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  Book Club
January 15, 2016 8:20:39 AM    View the profile of Tetrarch 
Just a random idea since someone made a joke on Slack about it.

Would anyone have an interest in some sort of book group?

I don't think any of us have time to commit to reading the same book together and discussing it but it might be a nice idea to have a thread or something where we can swap book recommendations. I'm guessing a lot of us read Science Fiction/Fantasy but with so many genres and sub-genres of books, I'd definitely appreciate getting some off the other bookworms here. I'm willing to share what's in my library too.
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  RE: Book Club
January 15, 2016 1:29:02 PM    View the profile of Trykon 
I think I came late to that Slack discussion, but for posterity's sake, I'll repeat my "+1" that I made there, here:

For combat scenes, and how to pace them, check out Joe Abercrombie.  Anything of his will do, but the First Law trilogy is what we were talking about in particular.  It's like a master class in how to make action sequences that click, where the reader always knows what's going on, but never gets bored.

As for a book club, though: why not?  Why not have a VE Book Club, where we choose a book per month to read and discuss?  Not as a requirement, but just as an option?  Every 1st of the month, we get to start talking about the recommended book from the previous month.
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  RE: Book Club
January 15, 2016 2:01:58 PM    View the profile of Fury 
This has always been a sporadic thing when X amount of folks would end up on the IRC channel.

I don't mind something a little more formalized though. Snipes has been a pretty good source for stuff I've never heard of. I'd probably have never picked up a Mark Lawrence book if not for him and that would just be a shame.
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  RE: Book Club
January 15, 2016 3:57:07 PM    View the profile of Valthir

Sorry for not linking it directly, but the url tags don't like HTTPS for some reason and I don't remember if there is a workaround.

Regardless, I figured we might need an organized place to put recommendations. For now, just throw stuff up on there and we'll worry about properly organizing it later.

Anyone can edit it, so please take care. If someone does mess it up, we always have revision history, so there's that.
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  RE: Book Club
January 15, 2016 5:00:31 PM    View the profile of Avalar 
Count me in! Whether we do something more formal (book a month) or not I really need to search out some good literature that is not the YA that everyone seems to be reading these days.

As for my own suggestions, I don't exactly have any. Which is weird because it's not like I haven't read anything.
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  RE: Book Club
January 15, 2016 5:25:03 PM    View the profile of Sniping101 
Cool, I'll add some of the things I've suggested to people on a regular basis too just so that they're there and I've got a bit of a list of stuff that may or may not interest people.

Thanks for the endorsement, F-Bomb, but you also showed me Lowtown, which was amazing.
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