his apprentice remained hidden…

Finally, he realized.

With a laugh that bore satisfaction, Talon closed his eyes and noted the magnificently fine weavings that had crept within his consciousness.

He opened his eyes in time to see the room shimmer before him, before his desk miraculously flashed back into its original position, its papers resting unsettled upon its desk. With another laugh, he smiled, finally turning his gaze to observe the fire burning within his apprentice’s eyes as she held her saber point unwaveringly at his throat.

“Clever girl…” He laughed again, “Here I thought you had been relaxing this entire time…”

Another brief flash of anger lit Kami’s lovely face at the jibe.

“I might not be the finest swordsman…but I know where my skill lies. You made the mistake of underestimating me.”

Talon leaned forward, pressing the training blade against his neck. Abruptly the silver white lightsaber extinguished, leaving only the liquid jet glow of Talon’s blade. He met her gaze squarely, for once letting his apprentice see the true extent of his power.

“So did you. You have skills young one, but so do all that walk within these walls. When you are great, when the Force is truly your ally, the dark side your constant companion…you won’t need to face me.” He let a slight smile clutch at his lips, “You will simply dream of my death, awaken my fears and let my mind battle itself.”

Kami’s lips parted, her green eyes widening in shock, “You…” Her voice broke, “You believe me capable of one day wielding that power?”

Talon straightened, thumbed his lightsaber switch and let his expression slide back into an unreadable mask. “Perhaps. Though no-one’s future is certain.” He paused, his voice uncertain, “There is something about you Kami. Something innocent…something sweet that I fear will die before you obtain that which you so desperately crave. But such is the way of the dark side, and such is the way of the path that you have chosen.”

Kami straightened, then bowed, her head dipping in a gesture that radiated a submission that, as of late, had become less necessary within her master’s presence. She stayed that way, eyes upon the marble floor, her mind battling to make sense of the warning he had just graced her with.

Finally, she raised her head, shadowing the fear swirling within and feeding the Force about her.

Talon called her two daggers to him, both landing perfectly in his grasp. Extending both hands, he offered them to Kami,

“Find your path.”

Unable now to utter the words of thanks of which she had originally intended, Kami simply grasped each dagger, sliding them soundlessly within the confines of their sheaths.

She turned to leave…stalking from the chamber with a grace that shadowed the will of a predator...the white cloak of an Adept lying in a crumpled, forgotten heap on the floor behind her…

*        *        *        *        *        *       

Outside the citadel…a storm was raging. A purple sky roared its fury, black clouds billowing in a rage across its face. Wind whipped at everything in its path, howling, shrieking its anger… its rage across the barren plains of Lopen. Hidden beneath the meager protection of rocks, boulders or within the very soil of the planet itself, the wildlife of Lopen quivered in fear and in cold. It was not often that storms such as these struck…yet when they did, they awoke to find a planet very much changed from what it had once been. Ravaged, mauled and altered by a power that always struck suddenly and without warning.

To the dark jedi of Lopen, these storms served as nothing more than a distraction, a hindrance to their training and their travels. As now it served to frustrate Kami as she sat within the confines of her battered Raven fighter, long past it’s used by date, long past its trend label and long past its ability to fly through violent storms. The Raven, or ‘the bomb’ as it had so often been referred to by the Sharpe family, had come into Kami’s possession by default. It had been shortly before her sister’s betrayal when Kami had stumbled upon the worse for wear fighter whilst visiting a merchant family to which she and hers were inexplicably bound. Not only had the fighter been unworthy for any sort of air travel, it had also seen the battering plight of mistreatment, with rust plaguing much of its frame. Kami and her sister had immediately fallen in love with the fighter, and with a great deal of time and frustration on their part, had managed to restore it to a semblance of its former glory.

When fleeing Kuat…Kami had refused to abandon the Raven, still clinging desperately onto the belief that her sister was battling temporary insanity, and that she would return to her as soon as she regained her right state of mind. Yet her older sister had not returned and Kami had been forced to wait…utterly heartbroken upon Sulon for a reprieve which never came.

After Angel found and rescued her from the downward spiral her life had taken, the fighter was forgotten for a time, sitting within the old farm shed on Sulon, waiting dutifully to be loved again. Finally, Kami had remembered it, and compelled by a reason she could not escape, the same reason which saw her carry her sister’s dagger constantly at her side, she had it transported to Lopen to be with her.

Kami had still…even after all the years in which she had been separated from Paige…not given up on her sister. Within her lay buried a trust and a bond so strong and so complete, that even countless disappointments, countless betrayals and a great deal of common sense could not shatter its impenetrable fortress.

So she sat within the cockpit of the Raven, feeling every gust pound at the ship’s fragile frame…thinking…questioning.

“Is this a rescue mission or an assassination?”

The sound of her voice startled her, and the question went answered, except for the defiant roar of wind about her. The voice, or voices which reached out to her in her dreams could not aid her in her waking state.

“What do you want from her?”

Once again the question went unanswered.

Kami briefly closed her eyes, feeling Angel touch her from a distance, respectful of the issues she was facing even now, before her journey had even started. Their parting had been surprisingly brief, yet emotional. Neither said goodbye, as the thought of living without each other was too unbearable to consider, though much of what each had wanted to say carried through the Force rather than words. Each was afraid of what finding Paige would do to their relationship, yet each was well aware that fate had a role in the timing of the dreams and the growth in Kami’s power. So they had stood bare minutes, wrapped within each others arms, saying nothing until Kami had pulled away. At first Angel’s arms remained locked around her, the Force whispering omens of impending danger…but he reluctantly let her slip away.

Glancing down at the winged ring adorning her finger, Kami turned her mind once again to her question…and finally found an answer.


Her voice broke as it exited her, the sound amplified within the enclosed space of the cockpit.

“I want answers.”

Feeling an immense wave of relief at this small victory, Kami pushed her jumbled emotions once again to the back of her mind. She would deal with them step by step, slowly confronting them until she was strong enough and sure enough to finally meet Paige face to face.

Outside…the storm was dying, swirling down into an eerie silence that scattered dust across empty plains.

And Kami, fighting back tears as she finally broke contact with Angel, powered up the Raven’s engines… and broke free of Lopen’s atmosphere into open space.

*        *        *        *        *        *

“We plan a trip I forgot about?”

Jareth had just walked in the door to see an overflowing duffel bag at his feet, its contents strewn about the entry hall. Paige glanced up from the center of their lounge room, a pistol she had been reloading within her grasp. She was dressed completely in non-descript black, tight leggings and a tank top which showed off the curves of her body to a good extent. Her jet black hair was tied back in a messy knot, leaving strands of hair to fall forward and shadow the contours of her face.

