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Topic:  Summer Applications 2012
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  Summer Applications 2012
June 7, 2012 02:56:16 AM     View the profile of Raziel 
We'll be accepting applications via PM until I say otherwise. There is no official deadline for applications and each candidate will be assessed as it arrives and a decision given.

Unlike the last few rounds there is no quote we're after and we may not take anyone in. Consider this a long period of curious perusal of applications.

Rules for applying:

1) 3 Months Consecutive Active Service. If you have any queries PM me.

2) In the last two months you will have written at least 10 600+ word posts on the comnet. This includes all forms of writing, personal, spec/cert, runon etc. If you're close to the limit or have been on leave, or other reasons for missing this PM me.

3) You will require the recommendation of a HC member for your division. They merely need to pass on to myself that they view you as a suitable candidate, nothing more.

4) A peer recommendation. This is outlined below in the application, but should come from someone who you regularly write with, ideally your line commander.

Application form to me pm'd to: Raziel, Talon, Kadann, Kami


1) Will you be joining the DJO with your existing character or creating a new one?

2) In less than 600 words tell us either I) how you feel your character will fit into the Jedi Order discussing how they will feel about their new abilities and react or ii) tell us about the history and personality of your new character

3) In less than 600 words tell us about what you see in the future for your character. What kind of Dark Jedi will they become, (for example a psychotic murderer or absent minded scholar, you will not be held to this upon recruitment)

4) Tell us how active you see yourself being over the next sixth months and about how busy you have been for the past six.

5) What makes you a good writer?

6) Have a colleague write a short recommendation outlining why they think you deserve to join the elite writing division. This should be sent directly and separately to: Kadann, Raziel, Talon, Kami in pm form. If you are writing a recommendation be honest, describe your colleagues weaknesses as well as strengths. I am quite capable of gauging an exaggerated report.

Note: You need a divisional HC member to verify your suitability first, but the in depth recommendation can come from elsewhere.

7) The DJO includes a process of training where you write stories and are presented with feedback. At each stage you have to respond to feedback and work on your style. How do you feel you will get on in this environment?

8) Include a sample of old or new writing which you see as your best work

The form is a chance to impress us, so take some time over it!

What I'll be looking for:

A maturity in your writing that tells me you will be able to adequately grow your character and take them through the DJO process.

Good style in your work. Perfect grammar and spelling aren't necessary as such, but your work needs to read well.

Above all else I need to believe that you can handle a lot of introverted character writing as well as set the scene for some high octane action sequences. If I don't enjoy reading your work your application won't go very far! The answers to the questions are very important, if your current writing isn't quite there I need to believe we have an enthusiastic individual who has the potential to impress us through the training process.

Less than 25% of entries make it out of the DJO academy, so you have to be prepared for some hard work and criticism.
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