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Topic:  Cooling Hellfire
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  Cooling Hellfire
March 16, 2012 8:34:37 PM    View the profile of Rocketman 
Hale “Rocket” Firekeeper woke up after a long shift aboard his ship the Chrome Fox. He reached for his datapad which was located in its usual place on his night stand. He inputted his password to start it up and found that he had one message on it.

====Open Immendtly====
===To: Ensign Hale Firekeeper===
==From:  Captain Dracule Mihawk==
=Subject: New Training Mission=

Greetings Captain,

I hope your time in your new ship command is going well, you have a mission. Not really a mission in reality, but for this purpose it should be treated like one. Your mission will begin at 0700 hours at the location of Asteroid 19 which you are familiar with the location and the coordinates. Now the primary mission objective will be you are responding to a distress signal from the Hellfire which is a CR90 Corvette, which you are familiar with since you were in command of the Hammer which is still in service after the overhaul which you personally saw to. So that’s all of the information you will get until you get to location which I trust you will be able to complete this mission to the expiation that is expected.

Good Luck

Captain Dracule Mihawk
Chief of Naval Warfare

End Message

Well that was quick for a mission to come up for me I haven’t even been in command for a week yet and they expect me to be able to coordinate a mission so quick after I took over, well that’s the navy for you where they think that anything can be in done quickly. Well at least it’s not something overly crazy that’s’ a good thing. Well time to go inform Ms. Hellray about this development.

Rocket picked up his comlink and activated it to the bridge communications which got response “This is Petty Officer 1st Class Jinx Barter what can I do for you today sir?”

“I need you to inform Ms. Hellray that I need her to report to the briefing room asap, and also I need you to inform Mr. Petty to set a course to the coordinates that I am sending you right now. Tell him its captain’s orders if he asks.”

“I will let him know sir is that all?”

“Yes at this point in time.”

Rocket disconnected the channel and got dressed and left for the briefing room.

-------- ------------- ------------ ------------ --------------

Penny Hellray woke up to her comlink beeping, and picked it up and activated it and said, “Chief Warrant Officer Hellray.”

“Chief the captain needs you in the briefing room asap.”

“Alright I am moving.”

She deactivated the comlink and got dressed and started to head towards the briefing room.

I wonder what the captain would want the daily statues report isn’t due till I go on shift when I relive him. I wonder if those supplies got approved and we are going to go pick them up.

----Briefing Room----

“Ms. Hellray I am glad that you got here so quick, now down to business. I have received a message from High Command informing me that we have a new assignment. It’s pretty straight forward we are too responded to a distress report from the Hellfire a CR90 Corvette. I have already informed Mr. Petty to plot a course to its location which the area has asteroids in it. I have already sent you information on the layout of the location that we are going to. So I want you to study it so that you are familiar of the area when we get there. A training platform is also located there, but we will not be in contact with them when we get out of hyperspace the first thing is the statues of the Hellfire which is the primary objective, now if we the platform’s assistance I am sure that they will be happy to provide it, but I don’t think it will come to that point.”

“Also the supplies that you requested will be received once the mission has been taken care of. I don’t know the details of what is going on right now in that system, but I would assume it’s probably pirates, or another enemy.”

“So we don’t have any information besides that sir?”

“At this point in time we do not. Intel hasn’t said much for anything for that matter so right now we have to go at this blind, and hope that it isn’t that bad when we get into system.”

“I see sir, so do we have a time frame of when we are getting into the system?”

“Within the next twelve standard hours so we have a little prep time before all this goes down, I want a fighting capable report within the hour.”

“It will be done sir.”

Rocket watched Chief Warrant Officer Penny Hellray exit the briefing room and looked done at what he called the “Battle Board” which displayed information that he choose to put there, at this point in time it was showing the area of space that they were going to. On it was displayed the locations of where the training platform and the asteroids, and changed due to the information being updated from the sensors on the ship and in the area, Rocket could display information for a planet, ship, asteroid, and other things of which is an easier way to dictate to precede before they arrived in system.

Well I do know one thing though I can expect for this mission to have some surprises for it. I just have to react to every situation as it happens I guess, I hope that I won’t disappoint anyone that is going to be watching this training mission that is about to happen. I wonder what kind of surprises they have planned for me; maybe I should have told Ms. Hellray that it was a training mission. No I can’t have her think that she can slack off for this mission it was probably best that I didn’t tell her about it.

1,006 words: Bit rusty but there it is.
There are many aspects of the Force we have no knowledge of. The subject still requires further research and study.