Jareth hesitated, briefly taken with the image, before forcing his mind back into gear. His blue gaze traveled from the gun in his lover’s hand to the bag at his feet. Ever since her birthday…two days ago, she had become withdrawn and quiet. She hadn’t told Jareth what had scared her so badly out on the balcony…but then again, she didn’t have too. He knew her well enough to realize that the only thing Paige was afraid of was her family, and the only family member that mattered to Paige was the one who would have the most cause to track her down and kill her.

Her twin sister.


He narrowed his blue eyes, stepping forwards and slamming the door shut behind him.


Taking a few steps towards Paige, Jareth cast his cloak aside, “You’re not going anywhere.”

Paige met his gaze defiantly, then turned her attention back to the pistol, which she finished loading before sliding it within a holster on her thigh. Then, as though Jareth had not spoken at all, she strode over to the duffel bag, grabbing her jacket from the kitchen bench as she went.


Jareth’s anger was building now, twisting into a tight ball within his chest. She had allowed him to get a week off work for her, allowed him to seemingly convince her that whatever had gotten to her was simply a result of being over worked and overly stressed. He had let her shut him out, confident in the belief that she would open up to him once more. Yet now, she was going to walk out on him?

“No call?” He said softly, moving to block Paige’s exit, “No note? You were just going to leave?”

Paige halted, then tilted her chin, warily meeting his gaze once again, “I have to go.”

Hurt flared up within Jareth, building upon his anger, “Where? Why?”

Paige hesitated, then visibly flinched, “Kami.” She whispered. “She’s coming.”

“Coming? Here?” Jareth shook his head incredulously, “How would she find you? How do you know she’s coming? How do you even know if she’s still alive?”

Paige pulled away from him, “I just…know. She’s alive…she…” She hesitated again, biting back her words.

“She what?” Jareth’s voice rose slightly, despite his effort in keeping it quiet.

“She…touched me, on the balcony. I felt her.”

Overwhelmed at the seemingly insane scene before him, Jareth bit back a sarcastic laugh,

“Paige, honey, listen to yourself.”

Her green eyes flashed with rare fire, “Don’t mock me. I know this all sounds crazy to you, but to me, it makes sense.”

She made to move past him again, but Jareth threw out an arm, catching hers with his left hand, “Where are you going? You need rest; sleep, gods Paige, anything.”

“I’m going to meet her.”

Jareth’s eyebrows knitted, his anger instantly becoming consumed by fear for Paige, “Dammit. You’ve got to think for a second. You’re going to meet her? Your sister…the sister.”

He grabbed her with his other hand, resisting the urge to shake her, “The Imperial Paige!”

“I know,” she hissed, squirming free of his grip once more.

Jareth stood stunned momentarily, still not allowing Paige access to the door. Finally, he spoke, his words soft, “What are you going to do Paige? Go meet her, sort things out? Become a big happy family again?”

At the flash of hope within his lover’s eyes, Jareth let out a soft growl of frustration, “She’s an imp Paige. And by the sounds of it, she’s perfectly happy being an imp too.”

“She’s my sister.”

“She wants you dead Paige!” Jareth’s shout caused all the color to drain from Paige’s face, “She wants you dead and you’re going to walk willingly into whatever trap she sets up for you!”

The room fell into silence, the last echoes of the shout amplified by the high roofed apartment. Paige visibly forced herself to swallow, returning a flush of pink to her cheeks,

“I need to see her.”

Her voice was almost a whisper now, a plea, “I need to know Jareth. All this waiting, all this not knowing is driving me insane.”

Sensing that he was gaining ground in the battle, Jareth took her cold hands within his, “Then stay here. Wait for her to come to us. Here you have friends to protect you. You have me to protect you. No matter what she does, you’ll have us nearby.”

Paige dipped her head silently, before suddenly, tears were streaming down her cheeks. Jareth immediately stood forward, enveloping her in the protective shield of his arms, lowering his head to rest alongside her silky hair.

“I’m sorry,” He whispered, holding her sobbing form close, “I’m sorry. I just don’t want to lose you. I just…” His voice cracked before he was able to continue, “I just don’t think I could handle losing you.”

He held her until the tears stopped, then took her hand in his. With his spare hand, he removed the pistol from her thigh, placing it upon the dresser table nearby.

“Come to bed,” He told her, “Leave all this and come to bed.”

She relented, and let him lead her to the bedroom where she immediately fell into a deep sleep within his arms. Jareth lay away for hours, blue eyes searching the ceiling above him for any means to help his lover deal with the demons she was battling. But no answer came to him and eventually….sleep took him.

When he awoke the next morning, the place within his arms was long since cold, the silence of the apartment enough to alert Jareth to the fact that he alone. Cursing, he flung himself from the sheets, throwing himself about the doorframe into the main room to see the duffel bag removed…and the pistol taken from its place upon the table.

Paige…was gone.

*        *        *        *        *        *

…are you there?

Yes…I am always here…

…why…why me?

Because there is great power in you…

...there are others…

Not like you…you…are like me…

I have a master…he guides my way

He knows nothing of the power that one day you will control…his is a different path…I know you…I know what you face…what you wield

…with all power comes sacrifice…

Yes…yes…you have yet to learn just how true that is…

…voices have come to me before…why should I trust you now?

I am not your father…

…then show yourself…

In time…

*        *        *        *        *        *
Baron’s Hed was a dead end on a dead end planet. Consisting of a series of run down bars, run down mechanic shops and a particularly run down market place, it had become symbolic of the population of Sulon that roamed through its streets. Some of the farmers were better off than others, though to be better off was to find yourself subject to schemes that left you penniless, homeless and very often…widowed. So all were dressed in the non-descript brown clothing of the laborer, and all made sure to feign bankruptcy after a few rounds of drinks.

They were a tough people. Distant, unfriendly and highly self-sufficient, yet stubbornly proud and fiercely independent. Whilst the Sullust system played an important role in the universe, the small planet of Sulon did not, exporting a steady yet unimpressive range of goods, and receiving enough in reply to scrape out a meager existence. It was not an ugly world, though it was very harsh to those who chose to work the soil. Harsh enough indeed without the presence of the Grave Tuskans, violent creatures that hunted down the unlucky or stupid that strayed too far from their settlements and into the wild.

Kami hated Sulon.

To her, it represented only destruction, despite its often breathtaking deserts, its lush forests and its wide open plains. It represented a life that she could no longer access or no longer touch without becoming plagued by fierce anger and a deep bitter hurt.

She hated Sulon. And she hated Baron’s Hed.

“That thing flies?”

The overweight owner of the shipping bay let out an incredulous laugh, giving the Raven a quick once over with his beady eyes,

“You’re joking right?”


Kami cast a brown cloak about her black jumpsuit, her upper lip curling as the owner scratched himself openly, still regarding the star fighter before him.

“I can’t keep that thing here. It’ll scare away potential customers.”

It was Kami’s turn to laugh, albeit softly.

