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Zeshaun's Profile Information
Callsign: Zeshaun  Send a message to Zeshaun
ComNet Rank: ComNet Member
Avatar: Zeshaun
Division(s): VE - Imperial Navy
VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Trandoshan
Birthday: October 21
Date Joined: October 4, 2008
Last Active: June 25, 2014 at 1:59:02 PM
Number of Posts: 896
Web Page:

== Background History ==

Zeshaun was the first son of Sursk and Vayyla Adunaway, he later got a younger brother. They were both part of a mercenary group named Akodo. Akodo was and still is a small, purely trandoshan mercenary group that mainly supports the Empire, and has been called upon to do join in on major battles during the war with the Rebellion because of their skills in both the navy and army portions of warfare, making them very good marines. The most notable of these battles was the battle of Kashyyk. The power to battle the wookies gave the Akodo mercenaries an extra boost in their fighting power, leading to one of the greatest performances by the Akodo mercenary group to this day. They dominated both on the surface of the planet and in space. Zeshaun grew up and was permitted to join the group as well, quickly learning the basic skills of survival and became proficient with an array of weapons. His mastery of the basic skills soon led to his promotion and became a commander of one of the squads within the mercenary right before the battle of Kashyyk, giving him the honor to be able and participate in the incredible event at the age of 15. Amongst all the celebrations Zeshaun heard that his parents had been some of those that had been slain, his father on the ground by an ambush by a company of wookies, and his mother in space, blasted out of the air by a Mon Calamari Cruiser. Zeshaun went off and informed his younger brother, the two of them arranged for a funeral and then went back to their normal duties. Although Zeshaun didn’t show it to his squad or other friends, the death of his parents was a very big deal to him, his father had shown him everything he had known, and his mother saved his life a countless number of times, he only had his younger brother left and vowed to protect him with his life. Only one year later, Zeshaun became the commander of the Akodo’s Fire, the star destroyer that the organization was awarded for doing so well during the battle of Kashyyk and he became the youngest leader of the Akodo mercenary organization since its creation. At a particular raid of Kashyyk, he sent his younger brother’s squad down to the planet to do some reconnaissance, the squad ran into some unexpected troubles and his brother was slain by a wookie berserker during the battle. His brother’s death sent Zeshaun spiraling down into a deep state of anger and depression, he decided that it was time for him to leave the organization, he quickly informed the group of his departure, left his best friends in charge and took his personal fighter out into space, planning to go to Coruscant to find some job on in the city.

On his way over to Coruscant he was captured by a Rebel Mon Cal cruiser but was rescued by an Imperial tactical force that happened to come across the cruise. Zeshaun had a life debt that he owed the Empire so he decided the best way to pay them back was to fight for them and so now he is here ready to serve.

== Character's Personality ==

traits: He has an undying passion for killing wookies, which can be useful and a pain in the butt. He has a very definitive scar on the back of his neck of the rebel insignia from when he was detained on the MonCal cruiser

Flaws: His hate for wookies can be bad when he has squad mates that are wookies. He is relentless and will not back down until his mission is done or he is dead.

skills: He has experience piloting all different kinds of freighters and speeders. He has recently learned how to fly in a TIE Fighter. Zeshaun's physical strength improves his already incredible hand to hand combat and melee weapon skills. He is not as used to blasters but can still use one proficiently enough

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