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  A New Age for the Corps
May 23, 2019 5:58:34 PM    View the profile of Riqimo 
Looks like I'll be the new Prefect of the Army here.  I'm catching up on the story progression of the past couple years now. But that being said, didn't want to just not say hi and meet the new folks I haven't had the chance to interact with, story-wise or otherwise.

Currently bouncing a few ideas around with High Command folks, but keep your eyes out for changes in the future.  I want to get my bearings on the stories I've missed before trying to move further along.

Also of import? There's a lot of VE canon left unexplored in its structure and setup, as well as the new Disney canon being introduced.  My goal is to find a blend of the two that satisfies both the respect to the past contributions to this site and also heralding in the new generations of fans to experience what I experienced so many times in the past... nearly over a decade of my time here in the VE.

Probably a good moment as any to provide my backdrop for those that don't know my history in the VE:

I started here in Eclipse Squad back in... 2007?  After that, went to command Storm Squadron while also reviving the ARC squad system.  Eventually I move into Company Commander and Academy roles in the army.

Outside of the Corps, I've worked DJO, Navy, Engineering Corps, and well... just about everything.  (I had a lot of free time, and plenty of passion in my projects here.)  Oh, those ribbons for awards? You can blame me for them becoming a thing beyond the [AbeV] tags we used previously.

Say hi, ask questions.  My door is always open.  My leadership style has always been we are a social club with a passion for our hobbies, and that's not going to change now.  We're here to have fun.
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