“Since the planet is crawling with potential customers…”

The owner gave her a sneer, roughing swiping at his nose with a grease smudged hand, “Cocky outsiders. You think you know everything about planet’s that you’ve never been too.”

Kami’s green eyes hardened, “Sulon is hardly a puzzle box.” Throwing the agreed price in the pudgy merchant’s hand, Kami turned her back to him and her ship, casting the hood of her heavy cloak about her face.

And I’m not an outsider…

*        *        *        *        *        *

She strode swiftly up the main stretch of Baron’s Hed, deftly ignoring the appreciative stares of the few drunken local’s outside the bars, yet carefully watching the bandits and thieves who flittered about in the shadow of the alleyways on either side of her. Always on the lookout for those who traveled alone, Kami was an attractive target, female, seemingly unarmed and an off worlder.

Flicking her long, dark hair behind her shoulders, she took an abrupt turn, ducking down the small lane to her left. The almost overpowering smell of decomposing rubbish assaulted her as she moved further away from the main drag, its source the piles upon piles of refuse located at the grimy back doors of assorted eateries and businesses backing onto the alley. A lone rodian glanced up from where he was scrounging as Kami approached, his large bulbous eyes glowing slightly in the darkened light.

He straightened as she approached him, one hand sliding to the worn looking blaster on his hip.

“Kuna to chuta?”

Kami came to a halt, giving the alien an appraising once over.

“Well Kelgi…you’ve certainly come down in the world…”

The rodian’s dark green snout twitched as he moved away from his pile of rubbish. Recognition shone briefly in the mercenary’s eyes as he stared at her face, before he lowered his hand from his weapon.

“Chuba kuna konchi?”

“To see your boss,” Kami responded, “I’m after some items of considerable value, and I believe he’s the only person on Sulon who may have them.”

The rodian hesitated, then gave a soft grunt, pottering back towards the pile of rubbish he had been searching through momentarily before. Uncurling her hand about the dagger hidden beneath her robes, Kami moved past the sentry and towards the solitary door adorning the wall at the end of the laneway. Grasping the rotted handle, Kami gave the laneway one last glance, before ducking through the small entryway into the shop inside.

“Can I help you?”

Angus Wulfen, speciality goods merchant, glanced up from where he was seated behind a large wooden desk, surrounded on all sides by an assorted array of antiques. He was aging in years, with long dark hair streaked with grey, and a face dominated by large glasses. Kami had never met the man, though her father had dealt frequently with him when he had been alive. He specialized in the rare and unusual, and had an eye for the priceless that was unmatched anywhere else within Sulon.

Kami descended down the series of rickety wooden steps towards the desk, already aware of the large hulking guard hidden from view to her right. Reaching Angus, she met the man’s curious gaze,

“I’m looking for something quite out of the ordinary.”

The merchant’s face pulled back into a twisted grin, “Then you’ve come to the right spot young lady. What is it exactly that you are looking for?”

“Well, first of all, can you supply these items?” Kami pulled a small crumpled piece of parchment from her cloak, laying it upon the desk. Angus grabbed at it, reading aloud,

“Power cell…energy lens…superconductor…energy flux aperture… magnetic energizer coils…etc.” He glanced up, “Of course, of course.”

He arched a silver eyebrow at the young woman before him, “I daresay I know what it is you are after.”

“I’d be impressed if you did,” Kami said softly, suddenly aware that the mood within the small shop had become tense. Angus glanced towards his hidden guard, and then leant forward onto his elbows, his eyes huge behind his glasses.

“What you are asking for…if discovered to be from this shop…will draw a lot of attention.”

Kami’s expression hardened, “I’ll pay you what the components are worth, nothing more.”

Angus withdrew, his brown eyes calculating. Then, spinning about in his small chair, he opened the top draw of the desk at his back. Spinning back, he placed a handful of small gems before him. Feeling her heartbeat quicken, Kami took another step forward, gazing down upon the shining crystals. A dozen colors gleamed back at her, each as beautiful as the other.

“Adegan. All of the best quality,” Angus said quietly, “Each perfect for the task you wish to perform.”

Kami stilled, aware that the guard had moved from his position to block the exit. Angus noticed her change in stance, and offered a small smile, “No need to worry about Gregory there.”

She flicked her green gaze to his, “Not the first time you’ve had someone come asking for these materials?”

Angus shook his head, “I’ve had many interested buyers.”

Examining each of the stone in turn, she quickly inspected them through the Force. One in particular almost called to her. Reaching out, Kami closed her hand about two multi faceted jewels sitting within the pile of gems. One green. One white.

“A beautiful green…,” Angus commented, his smile growing, “The color of your eyes.”

“These buyers…” Kami said softly, straightening before the merchant, “Were they successful in their task?”

Through the Force, she felt Gregory shift to draw his weapon.

“No.” Angus responded, “Each happened to be overly rich, overly ambitious and decisively over imaginative.” His smile turned sinister, “Much like yourself.”

Gregory fired, the single stun blast deafening within the confined space of the shop. Kami was already out of its path, her daggers within her hands. The guard had a bare moment to utter a brief exclamation of surprise, before the black haired woman was upon him, each dagger driving within his chest at an impossible speed.


Angus’s shout was cut off as Kami used the Force to propel herself atop of the wooden desk. Lashing out, she caught the merchant in the face with a booted foot, sending him crashing backwards into the pile of antiques behind him.

Leaping lithely from the desk, she walked forwards, coming to a halt above Angus. The merchant gazed up at her, blood trickling from his lips, his glasses shattered upon his face.

“I’m the real deal here Angus.” She snapped, “Don’t go pulling anymore of that shit on me, ok?”

The merchant’s eyes widened in fear, before he nodded, the movement causing the twisted frame of his glasses to slide from his face.

“Now…” Kami bent down, grabbing him by the front of his tunic and pulling him to his feet, “I’ll be having the rest of those items.”

*        *        *        *        *        *

…the choice…the choice is my sister


I…cannot choose…

You must…you must make a choice…you have been torn for too long now…

…she is my…my sister…

Fool…she is a traitor…a liar…the betrayer

…what is my choice?

To be strong…or to be weak…

I cannot…I will not… harm her…

She is but a link in the chain…one being within your life…

Exact your vengeance…

I…I cannot…

…then you are lost…

…as am I…

*        *        *        *        *        *

Porky, otherwise known as Jay Griffin, raised the sweet pastry to his mouth and chewed thoughtfully as he examined the ticking wreck of an X-Wing before him. Turning to his taller and far better looking companion, the long time mechanic raised a bushy eyebrow,

“You want to fly this right now?”

The woman nodded, her beautiful green eyes darting briefly about her.

“If you can get it in the air as soon as possible…”

Noting the Kuati infliction upon her words, Porky pulled a face about his breakfast. It was way too early to be working, and definitely way to early for some high ranking Kuati to be asking him to perform miracles. “Look,” He began, slowing his words as he might have done for a small child, “That thing ain’t going to be flying anywhere for a very long time. Whatever laser storm you flew it into has done a hell of a lot of damage.”

