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Topic:  2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
April 26, 2011 10:25:15 PM    View the profile of Avalar 
First they were just going in to destroy communications. She had never flown an X-wing before, but that was all right. They’d go in. They’d leave. That was all there was to it. Now here they were stuck in a big war that she hadn’t even planned for, flying something she barely knew to fly. Life was beautiful.

After all the events that had happened, she became separated from Alpha flight and was now stuck flying over the shipyard. The chatter over the com was insane. She had never heard so much going on around her before, but now she was in her first real battle. And it was… actually somewhat fun.

Vanity flew over the shipyard and fired upon the cannons, all the while listening over the com. She just had to make sure Amacuse was all right. He had been shot down, this much she had seen. But where was he now, and how was he faring?

As she blasted a laser cannon to bits she heard the chatter of Alpha come up on the com. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing! Cayden was back in the thick of it! How could he be? Even Sarah said he wasn’t fit enough to fly! What in the world was that man doing to himself?!

Vanity opened up a private com link, “Cayden! What in the world do you think you’re doing?!”

“My job, Vanity!”

“Do you ever learn?! You're gonna get killed out here! And I'm not about to see that happen. Not after today."

Cayden was silent for a moment.  "I won't get killed... I'm too good to be killed..." Vanity couldn’t believe the ego.

"Yeah. Well that's what you say now, but later on when you actually do get shot? Then what? Then what am I going to do huh?!"

"You're going to do your duty, Vanity.  Just like the rest of us." Vanity shook her head and tried her best to steady her fighter as she unleashed another barrage on two laser cannons.

"Fine. Be that way. I'm sick of you running into stuff when you're not physically fit." She shut off the private link.

Fury. Rage. Pure and evil emotions that had always been her downfall. Now they were coming back to haunt her. Vanity began to fire like mad upon the shipyard, obliterating cannon after cannon. She wove her wave of destruction around again and again. She was fighting blind to everything and everyone else. Why did he have to be so stupid? She admired his bravery, but how could she even hope that he would survive when he made such stupid decisions? Why did she love such an insane man?

As Vanity came up for air, she looked down at the shipyard. Not many of the cannons were left and the rest of Regents were taking care of them easily. How many of those cannons had just been destroyed because of her? She had no idea. But what she did know was that it was about time she rejoined the rest of her squadron mates.

“Regents Alpha 2 to Regents . How are you faring?”

WC: 523
Well, this post is not my best. But I am back in. Cannons done for.
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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
April 27, 2011 2:29:31 PM    View the profile of Slasher 
"Helm, evasive, roll 20 degrees to port, bring our starboard ventral batteries to bear on the Nebulon-B," I order, trying to give the damaged turrets on our dorsal surface some time to make repairs while out of the direct line of fire, "Damage control, how long until we can get those batteries back online?" the Master Chief Petty Officer at the damage situation board quickly pulls up some information, "It will be probably ten minutes Captain, All damage control teams are currently busy."

I nod calmly in response, but inside my mind is raging, Why me?! Why my first combat mission?! I stalk toward the situation board near the rear of the bridge, watching as the holographic representation of the battle raging outside of my ship constantly changes an intricate dance forming between the Capital Ships and fighters of both sides, "Paroila, tell the Defiance to move in closer to cover our dorsal surface on the starboard side, it looks like the Flare is moving in to try and take advantage of the damage to our shields and defensive batteries." I continue to look at the situation, snippets of the orders and communications being relayed behind me on the bridge filtering through as I analyze the situation and work to formulate a plan.

"Gunnery, get your PDL's on those Fighters before they can make another pass at-" Reaching forward I manipulate some of the controls, changing the formations of the ships of the fleet, trying to come up with an alternate plan of attack. Wait a second... suddenly I realize a possibility, "Paroila, get me 2nd Lieutenant Rocketman, put him through over here." A second later the Task Force Resh commander shimmers into existence across the hologram surface from me. "Lieutenant?" Quickly I begin to outline my plan, "Rocket, we've manage to whittle down the enemy defenses," A cheer behind him, and someone reporting, "Her hull is breaking up Lieutenant, she's out of this fight."

In front of me the image for the Frigate the Fearless was engaged with sputters and breaks up, the sensor contact breaking up with the hull of the vessel. "Now that the majority of the heavy ships out here have been defeated, we need to concentrate on the actual defenses of the station itself." manipulating the controls I center the entire display on the station and its immediate defenses. "We should center our attention on the station itself at this point in time. Our bomber squadrons should be withdrawn for the present time, resupplied and prepared to reenter the combat zone should we need them again, the fighter squadrons should be assigned to engage any enemy fighters or bombers that show themselves. The Fearless and Chrome Fox should move in and engage the station itself, using ion cannons, to disable the defenses, while the Corvettes and Light Cruisers should engage any remaining ships the enemy has in combat condition."

Rocketman nods as I finish the outline of my plan, "Sounds good Lieutenant, I'll give the necessary orders for Resh, see you on the other side."

Word Count: 510
Task Force Besh Casualty Reports for story thus far:
Note on designators below, basis is DS-61-4 from Star Wars Card Game, layout is this:
(2 letter assignment Designator)-(Unit #)-(Place/Rank #)
MD-FF-42-1A-1-2B is Sergeant Cenar Danlin, Marine Detachment, Fearless, 42nd Regiment, 1st Battalion, A Company, 1st Platoon, Squad Leader, 2nd Squad.
1=Unit Leader
3=Specialist (some sort)
4=Rifleman PFC and above
5=Rifleman, PVT
letters after numbers designate their position in their smallest unit listed.
IMF II Fearless:
26 Unnamed
MD-FF-42-1A-1-5A PVT Vorkkal
MD-FF-42-1A-1-5B PVT Renoasam
MD-FF-42-1A-1-2B SGT Cenar Danlin
MD-FF-42-1A-1-5H PVT Linnoc'epp
MD-FF-42-1A-1-3A LCP Gao Sei'sor
MD-FF-42-1A-1-5C PVT Roahur Dinarrl
MD-FF-42-1A-1-5E PVT Chito
MD-FF-42-1A-1-4B PFC Gunbrac
MD-FF-42-1A-1-5G PVT Kurreb Cl'tey
MD-FF-42-1A-3-4A PFC Artu'la
36 Unnamed
MD-FF-42-1A-1-4D PVT Chenara
MD-FF-42-1A-1-4I PVT Paroboo Garboo
MD-FF-42-1A-1-1 2LT Kelia Orott
MD-FF-42-1A-1-2C CPL Eemeq Uker
MD-FF-42-1A-2-4A PFC Pqweenu
MD-FF-42-1A-3-2A SSG Torra Is'kji
MD-FF-42-4A-A-3B CPL Lemel Narus
3 Unnamed
CR-90 Defiance:
LCR Amaranth:
SCRW Kraek Holwah
LCRW Riter Aiian
LCRW Lofh'leght
CRW Anthony Quaf


324th "Baen Sidhe" Fighter Squadron
FF-324-5: Not named
FF-324-7: Not named
FF-324-8: Not named
FF-324-10: Not named
FF-324-12: Not named
20th Fighter Squadron
FF-20-3: PO1 Morreen Antin
FF-20-12: SCRW Ooria Bertrayn
24th Fighter Squadron
FF-24-6: PO2 Marn Talkin
52nd Bomber Squadron
FF-52-8 PO1 Macklin Vernaki
FF-52-4 CPO Shike Makilles
29th Bomber Squadron
FF-29-3 SCPO Zami Ardwalker
XNT/2LT Rorran "Slasher" Gorma/PLT Cappadocious/VENA/VEN/VE
XO/2LT Rorran "Slasher" Gorma/S:137 "Raptor"/W:46 "Defiance"/PLT Cappadocious/VENA/VEN/VE
TFC:B|SCAP/2LT Rorran "Slasher" Gorma/IMF II Fearless/TF:B/2nd FLT/VEN/VE
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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
April 27, 2011 11:53:22 PM    View the profile of Amacuse 
Cayden smiled as Scral turned to follow him.  Command always sends one last person... at the end of everything too, cause I'm running low on power... hell, if I'm running low, I could imagine what the rest of my squadron is going through... he thought, locking on to the nearest A-Wing.

He was about to fire when a voice came over the comm.  [[Task Force Resh, this is Lieutenant Rocket.  We're going to start moving towards the shipyards.  All fighters will be on anti-fighter patrols.  Bombers and capitals will ensure that no other ships enter the attack area.  The Chrome Fox will be assisting the Fearless in engaging the station.]]

Cayden nearly punched his comm box after he heard that.  He keyed in to the Fleet Comm and said "Sir, this is Regent Lead.  With all due respect, Lieutenant, Regents has been pounding the defenses of that shipyard for quite some time now.  We need to return to the ship to resupply."

[[Regents, I have a different assignment for you.]]

"Go ahead, sir," he said, curiously.

[[Regents, I'm dispatching the 143rd Fighter Squadron, Firehound Squadron, to cover you guys.]]

"Cover us from what?" Cayden asked, firing his cannons at another A-Wing.

[[Tavers, you and your squadron are going onboard that DP-20 you're just so conveniently next to and capture it.]]

Cayden almost collided with an enemy A-Wing as it came about.  "Say again, sir?" he asked, confused and amazed at his orders.

[[Cayden, I want you to take that DP-20 and get it out of here.  That ship is to be captured, is that clear?]]

Cayden smiled and said "Yes sir, understood.  Regents will get the job done."

He shot down the last A-Wing in his immediate area and laughed to himself.  Capture the DP-20... orders I like to hear he thought to himself, smiling.  He keyed the squadron channel and said "Regents, listen up!  We have the most interesting orders I have ever heard.  I want all fighters at my current location ASAP!  We are going to attack and capture the nearby DP-20.  Those over at the shipyards will join us after we secure the hangar bay.  Firehound Squadron will be providing support, so that means we don't engage ANY hostile fighters.  Our mission is to take the ship, not engage enemy fighters.  I wouldn't have accepted this mission if I didn't think we could do it, Regents... make me proud to be your commander."

Cayden's private comm went off.  [[You crazy fool! You're gonna go and get yourself killed...AGAIN!?]]

"Sarah, I'm not going to get myself killed," he said.

[[You're ALREADY halfway there! Have you forgotten your current status? Both legs are broken as well as your forearm...How the hell are you planning to take that ship in your current condition!]]

"Same way I got in this fighter... same way I attracted the attention of 2 squadrons of A-Wings... determination, insanity, and an odd dash of bravery," Cayden said, a smirk pulling at the corner of his mouth.

[[And what happens when that determination of yours runs out, you become sane and run out of luck since sheer luck is what I think is keeping you as untouched as you are at the moment?]]

"Well... we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, Sarah."

[[Fine! Do what you want, your skull is too thick to find reason with you...Just don't come crying to me when yuo bust yourself up even more]]

Cayden was silent for a moment, then sighed.  "Sarah... I'll hang back and let you guys go first, if you want.  I just have to do this..."

[[That's better, we'll get this done but you'll need to hang back a little and let us take the brunt of it. I know you want this real bad but at one point you have to think about your squadron, not just your own self]]

"Thing is, Sarah... I haven't thought about my own self in over four months... not since I found out my fiancée died at the hands of our own people..." he said, trying to maintain control of the fighter as visions of moments he spent with Ashley flooded his mind.

[[Well, maybe now is the time. Don't you think?]]

Cayden sighed again.  "I wish it was that simple, Sarah... I really do..."

[[We'll talk about it some more when we're onboard the Fox and you're safely in Sickbay...For now, think of what I said and try to keep yourself out of trouble, ok?]]

Cayden smiled.  "Will do, Sarah... and thanks..."

[[My pleasure, now let's get this done!]]

Cayden smiled and accelerated towards the gunship when he heard an explosion behind him, then saw another in front of him.  He then saw the location of the blast was where the ship's hangar bay shield generator was located.

[[Ummm... Cayden?  I could use a bit of a lift here...]] he heard Maroy say over a private channel.

WC: 820

Maroy... god help is all...

Those of us by the shipyards (Avalar), get your butts over to the DP-20 on the double!