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  RE: Cooling Hellfire
April 28, 2012 4:03:52 PM    View the profile of Rocketman 
====Just before exiting out of hyperspace====

Rocket looked around the bridge of the Chrome Fox and smiled it had been a long time since he had entered into the Navy and even longer since he had thought about becoming a ship captain a life goal that he had completed.

I just wish that my father could see me now he would be proud, but also would drill me though Battle Drills, but from what I remember of him he was always thinking of battle in his head, not to mention of the ones that he was in.

“Sir we are getting ready to drop out of hyperspace.”
“Thank you Ms. Hellray what is our position that we are coming out.”
“Just outside of the asteroid belt that surrounds the training facility.”
“I see do you have the position of the Hellfire?”
“Yes its ten kilometers inside of the of the asteroid belt going to be hard to maneuver the ship to its location but I will start plotting a course to get us there.”
“Okay hail the Hellfire let’s find out what is going on here shall we.”

“This is the captain of the Chrome Fox do you read Hellfire.”
“Yes this is the Hellfire we are under attack by an unknown enemy we are requesting immediate assistance.”
Chrome Fox copy’s we are moving to assist you now do you have any information on the enemy.”
“Yes all know that they are pirates not really sure how they got here, they have two DP-20 Corellian Gunships and a squadron of x-wings.”
“Okay we are moving to your position, what is the statues of your systems?”
“Our shields are at eighty percent we have lost hyperspace capabilities other than that all other systems are running at green.”
“Begin moving to our position we are sending interceptors to cover you.”
Hellfire copies moving to new position now.”

The Chrome Fox began moving to an intercept course between the gunships, and launches two squadrons of tie interceptors to deal with the squadrons of x-wings and to cover the Hellfire.

“Ms. Hellray what is time to intercept the gunships?”
“Thirty seconds sir they started to move toward our position once we entered the system still trying to figure out how they noticed us in the first place they must have hacked some of the relays on some of the asteroids before the Hellfire entered the system.”
“I see what of the training platform?”
“We have tried to contact them there has been no response to our hails yet we are not getting the slightest signal from it, it may have been taken over.”
“Okay we will deal with that later lets worry about those gunships first how long till we can open fire on them.”
“They are using the asteroids as a shield we are trying to get an accurate lock on them; also the Hellfire is coming into our range right now.”
“Move the ship into attack position as soon as you target the enemy open fire, also when the Hellfire is in range tractor it and bring it into our range of our shields.”
“Sir isn’t that a little dangerous with the enemy around.”
“Just do as I say Ms. Hellray our mission is to protect the Hellfire.”
“Yes sir it will be done.”

Rocket looked down at the display in front of his chair set up like the Battle Board except a smaller version of it to save on space he saw the location of the Chrome Fox and the positions of the gunships, and saw that they were in range of the weapons on the Chrome Fox which were beginning to open fire on both of the ships, which in normal circumstances would be a losing battle, but strike raids with the tie bombers would even those odds.

“Ms. Hellray has the x-wings been taken care of yet?”
“There are two left as of now they are mopping up the rest of them.”
“Okay give orders to the rest of the fighters to go on the attack of the closest gunship also target that one and being firing.”

The first gunship left the shielding of the asteroid field and ran into fire from the Chrome Fox that started to absorbs into the shields only to get hit again by a bombing run ran by squadron of bombers and avengers that once it hit the shields of the Striker they dropped down to fifty percent which due to the area of the attack dropped the shields, the next run aimed at the engines which due to the dropped shields took out the engines leaving the Striker dead in space unable to move.

“Sir the shields have dropped to eighty percent on the left side if we keep getting hammered we will lose the shields soon we can’t take an attack from both of the gunships.”
“Prepare for a roll to put the undamaged shields on the side of the gunships.”
“Sir the roll will take time, but the shields on the left side will be able to hold till it is done, also the closet gunship has lost their maneuvering capabilities.”
“Well that will work in our favor are their shields still up.”
“Yes sir, but after another run from the squadrons they will be down and all of the x-wings, have been taken out.”
“Good the only thing left is to hinder the other gunship begin firing on it.”
“Yes sir.”

The second gunship the Nexus had been hammering the frigate that had dropped out of hyperspace to rescue the corvette that they had been attacking had taken out the Striker which did not sit in favor of the plan they had been discussed before the raid had taken place.

Rocket watched as the second gunship turned and began the going into hyperspace.
“Sir the second ship is starting to flee should we keep firing on it?”
“No let it go whatever it wanted it got it or it didn’t doesn’t really matter what is the first gunships statues.”
“Dead in the water sir they have lost power and are just sitting there what are your orders?”
“Send a boarding party in to find out what they are here for.”

1,039 words-Done with it now will come back to finish it later
There are many aspects of the Force we have no knowledge of. The subject still requires further research and study.

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