The Kuati woman glanced about the hanger again, then took a step forwards, closing the distance between herself and the portly mechanic. “I think you misunderstood,” She hissed quietly, her gaze locking onto his, “I need a ride. Right now. Not in a week, not in a month. Now. So either you get my X-Wing in the air, or you give me something else.”

“Humph.” Licking the vast vestiges of sugar from his fingers, Porky shot the woman a decisively evil glare, then turned and waddled over to the group of young mechanics standing a few meters away. Glancing over his shoulder to see the Kuati scanning the hanger again, Porky sighed at his aides,

“Its too early for nasty customers. Grab the old Z-95 from out back will you Jeff? Hopefully that’ll satisfy her enough to let me finish my breakfast.”

The aide nodded enthusiastically, then scampered towards the adjoining hanger. Waving a pudgy hand at the Kuati to get her attention, Porky tilted his huge chin in the man’s wake, “If you follow Jeff, he’ll set you up with something.”

The Kuati gave a brief nod, grabbed at the small duffel bag at her feet, then moved smoothly in the indicated direction and disappeared from view.

“Humph.” Porky slid his considerable bulk onto a small metal chair, ignoring its shrieking protests. Reaching over for another pastry, he sighed again at his group of companions, spraying them with crumbs, “Honestly, the thanks I get…” The rest of his complaint was drowned out by the sound of the Z-95 engines as they roared to life, before it shot free of the hanger and into the early morning sky of Coruscant.

*        *        *        *        *        *
The photo of the two teenage girls sat propped up against the inner cockpit of the Headhunter as it maneuvered through the busy traffic beyond Coruscant and into a cleared laneway for departure. Paige had only a single scrap of information to go by in order to track down her sister. When she had finally begun the daunting task of locating what remained of her family she had been given a photo by one of her field agents of a headstone, crudely cut and dug crookedly within the soil of a Sulon farmhouse. A headstone bearing the name Axis Sharpe. When she had questioned the agent, he had informed her that the man’s family had long since fled the planet without leaving a clue to their eventual whereabouts except for the shuttle in which they were jetted away.

Paige closed her eyes briefly as he Z-95 lurched, preparing to jump into hyperspace. A military class shuttle that had been legally recorded as a squad transport from the Vast Empire faction…

She opened her eyes just in time to see the stars streak beyond the cockpit, gliding out and freezing within place on either side of her. Whilst the evidence she had discovered was shaky at best, Paige knew deep within her stomach that she was headed in the right direction. It felt as though Kami was hovering within her head, constantly slipping from view, urging her on with a silent voice that prevented sleep and brought back memories which she would have rather forgotten.

She was on the planet of Sulon, waiting for her.

Though what she would do with her when she arrived was something that Paige, after years of separation, was now no longer able to predict.

Jareth’s word’s were still echoing in her ears, each ringing with a truth that Paige was trying desperately to ignore. Yes, it looked like Kami was an Imperial, and yes, she had all the reason to want to hurt Paige for what she had done to the Sharpe family. But she knew her twin better than anyone else in the universe, and deeply believed that if she could meet with her face to face…that she could somehow close the gap between them and somehow regain the trust of one of the most important people in her life…her little sister.

Shifting uncomfortably in her chair, Paige caught her lower lip beneath her teeth, a nervous habit from her childhood that had persevered despite all the etiquette training the Republic and Kuati Academies had put her through. Truthfully…she was terrified. Yet she had another ten hours to endure before she would be able to face her past.

Reaching out, Paige snatched the photograph from its resting place and slipped it back into the breast pocket of her jacket. Then, closing her eyes, she subjected herself once again to the futile attempt of gaining some sleep.

*        *        *        *        *        *

Kami walked easily upon the man drag of Baron's Hed, her fiery gaze focused upon the slight rise visible in the far east. It was within the jagged ravines and dry plains that the farmhouse where her family had lived for a brief time lay, a good three hours or so by speeder, a good half a day by foot.

She had briefly considered buying a speeder to carry her to her old home, but had immediately discarded the idea. It seemed that Angus made sure every local merchant was aware of what she was capable of. Already, she had been recognized. Despite its vast fields and mountains Sulon was a relatively small planet which housed an even smaller population. Word traveled fast, and faces were hardly ever forgotten. Especially a man as important as Axis Sharpe had been. He was after all, according to the conspiracy theories of the time, a man on run from the law for the murder of his past seven wives. The man’s continual drunkenness, and the beatings he bestowed upon his wife and daughter at the time had simply acted to reinforce this rumor. After his violent death during a fight with a group of grave tuskans five times his size, he had become a household name. And Kami looked far too much like her father for the old timers not to notice.

So she was walking to the farm, carrying a small, unmarked duffel bag in which lay the components of her lightsaber. Ever the fan of art, Kami had overseen the painstaking process of a local jeweler as he spent hours upon end crafting an elaborate design within the silver sheen of what would become her lightsaber’s hilt. It was almost identical to the design which resided upon the blade of the two Kuati daggers strapped to her thighs, consisting of a remarkable series of interconnected swirls. A distinctive reflection of her Kuati heritage, and a reminder of the challenges that she had so far overcome.

Stirring from her thoughts, Kami raised a hand to cast her dark hood about the contours of her face. The wind was slowly picking up, carrying with it the hint of an impending storm. Where most Sulon residents would have immediately turned about to seek shelter at the omen, Kami continued resolutely forwards towards the swirling clouds in the distance. She had nothing to fear from the storm, as after all, she had the Force.

*        *        *        *        *        *
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*        *        *        *        *        *

All the components of her lightsaber lay before her on the dusty, broken wooden floor of the Sharpe farmhouse. Outside, the storm had died down, though it still rumbled threateningly every few moments, letting the world know that it had not yet finished its rampage.

Kami was on her knees, the perfect crystals which would form the most important components of her saber sitting within the palm of her left hand. She was examining them through the Force, testing them, probing them and sensing only perfection in their shape and form. Despite the somewhat heated situation in Angus’s shop, the Force had urged her to choose the two gems, and now she knew why.

Closing her eyes, Kami delved deeper into the Force, immersing itself in its power. She let it permeate every inch of her being, let it stir at the barely suppressed fury laying restrained within her…then turned its attention towards the gems, still lying unfettered on her hand. The darkness whispered gleefully at the provision of a new target and, at Kami’s bidding, swept down upon the crystals, breaching their jade and sallow walls to contaminate the pure core within. The gems flared white hot for the barest of moments, scorching the smooth skin of her hand, then reverted to room temperature, each decisively different now that they had been touched by a corrupt power.