Everyone else... good hunting, ladies and gentlemen
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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
April 28, 2011 12:44:08 AM    View the profile of Maroy 
[[Regents, listen up!  We have the most interesting orders I have ever heard.  I want all fighters at my current location ASAP!  We are going to attack and capture the nearby DP-20.  Those over at the shipyards will join us after we secure the hangar bay.  Firehound Squadron will be providing support, so that means we don't engage ANY hostile fighters.  Our mission is to take the ship, not engage enemy fighters.  I wouldn't have accepted this mission if I didn't think we could do it, Regents... make me proud to be your commander.]]

They want us to capture the gunship? We've only got nine... wait, ten... people to take a New Republic gunship, and armed with only pistols at that. Amacuse is either really brave, or...really crazy. Probably both.

"I guess I'll do a little recon," Maroy said to nobody in particular.

She grabbed the controls of her X-Wing and sped off on an arc around the DP-20 to check its defenses. Good thing the New Republic started using ship regulations... eight double turbolaser batteries, six quad laser cannons, and four... Frak!

Alarms blared in her cockpit as two of the concussion missile launchers locked on and fired. In her panic, she grabbed at where the throttle would've been on her Interceptor... but instead hit her hand on the canopy of the narrower cockpit. A loud chirp from behind her hurt her ears, and she suddenly remembered that X-Wings came equipped with astromech droids.

"Well, haven't you been quite the quiet little droid? I think I'll call you Mute." The astromech chirped again in what sounded like a pleased tone, but quickly changed to a harsh one.

"Right... the missiles..."

As the seconds until impact ticked away, a plan began forming in her head... a stupid, impractical, and altogether impossible plan.

"Mute, calculate a hyperspace jump to the exact coordinates of the gunship's hangar shield generators. Override any safeties."

The R2 unit began making a low humming sound as the impact counter dropped to ten seconds.

Finally, it gave a light-toned chirp and the navcomputer lit up.

Maroy flipped a switch on her chest-mounted life support panel and breathed in canned air.

"Jump on my mark!" She hollered at the astromech.

She reached over and yanked the ejection lever.

The canopy blew off, taking Maroy with it and getting her clear of the ship.


The first missile impacted against the X-Wing, burning away a good deal of the exposed cockpit.

Goodbye, Mute...

The second was inches away when the ship finally phased out of the universe, catching the missile in the distortion. Within nanoseconds, a huge explosion erupted from the area of the hangar and the containment field went down, spraying fighter debris and bodies in New Republic uniform throughout the area.

Maroy let out the breath she'd been holding for the previous ten seconds in a long sigh.

"Wow, I can't believe that actually worked! I hope Intelligence didn't want their X-Wing back..." She chuckled a little, and then activated her suit's low-power comm.

"Ummm.... Cayden? I could use a bit of a lift here..."

WC: 524
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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
April 28, 2011 8:58:14 AM    View the profile of Amacuse 
Cayden heard Maroy over the comm and smiled slightly.  You dirty dog... he thought, flying over to where Maroy's recovery beacon was.  He slowed down tremendously to almost a standstill as he began preparing for something that was equally as stupid as attacking a gunship with only 10 fighters: he was going EV.

Cayden stopped the fighter under Maroy and began preparing for EV.  He turned his suit's life-support systems to maximum and popped the hatch.  He looked up and pulled himself out with his left arm.  He positioned himself under Maroy and said "Maroy, I'm right beneath you.  I'm going to grab you now."  Cayden grabbed onto Maroy and smiled inside his helmet.

Cayden looked around to make sure no fighters were coming, and began pulling themselves back down towards the Interceptor.  "Maroy, I'm getting in first, then you'll after me," he said, starting to lower himself into the fighter.

"But Cayden... where am I supposed to sit?" she asked.

"Ummm... I guess on my lap, Mar..." he said nervously.

"What did you say?" she asked quickly.

"Oh gosh, don't make me repeat myself... I hate repeating myself..." he complained, sitting himself into the seat.  He raised the control yoke and smiled.  "Aright Maroy... I guess I'm ready..." he said.

Maroy lowered herself down into the cockpit and powered her legs on top of Cayden's.  She sat down on top of Cayden and said "Ummm... Cayden?"

"It's my sidearm, I swear..." he said, muffling a laugh.

Maroy shrugged it off and closed the hatch above them.  She hit the accelerator hard and began flying towards the gunship.  Already, several of their fighters entered the hangar and were waiting for further instructions.

Cayden watched Maroy pilot the interceptor into the hangar and smoothly land it next to an X-Wing.  "You really prefer being in a TIE, don't you?" he asked.

"You bet I do, sir," she said, popping the hatch.  Maroy climbed out, taking care not to step on Cayden.

Cayden followed her, then stopped before he exited the fighter.  He looked around and found his hidden compartment.  He opened it and pulled out his M-590 Assault Rifle.  Slinging it over is shoulder, he climbed out and stood next to Maroy.  He almost collapsed when he hit the deck and grabbed Maroy's shoulder to keep himself upright.  "Sarah, get over here on the double.  Both Maroy and myself have been exposed to vacuum and might require some sort of medical aid.  We're going to take the medbay first, to make your job easier.  Scral and Michele, you two will go on ahead and secure the medbay.  The rest of us will wait here until you signal the all-clear.  Any reinforcements we recieve I shall send to you two.  Move out, Regents!" he said into his comm, sitting down on a nearby crate.

Maroy walked over and sat down next to him.  Sir, you didn't have to go EV to rescue me," she said.

Cayden smiled inside his helmet and said "Yeah I did.  I wasn't about to leave you in vacuum while I tried to get us into the hangar without dying.  Besides... you had enough vacuum exposure."

He saw Maroy smile and she said "Thank you, sir."

Cayden slung his left arm around her and rubbed her opposite shoulder.  "You're welcome, Maroy," he said, smiling.

WC: 556


Erhmm... anywho... Scral and Ellie, you two have fun getting the medbay.  Avvie, get yer flaming carcass over here so you can move on ahead and help the others.

Ellie, don't make Sarah hit me. :P
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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
April 28, 2011 12:34:56 AM    View the profile of DeepSix 
"Thisss isss sssooo much fuuun..."

Hearing the reptilian's hissing voice brought a smile on Seth's face. It was always fun hearing the Trandoshan's comments whenever the alien ended up having some enemies to deal with. In a way Seth admired the creature's simplicity - get up, eat, kill, sleep and then repeat everything the following day. Even so the Onderonian never quite managed to come up with an answer to his own dilemma - whether he should admire their whole species for their predatory nature... or whether he should feel sorry for them not being more civilized. Although he still had mixed feelings about it, Seth leaned more towards the former if for no other reason that civilization was at times quite overrated.

At least he's enjoying himself, that's always a good thing... i think.

The senior chief watched as the X-wing he kept shooting at finally lost its shields and mere moments later its hull integrity, the result of which was a small explosion. It was however but one of many occurring in the immediate vicinity, as the enemy X-wings kept on getting mowed down like mere blades of grass. Another allied squadron was coming their way as well and judging by the shuttles following close behind Seth could only assume that the other Interceptors had to escort them to the large Star Destroyer.

"Let's speed things up here gents... make sure our marines can enjoy a relaxing ride till their destination. It's the least we can do for them, seeing what burden was flung on their shoulders..."

"You mean taking control of that monster? Heh, i could do that too you know."

"I know Wildcat, i know... You'd probably storm the place with nothing but your standard blaster, and halfway through switch to a vibroblade. Either that or be forced to kill 5-6 marines in medium armor with a single shot or so. Just make sure you don't take Savage with you, as cleaning the blood, guts and brain matter could take days if not weeks and trust me when i tell you nobody likes a messy Star Destroyer..."

"I resssent that ssstatement. Besssidesss, would that not be a sssuicide misssion? Sssuperior genesss and experience assside, there isss only ssso much one can dooo without proper equipmeeent."

"Oh don't worry about it. I have full confidence you guys could pull it off. Whilst you would be busy on the inside i'd also take Alpha flight and take out any remaining capital ships whilst the other guys would deal with the remaining fighter and bomber squadrons. I figure five, ten minutes at most would be enough to finish everything and get back on the Dead Gun."

"Make that fifteen minutes, chief. We'd want to parade the battlefield for a short while before returning."

"Oh, you're quite right. Quite right indeed. Like the XO said, fifteen minutes to end everything. Still, we probably shouldn't do this. The brass might be so impressed that they'd end up calling us for any and every impossible job out there. Traveling back and forth, dealing with sub-par accommodations... we don't want that, do we Shrikes?"

"No chief, we certainly don't want that. So we're to instead take it easy and just appear regular pilots?"

"Well maybe not regular per se... Nothing wrong with appearing somewhat above average you know? Trick is finding the perfect balance, so as to get free drinks from other squadrons yet at the same time not be burdened with nastier assignments by the brass."

"Sounds like you've spent quite a great deal of time thinking about this sir."

"Damn right. Always be prepared - that's my motto. Well... one of my many inspirational mottos at any rate."

"Acknowledged sir. By the way, that other wave of fighters is almost in range. Shouldn't we prepare a warm greeting for them?"

"Right you are again Quicksilver. Everyone take positions and prepare to offer those incoming fighters a warm welcome... Nightshrike style."

The last bit essentially meant that they were all supposed to get a lock on one of the approaching ships and take it out using missiles. Now those missiles might not have had a big enough punch to deal any kind of serious damage to a capital ship's plating, but they were absolutely perfect for dealing with fighters such as the incoming X-wings.

"Targets are in range. Let them have it Shrikes!"
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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
April 28, 2011 4:09:52 PM    View the profile of Maroy 
Only have enough air for the next five minutes... I guess the NR doesn't appreciate their pilots going on spacewalks. Can't imagine why, though... the stars are so pretty...

An interceptor slowly came to a stop beneath her... or beside her, depending on the frame of reference. The hatch opened, and Amacuse awkwardly pulled himself out with his left arm.

[[Maroy, I'm right beneath you. I'm going to grab you now.]]

She nodded slightly, and he grasped her arm and pulled her down while maintaining a grip on the TIE. She grabbed onto the TIE as soon as she could reach it and started getting ready to lower herself in.

[[Maroy, I'm getting in first, then you'll after me.]]

"But Cayden... where am I supposed to sit?"

[[Ummm... I guess on my lap, Mar...]]

Okay, that was just getting a little too awkward. "What did you say?"

[[Oh gosh, don't make me repeat myself... I hate repeating myself...]] He lowered himself in and tried to leave as much room as possible.  [[Aright Maroy... I guess I'm ready...]]

She slowly lowered herself down, aiming for the thin, currently unoccupied patch of empty space between Cayden's knees and the controls. Her feet hit the floor and she sat down, but quickly noticed a particularly uneven bump on his lap.

"Ummm... Cayden?"

[[It's my sidearm, I swear...]] He stiffled a chuckle, and Maroy couldn't help but twitch a lekku in response.

This feels really weird... I'm talking through a comlink to a guy just inches away from me, and... since when did I start calling Amacuse by his first name? She shrugged. I'll sort it all out later... right now we've got a mission to do.

She closed the hatch and gunned the throttle, angling towards the hangar. The backup atmospheric shielding was back up, sealing the hangar but leaving it wide open to attack... or boardng. Michele, Sarah, and Scral had already landed in the hangar, and the rest were on their way over. She pulled inside and switched to repulsorlifts, guiding the fighter in and setting it down gently next to Sarah's X-Wing.

[[You really prefer being in a TIE, don't you?]]

"You bet I do, sir."

Maroy popped open the hatch and leapt out. Cayden lingered for a moment, emerging with an assault rifle. He climbed out and slid down, but when he hit the ground his damaged limbs started to give way. Maroy bent her shoulder under his arm, and he leaned on her until he felt steady enough to stand on his own.

[[Sarah, get over here on the double.  Both Maroy and myself have been exposed to vacuum and might require some sort of medical aid.  We're going to take the medbay first, to make your job easier.  Scral and Michele, you two will go on ahead and secure the medbay.  The rest of us will wait here until you signal the all-clear.  Any reinforcements we receive I shall send to you two.  Move out, Regents!]]

Scral and Michele went through one of the doorways and were quickly out of sight. Sarah put her pistol away and walked back over to her X-Wing to get her medical supplies.

Amacuse stumbled over to sit on one of the few nearby crates left in the hangar after the decompression, and Maroy followed him.

"Sir, you didn't have to go EV to rescue me."

