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Neutral Messages  [Statistics]
The ComNets for all the divisions in the Vast Empire
Main ComNet  [Statistics]
This is the message system for all of the Vast Empire's Members.
1,367 19,478 11-26-2015 10:18:50 AM
by StOrMz
Kadann, Talon, StOrMz, Havock
Lounge  [Statistics]
Take off your shoes and relax. Have a glass of correllian ale and chat with your friends in an open forum.
1,985 37,747 1-17-2014 6:47:02 AM
by Hades
Kadann, Talon, StOrMz, Havock
StoryNet  [Statistics]
Create a story, or continue one already started.
595 7,872 2-15-2014 7:16:15 PM
by Norsedragoon
Talon, StOrMz, Havock
Multiplayer Challenge Board  [Statistics]
So you THINK you are the best at JK, T/F, or even XvsT? Well why don't you put your money where your mouth is!
111 761 6-15-2013 4:26:42 AM
by Sharp
RPG ComNet  [Statistics]
This is the Vast Empire's Role Playing ComNet.
92 847 3-24-2013 11:01:17 AM
by Xanin
CompetitionNet  [Statistics]
This is where competitions can be run
84 975 2-21-2012 2:11:09 AM
by THX1138
Leave  [Statistics]
A place for leave announcements and returns
1,845 7,959 1-24-2014 5:42:16 AM
by Gurlanin
Kadann, Talon, StOrMz, Havock
SupportNet  [Statistics]
If you are having problems with any of the Imperial Network or Vast Empire web pages, post any errors on this forum.
142 675 11-20-2013 7:13:41 AM
by RedClaw
Information Booth  [Statistics]
This is a place to ask questions about the Vast Empire and get them answered
190 1,434 11-18-2013 4:11:52 PM
by Serpent
The Osk Company  [Statistics]
2 12 2-24-2013 1:51:30 AM
by Valthir
Fury, Sniping101, Angel, Kami
Stormtrooper Corps  [Statistics]
The ComNets of the Stormtrooper Corps.
Army Main ComNet  [Statistics]
Army Main ComNet
1,095 10,933 11-14-2015 11:14:01 PM
by Talon
Raziel, Luckystar, Garryll Gates, Havock
Stormtrooper SquadNet  [Statistics]
This is where all the squads will communicate within their separate topics.
23 32,298 4-27-2014 1:15:30 PM
by Corvin
Raziel, Garryll Gates, Havock
Stormtrooper Corps Story Board  [Statistics]
Start a story for the Corps, or continue one already in progress!
470 14,525 7-22-2015 12:05:39 AM
by Hades
Raziel, Garryll Gates, Havock
Specialty Storynet  [Statistics]
This ComNet is for Stormtrooper Corps Specialty Stories.
190 1,289 11-11-2013 3:52:50 PM
by Garryll Gates
Raziel, Garryll Gates, Havock
Imperial Navy  [Statistics]
The ComNets of the Imperial Navy
Navy Main ComNet  [Statistics]
Navy Main ComNet
1,104 30,806 11-15-2015 10:54:44 PM
by StOrMz
StOrMz, DeepSix, Trykon, Serpent, Hades
Naval Story Board  [Statistics]
For Naval Run-Ons and Fiction
488 8,164 11-5-2014 2:01:27 PM
by Shazam
DeepSix, Trykon, Grey, Serpent, Hades
Naval Academy  [Statistics]
Vast Empire Naval Academy
1,228 10,925 3-26-2015 11:33:42 PM
by Balac
DeepSix, Trykon
Naval Certifications  [Statistics]
Stories for Naval Certifications are to be posted here.
140 658 12-26-2013 11:04:09 AM
by DeepSix
DeepSix, Trykon
Dark Jedi Order  [Statistics]
The ComNets of the Dark Jedi Order
JourneyNet  [Statistics]
This is the place to request journeys and post them for review by the Dark Council
237 2,353 12-20-2013 1:05:09 PM
by Hades
Talon, Raziel, Kami
ShadowNet  [Statistics]
This ComNet is for the Dark Jedi Order to participate in publically viewable story-lines.
12 102 6-1-2013 6:12:52 AM
by Raziel
Raziel, Kami
Dark Jedi Information Booth  [Statistics]
This is a place to ask about the Dark Jedi Order (open to all the VE)
57 1,084 4-20-2013 1:26:43 PM
by Raziel
Raziel, Kami
Engineering Corps  [Statistics]
The ComNets of the Engineering Corps.
Engineering Corps ComNet  [Statistics]
Home of the most inactive division in the VE
101 694 12-13-2012 4:27:52 AM
by Dunny
Suggestion Box  [Statistics]
Post any suggestions for projects here.
133 1,436 9-26-2013 8:15:20 PM
by Skarr
Imperial Marine Corps  [Statistics]
The Vast Empire Marine Corps (Gaming Division)
Marine Corps Main Comnet  [Statistics]
Marine Corps Main Comnet
23 247 12-10-2014 12:09:19 AM
by gurrrr
SW - The Old Republic  [Statistics]
Star Wars: The Old Republic gaming
13 241 7-20-2014 1:15:16 PM
by crimson-nexus
Marine Corps Story Board  [Statistics]
For stories set in the timeframe of the Old Republic
1 4 3-4-2012 10:15:12 PM
by Serpent
The Osk Company  [Statistics]
The ComNets for The Osk Company.
Osk Forum  [Statistics]
General BS and open discussion
23 205 11-15-2013 11:40:57 AM
by Fain
Sniping101, Kami
Cantina  [Statistics]
Come on down to the local
4 11 9-7-2010 9:34:02 PM
by Decembrist
Sniping101, Kami
Tall Tales  [Statistics]
Here there be stories
35 382 4-3-2013 4:07:47 AM
by Kami
Sniping101, Kami

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