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Topic:  Refresher Course: Rho Flight
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  Refresher Course: Rho Flight
October 27, 2011 4:13:10 AM    View the profile of Atrasin 
this area is where returning vets, AWOL's and Reservists can post their RAD (Return to Active Duty) Posts.  the posts minimum length will be determined prior to your arrival here, and can be of any topic. preferably, we, the NHC, would like to see a 'where i've been' post to help 'fill in the blanks' of your back story and to give the other members a potential source of inspiration. thank you.

Refresher Course has been moved to the Navy Main page due to its lack of continuity with the Academy. The Refresher Course is designed to give former members, Reservists and returning AWOL's a chance to 'knock the rust off' and to prove themselves ready to once again be a part of the Vast Empire Navy.

All members posting here have already passed Basic Training and graduated from the Academy, therefore there is no need for them to be under it's auspices a second time.
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  RE: Refresher Course: Rho Flight
October 27, 2011 8:27:56 AM    View the profile of Aelin 
On an Outer Rim planet, nearly one week after the battle of Belgaroth...

Aelin glanced around what could in the loosest sense be considered a docking bay. Repair kits lay strewn about on the dusty stone ground, and a collapsed section of wall allowed full access to the 'street' outside. All that mattered to her at that particular moment was the battered but vital hulk in front of her. Not that anyone would guard such a piece of junk, anyway. She would've assumed that what was left of the Corellian frigate was nonfunctional if she hadn't seen it landing the other day. There were more dangling cables and shattered hull plates than there were inhabitants on the entire planet. Well, at least it can get me off this blasted mudball and back to civilized space. If only I hadn't been such an idiot and let myself get stranded at Belgaroth... She saw the hatch open and watched a Gran, the owner of the ship, walk down the breezeway and out into the bay. She slipped around him in the deep shadows and pulled herself onto the ramp as quiet as she could. The shadowy movement startled him, but a large scurrying rodent provided an easy explanation. He remotely closed the walkway, unknowingly sealing Aelin inside.

Frak, and I thought it smelled bad on the outside. She stumbled through the ship in the dim lighting. The layout of the ship was convoluted and disjointed, with doorways stacked to the top with electronic equipment and holes where there should've been nice, solid wall. She wormed her way into a pile of machinery and waited. I'll wait until he comes back, then kill him before he can shut the ship down. Then it's somewhat smooth sailing back to the Empire.

She sat there for several hours, barely moving. At one point she started getting hungry, but a few good sniffs of the air killed her appetite. He should be back any second now... Her thoughts were interrupted by the faint sound of voices coming from outside. She strained her ears to pick any of it up, refusing to abandon her hiding spot.

“...well, here's your new ship... try not to crash it. I spent the last seventeen years of my life keeping it in shape.” An excited squeal came in reply, and then the hallway filled with light. So the Gran lost his ship gambling. That complicates things. Well, as long as the new owner's not too- oh, kriff. A diminutive furry creature scuttled right past her pile of junk.

He's an Ewok.

She quickly amended her plan. The Ewok probably couldn't even reach the controls of the ship. There's no way the freighter would even make it off the ground before some fatal accident. She couldn't kill him either, though. The old owner wouldn't have given up his physical keys, so the furry critter would be the only one capable of starting up the ship.

She sprang out from her hiding spot and approached the cockpit at a somewhat brisk pace. He's probably not that smart. I'll say I'm his personal pilot or something. She opened the door and found herself face-to-face with a sharpened stick.

“Don't move, blue-head!” The Ewok said in surprisingly clean Basic.

Aelin raised both arms in the air and backed away. “I apologize for the intrusion. I'm master Urek's pilot. I was wondering if you required assistance.”

He glared at her untrustingly with his giant, beady eyes. “Wrong. You're a bad liar, you know. Lemme guess... Imperial pilot that wandered off?”

She sighed. “Yes.”

“Well, luckily for you, I have some business on Tadath. Privateer Kettch at your service. Oh, and, by the way, I don't need a pilot. I'm perfectly capable of flying this class of vessel myself.” He reached over and withdrew several metal pole-shaped objects from a sack. He attached them to his arms, extending his reach drastically. “But I suppose I can allow you to accompany me on this trip as a copilot. In addition to whatever other chores come to mind, of course. Starting with cleaning out all the junk on the ship.”

