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  That’s no moon…[All/CD]
March 13, 2016 5:43:22 PM    View the profile of Havock 
Ayme Katash stood in her office with her arms clasped tersely behind her back. Her eyes gazed at the collection of pointless accolades and precious holos that adorned her wall. The command center on Tadath had seen better days but they were rebuilding.

Her door chimed and Ayme frowned at the sound. Her eyes slowly lowered to her chrono that showed it was far too late or possibly too early to have any visitors. “Come.”

A young woman black hair dressed in her Navy best took five steps in then executed a crisp salute.

Ayme muttered under her breath then gave a gruff, “at ease before you break something.” The woman lowered his arm then seemed taken aback by the Prefects appearance. Ayme had a loose black vneck shirt on with her military green cargo pants, looking more like a woman attending a sporting event…at a bar than a Prefect. “Can I help you…Warrant Officer?”

The woman opened and closed her mouth a few times before finally speaking. “Yes..General. I’m Warrant..” She stopped abruptly at the contemptuous look she was given then shook her head slightly. “Blaire, Arianna Blare, General.”

Ayme flinched at the name. She did her best to hide the reaction but it was obvious to all parties in the room. Her twin sister had also been named Aryanna and hearing the name again after so many years sent a jolt of unwanted nostalgia through the woman. Ayme paced over and leaned against the desk then crossed her arms waiting for Blare to continue.

“Navy Intelligence has been getting reports of a terrorist cell made up of Tadath Local Militia who escaped our recent incursion, located here.” She pushed a button on a holodisk she had been holding which projected an image of Vast Empire space. “Between Abrae and Tadath, right on the edge of our controlled space. It looks to be a small space station, likely former NR.”

Ayme nodded then scratched her neck. “Remind me to send the NI a congratulations card. Now what does any of this have to do with me?”

“We are low on supplies, most of our ships are still in repair, you have a decent sized Marauder that could use some action, and I have pilots that need distraction. I’d bet you have some stormtroopers with the same problem. So we use your ship and fly out to this station, snuff this issue before it can even start.”

Ayme nodded. “You assume my stormtroopers and your pilots won’t kill each other before we get to the terrorist? How optimistic.”

Blare started to object but paused when Katash raised her hand. “I agree with you Blare, this is a good plan and frankly I’ve been getting somewhat stir crazy myself.”

Ayme moved to the back of the desk to grab the leather jacket from her chair.

Blare raised her eyebrows. “You plan on accompanying us…General?”

Ayme stopped next to the woman and smirked. “Yup, let’s roll Blare.” Ayme slapped the  stunned Warrant Officer on the shoulder than made her way to her personal locker for her gear.


Objective: Gather your gear and hop on the ship.

Our ship: Marauder Corvette Scythe

This is intended to be a fun story. Personal gear is totally allowed just OOC it so that others address it in their posts if necessary. We are headed for a space station to engage left over Terrorist from our Chapter 10 fight, these will be local Tadath Militia that escaped the battle and who are trying to organize and hit us again. Well frack that! There is no post count minimum or maximum, hell there really aren’t any rules here other than to not blow up the ship while Havock is on it. Jedi are welcome to join in. If you miss getting on the Scythe, no worries, just fly up in your own ship. Oh and these are terrorist, so I'm pretty sure we can find some liquor cashes. There is only fun to be had. I aim to misbehave. Enjoy!

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  RE: That’s no moon…[All/CD]
March 13, 2016 10:48:04 PM    View the profile of Mako 
Amram was at the base gym on Tadath watching two members of Wildebeest squad practice what looked to be close quarters combat practice. The pair were using vibroblades and seemed to be working up a sweat; but he couldn't tell if they were serious or not with some of the move sets they were using. One set in particular where the attacker spun on his leading foot and performing a horizontal slash. The move made him wince it was inefficient and worst of all the attacker had to turn his back on his opponent.

"Not good" Amram said out loud finally.

