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  Retconned non canon:Raigen Episode I: A Time Apart
February 27, 2016 11:23:40 PM    View the profile of Raigen 
6BBY Floating aimlessly like a rust heap amognst a sea of nothing, the August ran silent, with no movement or exterior lights and its engines cold and lifeless.  Inside, only a few systems were running and the YT1930 "mock" freighter was conducting business as usual.  Raigen Tei-Yehn was a pilot of little note, at least to most.  He had no record, no run ins with the law, and his transponder codes were as clean as he was.  He followed normal hyperspace roots, allowed local authorities to search his ship without cause, and always paid the local docking fees and taxes.  On more than one occasion he had been approached as a candidate for training in the Imperial Academy: something that had never interested him.  But underneath the clean nose and the spotless books, he.was not the junker or freighter jock he seemed.  Raigen's business was spice: Ryll, glitterstim, amongst others.  He operated as a mule, never picking up from the supplier and never meeting with the dealers.  He simply picked up the pakage and dropped it off, usually inside a.shipment that would later be stolen.  Of course, operating under such exclusive circumstances meant the pay was low, which Raigen made up for by working around the clock, often relying on his ship's modified stasis field for extra rest and downtime. 

Today was not the well oiled, by-the-book day that Raigen was used to.  He had been marked by a rival smuggler looking to hit him for his load: 20 tons of raw, unrefined Ryl hidden in just shy of 180 tons of mineral water.  The August was running slow with the added weight, which already exceded his limit by 20 tons.  The lighter YT2400 pursuing him was better armed and had a more advanced hyperdrive, but Raigen wasn't concerned.  The august was just a shell of the stock freighter it once was.  He had gutted and refitted it to his own specifications, with stealth capabilities beyond that of most miltary vessels.  A custom cooling system allowed him to release the heat in his engines almost instantly. Paired with a  sonic-resistant poly-shelled hull and a wave dampner, he was invisible to most scanners and sensors.  Once he went dark, the only way someone could find him was if they already knew where to look.

So somewhere between Ryloth and Tatooine, in the asteroid belt of a dying star,  Raigen switched on his sublight engines to redirect his craft onto the surface of one of the larger, iron asteroids.  The orange-brown brown paintjob of the august and the jagged hull blended into to asteroid's surface like cho-powder on snow.  He switched off the navigation and auxiliary engines. Only life support and emergency lights remained, running off solar batteries undetectable through his ugraded shielding.  That upgrade had cost him, but the radiation from SRB and ion fusion engines could easily be detected on even non-military sensors.  Raigen modified his ship systems to draw power from precharged, radiation free batteries and shielded the solid radioactive material that powered his sublight drives to be completely contained when not it use.  He was invisible.

The ambient green light barely lit the cockpit of the August, whose viewport was completely digital, and allowed none of the already dying sun's light into the ship. Raigen pulled the sunlenses resting on his head over his eyes and set them to lowlight beforw looking over his navigation charts.  'Damnit, the nearest system I can unload on is Tatooine. . .I can unload the mineral water on that dust ball to cover my expenses but the spice won't fetch anywher near the price I could get in the core and I'll still be stuck with a water tank I'd have to pay someone to junk.  I'll be lucky to pocket five racks of credits. . .If I dump the water and try to outjump him I may be able to lose him in Imperial space but I won't make it past inspection unless I dump half the spice cause my declared weight will be off. Not to mention the attention dumping half my load will draw. . .and the only other option is modifying my drive so I can jump while he's trapped in the gravity well of the system's sun. . . The warp from the hyperdrive would distabilize the star's gravitational field, causing it to go. . .Holy Fekk!'. . ."Kaythree, polarize the hull, inspect the hyperdrive coils, and divert power from the stasis field to the quantum field generators."  A red and white, clear domed astromech droid lit up and whirred in reservation.  "No I don't care about the moral implications of creating a black hole, just get the ship ready for a class 2 jump!"

Raigen spent the next few hours reprogramming the hyperdrive and creating back doors to the gravity well safeguards. "So here's the plan, Kaythree, we engage the hyperdrive within the star's gravity well, the distortion in space and gravity should hopefully disturb the dying star's gravity enough to make it go supernova.  Now normally we wouldn't be able to break free from the star's gravitational pull and make it into hyperspace, but when the star explodes," Raigen clapped his hands together, "We get shot like a cannon into hyperspace while that leech is still tryin to figure out what's happening.  By the time he can find our hyperspace trail, we'll be long gone and he'll ne sucked into the inevitable black hole that will be.  We're sittin pretty on 20 tons of spice and on our way to our next job.  Maybe even spend a night or two of down time in the core."  R3-K3 was still buzzing and grinding in disapproval, but the droid carried out his orders.
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