All of it?”

He thumped his left arm prosthesis against the floor, causing a deep reverberating echo. “Every. Last. Bit.”

By the time she'd crammed the last musty sackful of food leftovers into the airlock, the freighter had made it out of the system and gone to hyperspace on a path towards VE space.

I might do a second post later to wrap this one up.
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  RE: Refresher Course: Rho Flight
October 27, 2011 7:22:39 PM    View the profile of Amacuse 
Meteors flew across the night sky, cutting swathes of black out of space in a flurry of fire.  They gracefully dodged around the orbital space station, coming dangerously close to the exterior hull.  Then, a single fighter among the meteors appeared out of the station, and began chasing the pack.

[[Unidentified fighter, this is BMR Orbital Station Fortune's Glory, please return to the hangar bay immediately.]]

"Fortune's Glory, I'm going to have to respectfully decline," the pilot said, taking his fighter dangerously close to a meteor.  The intense heat from the superheated rock set off multiple high-temperature warning alarms in his cockpit.

[[Unidentified TIE Interceptor, return to the hangar bay immediately!  Flying during a meteor shower is against all regulations!]]

"Fortune's Glory, do you have any idea who you are talking to?" he asked, taking the Interceptor even closer to the meteor.  The fighter began to shudder violently, flames licking across the port-side of the viewport.  He then threw the fighter into a lateral roll and swung the Interceptor over the meteor, the top hatch passing over the top of the rock before settling on the port-side of the meteor.  "Only one pilot in the history of the galaxy would ever willingly take a weak fighter such as the TIE Interceptor into a fully-mobile meteor shower and do acrobatic stunts dangerously close to one."  And with that, he pulled back on the accelerator, and dropped behind the meteor shower.  He waited a few seconds before bringing the fighter back to the station.

Cayden climbed out of the cockpit and stepped onto the deck, his boots resounding loudly in the empty hangar.  He looked at the fighter and smiled.  "Flying inside a meteor has made you all jet black... nice..." he said to the fighter, grinning.  He heard footsteps coming behind him, so he turned around to face the men approaching.

"Commander Tavers, you are one insane pilot," the captain said, saluting.

Cayden returned the salute and said "If I was any different, Bimmiel wouldn't exist, I would be dead, and Onderon would be in ruins."

"Right... sir, we've recorded your flight around the meteor and have analysed it... you're flying has improved tremendously since your last exercise," the lieutenant next to the captain said.

"I haven't stepped into the cockpit of a fighter since my last mission with Regents," Cayden replied, taking his helmet off.

The two junior officers looked at the Commander, mouths open.

"Well... you're a more exceptional pilot than you were in the Vast Empire... especially since you're not flying in a unit," the captain said, smiling.

"I miss flying in a squadron, captain.  I'm thinking of returning to the Starfighter Corps," the Onderonian replied.

"As you wish, sir," the lieutenant said.

Cayden left the two officers behind him as he walked out of the hangar.  He took a quick left and made a bee-line for the locker room.  Cayden walked past several bunk rooms for pilots and security officers when he came upon the men's locker room on his right.  He keyed the door open, and walked to his locker.  Cayden opened it and started stripping.  He took his boots off, set them down in the bottom of his locker, and took his flight suit off.  He set it down on the bench behind him, and grabbed his dress uniform.  He put the trousers on first, then pulled the blue dress shirt on next.  Cayden tucked his shirt in, and grabbed the tie off a rung inside the locker.  He put it on and tied it into a windsor knot.  He grabbed his service coat and threw it on over the shirt, buttoning the two buttons on the front.  He grabbed his dress boots and put them on.

Cayden put his flight suit into the locker and shut the door.  He walked out of the locker room and went back into the hangar.  He saw the lieutenant inspecting his Interceptor.  "Lieutenant!" he called out, walking up to the young man.

"Sir!" he said, saluting.