The pair stopped their practice looked at Amram's lanky form and shrugged him off before returning to their close quarters practice. Again they followed that move set and again Amram stated "Not good."

The look on the pairs face made it perfectly clear that they desired Amram to shut up and the higher ranking member a sergeant spoke "You should shut your hole before I shut it for you."

Amram didn't even smile nor indicate any emotion at all he merely stood up and selected a practice blade from its rack. It was a thinner, stiffer blade stepped toward the sergeant and saluted him a fencers salute.

The younger of the pair stepped out of the ring allowing Amram and the sergeant to spar.

After circling for a short period of time the bigger burlier sergeant made his attack. An over head two handed downward vertical strike.

Amram didn't attempt to block or parry such a heavy strike, instead he side stepped it. The sergeant lurched forward as his blow while powerful hit nothing but air. Amram simply returned his practice blade to a guard position and stepped back keeping his feet from crossing as he circled the sergeant. He still didn't smile or even show any sign of what he may be thinking. But it was time to prove his point as he observed the sergeant set up for the "move" that he had been practicing.

The sergeant feinted and Amram stepped back.

The sergeant then pivoted on his lead foot for his horizontal attack. A mere flick of Amrams wrist was all that was needed to block the attack.

Amrams practice blade met the sergeants wrist right where it connected with his hand. There was an audible crunching noise when seven out of eight of the sergeants wrist bones shattered. The sergeants eyes widened and filled with tears as he opened his mouth as if to scream but nothing but air and a light whistle escaped his mouth. He dropped his sword to grasp his wounded wrist with his uninjured hand and fell to his knees in pain.

Now Amram smiled and placed the tip of his practice blade to the sergeants carotid artery and said "it takes less than a pound of pressure to pierce even a trandoshan's skin. About two to pierce Stormtrooper armor less with a vibro-blade."

With that Amram left the gym and was about to go out on the town when his communicator began to chirp.

"This is Amram Kole, call sign Mako." He replied into the secure line.

"You are to report with Direcat squad at the base space port with in 30 minutes to board Marauder Corvette Scythe. You will be debriefed on the mission when you have boarded." Amram nodded to himself and acknowledge the message. He then made his way to the barracks to don his armor and gather his weaponry.  He had taken the liberty to purchase a set of close combat armor, a new vibrofoil and a pair of slug throwers which suited his combat style.

Roughly twelve minutes he was at the spaceport reporting in at the Scythe's quarterdeck. "Private Amram Kole reporting for duty Ma'am." He saluted the General.
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  RE: That’s no moon…[All/CD]
March 14, 2016 1:11:58 AM    View the profile of THX1138 
Therex slid off the high hospital bed and hit the ground with a thud. The sharp cold felt nice on his bare feet. Sometimes he missed the cool winds from his homeworld. He remembered his old home that overlooked one of the frozen lakes on Csilla, and would bring nice snowstorms across the town. Shaking away the nostalgia, he let one hand nurse the left side of his face. A few stitches dotted the surface. Nothing severe. Someone had gotten a nice blow to his face and had split the skin enough to warrant more than a bandage and painkillers. Moving his jaw around a bit, he felt to make sure the stitches were doing their job. Satisfied, he grabbed his coat and boots and turned to the 2-1B that had worked on him.

"Thanks again," he said, bowing his head slightly to the droid.

"We hope to see you again soon," the droid said, obviously unaware of the inference that his statement had.

Laughing, Therex donned the boots and opened the door. His quarters were close by. He made sure to do that so that he could help in any emergency. It had been a while since he'd done any real patch up work, but you never forget the training. Draping the coat over one arm, he sifted through the pockets looking for his communicator. Just as he found it, it started beeping at him.

"This is Therex, what's up?"

"Sir, the squad is loading up for departure. No regs on gear, but please be prompt. The Scythe leaves in 30 minutes."

"Got it, thanks sarge."