He smiled, making Maroy forget for a moment that he was injured at all. [[Yeah I did.  I wasn't about to leave you in vacuum while I tried to get us into the hangar without dying.  Besides... you had enough vacuum exposure.]]

She smiled back, lekku twitching in appreciation. "Thank you, sir."

Amacuse wrapped his left arm around her, rubbing her cold shoulder. "You're welcome, Maroy," he said, still smiling.

Suddenly air began rushing into the hangar from above. Maroy instinctively ducked, and Cayden held her closer. The air flow suddenly stopped, and her life support system automatically shut off to preserve oxygen. She switched it completely off, and took a few deep breaths of comparatively fresh air.

"Looks like someone re-pressurized the hangar..." Maroy pried off her ill-fitting New Republic helmet and smoothed out her squished lekku. Cayden nodded, and set his down next to hers.

"The question is, who-"

Amacuse's question was quickly answered as a loud, cheerful chirping noise came from the other side of the hangar.

Maroy was startled, but quickly put on a smile. "Mute!"

The little astromech droid rolled up to her, burned but obviously still functional. Cayden shot a confused look at her, but she just grinned.

"Mute, how did you... nevermind, I'll figure it out later. Cayden, meet the astromech of my late X-Wing, Mute."

He smiled a little and was about to reply when Sarah came back.

"Cayden Tavers, you are the most irresponsible pilot I've ever met! First you get yourself shot and nearly break all your limbs, refusing bacta treatments, and then you go and expose yourself to vacuum! Do you realize just how long you're going to be in medbay now?"

"Not long enough, I bet.  You know I can't stay still for long."

"Arrggh... Amacuse, you're infuriating! if you sneak out without leave, I'm going to make sure you never leave medbay again!"

"Never leave medbay again?  You can actually do that?  I'm afraid that is impossible, but... I will stay next time."

Maroy could tell the tirade was exhausting the other woman.

"Just... take these pills for the vacuum exposure, until I can get you two into a proper medbay."

"I already sent Michele and Scral ahead to secure one now.  As for those pills... I will take them with no fuss..."

He reached for them, but suddenly spun around as one of the far wall's doors opened up. Four New Republic pilots walked in, staring in confusion at the jumble of X-Wings. Maroy and Sarah quickly lowered Amacuse behind the crate and out of sight.

"You two there! What happened to the X-Wings?"

"What do you mean?" Maroy replied.

"I mean, why the frak are they all jumbled together and facing the wrong way?" He started walking towards them. "We're supposed to go take out that fake X-Wing squadron in two minutes! There's no way we... can..." He suddenly noticed the Interceptor, his eyes went wide with shock, and he drew his pistol.

However, unseen by all three of them, Amacuse had propped himself up against the crate and taken aim with his rifle. Within seconds, all four pilots were dead on the floor, holes burned right through their chests.

He smirked. "Rule number one in our line of work: attention to detail."

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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
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His mind raced as he walked down a currently deserted corridor of the DP-20 frigate. He knew he stood out like a sore thumb currently. His flight suit was black, and could in no way be confused with any of the X, Y, or A wing suits needed as life support. He thought about stealing one, but the chances of that happening were slim. He figured he had ten seconds before someone walked down this hallway and saw both of them standing there with pistols in their hands. That would quickly turn this rather insane objective into a giant firefight, something they needed to avoid if at all possible.

Luckily he had removed his life-support chest pieces, and his helmet before exiting his Interceptor. Placing his SSK-7 Heavy Blaster Pistol behind his belt he said "Keep your pistol on me, and stay close. Don't let anyone see what I just hid, I was captured and brought into the hangar bay, command said to take me to the medbay before interrogation."

Scral brought his hands up behind his head and laced his fingers together, not a second later two security guards came down the hallway as Ellesmere and himself began walking. He knew she probably wanted to call him out for ordering her to do something. She was a higher rank them him, and he had been in the squad all of thirty minutes at this rate.

Keeping his face looking like a prisoners he began thinking Please don't stop us, please don't stop us. Both of them walked past the two security guards, who seeing the flight suit of one of their X-wing pilots decided not to interfere. He felt his heart pounding in his chest as no alarm was sounded.

  Scral breathed a silent sigh of relief as they took the first left and continued walking. He kept his hands behind his head, but his fingers were loosely interlaced just in case he had to move quickly. Their boots sounded loud as the sound echoed down the hallways. He saw crew members running back and forth. Occasionally the ship would rock as an explosion occurred outside a bit too close for comfort.

He was a pilot, he was not trained in dealing with situations like this. He would gladly fly some prototype held together by spit and glue inside the coronal mass ejection of a sun, before ever thinking about doing something like this. Taking on an entire crew of a Frigate with a single rifle and a few pistols was completely suicidal. Taking on an entire squadron of A-wings alone... Well, that was simply good training and expert flying skills.

He stepped up to a door that held the universal icon of medbay. Stepping through as the door opened he quickly scanned the room, luckily only two people were actually inside at this time. The room was completely white, for some reason every medbay ever created had to be this bright pure white color.

"What is this?" A man in a doctors coat said as he stepped closer to the two pilots who had just entered. Scral watched as a female nurse sat down a datapad and opened a drawer next to her. He saw her reach inside for something, hey eyes never leaving his. He began praying she was not about to do something incredibly stupid.

"Imperial pilot I brought in with a tractor beam. Command wants him looked over before he is taken to the brig for interrogation." Ellesmere said as he her hand tightened on the pistol she held on Scral's back.

"That was not cleared through the proper channels, I'll call the bridge and speak with the captain." The doctor said. He turned towards a wall panel, slowly raising his hand to hit a button.

Scral ignored the man and instead draw his pistol, he spun around and shot once. Her surprised expression on her face turned to disbelief and finally pain. The young beautiful woman slumped slowly to the ground, her red hair covering her face as a small holdout blaster pistol fell to the floor beside her.

He spun around to the see Doctor running to an office on the far side of the room. A single shot from Ellesmere's pistol caught him in the back, he slid a good ten feet before stopping cold dead on the floor.

"Medbay cleared." Ellesmere said simply into her comlink. Her voice was calm, controlled. He did not trust his at this moment in the slightest.

He did not hear the reply from Amacuse at all. His eyes were on the red head crumbled into a corner of the room. He blinked several times trying to dispel the images suddenly in his mind. He knew he had killed many times before this moment, but always in some type of fighter. Never before had he killed like this.

"Are you alright?" Ellesmere said as she walked to the door and took up a guarding position by it.

Scral shook his head and mumbled something half to himself. He looked down at his hands as he slowly walked to the far side of the room to check for other entrances as they waited for the rest of the squadron to arrive.

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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
April 28, 2011 8:15:38 PM    View the profile of Avalar 
No one had responded directly to her question. No one had even acknowledged her existence. Yes, Vanity had once enjoyed the silence, but this was an even worse feeling. She was part of Alpha flight. She was supposed to be Cayden’s wingman. But instead she had been sent to the shipyards to blast the thing apart. The only com chatter she had contributed to was that of the flights over in that direction. The rest of the people she had actually cared about? Well, they had left her.

Vanity never dealt well with negligence. Not after her father had abandoned her. And here she had been opening up to Cayden. Now what was she to him?

She pushed the fighter towards the DP-20 with all of her rage boiling inside her. She wanted to punch Cayden right where it would hurt the most. Not only was he acting without thinking, he was helping to contribute to this feeling and she would not have it that way any more.

No. She was done with this stupid game. She was going to meet back up with the people she was supposed to be flying with, and she was going to make her presence known once and for all.

The X-wing flew into the hangar and set down. She saw that the others had already made it here long ahead of her. Once her fighter had touched down and she shut off all the systems, she jumped out of the fighter with her sidearm on her and an assault rifle slung around her shoulder.

The first thing she noticed was how bad off Cayden was despite the positive outlook on his face. She could tell that he was not actually in good health. Why in the world he had done this, she did not know. It took everything she had in her to not just deck him right then and there.

“Am I late to the party or what? Or have you all forgotten I exist yet?” Vanity’s sarcastic remark rang out to the group who took notice of her.

“Avalar, what took you so long?” Maroy. Always light-hearted. Enthusiastic…

“Hmmm… I don’t know. Maybe I just destroyed a bunch of cannons in a shipyard. Then again, maybe I didn’t. Who knows.”

“Vanity, cut it out.” Cayden’s voice cut her off before she could continue anymore. She turned her gaze to him. Her eyes were cold and heartless. There were no positive feelings there.

“Yes. Sir.” She emphasized the individual words. Before Cayden could reply his comlink came to life.

“Medbay cleared,” Ellesmere’s voice came from the other end.

“Good job, Regents. We’ll be heading up your way.”  Cayden began trying to stand. Maroy reached for him and helped him right himself. Sarah also positioned herself to help despite her objection to the whole thing. Only Vanity didn’t make a move towards him.

“Guess I’ll be the one leading.” Vanity said. She turned on her comlink, “Ellie, this is Avalar, where is the Medbay located?”

“Not far.” She gave Vanity directions and Vanity affirmed them.

She looked at the three, beckoned them, and then turned and began heading down the hall. Her mind screamed in anger and frustration. It was a miracle she hadn’t just left them all to their own devices. It was an effort, but she managed to fuel her negative emotions into the current mission. How long it had taken her to even be able to channel her emotions in the first place! Only one of them here knew what happened when she let her anger control her.

But she didn’t want to speak to him at the moment.

Luckily it had occurred to her that she was still wearing a New Republic uniform else everyone around her would be wondering why in the world she was in a battle position. Instead she walked with confidence and authority. If anyone knew how to look intimidating, it was her.

Of course, this would have worked fine—and it had been working fine too—if it wasn’t for the fact that the alarm sounded. Vanity swore under her breath. Cayden was down as far as she was concerned, and either Maroy or Sarah had to help Cayden though he would say otherwise. New Republic soldiers began reacting immediately. Vanity pulled out her pistol and fired, killing the two in their immediate vicinity.

“Not good! We gotta get to the Medbay and fast!” Vanity looked back at the others behind her. Maroy had grabbed her weapon and Sarah was holding Cayden up. It was then that Vanity noticed that the Twi’lek wasn’t exactly in good health either. “What exactly happened while I was gone? Nevermind. In light of the situation I’m taking charge. I don’t want any of you to shoot unless you have to, and even then the only person I want to attack is Sarah since she is in good health. I’m not risking anything else with this squadron.” Sarah seemed more than pleased to hear her words. Maroy seemed a bit taken aback and Cayden… was Cayden.

“All right then. Regents, let’s get the heck to the Medbay and go from there!” Vanity began running on ahead of the group, firing at two more New Republic soldiers who made their way down the hall as they had stopped. One was shot down in one hit. The other took a couple of shots before he went down.

They made their way down the halls as fast as they were capable, Vanity, and sometimes Sarah, shooting enemies as they went. Finally Vanity came to the Medbay door. Cayden and Maroy were escorted inside by Sarah.

“Hey!” Vanity whirled around and fired upon the soldiers that had appeared. The wound in her leg from earlier began to throb again. She had forgotten it was even there. And the moment she hesitated because of the pain was a moment that cost her to be shot in the other leg.

“I’m so sick of being shot in the same place! If you’re going to shoot me then shoot to kill!” And with that she shot the man in the head. “The nerve of these Reshies.” Vanity popped back into the Medbay.

“Ellie, nice to see you,” She took notice of a man beside her. “And this would be?”

“Scral. Just joined the fight.”

“I’m Avalar,” Vanity turned to Cayden who was made to lay down on the bed. “Well, this is my first time infiltrating a ship for capture. What’s our next move?”

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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
April 28, 2011 10:08:15 PM    View the profile of Ellesmere 
Sarah looked at all parties present and wondered what she had gotten herself into. Cayden was on a bed, as he should have been all this time but now Vanity and Maroy were in need of attention as well. As soon as she had ensured Cayden was well-positioned and she had shook off the idea of using restraints on him just so he doesn’t get any ideas to run off again...  She hooked him up to an oxygen concentrator and ordered Vanity and Maroy to take up two of the other beds in the Medbay.

“But- “Vanity stammered out, starting to protest.

