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Topic:  HSC: DJO Biographies.
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  HSC: DJO Biographies.
February 4, 2013 01:00:21 PM     View the profile of Raziel 
Some DJO Biographies specially created for public viewing. These characters may be appearing on the HSC. Obviously, these characters all have public biographies on the VE Wiki, but most of the up to date information is on the restricted DJO Wiki now.

At 30 years old, Commander Wyl Trykon is young to be serving as a member of the Naval High Command, but nonetheless the native of the planet Kuat holds the position of Chief of Naval Warfare.  He is well-respected and well-liked, but also has a reputation for cold-blooded calculation and ruthlessness.
With this reputation, people are often surprised by how mild-mannered Trykon is, in person... Trykon‚Äôs dry humor and biting wit come to the surface...  He balances honest appraisal of tactical realities with relentless encouragement and irresistible confidence, inspiring the beings under his command rather than frightening them, bullying them, or lying to them. 

Trykon is always impeccably well-groomed. Seemingly boundless energy, he does not appear to be healthy.  He is a wan, sickly-looking Human male, with a very slender build and vaguely effeminate mannerisms.  His dark brown hair is already greying at the temples, despite his relatively young age, and his prominent jawline is often accentuated by an intense frown, despite deeply-etched laugh lines at the corners of his lips and eyes.


Hond is dirty and unlovable. He rarely bathes and his flesh is rotting off his bones. Greasy black hair and furious red eyes. His half Chiss heritage has recently become evident, while before the decay of his body he was a tanned brown his skin (what isn't rotting off) has taken on a pale blue hue. He is violent and crass and not particularly intelligent, but possesses enough experience and street smarts to survive what to him is a violent and unkind galaxy. He is dangerous because he's uncontrolled. He doesn't even have complete self control.


"Kami is a tall woman, slim and deathly pale, with a willowy grace that speaks of an aristocratic past. High cheekbones frame light green eyes that burn unnaturally bright in their sockets.  Her long dark hair usually falls unbound to her waist, though upon occasion she will pull it back in order to fight.

For all her impeccable politeness, Kami has an acidic tongue that is prone to cut as well as caress. When she looks at a man, it is almost as though she can see beyond the veil of flesh to the soul beneath. She bends the weak-willed as easily as the wind bends grass. Though she seems to take no particular delight in pain or death, both feed her as thoroughly as fear."

Raziel is fairly short and slender, with jet black hair and green eyes. He is dressed in casual, civilian clothing. Raziel uses his ability to read minds and subtly alter perceptions to fit in with any group of people. He can take on any personality he feels fitting. For this mission he will be doing his best to keep the soldiers at ease. He will not display his powers openly.

Your characters will generally find him fairly likeable, as that is the image he is trying to achieve.
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  RE: HSC: DJO Biographies.
February 5, 2013 02:57:09 PM     View the profile of Havock 
Havock felt left out


Havock looks average in everyway. She generally has an unkempt look to her clothes and blond hair. She is unsure of most of her companions, and prefers to keep to herself. Havock has an affinity for machines, her powers lie in the manipulation of anything mechanical. Her blue eyes are dim and observant when among others. When speaking she is sarcastic without being cruel, determined but unsure of herself.
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  RE: HSC: DJO Biographies.
February 6, 2013 04:04:09 AM     View the profile of Jamasis 
If we encounter any DJO characters we've interacted with in a different capacity, such as Havock on previous army missions, should we pretend we never met the character in the first place? Or should we just assume you're in disguise/using force-trickery to make sure we don't recognise you?

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  RE: HSC: DJO Biographies.
February 6, 2013 05:19:17 PM     View the profile of Kami 
I'd assume that you'd simply recognise Havock and be somewhat surprised that she knows members of the DJO. Perhaps you could reflect that this association hints that she's more than what she appears or something along that road. A conspiracy perhaps, DJO members in the top tiers of the military, you never know where we're lurking etc etc
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