Opening her eyes, Kami trailed her fingers of her right hand along the smooth sheen of her hilt, feeling for the service panel that fitted almost seamlessly into the swirling design. Feeling the catch, she swung it open, then reached for the power cell, field conductor and power vortex ring she had attached together just moments before. Perfectly shaped eyebrows set in a frown of concentration, she lowered the parts into her hilt, locking them into place, before reaching for the crystal chamber which would hold her jade gem in place.

She halted momentarily, one hand swiping at the black bangs which threatened to obscure her vision, then fitted the chamber, lowering the beautiful crystal so that it sat securely within the handle. Then…steadying her fingers, she installed her focusing crystal and attached the lid to the chamber, securing the components inside. One by one, the magnetic energizer, energy modulation circuit and emitter arc tip were added, each placed with a deadly accurate precision Kami was usually incapable of. But with a lightsaber…even the smallest mistake could result in failure…

Straightening in her kneeling position, she installed a pressure sensor and the magnetic ring inside the smooth opening of the shaft. Then, she lowered it to the dusty wooden floor, and closed her eyes once more. Ignoring the small bead of sweat trickling down her cheek, Kami called on the Force, directing its storm towards the hilt. Gritting her teeth, she drew upon her knowledge of the nature of the Force, calming herself so that she had the utmost control over the devastating power. Then…every component infinite in detail in her mind’s eye…Kami began the meticulous process of connecting every element of the saber.

Outside…the storm swirled, shadowing the ever darkening sky behind its face. Stars emerged, only to remain unseen to the residents of Sulon, all whom were huddled indoors, conversing in hushed voices, their eyes involuntarily sliding at every chance to examine the strange weather above them. Elsewhere…within the main street of Baron’s head, a young woman brought her ship to a soft landing. Ignoring the wind whipping at her jet black hair, she turned her stunning green eyes to the horizon, and then began to trek resolutely towards the storm’s eye.

The sun rose later…though no-one saw its splendor. The storm continued to growl, expanding in width so that it was visible from miles away, lighting flashing violently and sporadically within its depths. And below it, within a rickety farmhouse that moaned and shuddered with each gust of wind, Kami opened her eyes.

Her fingers were trembling, her green eyes alight with a feverish glaze. Lowering her clammy hands, she forced herself to swallow, raising the now completed lightsaber to eye level. The interconnected swirls of the handle seemed to stare back, drawing her within its smoothly alternating pattern. Feeling her breath stick in her dry throat, Kami wrapped both her hands about the grip, lowering her thumb until it hovered over the silver activation grip.

Clenching her jaw, she pushed down.

The handle thrummed with pure energy, a three foot beam of pure green-white light emitting from its end to light every corner of the darkened room. Kami’s eyes widened as she drank in the brightly glowing light, her heart thumping madly in her chest. Slowly, she tilted the handle, watching the beam as it flawlessly followed the movement, the air swirling out of its path. She sat enthralled for minutes, before she finally deactivated the saber, sending the farmhouse plummeting into darkness once more.

Glancing at her chrono, Kami came stiffly to her feet, snatching at the water bottle resting upon the broken table at the window. Downing the bottle in seconds, she reached for another, feeling as though her parched throat would never be satiated. Eventually….she ran out of water, and throwing the last of the empty bottle to the ground, Kami moved a step closer to the window, gazing out down the small hill to the dusty road beyond. She could sense Paige now…every step she made as she moved closer to Kami’s position….every thought that swirled through her mind as she battled with her fear.

Clipping her lightsaber hilt to her belt, Kami pulled her arms close, wishing Angel was there to shield her from the increasingly cold wind with his strong arms, then set her steely gaze set upon her unseen target, and waited…

*        *        *        *        *        *

I…I’m afraid…

Fear is a useful tool…

I know what I must do…but I fear all that will come of it…

You have lived in fear far too long…let it control you when you should have wielded it as a weapon…Strike down your sister and free yourself of the last of the bonds that hold you back…

…you have seen it…please…tell me my future…

You must discover the future for yourself…

Find strength when you have none…Find faith when it fails…

…you must find the Force…

*        *        *        *        *        *

As she moved closer the small farmhouse resting upon the sweeping rise came into view. A long discarded and unloved fence surrounded its yellow, cracked walls, its pikes bent and blown about in the rough winds of Sulon to become half buried in the dusty soil. The roof had long since collapsed inwards in disrepair to leave a sea of jagged spikes of broken tile and sandstone jutting up into the ever darkening sky. A single window faced Paige as she stopped onto the first of the cobblestones winding their way towards the gaping hole that was the door. The window’s frame was splintered, a victim to the violent entry of scavengers, with its glass scattered beneath in between an array of twisted weeds. And somewhere, behind the inky blackness within the window, her sister waited, unseen, but given away by the strength of her presence.

Swallowing the violently ill taste within her mouth, Paige stepped carefully over the remains of a clay vase at her feet onto the next of the cobblestones. About her were strewn the remains of the farmhouse’s furniture, cabinets, chairs…and the tattered scraps of a child’s toy. Pausing mid step, Paige crouched down, dragging her elegant fingers through the coarse dirt and wrapping them about the remains of the weather worn child’s toy. Pulling it free, she used her other hand to rearrange the features of the soft toy, revealing two small button eyes and a cross stitched nose. The ewok stared resolutely back at her, deflated, one ear hanging limply over its face.

“Recognize it?”

The voice was soft, distinctly Kuati…and distinctly Imperial. Fearing to raise her head, Paige instead forced herself to swallow the lump which had resolutely lodged itself within her throat, unaware that she had crushed the ewok within the circle of her fist.

“It was given to me on my fourth birthday,” The voice continued, more certain now as the owner moved closer, “It was my favorite gift. Even more so than the toys given to me by my mother, and the small knife given to me by our father.”

A sadistic laugh emanated from above Paige, its sound tinted with a bitterness that made the hairs upon the back of her neck stand on end. Still refusing to glance up, Paige slid her green gaze to the expensive black boots which had abruptly appeared on the beaten path.

“Father told me I was a fool. To favour the toy over the dagger. He asked how I would use the ewok to defend myself, to aid me if I was ever in trouble.”

There was a slight pause before the voice went on.

“I was more afraid of him than anything else in the world, but on that day, I told him that it didn’t matter. That the ewok gave me far more than the dagger ever could, because it was from my sister…and not from him.”

Feeling the warmth of a tear slowly trailing its way down her cheek, Paige finally raised her eyes to take in the young woman before her.

She was beautiful.

Slim, tall, and clothed within a form fitting jumpsuit that acted to show off the curves of her body to good advantage. Long, jet black hair, much longer than Paige remembered it, cascaded about and beyond her shoulders, lifting gently in the wind to fall upon the black cloak which fell close enough to the swell of her breasts and hips to hide any weapons from view. Classically arched Kuati cheekbones trailed up past a full mouth to a pair of striking green eyes, each reflecting a mixture of fury and distress as they contrasted against the tanned smoothness of her skin.