“No buts; I don’t care if you’ve decided to take charge. I’m the medical officer here and you’re in no shape to keep fighting so get to that bed and let me treat those wounds of yours or else I’ll write you up as being unfit for battle and you’ll be joining Cayden on that list. Is that understood?”
“Yes, ma’am” she heard Vanity mutter as she made her way to one of the free beds and lay down in wait for treatment.

“I’ll keep watch at the door, I would suggest Scral come with me and we’ll leave you guys to be tended to” Ellesmere put in.

“Sounds like a plan” she heard Amacuse’s muffled voice as she made her way to her post, Scral keeping pace with her.
As Sarah heard the doors hiss shut, she tended to Maroy next. The Twi’lek didn’t look like she was doing too well, her skin was a little swollen and she was in slight respiratory distress. As she setup Maroy’s oxygen concentrator, she said to both of them “don’t you dare take off those masks you two; you’re both suffering from mild hypoxia as well as ebullism. Maroy, once your 02 levels are up to close to normal and the swelling has died down you’re free to take that mask off, same for you Cayden except for you’re staying in bed and if you disregard that order this time around as well I will have you in restraints. Is that clear?”
She heard a heavy, resigned sigh along with a grumble as a response which was satisfactory enough for the moment.  As she headed to Vanity’s side to tend to her wounds, she heard a brief scuffle and a brief moment of firing.

As she tended to Vanity’s leg wounds, she heard Vanity key her comm. “What’s going on out there guys?”
Scral’s voice came in over the comm. with a bit of static mixed in

“It’s nothing, we just had a few visitors but we’ve got it all under control”

“OK, let us know if you’re in need of assistance”

“You are NOT helping them in any way unless you’re going to be shooting from this bed!” Sarah exclaimed with authority as the transmission ended.

“I just need to be taped up and then I’m free to go though…They’re just superficial wounds after all, right?”

“It’s not as simple as that” Sarah replied as she opened up her Medpac for hopefully the last time this mission.  “After I apply some antiseptic on those, I’ll outfit you with some bacta patches until we get back to Base and you three will each get a stim-shot when you’re ready to go.

As she finished up with vanity, she looked over Maroy and Cayden’s vitals. After a brief study, she found herself satisfied with the progress.

‘You both have approximately another twenty minutes under those oxygen masks. Your stats are steadily climbing but they’re not where I’d like them to be at the moment, the swelling’s also coming down nicely which I am pleased about”

“Good then this means we’re soon free to go?” Amacuse asked, hope in his voice.
“Maroy yes; you…No!”

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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
April 29, 2011 12:56:29 AM    View the profile of Drac 
Unable to help himself, Drac glanced at the tactical display again. Slasher and Rocket, his two Taskforce Commanders, were acquitting themselves well. Still, though, he had to resist the urge to be constantly making suggestions about ship formations and attack patterns. ’I’ve been spending too much time with my nose buried in those strategy texts…not that they haven’t been studying just as much as I.’ Having known the two for what seemed like forever, and having flown with both for long periods, he knew he could trust their judgment. Sighing with tension, he took a closer look at the holoscreen. What had, at first, been two distinct Vast Imperial battle groups had more or less fused together, the heavy hitters of Resh and Besh intermingling where the groups met. It wasn’t a bad tactic, since their fighter screens were now unified and, with one less flank to cover, had been able to dedicate more TIEs to hitting the station defenses and other small targets. As the fighters took care of things on that end, the larger craft dueled the station’s defending ships in a heavyweight match the fighters just couldn’t quite handle.

As the Mon Calamari watched one of the New Republic’s dangerous Nebulon-B frigates began to break apart under sustained fire. Pleased, he nodded. Then he noticed the blips representing Regents Squadron, glowing a special hue due to their unorthodox ship assignments for the mission, approaching a DP-20. Looking closer, he allowed a frown to cross his features. ’What in the galaxy is Mr. Tavers doing in a fighter? I recall overhearing a notice that Regents Lead was on the Chrome Fox with severe injuries. Either that information was incorrect or I’ll be needing to have a long conversation with Amacuse.’ Knowing the pilot was irretrievable at the moment, Drac shrugged off the thought of lodging a query about his status. It would simply waste time and resources- Cayden would fend for himself, in any case, and ignore orders that took him from his squadron.

Finally the dark skinned amphibian turned his attention to what must remain his true focus throughout this battle: the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Skyhawk. Escorted by a single Imperial Customs Frigate, it was attempting to outflank the portions of his fleet engaging the station and its defenders. He considered its position for a moment, then nodded. ’I must defeat that ship at all costs. My three heaviest ships combined ought to give her a good run for her money, and she must be defeated or all this will be for naught. We will gain nothing if we ride out the tide of the station only to drown in the Skyhawk’s perilous current.’ Glancing into the port crew pit, he called, “Mr. Groenveld, I have a job for you.”

“Deny the Skyhawk, sir?”

“You know me well.”

“Making it happen, Captain.”

“Excellent. Mr. Warnock, please relay the following orders: Excise and Ad Valorem are to insert themselves directly between the Skyhawk and our forces. We’ll be interposing ourselves between her and the repair docks. Any fighter squadrons not maintaining our screens are to destroy her fighter screen on the side facing the repair docks. Keep me updated on their progress.”

“Aye, Captain.”

TIE Interceptors began to boil forward to meet the oncoming X-wings and A-wings, the deadly spirals of dogfights forming in the center of the chaotic zone known in starfighter parlance as the furball. A spare minute later the huge Star Destroyers, the smaller escorted by two mighty Dreadnoughts, reached effective engagement range. Space filled with shafts of coherent light as gunnery crews on both sides opened fire. Drac grunted as he felt a tremor pass through the deck, eyes instinctively checking the remaining strength of the shields.

Three minutes later nothing had changed. Bolts of destruction still flew from both sides, smashing against shield and hull. Missiles crisscrossed the area too, their faint trails stretching behind them. Throughout the chaos agile starfighters tumbled and whirled, seeming to always dodge that ever-fatal last shot. Not all were so lucky, though, as every few seconds space lit up with another small fireball and another pilot’s life was snuffed out in a blaze of glory. ’Still, Drac mused, ’we have been successful thus far. The Excise and the Ad Valorem are well entrenched in position to cut the Skyhawk off from the main battle. If she tries to push through anyway, she’ll expose herself to double broadsides while being unable to train most of her guns. And we, we are in excellent position to prevent any direct assistance by or for the shipyards.’

Suddenly another object drew the Mon Cal commander’s attention: the Imperial Customs Frigate that had been shadowing the Reshies’ captured Star Destroyer. Something was off about its course…and its acceleration. He took a closer look…yes, its engines had been run up to full and that course…that course intersected with the bridge of the Excise. “We can’t have that.”

Marden Ludwig, his second in command and nominal Captain of the Dead Gun when Drac was not present, stepped up and spoke, “Sir? What was that?”

Pointing, Mihawk outlined his observation, “That ship intends to destroy itself upon the Excise. That can’t be allowed.” Tapping a button, he activated his Taskforce’s command channel, “Excise and Ad Valorem, this is the Dead Gun. Concentrate every gun facing that Imperial Customs Frigate on her bow and prepare to fire in salvo on my mark.”

Excise acknowledges, standing by.”

Ad Valorem is ready to fire, sir.”

Drac nodded, pleased at the quick responses, given with only the minimum time needed to inform Weapons officers of the new firing orders. Calmly, he spoke as he eyed the Customs Frigate dispassionately, “On the count of three…two…one…Fire!”

Sheets of coherent light lashed out from all three Vast Imperial ships, seeming to stagger their enemies after the sudden lull in firing. All three ships’ fire focused into a single cone of incandescent energy whose apex, could it have been measured, would have been placed within a meter of the center of the small ship, five meters back from the most forward point of the bow. The Imperial Customs Frigate’s shields flashed for a nanosecond before imploding under the awesome wave of destructiveness. Then the ship actually stopped dead in place and then was pushed backward by the force it could not deny. The entire front half of the ship began to glow before, within ten seconds, the entire bow blew apart. The shattered carcass of the former warship went dark as fail-safes killed the engines. It continued its backwards drift as the scattered remains of the bow began, under their own gravity, to coalesce into perfect spheres of quickly-cooling durasteel.

Moments later another of the defending ships foundered, a gout of flames and molten metal spewing from her engines. The Reshie craft around her scattered, sensibly concerned about her breached engines detonating completely. After a moment their scattered trajectories changed until all were backing away along the same heading. Moments later Drac’s communications officer, Jash Warnock, spoke up, “A hail for you, Captain. From the Skyhawk.”

“Put her through.”


Moments later a man in the uniform of a New Republic General appeared in the holofield. He saluted formally, then spoke, “I am General Ongol of the Skyhawk. You seem to have the advantage of us. If you are amenable, we will abandon the system to you without further combat.”

Drac returned the salute, then replied in an even voice, “I am Captain Mihawk, commander of the Vast Empire’s 2nd Fleet. It is good to speak with a reasonable commander- thank you for that. I wish to be reasonable as well and will be happy to allow your forces to evacuate the system…on one condition.”

The smallest of frowns creased the Reshie leader’s face before he replied, “I see. And what condition is that?”

“As I said before, I wish to be reasonable. In return for allowing your forces to retreat unmolested, you will surrender the Skyhawk to me. You may evacuate as many of the crew as the other ships of your fleet can hold, and my squadrons will escort you from the system once we have confirmed the ship is not rigged to detonate. Additionally, I am prepared to guarantee the safe conduct of any crew you are currently incapable of transporting to the nearest neutral system, as well as an extra-vehicular personnel, with guarantee of no torture during the week in which we shall hold them. In short, General, in return for your retreat I wish the Skyhawk…and nothing more. But nothing less.”

The man eyed Drac warily, “Assuming your words are true, Imperial, I appreciate the gestures you offer. However, you must know that I cannot possibly give this ship over to you. It is unthinkable. Is there nothing else you wish?”

“No. It is the Skyhawk or nothing.” Drac remained firm, staring evenly into the man’s eyes.

“Then I am afraid we have no deal.” The transmission cut off.

Drac spoke instantly, “Taskforces Resh and Besh, cut off the defenders from the station. Don’t let them near it while you destroy all you can. Excise, Ad Valorem, concentrate fire on the Skyhawk’s maneuvering thrusters. Disable her if she comes about to attempt escape. Weapons Officers of the Dead Gun, spread your fire along her starboard gun decks and remove the safeties from our missiles.”

Outside, the retreating Reshie ships reversed course and drove back toward the Vast Imperial taskforces, aiming to reunite forces with the shipyards. The Skyhawk’s guns resumed their firing in salvos, their fire washing across the foredeck of the Dead Gun. It’s weakened shields gave out and a large swath of the pristine white paint blackened as the plates beneath began to melt and buckle. Tremors wracked the ship as the hull breached in two places, taking three guns out of action.

Word Count: 1648

Thus begins the endgame.

-Those of you aboard ships should complete your takeovers.
-TFs Resh & Besh are to take out as many of the remaining enemy ships as possible, but no more than 1 per post.
-I’ll be putting up another post or two about the combat against the Skyhawk and one to wrap things up.

Expect this mission to last another week to two weeks, most likely. Make the time count! Then you will be released to engage in small unit missions, so get with your commanders (or your fellow commanders, SCAPs & SCs) to discuss what you’ll do next. It’s a huge opportunity to do something creative and maybe do some Certs or character development as well! Remember to submit mission ideas to TFCs on up for approval before starting them.
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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
April 29, 2011 1:29:38 AM    View the profile of Maroy 
"Command, this is Regent Five. The shipyard's primary defenses have been destroyed, repeat, the shipyard defenses have been destroyed."

[[We read you, Five. You are advised to get clear of the area while the capital ships move in.]]

"Roger that, Command. Beta, Gamma, we have orders from commander Amacuse to assist him in capturing a DP-20 gunship. Form up, and watch out for enemy fighters."

Avalar's X-Wing sped full-throttle towards the gunship, while the rest of the X-Wings took the time to collect their wingmen. Avalar was long out of sight by the time they headed out. They were short Seven and Twelve, the newest of their pilots and the least experienced with the X-Wings, but the rest of them were still alive and ready to fight. They flew off towards the back end of the battle, dodging capital ships from both sides and taking shots from and at passing enemy fighters. Finally the reached the New Republic cruiser, where Firehound squadron was busy shooting down enemy fighters.

