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  READ: Biography Outline and Rules
February 9, 2016 8:16:29 PM    View the profile of Havock 
You will be contacted by a training officer from your division of choice (Army/Navy) feel free to ask questions about either division while going through this process.

The first step is to create your character's biography.

If you have any questions please ask.

Biography Template:

== Physical Appearance ==
    Native Language:
    Skin Color:
    Hair Color:
    Facial Hair:
    Eye Color:
  Distinguishing Features:

== Background History ==
(Give about 1-2 paragraphs worth of background history for your character. This doesn't have to be long and detailed since this is a new character for you, and you need to still flesh him/her out a bit. If you do want to go into great detail, by all means do so!)

== Character's Personality ==
List/write about your character's personality. What makes him/her the way she is? Anything in particular (pet peeves, etc.) that irk your character? Etc.

Rules for your bio:
You cannot mention Jedi/the Force/anything of the sort. Even as an obscure portion of your back story.

We are currently in about 14 ABY (after battle of Yavin), so the Jedi are virtually extinct and live only in rumors especially in our neck of the woods, Thrawn is a threat to everyone not in his army, and the Emperor only died (as in ROTJ) 8 years ago. (The Jedi are beginning to appear in the galaxy as a whole, but they are mostly rumours)

“My parents/lover/friend were/was killed by rebels so I grabbed a gun and ran off to seek revenge" is a massive cliche. Try and think of something more original.

Considering the following questions may help you write your biography:
  • What reasons brought your character to the army? In the real world many soldiers are just doing what they see as an available “job.” Most people will take the option of peaceful settled careers when the option is available.
  • What would you call your characters most defining personality trait? If your character had friends and they were asked to describe him/her how would they do so?
  • What does your character see in their own future? Do they intend to become a career soldier and rise through the ranks, do is this just temporary for them?

Our method of writing here is in third person, so please do the same, thanks. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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