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  Some assembly required
December 30, 2016 9:58:11 PM    View the profile of Roxy 
== Physical Appearance ==
    Name: R0-X1 (Rox)
    Homeworld: Geonosis
    Age: 35 years (4 years of current memory)
    Species: Bx sereis Droid commando
    Native Language: Binary
    Gender: N/A (Assumes a feminine persona)
    Skin Color: Black
    Height: 6'5''
    Weight: 300 pounds
    Hair Color:N/A
    Facial Hair:N/A
    Eye Color: Right white, Left glitches between red and white
  Distinguishing Features: The imperial symbol has been spray painted on R0's chest and left eye.

== Background History ==
Rox was originally built for combat under the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the clone wars. Rox and his batch of 5 other BX would be deployed to service a senatorial aid named Nara Clapham. Chapman worked for a Seperatist loyal senator, running covert messages to and from the Sentor and other senators. Rox and his group would assist when her presence was needed, but she was busy. They also guarded her while on separatist loyal worlds that have been known for their rebellious inhabitants. Rox would become the aid's personal prototype, usually being forced to endure the aid's menial upgrades. Usually turning out to be useful for the droid's line of duty under Nara. Upgrading the personality matrix to support a feminine persona rather then the BX standard masculine personality.

Rox would eventually be  tied into Nara's schemes more and more, operating more and more as Nara's personal assistant rather then her guard. a year after creation Rox and her commando group[ would follow Nara and the senator to a small mining colony called Veris 1. Once on Veris the 5 droids would receive an encrypted order form command and disappear during a negotiation. They met with a group of mercenaries, and traded weapons. The droids taking clone blasters in exchange for their e-5s. They would then slip back, with four of the commandos returning to guard duty, while Rox executed the pilot. Later as the senator's group[ returned the droids would turn on the men and women they were to guard with their lives. The droids using the clone blasters to eliminate the group. The only one who reached the ship was Nara. Who was swiftly executed by Rox. The creation becoming it's creator's demise. Rox would then disperse along with the others to be retrieved by the Separatists. Doctored footage would then be played across the holonet claiming the clones and the Jedi had killed the senator and his group for speaking out against the republic.

Rox would then be shut down and have her memory wiped. This would erase the memories of her senatorial life, and her upgrade, however her personality matrix, having been modified it'self and not a picked up skill, would remain feminine. Normally it would've been reset, but the matrix upgrade posed no threat, and so it was left. Rox wouldn't be activated for the rest of the clone wars. Being kept in a hidden ware house on Coruscant until a malfunction activated all the battle droids in the warehouse. The commando's instantly took charge of the situation, organizing the remnant CIS into a working group. The five commando's being the most prominent and exploring the small storage areas. Eventually stealing supplies and fixing the droids that were damaged. The next planned step in their 'escape' from capture, was to find out who had captured them. They were amazed to find a new version of the clones guarded their 'compound'. They would ambush the stormtroopers and use their armor to gain a foothold in their area. They gained control of a power generator, which didn't impact much on the grander scale of Imperial controlled Coruscant. However due to a very perspective Stormtrooper, the droid's plans would fall to disarray, as the storm troopers garrisoned on the planet would attack the small clutch of droids. Killing all, but Rox and 3 of her production mates.

The commando's would surrender, knowing well that they stood no chance on their own against a whole group of Stormtroopers. However they wouldn't be killed, and a smart commander would use his influence to move the four commandos to the imperial controlled world of Taris. Due to their ability to command groups of droids autonomously, they would be put in charge of groups of droids on the planet's surface. Rox being the leader of a group of droids that would be tasked with helping civilians to build structures that were essential for organic life. For nearly 19 years Rox and the commandos would do this, using parts from other droids to rebuild themselves if they suffered damage. Even Rox who had the easiest job needed to replace her left preceptor.

After the destruction of the first deathtrap the droids would be deactivated and rebuilt, using parts collected form remnant commando's on Geonosis. They would be branded with the imperial symbol on their chassis, and be re-purposed as imperial messenger droids. The only one who wouldn't be completely retrofitted was Rox who would retain her personal modifications including her plasma torch and glitch left eye. Admiral Zsinj would use the commando's combat skills and allegiance, along with their remote transmitters to relay messages to his assassins, informants, and followers. Using them to build his power base, and to protect his assets. For the next 8 years, Rox and her group continued carrying messages for  Zsinj. past the defeat of the empire and until his demise in 8 ABY. The trio would gather on his flagship, the Iron Fist during their final mission for  Zsinj. The Ship would fall under attack and the droids fearing for their own self preservation would escape to an escape pod. Where Rox would kill her companions, to repair herself. For a year she floated until captured by imperial remnants who would shut her down and wipe her mind. Over the next year her deactivated body would make it's way to the second Galactic empire, who would reactivate the droid, and let her return to combat. Branding the symbol over her left eye, was a mark of faith she presumed, and has serviced the empire where ever necessary, however recently she has been turned use her abilities to fight as a storm trooper.

== Character's Personality ==
Due to her programming Rox has a split personality matrix that is more traditionally what most would expect. Her suppressible programming masks her commando half, until she receives an encrypted message from a controller. Her commando mode activates, and she turns silent, and ruthless, the mission being the only priority. Although thanks to her adaptive processor, she's adapted to breaking free of control easier, than she has in the past, and usually breaks free out of need for survival.

Her primary personality matrix is loud, talkative, and extroverted. Unafraid to show her disgust at somethings, usually to do with organics. (Eating food, need for sleep, ect.) Rox is known to like to use her abilities as a droid to show off her skills, usually in hacking computers, and patching together objects. Although it's more of an odd obsession than a skill. She's even been caught stealing metal scraps and welding them together.

Due to her need for self preservation Rox has been noticed to be unfriendly to other droids, especially protocol and other combat automatons. She has even gone far enough to wound other droids if she presumes them a threat to her place in the empire. Hence why she is being placed in an all organic unit. Due to her age and specialized model, her parts are no longer produced in large quantities. (even if it actually wasn't that large.) For this reason she has also noticeably tore apart other droids when repairs are necessary. (And with an excess of faulty droids, this makes her a useful tool.)
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  RE: Some assembly required
December 31, 2016 7:55:50 PM    View the profile of Slasher 
Looks good so far, we just need some information about Roxy's personality and you should be set.
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  RE: Some assembly required
January 1, 2017 9:16:18 AM    View the profile of Roxy 
Personality Matrix installed.
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