"Firehound lead, this is Regent Five. We're preparing to board the gunship, so tell your people not to shoot at the group of X-Wings to your portside."

[[Roger that, Regent Five. I'll keep them off your backs.]]

The five X-Wings flew down into the hangar that was quickly becoming rather cramped. One by one they opened the canopies of their fighters, took off their life support gear, and retrieved their standard-issue pistols.

"Commander Amacuse, this is Regent Five. We've landed in the hangar and are awaiting your orders."


Maroy looked over at Amacuse as his comlink buzzed. He held it up to listen to it for a moment, then smiled, closed his eyes, and laid back down.

"The rest of Regents just landed in the hangar. Three of them are coming here."

On cue, Regents Five, Nine, and Ten walked in, blasters drawn. They glanced around the room, and quickly noticed Amacuse.

"Sir, what happened to..."

"Long story, Fianna. Anyway, I need you three to take Maroy and Avalar and take the main engineering section while they're still on the defensive. See if you can get yourself some better weapons, too."

Noticing Maroy's regret at having to leave him, he smiled.
"Cheer up, Maroy. I'll be fine. Here, take the rifle. It's not doing any good just sitting here."

She managed a weak smile in return, and picked up the heavy gun. Sarah finished doing what she could for Avalar, and the five of them headed out the door. They met Scral and Michele not too far down the corridor, ready for an attack.

"C'mon, you two. We're heading off to engineering."

"What about defending the medbay?"

"Ten do you mind...?"

"Not at all."

Ten took up the position, and they kept moving. They passed several doors, but they all lead to empty barracks and meeting rooms.

"The engineering bay should be right through here..."

Finally they found a room that wasn't empty... an armory currently being emptied by a squad of marines. Maroy quickly jumped back through the doorway as blaster bolts flew right were her head was seconds ago. An alarm started blaring, and the troopers emerged from the room. Panic overtook her and she ran back the way they'd come. The air was soon so thick with blinding blaster fire she couldn't even see the hand holding her pistol. Muffled shouts came through to her.

"Man down! Man down!"

"Keep going, Regents! Keep going!"

Finally mustering up her courage, she ran straight into the fight. She picked out a target, and began firing. The trooper didn't see her, and soon he collapsed to the ground. She picked out another trooper, but Five fired first. His shot missed, giving the trooper all the time he needed to line up his shot.


The bolt hit Five in the chest, knocking him to the ground.

"Five's down! Five's down!"

Maroy powered up Amacuse's rifle and glared at the New Republic marine, hatred flashing in her eyes. He fired first, and with little time to think Maroy instinctively lifted her right arm to block it. The laser bolt was no ordinary projectile, and Maroy struggled to keep awake through the searing pain of the wound. She raised the rifle, the pain from her right arm wrecking havoc with her nervous systems. She pulled the trigger, and watched as the bolt hurled toward the man. She could resist her body no more, though, and collapsed.


All Maroy could see was blackness. She felt a sharp tug from the back of her suit, and then a very quiet, mournful chirp.


Slowly her eyes came back into focus, and she realized she was back in the medbay. Mute was standing right behind her head, the claw he'd used to drag her in still extended. A low voice from to her left quickly grabbed her attention.

"Maroy.... how many times have I told you: the Rebels don't like to play nice."

She looked up at the bed and saw Amacuse's face, creased with concern, looking down at her.

"Quite a few times, Cayden... quite a few."

He grinned. "I guess I get company, besides the ever-forgiving medical officer of course."

She smiled back weakly. "That's what it looks like..."

Cayden looked around to see if Sarah was watching him, then sat up and slowly climbed out of the bed.  He held himself upright using the bed as support.

"Come on now, Maroy... think about it like this: at least we're not dead."

"Ha... takes more than a blaster bolt and a couple of broken bones to kill us..." She chucked for a moment and tried to push herself up, but immediately stopped when pain shot up through her arm.

Cayden slowly shuffled to where Maroy was and helped her stand up.  "You had better thank me for this, cause this hurts like hell."

Maroy slowly stood up, her shot arm useless for lifting herself up. "Thanks, I really appreciate it... but why?"

"Why what, Maroy?  Thank me?  Cause it really does hurt like hell... I'm wondering when Sarah is going to look over and shoot me..."

"That's not what I meant... Cayden... why are you doing it? Why do you care so much?"

Cayden stopped to think for a second, something obviously unusual, seeing how injured he was.  "Because you're more important to me than you know, Maroy."

He... likes me? Maroy looked slightly dumbfounded for a moment, but before she could reply Sarah intevened. "Amacuse, what are you doing out of bed!"

Cayden smiled slightly and replied "Helping my Executive Officer off the floor, ma'am.  She's been shot, and has several broken bones.  You will also take care to note that she is refusing bacta treatments at this time."

Sarah stared at them both incredulously, and as she turned around to grab her blast-burn kit Amacuse winked at Maroy.

"Any objections to that, Maroy?" he whispered.

"No, of course not..." she grinned. In another moment she was back on her feet, and wrapped her good arm around him to help him back to his bed.

"It isn't entirely necessary to assist me back to my bed, Maroy... but I am in no way objecting."

She stared into his eyes for a moment, and smiled. "My pleasure."

WC: 1214
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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
April 29, 2011 6:08:27 AM    View the profile of Ellesmere 
As Sarah was busying herself checking over Maroy’s vitals with her datapad, she her soft voices at her back and turning around saw Amacuse at Maroy’s bedside. As she realized that what she was seeing in front of her was truly happening, hot anger started to boil through her veins once again.

As she got ready the blast-burn kit to tend to the Executive Officer, she also took out two sets of medical restraints and set them on a section of counter-space free of any clutter, taking care to hide them from her Squadron Commander’s view.
As she moved toward the Executive Officer’s bedside, she muttered softly “you got lucky you know, I was expecting something a lot more serious than your current situation when I heard the commotion outside and you got rushed in here. And to think I discharged you only a few minutes before that firefight…” This last part she said with a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. As she started dressing Maroy’s wounds, she kept on speaking. “I hope that you realize that because you’re refusing bacta treatments, I’m going to have to declare you unfit for battle until you are fully healed”

“I understand the consequences of refusing bacta treatment fully and at this time will follow orders, however if I improve more quickly than anticipated will you reconsider and declare me fit for action?”

"We will see when that time comes but for now you are to remain here, with myself and Cayden until further notice. Is that understood?”


“Good, now…” Sarah said softly as she turned her back to Maroy and gave Amacuse a piercing stare ‘we have to deal with you and your knack for disobeying medical orders”

“Sarah…What are you planning to do?” she heard uncertainty in Cayden’s tone as she moved back over to the counter and took old of the restraints as well as a few immobilization sets for his legs.

“Oh you’ll see…” she said softly as she turned toward him and walked to his bedside. Without wasting any time, she immobilized both his legs with splints and thought about doing the same to his forearm but that would most likely compromise her plan somewhat. Acting quickly, she got Cayden’s good arm restrained and attached the other end of the restraint to the bar of the bed.

“Sarah….No…” Cayden pleaded as he realized what she was about to do.

“I’m sorry sir but orders are orders and I can’t leave you to hobble about with a few broken bones disobeying medical orders wherever we go, I was saving these as a last resort but you leave me no choice at this point” she replied apologetically as she restrained his broken forearm at the wrist next and quickly moved on to his ankles. As she stood back to admire her work, she couldn’t help but smile internally. The Squadron Commander looked like something out of a horror movie, the way he was restrained to the bed along with his many contusions and bruises made it look slightly unreal.


Meanwhile down the hall, a quickly orchestrated clean-up operation was underway. The rest of Regents Squadron was busily hiding away the marines’ dead bodies in the empty rooms which could be found. The firefight had been brief but it could have been much worse than it had turned out to be.

As Michele disposed of the last body and gave it an irritated kick, she looked up and surveyed what was left of the carnage. The walls in the surrounding area were scarred with scorch marks caused by the countless blaster bolts.

“Let’s go guys, no time to hang around here longer than necessary should we be found out this early in our search for Engineering” Fianna spoke over the sound of bodies still being dragged off to the most convenient hiding spot.

As she unceremoniously dropped one of the few remaining bodies on the growing pile she had started making, Michele rejoined Fianna and spotted Avalar making her way toward them as well. As they waited for everyone to finish up their side of the cleanup, Michele wondered how many more NR troops were on-board waiting for them.

As the last of the stragglers rejoined the group, Fianna started off on their quest to find the engineering section of the ship. As they made their way down the seemingly empty halls, all was quiet save for the clomping of their heavy boots. We could probably bring the dead back to life with the amount of noise we’re making thought Michele soberly,  on second thought maybe the group was quieter than she initially thought. 

WC: 779
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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
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After finishing my conversation with my fellow Task Force Commander I return to the bridge, my gaze  going to the viewports showing the combat taking place in the area around us. "Helm, bring us in closer to the station," my gaze falls on the outline of the Defiance as Bacredi's ship maneuvers past my bridge, exchanging fire with one of the Customs Frigates that were attempting to keep us from disabling the station. "Communications, get me Captain Bacredi, I want a report on the condition of his ship."

Far below the bridge where I am overseeing the large picture battle, a much closer, and much more personal combat is taking place within the hull of the Bothan Pride, the fighting was the hardest on 1 Deck, in the rear area of the ship, with blaster bolts flying back and forth between the Marines of A Company, 1st Battalion, 42nd Marine regiment, and the crew of the Bothan Pride "Lieutenant, we've taken all of the Quarters, the enemy is holed up in Engineering and the Mechanist Shop." Kelia Orott nods, her eyes never leaving the deck plan which was being projected from the portable holoprojector which was sitting on the bunk's surface. "Alright Staff Sergeant," she considers her options for just a second, and then makes her decision, "I want all Squad Leaders in here now."

"Here's the situation," she tells the assembled Squad Leaders from her Platoon and 4th Platoon, "The enemy on this deck is holed up in these two rooms," Engineering and the Mechanist Shop are highlighted in the projection, "We're going to take these locations by surprise, 1st and 2nd Squads, 4th Platoon, will back up Alpha Team as the first in units for both rooms, while the remaining members of my platoon, as well as the 3rd Squad, 4th Platoon, will remain back as reinforcements should they be required." The operation is over quickly, the majority of the marines who had been on board the corvette have already been killed or surrendered, and of the twenty or so remaining on the deck, most of them are not marines, but various technicians and engineers responsible for keeping the ship running, and within 5 minutes the area is secured, with Private First Class Kydhyr Karl from 4th Platoon being the only casualty when he trips a booby trapped panel in the Engineering room.

Captain Nilo Vera turns to First Lieutenant Nuy Terrcken, his Company Intelligence Officer, "Lieutenant, 1st Platoon reports that they have secured 1 Deck, and 2nd and 3rd Platoons have just secured the bridge," in the background he hears the low murmur of Lance Corporal Ardus receiving the casualty reports,

"MD-FF-42-1A-5A, KIA, MD-FF-42-1A-5B, KIA,"

he struggles to keep his concentration on the matter at hand, always having hated the sound of casualty reports, "we have 15 prisoners who need to be transferred to the Fearless, as well as our wounded,"

"MD-FF-42-1A-2B, KIA, MD-FF-42-5H, KIA"

"coordinate with Staff Sergeant Tarkturus to get our wounded out, followed by the prisoners." The officer nods, turning to Lance Corporal Orsiri, "You heard his order Corporal, lets get our guys out of here."

"MD-FF-42-1A-3A, KIA, MD-FF-42-1A-5C"

Back on the Fearless the first of the casualties from the boarding action were reaching the sickbay, wounded men and women being carried in by their comrades and medics, and at the end of the room, a growing line of bodies covered by white sheets, awaiting final identification and verification of the deceased status of their former inhabitants. 2nd Lieutenant Tekkara has only a moment to reflect on the cost of this ship, and whether or not it is worth it, before the half dead body of Private Chenara is brought in, and she once again plunges into the job of saving the lives of these wounded marines. "Ragnoasam, I need an open Bacta Tank, STAT, this man's on borrowed time as it is. ORDERLY GET OVER HERE AND GIVE ME A HAND!"