Cayden returned the salute and said "Lieutenant, I need you to get me a shuttle to Abrae immediately."

"Certainly sir, I shall have one ready in a few minutes," the young lieutenant said, heading over to a nearby terminal.

Cayden walked around the hangar bay when a shuttle flew in and landed in front of him.  The pilot walked down the loading ramp and saluted Cayden.  "Sir, your transport shuttle to Abrae is ready to go," he said.

Cayden returned the salute and said "Excellent.  We shall depart immediately.  I have many things I need to sort out before we reach the Vast Imperial moon..."

WC: 773

Just a refresher post... nothing more...

squirrel-action shall return when placed somewhere.
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  RE: Refresher Course: Rho Flight
November 2, 2011 5:31:04 PM    View the profile of Rocketman 
Down The River

Hale Firekeeper "aka Rocket" sat at bar on the planet of Abrae sipping on a spikedriver when the bartend looked at him and said "The lady over there bought this for you." said pointing a woman sitting at a table by herself. Rocket looked at her and waved the woman had red hair and a petite build, and finished his drink and the one the woman bought for him and went over to the table and said, "I am Hale but you can call me Rocket." extending his hand after finishing speaking. The woman looks at him and says, I am Athena nice to meet you Rocket, so how long have you been around these part's?

"Well I live here when I am not out in my ship."
"So you in the military then."
"Yeah I guess you could say that, I prefer to think of it as a lifestyle."
"So I am gonna put a guess out there and say that you are a pilot right."
"I used to be one, but...not anymore at least for now."
"So you gonna buy me a drink or we just gonna keep talking. I am it's not every day that I meet a guy keeping to himself at the bar, because he wants to."
"Well I didn't realize that I stand out that much I guess I gotta start making myself more inconspicuous. And let me go get you one what will it be?"
"Well I will have whatever you are drinking cause I think that I might like the taste of it."
"Okay then I hope you can handle it."

Rocket walked up to the bar and said, "I will take two spikedrivers if you would Dan." "So how's it going over there I haven't seen you talk to anybody here expect me for a long time it's good to see you talking to people, at least to someone besides myself.""Thanks I guess," Rocket grabbed his drinks and sat back down at the table with Athena, and handed the drink to her.

"Well here you go so what brings you to Abrae?"
"I am here on business, but also to have a good time which from the looks of it may be with you."
"Really I guess I am in luck then I thought it was just going to be me drinking by myself and talking to Dan again like usual."
"So how many times do you come to this bar?"
"I come here whenever I just want to be away from everyone."
"I see so have you had a good time since you have been in the military?"
"Well it has been interesting to say the least I mean some of it has been hard, but most of it has been fun, I usually just do my job cause it's what I do."
"Okay that kind of answered my question in a way but not really, So what else do you want to know about me?"
"So what do you do in this wide galaxy?"
"Well I am the owner of a transport ship, and that's how I keep myself from starving to death,  I mean it isn't the greatest thing to do in this world but it's something I guess."
"Well that sounds like fun I recently started to get into the shipping business, but work isn't very easy to find around here unless the jobs are somewhat illegal which I tend to stay away from because it can come back to bite me in the end."

After talking with Athena for awhile he heard Dan say that the bar was going to be closing so he looked at Athena and said, "I better get going because it is starting to get pretty late and..."
"What you are just gonna leave a lady to fend for herself at four o clock in the morning I thought that you would be more of a gentleman than that."
"Your right my apologizes." After Rocket finished saying that he took her hand and said, "So where to my lady."
"I think that it would be nice for you to see where I am staying and maybe..."
"Then I shall walk you back to your place of residence that you are currently staying at."

---In Athena's Room---

Rocket looked around the room that Athena was staying in and looked at her and said, "Well it doesn't look all that bad it kind of looks like one of the rooms that I stay in while I am aboard a ship."
"Oh how sweet sarcasm must be nice to be able to say that with a straight face."
"Well I didn't mean it like that...just never mind forget that I even said it."
"Well don't get all defensive on me now."
"Sorry it's been a long time since I have been out with anyone that I don't work with."
"You don't have much of a life do you?"
"I mean it's hard to do with my job that I do."
"Well your with me now that means you can let loose and have a little bit of fun for yourself since you probably have been on a ship doing military things for awhile now."
"Yeah your right I should have some fun that sounds like a great idea right now."