Taking a step forward, Kami tilted her head slightly, accentuating the tattoo which curved about her right eye. “I paid for what I said to him,” She whispered, gazing down upon a twin sister whom she had not seen for years, “He took me out back, away from my mother’s eyes, and struck me until I would admit that I was wrong…” Her face, amazingly identical to that of her sister’s, blanched momentarily in memory.

“When I came back into the house, mother saw my blood and saw the bruises on father’s hands, yet said nothing. To say anything was to risk being subjected to his fury, so she stayed silent, and let her daughter take the blows. My father took the ewok and placed it upon the highest shelf, far beyond my reach. He told me that one day I would be able to retrieve it, and until then I was to focus on learning to wield the blade he had given me. And as usual…he got his way.”

A faint hint of a smile tugged at her younger sister’s mouth as she turned her gaze to the now swirling mass of grey clouds above her. “My favorite present…given by the only person who believed in me. The same person who was beaten each of the hundred times she attempted to retrieve the toy for me.”

Those vibrant green eyes slid back to Paige’s, revealing the extent of the hurt and betrayal in their depths. “My sister,” Kami said hoarsely, the wind whipping at her loose hair, “My sister, who would later leave me to rot just as easily as the other people in my life.”

“Kami…” Paige came to her feet, her guilt awash in the tears now streaming down her face.

“It was a lie!” Kami snapped, her face contorted in open rage, “I lie to which I was stupid enough, naïve enough to believe!”

Shocked by the abrupt outburst, Paige felt each of words stick in her throat as she spoke. “I never lied about how much I cared about you…never.”

“Stop lying!”

Paige withdrew from the primal scream of anguish that broke free of her sister’s throat. About them, the wind picked up, roaring with unspent fury as it buffeted at both of their still forms. Surrounded in a swirl of black, Kami seemed to still momentarily, aware that she had lost control. Quelling her expression back into an unreadable mask, she regarded her torn sister with a violent and barely contained rage.

“After you left,” she said softly, her words barely audible above the wind, “They hunted us down. They thought us just as capable of betrayal despite the fact that we’d devoted our entire lives to Kuat, to the Empire, and to its cause. We were forced to flee from a place where we had everything…” she paused, her lip curling as she glanced disdainfully at her surroundings, “…to here.”

“Your failure was my failure,” she hissed, “Father spent more time drinking, and more time ‘sorting me out’ than he did running this pathetic excuse of a farm. I had to carry the family. I grew the crops, sowed the fields and traveled to the markets.”

“And I didn’t care Paige,” she said brokenly, “Because I honestly thought that you were under some great disillusion, and that as soon as you saw the truth of it all that you would walk through that door and make everything alright again. Just like you always had.”

“I never knew…” Paige felt weak. Her guilt swirled brutally within her chest, threatening to rise up and overwhelm her senses. Each breath was coming in short, ragged gasps, tearing through her chest with a painful flash. She had been so convinced in her mission, in the Rebellion’s cause, that she had been willing to leave her sister within the clutches of the man she had once sworn to protect her against. And somehow, she had allowed others to convince her that what she had done was justifiable, that there was nothing else she could have done.

“I’m sorry,” The words were a sob as they excited Paige’s mouth, “Gods Kami…I am so sorry.”

Kami visibly recoiled, her eyes dark.

“Empty words Paige.”

Paige’s vision blurred beneath her tears as she attempted to see past the iron clad barrier her twin had erected about herself. Once, she had been able to read her sister like a book. Now, she only sensed the bitter fury that radiated from her sister’s stance and the burning of her eyes. It was an unnatural anger, a dark anger that seemed to contaminate the very ground on which Kami stood.

Paige’s next words were whispered in helpless grief, the last vestige of their strength snatched away by the wind.

“What have they done to you?”

They have made me stronger,” Kami answered, the first of the rain plummeting down from the sky to strike the soil about her as she spoke, “Where Axis taught me to fight, they taught me to kill. Where our mother taught me to think in advance, they taught me to think on my feet.” Her eyes flashed, “Where you abandoned me…they risked their lives for me.”

Paige drew herself up, ignoring the icy rain as it pummeled her, sapping at her warmth.

“The Kami I knew was…”

“Weak,” Kami interrupted, “Foolish.”

The ache within Paige’s chest deepened. She took a step towards the dangerous, shadowy woman before her. “The only regret I have Kami is that I left you behind when I should have taken you with me. You’ve become the epitome of what you once swore to me never to become.”

Paige let her gaze harden, “You’ve become father.”


Kami stepped forward and lashed out with her arm in one fluid movement, catching her twin across the jaw. The strength of the blow snapped Paige’s head to the side, before she fell heavily to the now muddy earth, water showering up about her.

Kami stood over her as she groaned, tasting the bitter tang of blood within her mouth.

“Axis Sharpe was a disgrace,” Kami spat brutally; “He deserved the painful death which he received.”

Planting a hand within the wet dirt, Paige rose slowly to her feet, her every move watched by her sister’s predatory gaze.

“You’re not yourself Kami.”

“I’m more myself than I’ve ever been.” The shadow within her green eyes darkened, abruptly causing Paige’s blood to run ice cold.

She moved too quickly for Paige to react: One moment, her younger sister stood before her, the next her hand rested upon her shoulder. Identical green eyes locked onto Paige’s for the last time, void of any remorse.

“I trust you remember this,” She hissed.

The curved Kuati dagger shadowed within the confined of Kami’s cloak flashed, piercing the soft skin of Paige’s stomach. She cried out in pain as the blade tore through her, ravaging tissue and bone to drive up towards her heart. Kami pulled her elder sister into an embrace which twisted the blade, driving it deeper within her body. White hot pain, beyond anything Paige had ever felt before, plagued her senses, distorting the image of her twin’s face before her.  Blood flowed freely from her lips, cascading down to shower the hands of her killer.

“Strength…honor…and justice.”

The words seemed to drift in from all sides through the pain. The words which were inscribed upon the dagger she had received upon graduation from the reputable Kuati academy. The dagger she had accepted despite her allegiance to another. The beginning of her betrayal.

Tilting her head back, Paige turned her eyes to the sky, taking in the fierce storm now raging above her. The pain was ebbing now, giving into the wave of numbness that had overtaken the lower half of her body. A thousand thoughts and memories flashed within her mid, climbing over each other in an attempt to be seen in the final seconds of her life.

With one soft cry…Paige drew her final breath through the bloodied shards of her chest.

Her final thought was of Jareth…and a pair of unforgiving, unfeeling eyes…

Eyes of the brightest green.

*        *        *        *        *        *

Jareth spent precious hours trying to gain approval from Republic high command to travel off planet. He spent yet another hour scavenging for ammunition and supplies for the four members of his squad who had volunteered to accompany him to Sulon to retrieve Paige and lock up her sister.

