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used the wrong account. Meant to post it with Animal not Mako sorry.

== Physical Appearance ==
        Name: Bonecrusher
        Homeworld: Barab
        Age: young adult
        Species: Barabel
        Native Language: Barabel, Broken Basic
        Gender: Male
        Skin Color: Crimson with orange accents
        Height: 6'7
        Weight: 250
        Hair Color: N/A
        Facial Hair: N/A
        Eye Color: Green
      Distinguishing Features:

    == Background History ==
    Things are not quite clear how Bonecrusher became a member of the Vast Empire. What is clear how ever is that he is obviously from the more remote regions of his planet and that he hates stormtroopers. The best guess that any one can figure from his jibbering and service record is that sometime in his past he was either conscripted or taken as some sort of pet off his home world. What is also while not confirmed but a good guess is that it was not a peaceful taking from his planet and that it was most likely by a group of storm troopers. What is also clear is that some time not too long ago he was "transferred" to a naval squadron. One of the reserve squadrons that used the old model Tie/LN star fighters rather than the newer advanced ones more or less to get him out of the way.

What had happened from that point on though is on record through his black box. Some how his savage mind had picked up enough knowledge to be able to effectively fly and fight as a star fighter pilot. While it was just a reserve squadron he didn't really realize it. He was sent out with the rest of the squadron and while his tactics weren't the most advanced they were unique to say the least. His ability to resist more G-forces and changes in pressures on his body as a whole made him a berserker pilot.

    == Character's Personality ==
  Bonecrusher is a kind an idiot savant when it comes to piloting. He can barely speak galactic basic let alone work most technology but he can fly a star fighter. He has an attack on sight reaction for Storm troopers which he has dubbed white heads; most of the time the altercations end with just a few minor broken bones or lacerations and he hasn't equated the armor to the people inside it.

He speaks in a kind of broken galactic basic with hand gestures and screeching mixed in and some would probably think that he is most likely a borderline psychotic or at best an attack dog.  He is brazen, base and brash with his most desirable qualities involving him in a combat situation.
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  RE: Bonecrusher
March 20, 2016 9:47:04 AM    View the profile of Amacuse 
Looks good to me Animal!! You can continue to build upon your backstory as you get more comfortable around here.

Report to the Aurora Squadron Barracks:

We currently have 3 stories going on, our site wide Chapter Story ( and two more fun stories for Character Development here ( and here ( You are welcome to join either or all three. Or put up a personal story about how your character joined the VE on our Neutral Storynet (where the first two stories I mentioned are housed).

We have a wiki here: that you can add a page for your character.

Welcome to the Navy, and be sure to enjoy yourself!
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