Clicking the small unit off, Therex did a light jog to his quarters and started gearing up. Nothing fancy, but he did grab some light armor and strapped a belt on to hold a few weapons. His two revolvers hung to his side, next to a knife and a few detonators. A satchel hung in his locker holding all his medical supplies. Donning his coat, he grabbed the satchel and sling it over his shoulder and headed out to the hangar. On his way he passed a few others from the new Direcat squad and finally got to some some of their faces. A few were in standard stormtrooper armor, while others opted to use personal equipment that they trusted more. As they entered the hangar, they took position for boarding. Therex grabbed a seat near the end, closest to the cockpit. It was a habit he had, believing that in an emergency, he'd rather be close to the pilots than the exit.

As the ship filled up, Therex noticed a few familiar faces, and even threw a wave or two in at some of his old squadmates. He hadn't spoken with any of them for a while now, so if they didn't recognize him, it was to be expected. Relaxing into his seat, he watched the last of them board. It was going to be a bit of a flight, so he was hoping to catch up with some of the people, and meet the newbies.

Super tiny, but I wanted to get one in before bed.
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  RE: That’s no moon…[All/CD]
March 14, 2016 10:26:59 AM    View the profile of Amacuse 
Arianna stood in the office with a stunned look on her face, not prepared for the experience that was… General Katash.  ’... What the hell just happened?’ she thought to herself before shaking off the stupor.  ’Right… Questioning later.  Need to get suited up.’

“Hop to it Blaire!  We don't have all day!” the General spoke, breaking the silence in the room.

“Y-Yes ma’am!” She replied rather quickly, giving a salute before leaving the office, unaware of the look she was receiving from Ayme.

She made her way quickly out of the Army Command building, avoiding the dirty looks and remarks made by several of the troopers patrolling the nearby area.  A pair of Naval Security Officers stood by a speeder, waiting for her return.  Both of them snapped to attention as she approached, a soft nod from her setting them at ease as she stepped into the vehicle.  The two guards climbed into the front and began piloting the craft towards the hangar bay.

“Alright… Let's get the squadron ready,” she said aloud, grabbing her communicator and flipping it on.  “Attention Aurora Squadron, this is Commander Blaire.  Our mission has been approved by Army High Command.  We are to assemble at Direcat Squad’s hangar and board the Marauder-Class Corvette, reporting in to myself there inside the loading bay.  Bring only unregistered gear and weapons, focusing primarily on stealth and infiltration.  This is a highly unusual mission for us, ‘Rora… But we all know that unusual goes with the job here.  You have forty minutes to report there before the ship departs.  Hop to it!”  She turned the communicator off before sighing a bit.  ’Alright… Let's do this,’ she thought as she started taking her uniform off.

After several minutes of flight, the speeder landed outside the hangar, the black and blue armored woman stepping out of the transport.  With a wave of her hand, the speeder flew off, leaving Arianna on her own as she approached the building.

She navigated through the building, going down several corridors before stepping out into the Scythe’s hangar bay, looking up at the ship.  “... The funny part of this is… It actually looks like something terrorists would use…” She said to herself, giggling lightly before walking up the loading ramp.  She set her pack down by the bridge door and sighed lightly, looking over her modified commissar armor before seating herself down next to the bridge door, tapping at her datapad.

Alright boys and girls!  Whoever thought we’d see a Flygirl in here?

Simple… I did.  :P

Anyway, Aurora Squadron will be tagging along on this mission.  So!  Let's all get our gear and report in on the double!
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  RE: That’s no moon…[All/CD]
March 14, 2016 10:57:39 PM    View the profile of Brightstar 
It was morning. The only way she knew for sure was the almost irritating voice of Noma attempting to wake her up. Not that she would normally be sleeping at this time of the morning really, just that the last few days she'd had such little sleep. The nightmares, she was used too. The dreams of a certain blond she'd only recently discovered was alive, something else completely. And even sometimes those were nightmares.

“Are you awake yet?” The AI asked for the twentieth time in the last ten minutes.