Word Count 658, Bothan Pride is now secured, priosners are being transferred over to the Fearless for future interrogation.
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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
April 29, 2011 10:55:48 PM    View the profile of Maroy 
"Maroy, would you stop talking to Amacuse for just... one... moment? I've still got all manner of shots and pills you need to take." It was getting more evident by the minute that Sarah was going crazy dealing with the two of them.

Maroy rolled her eyes, and laid back on her bed. "Go ahead... not like there's anything else to do in here."

"Well, excuse me, ma'am... I'm not the one who went and got herself shot. Hold still..." The stim-shot hurt slightly, but the wave of adrenaline following it more than made up for it.

The door Maroy had gone through not ten minutes earlier opened up, and a wounded Regent Five stumbled through. A wide but somewhat mild blaster wound showed through a hole in the flight suit. He had two blaster rifles under his arm.

Maroy recognized him immediately. "Coren... you're okay! But... how?"

He held up what was left of his life support panel, a misshapen unrecognizable hunk.

"I figured this might've come in handy later, so I kept it on when we landed. Didn't help quite in the way I'd expected, though."

Sarah turned to look at the newcomer, and almost dropped the fragile equipment she had been holding. "Great... not another blaster wound..."

"Don't bother, Sarah. I'm fine. In fact, I'll be on my way in a second. I just thought I'd check in on you three."

He started turning around, but then glanced back at Maroy and smirked.

"I think you dropped this."

He tossed Amacuse's rifle to her, and she clumsily caught it with her left hand.

Suddenly the sound of blaster fire came from the corridor. The door flew open and Ten ran through.

"A squad's coming this way!"

He locked the door and took up a defensive position behind it. Amacuse started pulling against the restraints.

"Let me out of these things, Maroy, I can still fight!"

She looked at him, a pained expression on her face. "Cayden... I'm sorry. I don't care what you think you can do... I'd never forgive myself if I let you get yourself killed."

The seriousness of the reply surprised even her. He looked very disappointed, but didn't try to argue. "I guess... I guess I can respect that."

She hugged him tightly for a moment, then grabbed the rifle.

She rolled underneath her bed, leaving her out of the troopers' line of sight. The door blew open, and the boots of what looked like New Republic marines came flying in. She stretched out her left arm, propping the gun up on her right hand, and fired at the nearest ankle. She smiled in satisfaction as he stumbled and fell, tripping up his squadmates. She shot him in the head, then rolled out from underneath the bed. She shot the two who had tripped over the body, and quickly dived back into cover. One trooper dropped to his knees to get a shot at her, but Sarah sneaked up behind him and stabbed him with a syringe. He fell the rest of the way to the ground, the powerful anesthetic knocking him out cold.

One of the troopers tried to shoot Sarah, but Coren blasted the wall behind him and watched as vials of chemicals came raining down on top of the troopers' heads. One of them dropped his gun and began screaming, red patches forming all over his face... and, presumably, the rest of him. Another fell backwards and collapsed, too fatigued to stop his fall.

Regent Ten leapt out from beside the door and tackled the last trooper, pinning him to the ground. Coren fired a stun shot, immobilizing the trooper.

As Maroy and Sarah hurried to restrain the surviving marines using the empty beds and hover-chairs, Coren surveyed the damage. "That was only six... There's bound to be more on their way. Everyone stay alert. We'll deal with the prisoners later."

WC: 651
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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
April 30, 2011 10:32:00 PM    View the profile of Ellesmere 
We’ll see about that! Sarah thought sourly as she quickly, but efficiently restrained the surviving marines. Once the task complete, she made sure the more seriously incapacitated of their captives had a pulse and left them to their fate. After all, she had other things to attend to.

As she walked past Amacuse’s bed, she could see him squirming against the restraints and give her a pleading look.

“No Amacuse, Maroy’s right. If I was to take off those restraints you’ll spring into action and surely find yourself killed, and in your current condition you can’t do much. You only have one good arm so what will you do if you get shot in that shoulder? In good conscience I can’t set you free because I know you’ll run off and do something stupid, and as a member of your Squadron I can’t watch you get killed. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself for it and I could also be in deep trouble with High Command, even be court-marshaled possibly because I didn’t follow protocol and did something foolish which resulted in your death or a permanent physical ailment”

With a resigned sigh, Amacuse sank back on his bed. He didn’t look too happy at his current predicament and she didn’t blame him, she had an idea however which could potentially cheer him up.
“I know what you could do if you really want to help- “ at that his gaze set upon hers and his eyes brightened. “-you could consult with your XO the plan of action for the next wave of unwelcome arrivals. I know it’s not the same as actually taking part in the action, but you’ve still got your head screwed on your shoulders and your tongue is still in your mouth along with teeth and all, no?” she asked with a slight smile brightening her features.
“You’re right Sarah, now let’s get this done. Maroy…Come over here please, we have things to discuss”

As Maroy made her way to Amacuse’s bedside, Sarah watched her to ensure her motor functions were functioning as their best considering her current condition. Satisfied that the Twi’lek was doing relatively well on her feet, she assumed this was partly due to the stim-shot she had been administered minutes earlier, she moved onto other things. The first priority on her list was a weapon, seeing a discarded rifle on the floor; she picked it up and examined it. It was one of the marines’ rifles but it would do, she wasn’t too sure what had happened to her sidearm…She would worry about that later.

“Sarah, what are you doing?” she heard Amacuse demand from his bed. Turning in her heel, the rifle cradled in her arms she looked him in the eye and replied bluntly “I feel vulnerable at this point without a weapon, this is just for the meantime. I don’t want to get caught by surprise and be without any firepower”

“Fair enough, just watch yourself…We only have one Flight Surgeon”

“Yes, sir”

As she tucked the weapon away and started busying herself looking through the cabinets for more medical supplies in anticipation of more victims coming through the doors, she heard the sound of heavy boots headed their way. How many people there were she couldn’t tell, in a hushed tone she announced “we have company…” and was instantly waved down by Regent 10.

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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
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Scral suddenly pushed all three woman into an empty room and closed the door. Three seconds later a patrol of marines all armed with very mean looking rifles marched by. He breathed slowly as his hands gripped the unfamiliar rifle he was now carrying. Thanks to the previous patrol they had run into they all carried the 36T Blaster Carbine. They waited in the dark room for the sounds of the patrol to fade away completely.

"We are not going to make it going like this." Someone said in the darkness. Scral could not make out who it was, or who's voice it belonged to being new to the squadron.

"Sure we will, we have rifles now. We can just blast our way through them." Someone else commented. Sounds of disagreement echoed the statement a second later.

"If we were Stormtroopers sure." Scral said quietly as he continued to listen at the door. "I'm a pilot, I'll gladly take on a squadron of A-wings alone all day long. I'm not trained for this though."

"Like I said, we need a new plan." The first voice said. He heard the sounds of shuffling as someone knocked into what sounded like a table.

Thinking for a long moment Scral suddenly came up with the first bright idea he had had in a long time. "Everyone still has your flightsuits on right?" He said a moment later. He heard a soft chorus of agreements, he began nodding to himself as he turned around.

A soft light came on as his hand hit a wall switch. He slowly placed the Carbine on the empty table next to him and stood at attention facing the three females. They watched him as he breathed slowly. He looked over each of them, as if judging them in parade formation at some ceremony.

"My name is Commander Martri, Flight Leader of the Razor Squadron. My personal guard and I are here to provide security to the engineering bay while these saboteurs are dealt with." His voice was strong, he allowed a small bit of arrogance to creep in at the end.

"Flight Leader? Woo, wait a minute." Avalar said a split second later.

"Hold on please. Looks at our flight suits, why would mine be the black one if I was not in charge? All we do is march in formation straight to the engineering bay. Once inside I lie through my teeth while you three move into positions around the room. When everything is in place we spring the trap. With a bit of luck we will have the whole room secure without a single shot fired." Scral replied. He knew he was breaking just about every rule in the book, but they needed something crazy to survive this trip.

The three woman mumbled softly, after a moment all three seemed to agree. Avalar sighed for a very long breath before she too nodded. "I'm not calling you sir though." She said a moment later.

Turning to face the door Scral smiled as he walked out. They formed up in a standard diamond formation with him in the lead. Quickly their boots echoed in perfect coordination of each other. The three females held their rifles the same, he had left his in the room. He felt the weight of the pistol sitting in the harness at his left hip.

Turning the first corner he saw four guards standing to the side of the hallway. Making no move to stop he continued marching straight ahead. His dad had always told him. Son, if you find yourself in a sticky spot. Bluff, lie, and conceive the biggest play you can think of. With a bit of luck, no one will believe you are crazy enough to not be who you say you are.

He ignored the guards as they passed, he acted like they were beneath him. His boots echoed loudly down the corridors, his face was collected, an angry scowl transfixed in place. He was bluffing with every shred of ability he had. Outside he was calm, inside his heart was pounding. If those guards realized who they were they would be cut down in seconds.

Turning the last corner he saw the engineering bay doors ahead of him. A single guard stood outside. This one came on alert as they approached. Scral stepped up to the doors and kept starring straight ahead. He let himself become angrier the longer he waited.

After a few moments the young guard said "Uh, sir." He glanced at the black unadorned flight suit and continued, "you need authorization to enter here."

"Boy, do you have any idea who I am?" Scral said softly. His voice carried an air of menace to it. "I am Commander Martri, Flight Leader of the Razor Squadron. Instead of being in the air blowing up the Imperial scum we are stuck here babysitting you lot. Since you incompetents can't seem to guard your own ship we are here to do it for you."

He let a few long moments pass before he continued "Now, if you don't open this door and let myself and my personal guard in I will call the Captain and put you on report." He looked at the guard for a long moment before un-clipping his comlink from his belt.

"Sorry sir, yes sir. Right away." The guard said as he keyed in an access code. A moment later the doors opened. Scral wasted no time stepping through and marching to the center of the room. He pointed to three spots around the room before finding who looked like the chief engineer.

Luckily only a handful of guards were in the room. The space was not as vast as he thought it would be. Most of the actually engine components were accessed by catwalks, and tunnels through the rear of the ship. The room was still big enough to be a big of a problem, but with a little luck they could secure it long enough to get reinforcements in here.

"Who the bloody hell are you?" The man who seemed to be the chief engineer said.

"Commander Martri, my guard and I are here to provide security for you till the Imperial scum are dealt with." Scral said with authority.

"I've received no word about this." The man said after a moment. "I need to authorize this."

Four people moved at the same moment. The three woman brought up their rifles and began firing. Blue stun bolts impacted the men and woman around them. Scral brought up his SSK-7 pistol and fired a stun round into the engineer. The man crumbled to the floor a moment later.

Rushing to the doors behind him, he hit a set of keys on the control panel. He heard the doors lock and seal a moment later. All around the room the other doors began sealing themselves.

Raising her comlink Avalar said "Engineer bay secure."

Word count- 1161
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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
May 1, 2011 5:28:45 PM    View the profile of Avalar 
Then Vanity looked at Scral. “We gotta stop messing around and get to the bridge. Once we take that then we’ll be able to wipe out the rest of these Reshies.” Her comlink roared back to life with Cayden’s voice.

“Regents, we need to take the bridge now. The Medbay has been infiltrated once already.”

“I’m getting on that. No more detours for us.”

“Good. I’m counting on you.” Vanity looked at Scral and smiled because she knew she had been right.

“Now listen, I know you think that you’re above this sort of work, but even Navy people have to get on the ground and hit some people around. My advice: Get the hell over it. And if you don’t maybe I’ll take you to Nar Shaddaa and we’ll see how long you’ll last there.” Vanity took up her rifle and looked from Scral to the other two women with them, one being Ellie and other Fianna. “And technically I’m the higher ranking officer here thank you. And you’re lucky that the enemy can be stupid when it comes to recognizing a flight suit. But I digress. We need to get to the bridge which is on the completely opposite side of this ship, but I know you all will do fine. Or at least you better or you’ll end up with Amacuse.”

“Avalar.” Maroy’s voice came over the comlink. “I’m sending Regents Five your way.”

“Ok. More manpower we have the better.” It went quiet again. She looked back at the others around her. “Well, come on. Let’s get out of here! And Scral, you’re opening up that door. Now.”

Scral went forward and touched the keypads which unlocked the door that would lead them back into the halls. As it began to slide open Vanity fired, killing the man who had admitted them earlier. She began running forward, taking the lead. Ellie fell to the rear in case anyone came from behind. Scral and Fianna kept center. They made their way down the hallway.

