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  Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up
May 6, 2022 4:56:33 PM    View the profile of Valkryie 
"I'm a Blackjack!" a female Zabrak uttered just before she opened her eyes. She sat up and tried to remember where she is. "What the hell happened?" she said while rubbing her eyes and try to move towards the side of the bed. She saw dextrose tubes attached to her forearm and then she recalled. Some kind of a flash, a glimpse from her past, something that happened to her. "Right, I got hit behind me. I think." then she moved her hands towards the back of her head thinking that there should be a wound or something back there but there was not any.

She was startled when a droid suddenly moved out of the shadow and spoke "Ah you are finally awake Mira Strax. Callsign Valkryie". That name pricked her brain as if visions of her home world flashed in front of her. "It has been almost 10 years since you fell in to a coma. I am sure you have lots of questions. I am willing to answer all of that but before anything else, how are you feeling" the droid spoke. Mira looked at the droid vaguely. She somehow doesn't recognize the model of the droid. "You looked like a 3PO protocol droid but somehow you are acting weird" Mira said as she tries to get up and remove the tubes attached to her. As she removes them she noticed that all the other bed in the room are all empty so she turned to the droid "Where is everyone?", "We shall answer that in a moment first things first we have to make sure you didn't acquire any head injury or problems in your memory" the droid answered. Mira was not having any more discussion with a droid especially if the base of their programming is in etiquette, she knows that she will not have a direct answer right away.

As soon as she was able to get her bearings in standing up and looking around she tried to do her first step. It was a wobbly first step the another flashback came. She remembered that they were doing a drill with her squad. She remembered it again and whispered "Blackjack!". She is finally remembering the faces of her team , her squad leader. Mira is getting everything back including that feeling of belongingness. That feeling of her family that she missed. "What has happened to them?" she said as she slowly getting her pace quicker and quicker towards the door. As soon as she head out the door she turned left remembering that she was in the infirmary and she knows where her squad's bunk is. As soon as she begin her dash Mira stopped as someone yelled behind her. "Stand down Valkryie!". She recognized that voice and she slowly turned around but her eyes widened as soon as she saw the person that ordered her to stop.
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