It's been a long time since I have hung out with somebody that hasn't been connected with the Vast Empire. I wonder how this is going to turn out. I just gotta play it cool and try not to rush things cause that might ruin whatever that this might turn into.

"You thinking about something you have not said anything in awhile."
"Yeah I am fine just thinking about my past which I tend to do a lot now."
"So have you changed any since you come into the military?"
"Yeah I have changed some of it has been good and some of it has been bad."
"Okay well on that note" Athena stood up and walked to the only appliance in the room and fished out a bottle of liquor that was in there and grabbed two cups and poured two glasses, and handed one to Rocket.

"So what do you want to cheers to?"
"Let's cheers to good company and to relaxing."
Rocket drank the cup of liquor...

1,056 words-Been awhile since I did a post
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  RE: Refresher Course: Rho Flight
November 5, 2011 9:37:49 PM    View the profile of Blades 
Econd began to walk down the hall to his briefing room when he received a  page from his handler.  You need to report to the simulators to prepare yourself for your next mission.  You are to blend in with the new recruits, and they are can not find out your Naval Intelligence.  A uniform has been sent to your room, and good luck.  Ali.

Econd walked into the room and quickly looked around to see if anyone could identify him as a spook.  When he was sure that he hasn’t worked with anyone in the room he walked over to a group of new recruits and joined in on their conversation till DeepSix walked in and began the briefing.

During the briefing Econd began to look over the schematics for the TIE Interceptors.  He was trying to mesmerize the locations of every thing he might possibly need.  He watched a group of the pilots go first.  When it was his time to go he slowly walked over to the simulator and strapped in.

He quickly began to look over the instrument panel to see how updated the system was.  The sim started to count down as he finished looking over everything.  The schematics for the Interceptor was not up to date.  Well here comes a crash course in flying I hope I don’t ball this up too bad.

The simulator screen began to show the planets surface, and it was officially started.  Econd choose to get to the Squad in a less than direct route as he tried to get a feel for the craft.  He dropped the TIE to be just above the treetops to see if that was low enough to drop off the radar.  Blades checks  his altitude and sees he is still too high to disappear, and that he would need to drop below the trees to completely vanish from the radar.  Econd decided to look over his panel a little longer till he made first contact.

The Squad Econd was flying with soon made contact with the X-Wings stationed at the base.  Econd began to make his path a more direct route and was soon spotted by one of the bases AA towers.  Blades began to dodge the bolts, but was grazed by many of them.  He saw that his shields were down to 45% and his long range sensors were fried.  He was surprised to see his coms were still operational.

“Raptor Lead this is Raptor Seven. I lost long range sensors, but found the first AA tower.”  Econd said.

“Roger that Seven, link back up with us as soon as you can.  We are getting hammered by these X-Wings, and need all the help we can get.”  Raptor Lead said.

Blades throws the throttle to full speed and began to race towards the squad to try and help.  When he got within 500 meter from the squad he see two X-Wings leave the battle to deal with the new target "him".  Econd began to spin and release a furry of laser fire, most of which completes misses his targets, but did just what he wanted by making them split off in different directions.

Stess pulled out of his spin and banked towards the closest X-Wing.  The pilot was batting Econd with perfect shots and he fell for it.  The lock was green and Blades fired his first missile it moved towards its target which dropped a series of counter-measures which destroyed the missile.  Suddenly Econd got a feeling that he was being followed but was unable to know for sure without his sensors.

“Get out of there Seven!”  Raptor Lead ordered.

Econd quickly reacted to the sudden screaming of his commanding officer.  He banked right and saw a photon torpedo scream past his previous location.  Econd was about to offer the pilot a drink when he remembered it was a simulated voice controlled by one of the instructors.