Vanity caught sight of someone and lifted her rifle, but she saw that it was Regents Five, Coren. “Good to have you here. Fall in.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He said and joined the formation.

The going was long, and somewhat rough. Reshies were appearing everywhere they seemed to go. Vanity stopped in one of the hallways and yelled for them to get into a side room as a whole team came up to greet them. The firing began in the hallways, and the NR soldiers began to fall one by one. Of course, not without Regents receiving some of their own wounds.

Finally, Vanity shot down another Reshie and looked up to see the door she had been looking for. The Bridge was right there in front of them. She kicked the body aside, not caring about morals (for she didn’t care who lived or died when it came to the enemy), and went up to the room. Her head turned back and she surveyed the four with her.

“Ama—Cayden, we’re here at the Bridge door. About to go in.” She said into her comlink.

“Good. Don’t take out the Captain. Only capture her.”

“What? Why not?”

“Because I said so, Vanity. Those are my direct orders. Now I’m going to be heading that way with Maroy and the others.” Vanity thought she heard complaining on the other end, but the white noise soon faded away. “Is that clear?”

“Yes.” She refused to call him “sir”. The thought just didn’t sit well with her.

Vanity turned to the others. “Ok. On my count we’re going in. Do NOT take out the Captain. Those are Cayden’s direct orders. If one of you kills him or her, well, you’ll just have to answer to him. In fact, just let me take care of that part. Understood?” Goodness, since when had she started ordering everyone around? This was not something she would get used to. But then again, who wanted to be led by the 30-year-old man who couldn’t decide whether he wanted to shoot someone or not? She knew she could get things done.

Once they had all nodded their ascent, Vanity turned to the door.

“3… 2… 1… NOW!” The door opened.

WC: 706
Hear that? Do NOT kill the Captain. Amacuse did actually give me those orders. But whether or not you want to keep him restrained, well that is up to y'all. Either way, the Captain (who Ama wants to be a girl) goes to him to talk. Have fun Regents.
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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
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As Sarah listened to Cayden give out orders to take the Bridge, she felt uneasy about the whole thing. Something told her that he was going to do something she didn’t like, and sure enough he did. When she heard him announce he would be joining them she started to protest, he was in no shape to move about the ship like he moved about the hallways back home; and what’s more he wasn’t listening to her orders. With that in mind there was only one option left: she would have to go with him.

“Sarah, get me out of these restraints!” he ordered, jarring her out of her thoughts.

“Not so fast, sir; the only reason why I restrained you was because you have been disregarding my orders of bed rest given that you’re refusing bacta therapy as such, I can only find one option and that is to accompany you over there”

“Sarah, you’re not coming with me…We need you here in case we get more casualties or injuries-”

“I’ll bring a few Medkits along, so that excuse just flew out the window Cayden. I’ll make sure everything here is taken care of before we leave, that way if another group of marines stumbles in here their comrades will have a hard time informing them of our current location”

“Very well…get to it then, we don’t have much time”

“We’ll have to free you up at some point…But you’ll have to stay like that for a few more minutes. Regent 10, will you help me please?”

Together they set to work, she systematically gave each of their captives a sedative and Regent 10 bound him securely. They soon had Amacuse out of his restraints into one of the hover-chairs they had disabled and had a few marines restrained on the beds he and Maroy had occupied, once the deed had been completed  Sarah tinkered around with the hover-chair her SC occupied and soon got it working again.

“Thanks, Sarah” She could tell he was relieved to be out of those restraints and somewhat mobile once again.

“Don’t go off doing something stupid or I’ll disable the chair, find something to strap you in there real tight and put you in a corner to watch and you’ll miss out on the action. Am I clear?”

A pained look came across his face as he gave a curt nod, even though he was her superior she was currently in charge where he came in because of his physical limitations and he was in her care. Things would change once he healed, that fact was obvious to both but for now, she was calling the shots.

As they were heading out the door, they checked to make sure everyone was knocked out and secure and that everyone had everything they required, Sarah grabbed her rifle and a few Medkits on her way out and they soon fund themselves out in a silent hallway.


As the door opened, Michele leveled her weapon and got ready to fire away. As the door opening widened, she saw a few wide-eyed faces which to her looked a little comical. This did not deter her from her task however; the Captain was plainly visible in the middle of the room, a mix of emotions crossing her face. Confusion, anger…She didn’t have time to study her any longer than she had to, there were some Bridge officers which needed taking care of after all. As she advanced, she heard two sets of footsteps to her right, twisting her upper body in that direction she saw two officers with their blasters drawn. Giving them a slight, sweetly deceiving smile she shot them almost point-blank. The first she got in the head, the other in the chest. As she looked away and searched for more people needing taking care of she heard the bodies crumple to the ground and more were falling around her still.

What kind of madness is this?! she thought to herself, feeling frustration starting to creep up on her.

WC: 676
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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
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Vanity was focused. She knew when the door opened that she needed to act fast. She barely even registered the looks that they were giving her. All she registered was where the Captain was in relation to everyone else. She fired upon the Reshies around the bridge. The ones who were not lucky enough to get behind something fell to the floor, dead. The ones who acted quickly were still alive and still firing.

Under the cover of her squadron mates, Vanity pushed forward toward the Captain. The longer the fight lasted, the less firing there was. She hid herself behind one of the control panels. The Captain was towards the very front, hiding behind various objects. She never stayed put.

Coren was also firing into the crowd. He stayed behind the control panel that was next to Vanity. Suddenly she saw him stand and take aim. A Reshie just at this time had started to come around the side. Before she could even alert him of this problem, Coren had been shot in the side. Vanity took aim and fired several times at the NR scum before he finally collapsed, unmoving.

Avalar moved over to where Coren was laying on the floor. She looked around before setting the gun down. Michele and Fianna had taken notice of the situation and positioned themselves accordingly. Vanity looked over Coren. He was bleeding pretty badly. The wound was not entirely fatal, but it wasn’t exactly a scratch either. If only Sarah was here right now.

Just in time. The door opened and revealed a set of people she both expected and at the same time had not expected. Maroy came in and began adding to the firepower. Regents 10 also came in. Then after that was Sarah and… Cayden… in a hover chair. Vanity’s eyes locked with Cayden’s for a moment. She felt a tremor somewhere in her heart, but she crushed it. No. Not again. She was still angry after all.

Now that Amacuse and the others were here, Vanity turned her attention back to the Captain. The sneaky little woman thought she could actually hide. But Vanity knew better, and she began to charge into the open fire which was less concentrated because most of them were dead by now. The Captain had attempted to lodge herself underneath a panel which, at this point, was facing away from the action. Maybe it was her hope for escape. Who knew? Reshies were so dumb.

Vanity lunged at the Captain just as she noticed her. She grabbed her and twisted her arm in such a way that she couldn’t get away, but she wasn’t in any pain either. Then Vanity pointed her pistol at her head, her rifle was still back over where Coren was getting help.

“Not so fast. You’re coming with me.”

By this time the firing had ceased. Vanity took the reluctant Lieutenant over to where Amacuse was sitting… er… floating.

The Lieutenant was smart enough not to move, but Vanity wanted her to try and get away. She wanted to just twist her arm and hear a bone snap. It’d be nice just to see her wince. Maybe hear a small grunt of pain. But she knew that if she hurt the Captain that Cayden would be mad. He already seemed to be seeing her hold on the Lieutenant.

“Let go of her, Avalar.” She obeyed though kept the gun pointed at her. What was Cayden going to say? Knowing him, it was probably going to be something she didn’t agree with. Or something crazy. Either way, she obeyed his orders, knowing that this was not a time to be immature.

Heh, she had matured so much in the short while she had been with Regents.

WC: 628
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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
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Cayden looked at the Lieutenant and tried to show no emotion at all.  Well... Lieutenant Jayda Rollan is the captain of this ship?  I've heard about her... she'll be easy to... persuade... he thought as Vanity moved her in front of Cayden.

“Let go of her, Avalar,” Cayden said, his face hard as stone.

Vanity let the lieutenant go, and Cayden allowed a slight smile to crack at the corner of his mouth.

"Petty Officer Goldwater, the Lieutenant and I shall need to converse in private," he said, looking up at Sarah.

Sarah gave Cayden a piercing look "I'm  not sure how much I can trust you...if I leave you'll get out of your chair and run off or do something stupid!"

"I'm where I wanted to be right now!  This is where I need to be at the moment!  All I need to do is speak with the Rebel captain in private.  I need to lay down the terms of her unconditional surrender of this ship to my command," he said, turning the chair to face her.

"Can I trust you will not do anything to put your life in jeopardy or to do something stupid to worsen your current state?"

Cayden pulled his sidearm off his side and handed it to Sarah.  "Yes, you can trust me."

Taking hold of his sidearm and tucking it away, she gave him another look and said resignedly "Very well, I'll give you five minutes. When I come back I want to find you as you are now, if you even move an inch from that seat of yours I'm dragging you by the ear back home and will have to write you up. Am I clear?"

Cayden tried not to smile and said "Crystal, ma'am... but, I might need more than five minutes... more, like... twenty minutes..."

"I'll give you fifteen..."

Cayden smiled slightly and said "Fine... fifteen works for me."

With a heavy sigh Sarah stomped out into the hall, already starting a mental countdown.

"Everyone, please go wait out in the hall.  I'm going to interrogate the Lieutenant.  And if I catch anyone hiding on the bridge, I shall have them shot, is that clear?" he said, turning to the rest of the squadron.

Everyone left the bridge, save for Vanity.  She still stood by the Lieutenant, holding the pistol to her head.

"Vanity... you have to leave too.  It's okay... she won't attack me," he said, glancing over at Jayda.

"Hell no, Cayden. I'm staying right here."

Cayden moved the chair over to Vanity and stopped a foot from her.  "Vanity, don't be fooled... unarmed and strapped to this damn chair, I can STILL take you down... now, despite what the heck is going on through your mind, you still have a job to do," he said.

"And what might that be? Let me just help you for once."

"You have to make sure that everyone in that hall survives for 15 minutes... at least, until I can get the Lieutenant to surrender the ship.  You are the one I want out there making sure that they all do not die in any further attacks from New Republic marines," Cayden said.

Vanity glared at Cayden. She hesitated at first, but then moved, her pistol still pointed at the Lieutenant and handed it to Amacuse. "Whether you throw it or keep it, I don't care. Just don't do it til I'm out of the room." Vanity walked back over towards where she had left her rifle, grabbed it, and then went out the door.

Cayden moved his chair over to the door and closed it.  "Now... Lieutenant Jayda Rollan of the New Republic Navy..." he said, smiling.

"Whatever you want, Imperial, you won't get out of me," she spat out.

Cayden moved over to Jayda and handed her a datapad.

Jayda read the datapad.  Her expressing grew from angry to horrified almost immediately.  "You... you can't be..."

"Jayda, I'm taking command of this ship... diplomatically or otherwise," he said, moving closer.

She re-read the datapad, then sighed.  "I'm under orders from Admiral-"

"My orders SUPERCEDE that of your Admiral's, Lieutenant!" he yelled, throwing the gun across the room.  "Effective immediately, as per the instructions on that datapad, I am taking command of this ship!"

Jayda dropped the datapad and sighed.  "I can't surrender my ship, Commander Tavers..."

"So you know me, Lieutenant?" he asked, smiling.

"How could I not, sir?  You're the Supreme Commander of the Bimmiel Military," she said, looking away.

Cayden smiled then said "And as the Supreme Commander, and per cession granted to Bimmiel by the ISAF Charter, I am taking command of this ship."

Jayda frowned, then sighed again.  "Very well... sir... I surrender command of the New Republic ship Silence to you."

Cayden smiled and said "Thank you, now... inform the crew that this ship is now in service to the Vast Empire, and that they are to obey my orders, and my orders alone."

"As you wish, sir," she said, moving to the command console.

Cayden moved to the door and opened it.  "I need someone at the helm, on weapons, shields, life-support, communications, navigation, and three to go down to engineering.  Sarah, I'm reconsidering my intial reaction.  I'm going to ask for bacta treatments, if possible.  Maroy, I suggest you do the same.  Everyone else, obey Lieutenant Rollan's orders as of they're my own."

