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Callsign: Raigen  Send a message to Raigen
ComNet Rank: ComNet Veteran
Avatar: Raigen
Division(s): VE - Imperial Navy
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: January 22
Date Joined: December 10, 2005
Last Active: August 20, 2023 at 4:20:03 PM
Number of Posts: 1,363
ID Line: FM/CPO Raigen DarkBlayde Tei-Yehn/nazgul 2-8/Phoenix Wing/mSSD Atrus/1VENF DEF/VEN/VE(=*A*=)(=*S*=)(=*BO*=)[VC:B][BWC][SWC]
Biography: Raigen Tei-Yehn(pronounced rye genn tay yen)

Raigen Tei-Yehn was born in Mos Eisley, Tatooine to Warren and Karren Tei-Yehn. A week after he was born, he had to move to Bestine with his mother because Juunda the Hutt put a bounty on Warren's head. In Bestine, Karren and Raigen stayed with Karren's sister Deshi DarkBlayde. Warren stayed behind and was murdered by a Mandalorian named Holdan Cuuhaar two days later. Raigen never learned the truth about Juunda or who killed his father. Raigen and Karren were chased down and had to leave Bestine and moved to Anchorhead. When Raigen was nine, his mother died of unknown causes.

Raigen then moved into a small shack by a junkyard in Mos Espa owned by the Duhnbaar's, a Rodian family who graciously accepted them as their own. Raigen immediately started tinkering with the broken ships and by the time he was eleven, he knew almost everything there was to know about spacecrafts, or at least the spacecrafts in the junkyards.

Raigen built, repaired, and upgraded ships until he was about twelve and a half with the help of his best friend Snudo, only son of the Duhnbaar family. When he was twelve and a half, he acquired his first ship, the Gray-Hawk. It was a gutted, shot-up YT-1300 correlian freighter that had no hopes of seeing flight again, at least until Raigen got a hold of it. He bought the ship from a group of eager jawas for 4000 credits when he was ten. They were so glad to get rid of the thing that thy gave him half the money back. He worked his butt off trying to patch up the ship and by the time Raigen turned thirteen, he was ready to set out on his own to be a freighter pilot. With the help of some forged documents, he was able to convince people that he was fifteen. Leaving Tatooine and his friends behind, Raigen got a job delivering a secret data pad from Lok to an orbital platform.

The Gray-Hawk's maiden voyage was not a pleasant one to say the least. The ship crash-landed in Chewbaa's Galactic Livestock and Imports in Mos Eisley after an engine fire. Chewbaa was a senile, old Dug with a wild temper and back problems. His store was no better! It consisted of piles of crates full of animals, piles of empty crates, and a few baskets of fake and stolen import goods. Behind the store was a metal shed full of durasteel containers. Raigen didn't know that they contained weapons for the Corporate Sector Authority. Raigen was lucky and crash landed on a set of empty crates. The down side was that he landed on the only crate the right size for a tauntaun that was due to be delivered on that very day. Trying not to lose old Chewbaa's favor, he offered to deliver the tauntaun free of charge and without a crate along with delivering fifteen of the durasteel crates that were scheduled on the same ship. He didn't know the delivery was to the corporate sector, over half a galaxy away!

After "borrowing" a vast sum of credits from Juunda the Hutt, which he yet to repay to this day, he had his ship repaired and set out for Lok. Snudo stayed behind on Tatooine and ended up becoming Chewbaa's apprentice. Chewbaa was crushed by a Ronto a year after the apprenticeship began and Snudo took over the business. Chewbaa's Galactic Livestock and Imports has never done better and has since been renamed Snudo and Chewbaa's Galactic Import Center and Exotic Livestock Snudo runs the company with the aid of numerous protocol 'droids. Raigen has not heard word of Snudo for he was too busy with his new job. His first stop at Lok sent him to an orbital platform in space where he stole the solar panel shielding off a tie fighter to use to shield part of his ship. After the installation he met up with the informant, Gremman Handuul, that the company had hired to go along with the trip. Raigen had found a new navigator. They worked together for the rest of the trip to the Corporate Sector.

The long trip to the Corporate Sector did a number on the Gray-Hawk and so Raigen was in a deep hole once again. Upon delivering the tauntaun, Raigen found that the store would not accept it because of a ten minute late delivery. While Gremman tried to smooth talk the shop owner, Raigen delivered ten of the durasteel containers to the Authority(Espos) and received a ten thousand credit payment. It was then Raigen realized that the crates contained Espo Riot guns and heavy weapons. When he returned to the damaged ship, he realized he hadn't given them the other five boxes. With no other options and a near-ruined ship, Raigen and Gremman made a gun run to Duroon for some cash. This came at a large cost! The right forward mandible (the thing sticking out of the front end!) was shot off by an authority turbolaser, leaving Raigen with a broken ship yet again.

In a stroke of genius, Raigen "borrowed" a curved missile section from an ancient trade federation tank(an AAT the big yellow ones with the half circle bottoms well he took half of the half circle!) in a weapons museum on Etti. When the Espos(Police) found out, they put a price on Raigen's head for burglary, possession of stolen goods, illegal modifications to a spacecraft, identity fraud, resisting arrest, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted manslaughter, knowledgeable quartering of a pirate, piracy, and smuggling.