He spent the next ten hours cramped within the cockpit of an old Lambda class shuttle, his white fists clenched upon the controls and his blue eyes focused on the hyperspace star field beyond the glass. His gut had clenched and unclenched with every minute that flashed by upon his chrono, every instinct alight with the warning that Paige was in severe danger, and that they just weren’t going fast enough.

As soon as they touched down upon Sulon soil, they began to scour the shipyards, threatening, bribing and in some cases forcing information from the locals in regards to a dark haired woman. Finally, they stumbled across a Republic issue Z-95 and a description matching Paige’s. Next they moved to the smoky bars of the main stretch of Baron Hed, quickly discovering the location of the old Sharpe residence.

Blatantly ignoring the local control tower, another 15 minutes and 34 seconds had been wasted as they traversed the town site and traveled into the waste of farmland beyond. Landing among the ruins of the sad looking and decisively run down farmhouse they had immediately spread out, searching for any sign of Paige amongst the ruins and the surrounding fields.

They found blood.

Its path winding along the broken flagstones of the house into the dying fields beyond. His heart virtually still within his chest, Jareth had waited for the longest minute of his life as his second in command, a burly scarred man known to his friends simply as Red, returned from the fields.

His often unreadable face had been drawn, his scarred mouth set into a grimace that was reserved only for very serious circumstances. He had lowered his meaty hand upon Jareth’s shoulder, and spoken unusually softly. “We’ve found her.”

Now he was on his knees in the drying mud beyond the farmhouse, the cold remains of his recently recovered lover lying cradled within his arms. Tears streamed silently down his face as he gazed upon her, still beautiful despite the contorted expression of pain on her face… and the dry blood caked about her lips. He was only vaguely aware of the photo he held crumpled within his fist, one which his team had discovered upon the grave. A picture of him and Paige, locked within each other’s arms, both of them very much in love…and very much alive.

Trailing his fingers about the wound on his lover’s stomach, Jareth let his blue gaze flash momentarily to the Republic shoulder that knelt silently at his shoulder. A red skinned Twi’lek by the name of Amaia; she nurtured a love for culture that had seen her study extensively before joining the armed forces. Now, she held the beautifully crafted dagger which had killed his lover within her hands, its wicked blade drenched with Paige’s blood.

“It’s a ceremonial dagger,” Amaia explained, carefully averting her eyes from Paige’s form, “Kuati by the look of the design upon the blade.”

Turning it about in her hands, she showed the other side of the dagger to Jareth on which were carved four simple words in beautiful writing. Strength, Honor and Justice. “The Kuat academy’s motto. These daggers are given out upon graduation; they act as a diploma of sorts to those who have shown excellence.” She hesitated, then moved the dagger slightly so that the light caught the small inscription beneath the motto.

A name. Paige Sharpe.

Anger roared up violently within Jareth as he gazed down upon the blade, tearing away his grief in a wash of white fury. Glancing down upon the woman who had brought so much joy to his life for the last time, he briefly closed his eyes, and then allowed her to fall back to the earth and out of his arms. Coming to his feet, he laid a hand briefly upon Amaia’s shoulder in thanks then strode over to where Red hovered at a respective distance from the gravesite.

“Take her back to Coruscant,” Jareth began as he reached him, “Give her a proper burial, and make sure she receives the sendoff she deserves.”

Red reached out, clamping his hand about Jareth’s lower arm in an iron grip as he attempted to move past him.

“Don’t do anything stupid Jareth,” He murmured quietly, his dark eyes flashing with concern, “I know how you must feel, but this isn’t going to help anything.”

Glancing briefly down at his friend’s arm, Jareth continued as though he had said nothing.

“Tell high command that I’m on indefinite leave.”

“Dammit Jareth.” Red tightened his grip, only to recoil as Jareth yanked his arm violently free.

“On our friendship Red…” Jareth said through clenched teeth, “…don’t try to stop me.”

Then…turning…he began to walk towards the dusty road that would lead him back to Baron’s Hed.


He ignored Red’s attempt to draw him back, already absorbed within the swirl of thoughts plaguing his mind.

“Don’t do this Jareth!”

But he was already upon the road, his first destination locked into place. He already had transport in the form of Paige’s Z-95, and he already had a mission. Find Kami Sharpe.

And kill her.

*        *        *        *        *        *

Kami was numb.

The world beyond her mind was an incomprehensible blur of sickening images, accusations and memories within her head. She felt as though a void had opened within her chest and engulfed all emotions beyond that of grief and self loathing.

Over and over the memory of her sister’s body flashed in her mind, as Kami had dragged her to the shallow grave she had prepared and dumped her unceremoniously in. How she had piled the dry dirt upon her still bleeding from, emotionless, then left the grave unmarked. No sign that it held the body of one of the most important people within Kami’s life apart from a few weeds which clung precariously to the upturned soil.

She remembered seeing the photo’s within her sister’s pockets, her and a man, wrapped in an embrace, oblivious to the world about them. Also…her and her sister upon their graduation day…each innocently unaware of the events that would tear them apart only months later.

Glancing at the reflection visible in the cockpit of the Raven, Kami ignored the streaked view of hyperspace beyond, focusing instead on her eyes. They too were void of emotion, helplessly despairing as they gazed back at her. She had finally committed herself completely to her cause, in her mission to discover more of the intoxicating power of the dark side of the Force…and had lost a part of herself along the way.

She was numb.

*        *        *        *        *        *

You have done well…I am pleased with your progress

Please…just leave me alone…

Too late for that now…too late that your sister’s blood now stain’s your hands…Accept what you have become…a reckoning force…

…it is only now that your true training will begin…

*        *        *        *        *        *

A short flight later, Kami emerged wearily from the Raven, her Force signature pulled as tightly within her as possible. Fatigue wracked at her limbs, sapping at the last of her strength and causing her muscles to quiver in a sign of severe weakness. She felt as though she had aged years within a single moment and that her body was now struggling to cope with the massive toll exacted upon it by the Force. It was changing her…bending her to its will. Ever beat of her heart was amplified within her ears, every breath tearing painfully at her raw throat.

All she wanted was to curl up and face the repercussions of her actions. Face the gleeful presence of the Force swirling within her and determine exactly how she could silence it for long enough to come to terms with what she had become. But she had set out to prove her worth as a member of the order, and others impatiently waited upon her arrival.

In the darkness of the Force, she searched for Angel’s presence in the Citadel. She had seen the Divinity hanging in orbit above Lopen…but he was no where to be found. A slight ripple of disappointment shot through her, but quickly turned into relief.

She couldn’t face him now. She had broken her promise.