Econd began to try to gain the upper hand and get at least one kill under his belt before the sim would kill him.  He banked right into the path of one of the X-Wings and fired a steady burst which slammed into the engines of the craft quickly depleting the shields, and causing the craft to spin towards its death.  The pilot was seen ejecting from the fireball shortly before its death.  No official kill for me I guess, but then again that was a very lucky shot.

Econd began to move to deal with the next X-Wing but was having a hard time trying to get behind it long enough to make the shots he took count.  Econd began to wonder how high the simulator was set for the pilot.  Then Econd realized it could be set to any low level and he would still have a hard time trying to get the kill as this is the first time he had to use one of these things.

825 words post 1 of 2
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  RE: Refresher Course: Rho Flight
November 5, 2011 9:39:34 PM    View the profile of Blades 
Econd quickly banked right and pulled up trying to get rid of his attacker.  The X-Wing pilot continued to follow him.  Blades could not get rid the X-Wing no matter what move he pulled.  I am so glad this is just a simulation, but I will need to work on flying these things quickly.

Econd quickly pulled off a barrel roll and was surprised to find out that it worked.  Now he just had to keep the X-Wing in front of him long enough to get a lock.  Stess continued to fire his quad lasers in short burst trying to center the X-Wing in his screen.  The sound of a successful lock began to ring in Econds’ ears and he quickly fired two missiles before he lost the lock.

The X-Wing took a direct hit and began to spin out of control.  Econd started to continue to the rest of the squad not realizing he entered into the range of the AA tower.  The bolts slammed into his shields dropping them down to 50%.  Then out of no where a second group of X-Wings appeared behind him and began to chase him.

A few seconds pass when Econd suddenly feels a shock-wave jolt his craft.  I guess their missile was detonated  really close by.  Econd tried to see if he could spot what caused it to detonate before it reached.  He continued to try to evade the X-Wings he though was still there.

“Raptor Seven what is going on over there?” Raptor Four asked.

“What do you mean Four?” Econd asked.

“Your still trying evasive moves against nothing.”  Four said.

“Oh was the X-Wing was killed, because I can’t tell my sensors are fried and I am flying blind.”  Econd replied

“Yes the X-Wing was taken out, so I guess I’ll be your eyes for now Seven.” Raptor four responded.

Econd began to follow Raptor Four back towards the rest of the squad.  Econd began to wonder how many of them were left.  He tried to count but was quickly confused by the fast moving crafts. Econd gave up trying to find out how many Raptors were left, when three X-Wings broke off their formation and began to engage them.

Econd banked right with Raptor Four and was able to dodge the salvo from the trio of X-Wings.  Econd just began to sway left and right trying to stay out of the cross-hair.  He saw the bolts pass his craft, suddenly his craft started to shake as a few bolts slammed against his shields.  He started to look for the screen that showed their integrity.

He looked at each screen at least twice until he found the screen with the shields strength and hull integrity on it.  The shields were down to 33% and falling at a steady pace.  Econd flipped a few toggles and switches and found the problem was a power leak that.  Econd was able to stop easily.  The shields stopped falling at 30% until a third burst slammed into the rear of Econds’ craft.

He found that the shields were down to 25%, and he didn’t have time to try to transfer power to them.  As another salvo flew passed the view screen and he heard Four mumble something, but before he could ask what was going on he saw Four get behind one of the X-wings and destroyed it.

Raptor Lead came over the com systems. “We are the last four out here.  I need everyone form up on me.”

“Roger that Lead we‘re moving towards you now.” Raptor Nine, Raptor Four and Econd replied.

Econd followed Raptor four towards Raptor Lead, and Raptor Nine.  They were still trying to shake off their pursuers but were finding it impossible to lose them.  They made their way to the remaining Raptors.  They quickly fell in line behind Raptor Lead, and they quickly began to attack the remaining squad of X-Wings.

Raptor squad was greatly out numbered, and one by one the rest of the Raptor Squad was turned into space dust.  Econds screen went black as a missile impacted the Interceptor going right threw the view screen.  A few moments later the Simulator began to open up.

I have got to get more time in that simulator before my next mission starts.  Econd stood up and got out of the Sim and went to get his gear and he walked over to one of the Trainers, and asked if he could reserve a simulator for a month.

751 words post #2
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