Raigen fled but Gremman was caught and charged with piracy. Raigen snuck into the new CSA Holding facility to bust Gremman out but the would-be escapee was shot during the breakout. Raigen did a few smuggling runs to planets including Yavin IV, Ando Prime, Asteroid Prime, Bespin, and Naboo, but he never matched the success he had with Gremman. Raigen returned silently to the corporate sector and made some legal transport jobs on Bonadon but was chased out by the CSA. Then an offer came up that Raigen couldn't refuse. A droid delivery to Etti IV for fifty thousand credits. The shipment was light, two B2 battle droids, one protocol droid, a bartender droid, and five R2 astromechs. The delivery was from Corellia to Etti IV, not worth 50,000 credits. When Raigen reached Etti, he learned that it was all a trap to lure him back. Raigen was captured and sent to a prison complex on Etti. There he was tortured horribly but was able to escape when they tried to transfer him to another facility on the planet. Raigen escaped with his life but the Gray-Hawk was confiscated by the Espos and put into an impound hanger on an Orbital Platform where it remains today.

He lost all hope after that but was able to sell his droids R5-E8 & R2-K9, his best side arm, the tauntaun that came into his possession, and his mandolorian armor to afford a trip to Coruscant and pay off some old debts. When the transport he was traveling on was intercepted by thieves half way through, he was striped of his measly, remaining credits and then dropped of on the planet Lur(back in the corporate sector!). There he was sold into slavery and put on a ship going back to Etti. He snuck into a communications room on the ship and called a New Republic Dreadnaught for help but the ship's crew laughed and continued on their way. That was when the slave ship he was on was stopped by an Imperial star destroyer. Upon his rescue, he swore himself to the Empire and hopped aboard the star destroyer to Abrae to join the Imperial Navy. Little did he know that he was following in his father's footsteps who had been a Squadron commander in the Navy.

In his spare time he designs ships, builds droids, and studies various languages, maps, and cultures with the aid of his new droids, R3-K3 and R5-E2. Kaythree is a white droid with blood red detailing, a clear dome, and sliver pin striping on the red panels. EeeToo is a white droid with a really clean, white dome and orange detailing. The best design he has made is a super star destroyer over 102.5 kilometers long with numerous docking bays and a superlaser. He calls it the Underweather and, although unbuilt, it is his pride and joy, next to the Hawk of course! But no person or government could afford the ships construction or be stupid enough to bankroll the project.

When not in uniform or flight suit, Raigen sports a gray, bantha leather tracker utility vest, long black military style pants with bluish sliver piping down the side that bootleg his boots(property of his father), an off-white pull over shirt that comes down to his thumbs, and black, bantha leather knee high spaceman's boots(also of his father's). His flight suit is dark navy blue with a stormtrooper chestplate instead of the standard chest plate. He wears a black rebel helmet with the empire logo on it. that makes it easier to see within the cockpit.

His side arms are a S-5 Multi-function Blaster Pistol on his left, an O-6 Officer's Blaster Pistol on his right, and an LJ-90 Sniper Rifle on his back. The O-6's scope is lowered and the sights grinded off the barrel. The Sniper is gutted to be low-profile and the S-5 is stock. He once shoved the barrel of his sniper into a theif's chest and fired through him and nto the head of a Asteroid Prime Security Officer giving him the deadly reputation as Raigen the Impaler among the criminal community.

R3-K3, has a special slot that fits a B22 Hold-out Blaster Pistol(the pistol being the only thing whe was able to redeem from his ship before it was taken) and Raigen keeps it there so Kaythree can defend himself if need be. Otherwise it stays under his pilot's seet or in his vest at all times. He has thirty B1 Combat Battle droids: B1-A (One-Aay), B1-B(OneBee), B1-C (OneCee), B1-D(OneDee), B1-E(OneEee), B1-F and so on. The extra four are B1-1 through B1-4. All are painted Trade Federation yellow. Onebee has dark navy blue detailing and OneEee has forest green detailing. The rest have gray detailing. B1-B has the capacity of a computer probe droid and functions like a well armored protacol droid weilding a E-11/H Heavy Blaster Rifle. OneEee follows orders strictly with barely any purpose but security with his Stormtrooper two Carbine. The rest usually use there original weapons.

Raigen plans on saving up enough money to return to Etti and redeem his ship...the Gray-Hawk. After redeeming his ship he plans to go back to smuggling before he retires at a ripe old age, or die trying. Until then he enjoys playing chess in his quarters and flying his tie interceptor, the Heckler II.

Raigen is best defined as impulsive, and this is reflected in his actions. His droids also pick up on his behavior and are known to, "erase orders from their memory bank to better serve their master." Raigen thinks it's a hoot. He is never worried about being outnumbered, only aboutbeing outgunned. "One man with three guns can take two with one each."

New Additions:

Raigen's Left thumb, left trigger finger, and half of his left middle finger was cut off by a APS officer with a vibroblade durring the assault on Asteroid Prime. Half of his hand is a prosthetic silver-carbon alloy and an orange pad over the top of his hand.
The back of his left shoulder had been shot three times. He called it his hot spot and wears a duracarbon mesh over it.
Raigen's right eye was damaged in a crash during the shattering fate mission and he squints from it a lot.
SCRW Raigen Tei-Yehn/FM 12/Cresh Flight/118th Wildfire Squadron/25th Desolation Wing/VSD-II Dead Gun/2nd Fleet Detached Force Alpha/2nd DEP Naval Warfare/VEN/VE (=*A*=)(=*SA*=)(=*BO*=)[VC:B][SWC][BRC][NS-2]
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