Thoughts of the AI, brought Bright back to the fact that she was currently sleeping in a bed that was not her own. Her memory supplied the name of the ship as she turned onto her side to glare at the holographic image of the irritating Noma. Ryujin. Havock's ship that had been offered as a place for Bright to sleep until she figured out what she wanted to do now that she was back on Tadath.

She sighed irritably and glared again at the wavering image. “Not that frightening if you ask me.” Noma replied. Rain insulted her in a dialect from her homeworld. “You humans, I don't think I'll ever understand you.” With a shake of her holographic head, Noma, conveniently disappeared from view.

As she disappeared, Rain flopped back against the mattress and stared up at the unfamiliar durasteel ceiling. She remembered telling Havock that she refused to sleep in the barracks until such a time that her commission had been reactivated, and she wasn't sure she wanted it to ever be reactivated. It was after she discovered that the only ship on world that had survived the bombardments two years ago was her personal fighter craft, that Hav had offered her room on the E9 ship that she'd named Ryujin.

The former Platoon Sergeant had tried to brush off the offer, stating that she couldn't invade a private space like that. Ayme had simply given her the look. The look that had Rain wanting to just agree to see her smile. “Gods I am so whipped.” The red head muttered to the empty room.

Throwing the blanket off of her and to the side of the bed, Bright rolled to her side and sat up, placing her bare feet on the cold metallic floor. She pushed her sleep mussed read hair away from her eyes by running her fingers through it. She sighed as she stood and stretched, her black tank top riding up her stomach slightly. Finally she released a breath and turned to find something to wear for the day when a knock sounded at the door.

Frowning slightly she walked the short distance to the entry and pushed the controls to open the door. There, standing on the other side, was none other than the very same blond that had been hunting her dreams of late. Acting on automatic reflex, Rain gazed at the woman trying to determine if there were any injuries or if she was ill or out of sorts. It was the best she could do without actually touching the blue eyed woman. Finding nothing wrong initially, Bright was startled out of her musings by a clattering on the floor.

Looking down she discovered a package had hit the floor, being dropped from seemingly numb fingers. Had she missed something in her search? She looked back up at her friend with furrowed brows. “Ayme, are you alright?” She asked taking a step closer to the General.

Ayme blinked owlishly at Rain for a moment before squeaking quietly and trying to speak, “ummm, yeah....I'm umm... I'm okay.”

Rain smiled finding a flustered Havock incredibly adorable as she tries to stumble over her words and unable to form a complete sentence without the word 'um'. “Are you sure? You seem flustered.”

Havock huffed for a moment and scowled down at her hands. Shaking her head she seemed to realize that something was missing from them and bent down to pick up the item that she had dropped. “I'm going on a mission to route out some terrorists planning to make another attack. They are regrouping on a nearby space station as we speak. I was wondering if you'd like to come along.” By the time Havock had finished she seemed breathless and she was trying to look everywhere but at Rain.

“Ayme, are you asking me out on a date?” Rain asked raising one brown and smirking at the other woman.

She looked Ayme over again and found herself blushing only moment later. She'd somehow managed to no pay attention to the clothes the General was wearing. A lose black v-neck shirt and military green cargo pants, a black worn looking leather jacket thrown on, but not zipped. She looked good. Rain blinked and tried to keep her mind from wandering.

“Rain, why are you blushing? Havock said, a smirk casually forming on her lips. “So what do you say, a romantic firefight with terrorists?” She held up the package she'd dropped earlier. “You'll need this. Meet me in the spaceport in fifteen minutes, the Marauder Corvette Scythe. Personal gear, and what is in that box. I'll see you there.”

While Rain was still recovering her senses, Havock winked at her and turned to leave. The door closed behind her with a soft hiss that seemed to snap Rain out of her stupor. “Focus Rain, ogle later.” She growled at herself.

Fifteen minutes later Bright was boarding the Sythe, a black leather jacket with red and blue piping down the arms thrown over her personal stealth armor. The brand new Treppus 2 Vibroblade she'd just dubbed Hell strapped to her right thigh resting easily in front of her personal sidearm. A blaster rifle was hanging from the strap on her shoulder. Anyone who knew where to look would have seen the imprint of another half dozen knives about her person.

