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Topic:  Chapter 8.5 - Turning the Tide
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  Chapter 8.5 - Turning the Tide
June 10, 2007 2:22:46 AM    View the profile of Fury 
Bridge Conference Room - VSD Dominion

Attendants: Army Command Staff and Platoon and Squad Leaders

"Thank you all for coming. I apologize for keeping you in the dark for so long. Operational security is key to this mission and between the usual New Republic spies and now Thrawn loyalists kicked in, we decided it would be a hell of a lot easier if you just packed your gear, got aboard the ships and we'd figure it all out later."

Keying up a starchart holo on the conference table, Fury continued. "As you can see, we have made our move over the past few years down the outer edge of the Corellian Trade Spine. Basically we have cut a thin route through the Colonies heading towards the Core. Now granted, we have tried to consolidate these gains sporadically, but without much success.

"Since we began this campaign, Thrawn has burst upon the scene and we have been more worried about keeping our forces out of the middle of two antagonists. Basically, we ducked out of the way. Both the New Republica and the Thrawnists have hit our army and navy during this time, and we've mostly just taken the hits and kept out of the war.

"Most of you have a decided opinion on the merits of that decision. Hell, so do I. But we are not quite big enough to step into that particular ring. Yet anyway. We have our own diplomatic corps trying to figure out what factions we can combine with to make our case for a piece of the action. In the meantime, there is this."

Fury narrowed the starchart down to a section of space involving the Tapani sector and its neighboring trade routes. "The Rimma Trade Route leads to the mostly indpendent Tapani Sector and a whole lot of other planets in the area, including Tyferra as you may note.  Basically, we're talking a lot of agriculture, the source of bacta, and more than a couple very large shipyards. The region is suited to supply both the Empire and New Republic and is strong enough to broker whatever deals it wants.

"That said, in recent years the New Republic has been very aggressively pushing for exclusive rights to the region, and is cracking down on non-commercial trade, re: smugglers, pirates, freelancers and privateers.  The most glaring example of this is Abregado-rae, where the NR is propping up a brutal dictatorship. They don't really care how he treats his citizens as long as he keeps a firm grip on the smuggling trade, or at least a hand in the till of any deal going down.

"Look, after years of taking the big PR hit for been galactic bullies, we're finally going to get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to show the New Republic for the greedy bastiches they are. Willing to let a tyrant reign just to get a few more independent traders out of what they still laughingly claim are free markets.

"So, you have your mission orders. You will be escorted to your target planets by a variety of civilian craft or whatever we have cooked up. You will note that the Dominion is nowhere near any planet or normal space lane. That said, we can be in Abregado-rae orbit in not more than a few hours time. Just a bit longer for Belgaroth and Phu.  Each of your missions helps advance our cause.

"For those of you on Abregado-rae, take extra care to do what you can to give credit to the locals. If you have a chance to work with them, let them be the glory hogs. For those of you on Belgaroth and Phu, do whatever you can to minimize collateral damage and get off your respective planets quickly.

"We have intel we are still sorting out but hopefully soon we can move on to the next phase of the campaign, which should make us all very busy troopers.

"That's all I've got. Good luck and get ready to move out."

I would like each squad leader to begin a thread with whatever part of the mission orders they think they need to use. I would like to use this thread for questions/comments/requests for further info. I have some stock maps for a lot of building types. I should scan them all and place them somewhere for you, but ask if you have an idea and I'll see what I can do.

Have fun, wing it where you have to, ask ahead if you want to be sure in what your goals are.

Most of all, everyone have some fun with this.
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  RE: Chapter 8.5 - Turning the Tide
June 16, 2007 10:05:44 PM    View the profile of Rizzit 
So hey when do you guys plan on actually leaving?
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