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Topic:  New Recruit? READ THIS FIRST.
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  New Recruit? READ THIS FIRST.
June 4, 2011 02:30:58 PM     View the profile of Trykon 
Welcome to the Vast Empire (VE), and to the Navy (VEN), recruit!

The Vast Empire is a literary role-playing game.  What that means, for those of you unfamiliar with the term, is that members of the club write stories, mostly from the point of view of one primary "player-character" (or, PC), and collaborate with all the other members to build one continuous and internally-consistent saga.  The narrative of this particular collaborative fiction club is set specifically in the Star Wars Galaxy, a handful of years after the Battle of Endor, and all the club's members' PCs are in the armed services of an Imperial splinter faction called the Vast Empire.  For more information on the VE, and how it differs from the Galactic Empire of Palpatine's reign, feel free to explore the VE's wiki.  A short Star Wars-style "opening crawl" for the VE can be seen here.

If you're here, recruit, then you've decided that your player-character wants to join the Vast Empire's Navy, the division of the Imperial armed forces responsible for maintaining peace across the vast distances of interplanetary space.  And when you consider all of the benefits a career in the Navy offers, it's no wonder you've made that decision.

Consider the typical trajectory of a successful career in the VEN:

Phase I - Basic Training (BT) and either Starfighter School (SS) or Fleet School (FS)
You'll learn the basics of writing in the VE even as your PC learns the basics of piloting a TIE Interceptor or how to serve on the bridge of an Imperial capital ship!

Phase II - Active Duty with the Starfighter Corps (SC) or Fleet Command (FC)
If you join the Starfighter Corps, you'll collaborate with other members of an active-duty starfighter squadron, even as your PC dogfights for his/her life, and for the future of the Galaxy!  Work hard, and one day you might have the opportunity to command a squadron of your own.  If you join Fleet Command, you can serve as a crew member aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer immediately after passing basic Fleet School, and with sustained effort - whether as a pilot in the SC or a bridge crewer in FC - you may eventually earn the right to train as a capital ship captain (or, SCAP)!  Imagine yourself, commanding a crew of hundreds or even thousands, all united in the noble effort to return stability and prosperity to the Galaxy!

Phase III - Command
Continue to distinguish yourself as a SCAP or Squadron CO, and the possibilities for your career are nearly endless.  Lead an entire Wing of starfighters, entire Task Forces of warships on raids deep into enemy territory, or coordinate the movements of massive Fleets over campaigns stretching across sectors and years - it's all up to you!

Phase IV - High Council
A select few will eventually be called to serve on the Naval High Council (NHC) - those officers most responsible for the continuation and growth of the VEN, in-story and as a part of the club.

So, recruit, what do you want from the VEN experience?  Glory as a hot-shot starfighter ace?  Power as the commander of a mighty fleet?  Experience as a writer, and help improving your skills?  The fun that can only come from a supportive, active role-playing environment?  All this and more can be yours, but it's up to you to realize your dreams.

We're happy to welcome you to the Navy, recruit.  Post a topic introducing yourself here on the Naval Academy board, and a Trainer will be with you shortly.  Your Naval career awaits...

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