She went straight to Havock and nodded with a smile. As much as she'd love to tell her how good she looked, Rain settled for a long glance at the blonde woman and a wink. She took a seat near Havock until the mission started and watched as others made their way onto the Scythe.

So much longer than I had intended for the first post, but this is a CD story. And I love that sort. Eat your heart out.
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  RE: That’s no moon…[All/CD]
March 22, 2016 3:03:27 PM    View the profile of Havock 
Ayme jumped into the co-pilot seat on the Marauder Corvette. The ship was small but that was perfect for their purpose. By the time the terrorist knew what was going on they would have no time to prepare much resistance, certainly no time to spring any traps. 

“Okay Tinker, you promise not to crash into anything this time?” Ayme turned towards the red head in the pilots chair. The tall woman raised her eyebrow but did not look up from the datapad in her hands.

“For the record Havock you are the one with the impressive record for property destruction and loss of imperial assets.”

Ayme smirked and let her head fall back to the headrest. “Aww Tink, you looked up my service record? I didn’t know you cared so much.”

The red head rolled her eyes and let the datapad drop to the control console. “Please just don’t touch anything while I’m on board.”

“Rodger Rodger.” Ayme saluted and made her way to the crew common area where everyone was assembling.

“Okay folks, we are about to take off. We need a plan for how to tackle these guys. We have our own toys, so you will have to tell me if you have any tricks. The scanners will give us a number of life signs, and I can take a team to the security room and keep any reinforcements from visiting just in case. “

So I figure we are basically on our way, now is time for any interacting you want to do before the pew pew starts. Also if anyone has any special weapons you can present that info IC if you’d like.

Once we land we will have two objectives:

Objective A: Find and eradicate all terrorists, you can optionally try to arrest the leader.

Objective B: (Havock) Find and disable the security measures

Objective C:
choose your own adventure

Keep in mind they may not have had time to set up special traps but their security probably has simple things like turrets or laser trip wires, things like that are probably imbedded and Objective A people should be encountering those things.
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  RE: That’s no moon…[All/CD]
March 30, 2016 5:30:54 PM    View the profile of GreatWolf 
Quote:OOC: Mind if I engage Objective A?
GreatWolf was busily in the process of devouring the latest combat dossiers on New Republic military capabilities and tactics when the call came over. Quickly gathering up his flight gear and blaster pistol. His commlink buzzed with details of the assignment. Apparently a bunch of Tadath militia who had escaped the previous battle were assembling on the edge of the system, trying to regroup to strike the VE again.

Well, guess somebody from VENI ended up getting hauled over the coals over the initial suckerpunch they gave us, and they don't want it happening again.

The betrayal of the militia forces that the VE had been using as part of the PRG during the sudden assault on Imperial space by the Republic had been part  of what made the attack so devastating. A surprise attack in itself was bad enough, but the internal wrecking and sabotage had inflicted heavy losses, both ground and naval on the VE. Even it's new superweapon, which the fleet had been guarding whilst under construction was destroyed in the attack and Abrae, the home of the Navy, was lost along with the entire Vectra system, and most of the Fleet. GreatWolf was not aware of the exact plans, but he knew full well that the VE High Command was planning on striking back at the New Republic, and mopping up the remnants of the traitors who had participated in their attack was a way of beginning to do so.

Raising his eyebrows as he saw that Aurora squadron was being partnered with the Army for the operation, he quickly gathered his gear up, thoughts racing.
Suppose it makes sense, given it'll be close combat fighting, the Stormies are good at that sort of thing. But I've probably done it more than my fellow navy counterparts now.

And indeed, his shooting down during the battle had forced him into ground combat with some of the traitorous militia in the Rhegeant System, and subsequently to fight his way through back to VE High Command. Of course, he had then been sent back up to the space battle that continued to rage, but the experience of ground combat with the militia had already given him a distate for them that went beyond simple ideological disagreements about the desirability of the VE ruling their homes.