Somehow… her weary legs carried her up the long spiraling staircase of the highest tower of the citadel, every step fuelled by fear generated by the members who awaited her and the same quiet desperation that had pushed her through since her sister’s death. It wasn’t until she stood facing the huge doors of the chamber that Kami paused to collect herself and regain her icy composure.

Flicking her long hair behind her shoulders, she pulled in a deep breath, emptying her mind of anything to which her master and the dark council could utilize against her. Whilst she had a significant degree of aptitude for all things mental, she was no where near as advanced at manipulating others as the members of the council, each of which could easily smash through her barriers and destroy her with a single thought.

But she was not about to walk in the door without erecting some semblance of self defence.

Casting the doors before her open with a slight nudge within her mind, Kami visibly straightened and strode forwards to meet the members of the council. Only Japheth and Kadann sat silently on the dias at the other end of the small stark chamber. Beside them, three chairs remained conspicuously empty, the places of the Dark Lords Riel and Darkhawk…and most noticeably Talon’s.

“Tired Kami?”

Japheth’s voice was uninflected, showing no emotion as Kami came to a halt before him. Kami ignored the question, recognizing it as the simple barb that it was, and instead dropped down in a submissive bow before the Council.

“I have done as you asked,” She said softly, her voice reverberating within the small space. Withdrawing her saber hilt from where it was hidden within her cloak, she thumbed the activation switch, causing a beam of bright green to extend with a *snap-hiss* of air. She held herself steady as the council examined her through the Force, prodding, scouring, and receiving little in return from a barrier held strong by the flurry of emotion carefully controlled and directed within Kami’s chest.

Finally, Kadann declined his head. “You have done well.”

Kami deactivated the saber, the hilt immediately disappearing beneath her robes once more. Dropping her head again in thanks, she waited, aware that he had yet more to say. There was a brief pause in which the council conversed before he spoke again.

“You have now found your path. Let every footstep carry you ever closer to achieving that which you truly seek, and never doubt the ability of the Force to respond whenever you call.”

*        *        *        *        *        *

-2 hours later-

Kami sat cross legged within the cavernous training room in which she had first experienced the true power of the Force upon her arrival on Lopen. It was here that Talon had taught her the meditative state that slowed time and opened the senses to a world more vibrant, more vast and decisively more tangible than the one she had seen for most of her life.

Then, she had been in awe of the strange power, and naively unaware of the toll it would exact upon her with every new scrap of knowledge, every new once of strength and every new ability she possessed. She had not known that the Force would bless her with the ability to read fear and conjure it into existence with a mere thought in her mind. She had not known that the Force would curse her in turn by magnifying her own fears, bringing the spectre of her long dead father to life and causing Kami to drive a dagger within her stomach to rid herself of his presence.

She would not even been able to comprehend the mere thought of taking her sister’s life, or the circumstances that would lead to her even considering the prospect of her identical twin’s death. It was only now, at the end of her journey, and at the beginning of her new life that she was able to understand what her new power had cost her.

Her hands still ached from where she had scrubbed them anew, attempting to remove blood that no longer marred her flesh but constantly marked her memory. Though… in comparison to the numbness still swirling within her chest and her mind, the pain was a welcome and distinctly human distraction.


Angel’s soft voice interrupted her train of accusatory thought, the sound amplified by the sculptured archways and beams surrounding her. Opening her eyes, Kami examined him quietly through the Force, stunned by the amount in which her ability to read him had grown. She could sense every thought before they flashed within his mind…and the shadow of his fear as it lurked patiently, biding its time within the dark confines of his subconscious. He had changed slightly as well. His presence had grown stronger…more powerful, carrying within him new strength which told her that he had been successful in his task.

Abruptly awash in a wave of longing and grief with his appearance, Kami came swiftly to her feet, turning to face her lover where he stood within the doorway. He stood easily, dressed within the black robes of the order, his amber eyes reflecting only a deep concern for her. She found his appearance changed as well. His long blonde hair was a mere shadow of its former self, cropped above the distinct line of his jaw.

Feeling a soft sob break free of her throat, Kami catapulted herself forwards to cross the distance between her and Angel in a few strides. Throwing herself against his warmth, she slid her arms about his powerful back, feeling his arms enclose protectively about her as she did so. Burying her face against his chest, she stifled the next sob; her eyes remaining painfully dry despite the tornado of emotion within her. She wanted so badly to tell him that she had broke her promise, that her journey had changed her in a way that either of them could have never predicted. But every word stuck fiercely within her throat, every image she conjured becoming immediately entangled in the shifting mass of confusion that was her mind.

So instead she clung desperately to Angel as her world virtually collapsed about her. He was the only rock that prevented her from being swept away in the storm which threatened to send Kami plunging into despair; the only anchor preventing her from being lost in the maelstrom of remorse.

“It’s ok babe.”

Angel’s voice was broken, awash with understanding out of what he could sense of Kami’s inner turmoil through the Force. Lowering his head to her silky hair, he offered all he could beyond the strength needed to keep his feet beneath him, desperately trying to ignore the sinking feeling within his gut. Despite her resolve, everything had changed.

“Just breathe Kams.”

Once again, the price taken by the ever manipulative dark side of the Force was such that it could not be easily fixed, or forgotten over time. Closing his eyes, Angel’s tightened his arms around the most important person in his life, struggling to keep his voice as soothing and gentle as possible.

“Breathe sweetie, I’m here now…everything’s going to be all right.”

*        *        *        *        *        *

The End

*        *        *        *        *        *

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  RE: Embracing the Darkness
October 6, 2005 3:02:40 PM    View the profile of Angel 

I loved Beta reading it along the way...and I love it even more now. Awesome work and well worth the wait

*wanders off to prepare the party*
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  RE: Embracing the Darkness
October 10, 2005 9:35:08 PM    View the profile of Cosmic 
Just finished reading. Very well done, Kami. Excellent job. It's our best DJK journey in my opinion. :P You've got a lot of promise, Kami, and I wouldn't be surprised if Tal/Kad moved you up to Krath Priestess.
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  RE: Embracing the Darkness
December 27, 2005 6:58:09 PM    View the profile of Japheth 
First I feel I must apologize for how long it took me to read this. While I have been busy, I have not been so busy that I couldn't have read this sooner.

This journey was quite good. It was an enjoyable and easy read that featured a lot of development for Kami as a character. It is also, I think, the longest journey of any time ever written. Its certainly longer than any I've read before (and easily longer than any I've actually written :P).

In light of all of that (and some other reasons that I had typed up but were lost in a power outage): it is my honor, duty, and privilege to promote Kami to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight.

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  RE: Embracing the Darkness
December 28, 2005 10:04:11 AM    View the profile of Angel 
*finally gets to throw the party he'd been  planning for months*
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  RE: Embracing the Darkness
February 14, 2006 2:14:39 AM    View the profile of Raziel 
Congrates Kami really good story!

(p.s. Japheth mine was longer! )
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