Thus, he was looking forward to the present assignment.

Just before he left the bunk, he placed a special gauntlet on his forearm, whilst it appeared to be merely decorative, with was an energy shield that, when activated, would provide some protection against blasterfire, and, whilst it wouldn't last long against hand-to-hand weapons, would give him some vital space needed to hit an opponent before they got to close range.

Thus, he shut the door to his bunk, and, within a few minutes, stood within the common area of the Mauruder Corvette, with both his fellow squadron mates, and unfamiliar Army faces.

He stood awkwardly, not knowing what to make of the newcomers, hoping that something, anything, would be said to lessen the tension...
Quote:OOC: Longer than I planned, but that's OK. If any Army folk want to interact with the Wolf, feel free to do so, building some cross-branch relationships here! It'll also give him something to do BEFORE he starts shooting people, (which I plan to be my next post.
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  RE: That’s no moon…[All/CD]
April 14, 2016 10:15:45 PM    View the profile of Heliwer 
Leaning against the hull of the Marauder in the common area, Heliwer let out a small yawn as he listened to Havock explain what they were going to do. He had been taking a nap when the call came for Direcat to assemble, and hadn’t any time to get fully awakened yet. No better way to wake up than with blaster fire. Better than any coffee on a good day. Still, he had at least managed to remember to pack the essentials, and boy was he excited to try his toys out. He was finally able to go through and get some equipment sorted into some kind of loadout, and the promise of assaulting a station led his mind to his favorite place, the one where he blows shit up. The standard stormtrooper armor save the helmet which he had on his side like everyone else

“Leave any kind of hard points to me, Hav.” Heliwer grinned, patting his DLT-19. “I got some party favors I think they’ll enjoy.”

Indeed, loaded on his back was that Z50 grenade launcher, a weapon he only had two full “clips” of ammo for thanks to the rude awakening he received. However, he made up for it with an above average loadout of grenades, namely the impact and thermal detonator variants strapped across his belt. Rounding himself out was a nasty surprise for anything trying to get close, a Model 434 blaster strapped to his thigh. It was something held over from his mercenary work, something that Vama Trotun had sneaked into his bag before he left. He knew Vama had put it in because not only did he not recall ever owning one, but scrawled on the grip was a quite vulgar reminder that he owed her for making her fly into a VE base crawling with ships, paired with a promise on the opposite side to hit her up when he had any downtime.

“So long as they go down range from us, I’m game.” Havock replied. “Set off some fireworks.”

Heliwer swore he saw Karash in the corner with his typical scowl adorning his face now that the big trooper had access once again to explosives. He was probably thinking of the ways that the Senior Sergeant could be blown to bits, or how he could blow the squad into dust. A chuckle came from him, followed by another yawn. He swore under his breath and looked around the common area, catching a few others yawning as well having probably seen him yawn. He really needed some kind of pick-me-up, and so he plucked a flask off of his belt and downed a quick shot of liquor. The sudden strong taste did manage to keep him from yawning again, and once again looked around, this time looking for familiar faces to converse with, preferring them to the newbies and the Navy brats.

Therex was easiest to spot, the Chiss’ blue skin not really hiding him well if he decided to hide at all in the group of troopers. He had waved at Heliwer earlier, but he had been too busy stifling a yawn to respond in kind, so he gave some thought to going over to say hello before looking out for anyone else. That’s when his gaze found someone he had not seen for a longer time than anyone else in the squad: Brightstar. She had once been with Raiders, though his memory was rather fuzzy for back then, combination of the booze and...well...booze. Closing the top of his flask, he shrugged and decided to sit near her, holding the flask out towards her.

“Hey Bright. Long time no see. The hell have you been up to all this time?”

I know, shorter than what I like to write, but I wanted to get a post in, get back into the rhythm of things. Managed to finally get some time in and used it to write what I could
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