WC: 902

Pilot: Michele
Navigation: Fianna
Weapons: Vanity
Shields: Scral
Life-support: Coran
Communications: Regents 10
Engineering: 3 Unknown NPCs
Bridge Officer: Lt. Jayda Rollan

Medbay: Maroy, Cayden, and Sarah

You have your assignments.  Get to them.

See next post. -Drac.
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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
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To clarify: The Silence is going nowhere. The New Republic had no Dp-20s active in the battle. The only two present were docked at the shipyards in the final stages of construction. Great work, Regents, but now you're to concentrate on opening the way for VEN Marines to take the remainder of the ship and deal with some of those well-earned wounds.

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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
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Maroy burst through the doorway to the bridge, already taking aim with her blaster pistol. She would've used one of the stolen blaster rifles, but her right arm was still too injured to support the weight. She shot one of the bridge officers in the hip, sending the Sullustian spinning to the hard deck. She shot a security officer in the face, then looked around to check the situation.

Avalar, Scral, and Ellie were circling around the bridge, firing at everybody except one woman who seemed to be the captain. Sarah was guiding Amacuse, who was still strapped in to the hoverchair.

Then she saw Coren.

He was kneeling on the ground to her left, bleeding out of a small but deep wound in his side. The sight of her friend once again gravely injured from a New Republic blaster left her enraged, and she launched herself at the remaining hostile crew on the bridge. Within seconds every enemy was either dead, dying, or unarmed. Avalar walked out from behind a panel, the captain held at gunpoint in front of her. She dragged the woman in front of Cayden, who told everyone to leave the room. Sarah made sure to take his pistol before she left.

They gathered in the outside hallway, which was feeling very cramped at that moment. They took up defensive positions in case someone tried to attack, but nothing happened. After only about ten minutes, Cayden opened the door.

"The ship is ours. Sarah, I'm reconsidering my intial reaction.  I'm going to ask for bacta treatments, if possible.  Maroy, I suggest you do the same.  Everyone else, obey Lieutenant Rollan's orders as of they're my own."

He pulled out his comlink. "You two down in the hangar, we've captured the ship. You can stop guarding the fighters now."

[[Thank the stars! We've been under almost constant assault for the past twenty minutes!]]

"I need you two to set all of the troopers in the medbay free. I have a feeling they aren't particularly appreciating their new commander right now."

[[Yes, sir. We'll get right on it.]]

Everyone entered the bridge except Sarah, Cayden, and Maroy. After a moment the ship's internal audio broadcast came on.

"Attention, all crewmen. This vessel has been surrendered to the Vast Empire and is now under the command of Warrant Officer Cayden Tavers. You are to obey any and all orders from him and to cooperate with the incoming boarding parties. Resistance will be met with death."

They started walking towards what Amacuse assured them was an auxiliary medbay when Maroy suddenly stopped.

"Wait, what about Coren?"

"I'm right here, Maroy."

The voice came from right behind her, and she jumped a little. She turned around and sure enough, Regent Five was right behind her clutching his side.

Sarah immediately started examining the wound. "Doesn't look too bad, luckily. I'll need you to spend a few hours with some bacta on it, and-"

"Just slap a bandage on it, Sarah. Really, I'll be fine. Isn't the first time I've been shot today." He chuckled a little.


"I'm serious, Sarah. There'll be plenty of time for medical treatments after the battle's over."

Reluctantly, Sarah reached into one of her medkits and pulled out a large bandage. She put it over the wound and applied pressure until it sealed, stopping the blood flow. He saluted to Cayden, turned, and headed back to the bridge. Maroy stood in slight awe at Coren's defiance of Sarah's control freak attitude. The doctor shook her head. "I'll never understand him... what's so bad about medical treatment?"

Maroy and Cayden exchanged a quick glance of amusement, then continued on down the corridor. They soon reached the medbay, where New Republic medical officers were busy tending to some of the same soldiers they'd been shooting at on their way up to the bridge.

"Everyone stop what you are doing!" Cayden said, moving into the room. "Sarah, you're in-charge of every doctor and combat medic in this room."

Maroy walked over to the nearest bed and looked at the crewman, her lekku betraying a hint of pity.

"How is he?"

The doctor seemed surprised that an imperial would bother to ask that, but she double-checked the man's vital signs.

"He'll be dead in a few minutes... he got shot in the throat." She glared at Maroy, and the Twi'lek picked up the implied "by you" in the woman's eyes. She quickly looked away.

Sarah found two unoccupied beds in the back of the room, and Maroy and Cayden soon found themselves laying down with bacta capsules encasing their right arm and all four limbs, respectively.

"This is really good bacta... apparently the NR got their hands on a high-potency batch. Frighteningly expensive, I've heard. At the this rate, Maroy, you should be good to go in about an hour. Amacuse, it should take about four or five hours for you, as well as some physical therapy. In the meantime, though, there's not much else I can do."

"Why don't you take the rest of the medical staff and move to the main medbay? It's better stocked and closer to where the most injured will be when we start taking fire. Maroy can take care of me if anything happens."


"That's an order, Sarah."

"Fine. I will keep your vitals monitored, though."

Sarah turned around and spoke to the other doctors.

"Everyone pack up, we're moving down to the main medbay!"

They activated the repulsorlifts on the beds and took them out to the hall. Soon Maroy and Cayden were all alone.

Cayden smiled. "I thought she'd never leave..."

Maroy glanced around to make sure nobody was still around, then sat down next to Cayden. "She's a very persistant doctor, I'll give her that..."

"Yep... That's why I had her transferred from the Chrome Fox," he said, looking at Maroy.

Maroy nodded, then sighed. "I'm so used to seeing the New Republic as just enemies... the same people who captured me when I left my homeworld. But these people... They're actual, sentient beings, with feelings, and families... and I just killed several of them. I don't know how I can just shrug it off like it means nothing."

Cayden reached over and grabbed Maroy's hand. "No one ever said our job was easy, Maroy. And I'm not asking you to shrug it off either. Cayden's face grew darker and solemn. "I've killed more people face-to-face than I believe I'll ever kill in a fighter. I've ordered the deaths of hundreds of thousands on my home planet alone..."

Maroy wrapped her injured right arm awkwardly around Cayden and held him closer. "I'm sorry..."
Cayden smiled slightly and said "It's okay... it's what I get for starting a revolution..."

"If anyone can start a revolution and win, it'd be you." She smiled with him.

"Maroy, can I ask a personal question?"

"Of course..."

Cayden turned himself as best he could to face Maroy. "How come you don't have yourself a fella?"

"You mean... like, a boyfriend?"

"Something along those lines, yes..."

"I don't know... I guess I've never been in love with anyone. I've never felt happy just being around someone... At least, until today."

Cayden stared at her, then asked "Who's the lucky guy, if you don't mind my asking?"

Maroy gazed into Cayden's eyes for one long second before answering. "I think you can figure it out."

Cayden's heart must have skipped a beat, because the machine he was hooked up to made 3 beeps in response. "Damn medical equipment..." he muttered.

Maroy giggled for a second, then grabbed her comlink. After a few seconds of loud yelling, she replied. "Calm down, Sarah. Cayden's fine."

Cayden smiled and asked "Can you loosen these restraints, Maroy?"
"Promise you won't go wandering off?"

"Oh don't worry... I'm not going anywhere," he said, grinning.

Maroy grinned back, and removed all the straps holding Cayden to the bed. Cayden stretched his left arm high into the air and smiled. He moved himself closer to Maroy and wrapped his arm around her. Maroy felt her heart beat faster, and immediately her monitoring machine started beeping like crazy.

"...Frak it..."
Cayden suppressed a laugh and threw an empty tray at the machine. He then grabbed his comlink off the side table. After much more yelling from Sarah, Cayden said "It's alright... Maroy just got freaked out by a gizka. She's fine."

Maroy looked at Cayden questioningly. "Gizka?"

Cayden blushed slightly. "Would you rather she come back? Cause them coming back would ruin what I have in mind..."

"Of course I don't want her coming back... what do you have in mind?"

Cayden smiled slightly as he leaned over and kissed Maroy lightly on the cheek. Maroy blushed, turning her normally green cheeks a pleasant shade of yellow.

"You're turning... Yellow..." he said, his face slightly turning red.
"Oh... uh... I guess I am..." To hide some of her embarrassment, she kicked the monitoring equipment and grabbed her comlink. "Sarah, I think the machine's broken. I'm just going to go ahead and shut it down."

Cayden grabbed his sidearm and shot his machine. "And mine... Well, it died... I'm fine though. Maroy will let you know if any problems arise."

Maroy sat back down as close to Cayden as she could get, putting her arm back around him. She smiled, and her right lekku sneaked its way up his back and around his shoulder. Cayden shuddered slightly and smiled.

He leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the lips. It was the first time Maroy had ever kissed a boy... and it felt wonderful. She wrapped her other arm and lekku around him, and held him tightly. Cayden smiled, knowing that his heart-rate must be spiking. His face was almost scarlet red when he kissed her again.

Finally Maroy pulled back. Her face was an almost solid shade of yellow, but she didn't care. All she cared about at that one moment, was that she was with someone who loved her.

WC: 1701. Sorry for all the romance stuff, but Amacuse and I were bored.
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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
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Cayden smiled at Maroy when his datapad went off.  He grabbed his datapad and read the message.

To the Commander of Regents Squadron:

Effective immediately, you are to stand down and surrender the ship to Vast Empire forces boarding the ship.  Failure to comply will result in court-martial.

Cayden, you have to be border-line dead by now... Surrender command of the New Republic ship to the Marines, and report back to the
Chrome Fox.

-Dracule "Drac" Mihawk
Chief of Naval Warfare

Cayden nearly threw his datapad across the room when Sarah came in.  "Before you start yelling at me and Maroy, you will listen to me," he said forcefully.  "I've been asked to surrender command of the ship to marines boarding now.  All Reshie crew members are to be handed over, save for Lieutenant Rollan.  She is coming with us."

"But-" Sarah started before Lieutenant Rollan and several marines came barging in.

"Sergeant, release the Lieutenant immediately!" Cayden yelled.

"No can-do, sir.  I have orders to take all crew members in for processing and future questioning," the Marine Sergeant replied back, shoving his rifle into Jayda's back.

"Sergeant, I'm not asking you to release her... I'm ordering you to.  She surrendered to me!  I have yet to surrender her, or this ship, to you!" he said, sitting himself upright.

The Sergeant sighed, then shoved the Lieutenant into the medbay.  "The rest of the crew comes with me, Warrant Officer," he said, leaving the medbay.

Jayda looked at Cayden and exhaled deeply.  "Your compassion is most legendary, Commander," she said.

"People who are under my command don't get shoved around by marines, Lieutenant.  Go grab your things.  Sarah, go with her.  I don't want any marines grabbing her," he said, motioning for Maroy to move him to the hover-chair.

=== Hangar Bay of the Silence ===

Cayden moved the chair onboard one of the Marines' shuttles as the rest of Regents followed closely behind.  He watched the hatch close and felt the shuttle lift-off from the deck.  I'm definitely going on leave after this... no question about it he thought, looking over at Jayda.  She can't go to the Vast Empire... or back to Coruscant.  No... she's coming with me to Bimmiel, one way or another...

Cayden's datapad went off again, and Cayden read the message.

[[To Cayden Tavers, Supreme Commander of the Bimmiel Military:


Onderon has launched attack against Bimmiel!  HMIS Atlantis currently on out-lying sectors of Beta Star System!  Requesting your immediate return!

-Angie Tavers
President of Bimmiel]]

This time, Cayden DID throw his datapad.  It hit the far wall and shattered.  Everyone in the cabin looked at him in amazement.

Jayda walked over and sat down next to Cayden.  "Commander?  Is something wrong?" she asked.

"Lieutenant, the second the second we hit Abrae, we're going to Bimmiel," he said, clenching his one good fist tightly.

WC: 480

Yes Joamer... not exactly 700 words... I'm closing the story, so as long as it's above 400, I'm good.

Yes... our part of this story is over (finally).  Wait until later this evening for interim story.
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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
May 13, 2011 9:02:48 PM    View the profile of Drac 
Reassuring himself that things were proceeding well across the board, Drac took an opportunity to call up a list of the encrypted channels being used by the various Vast Imperial units participating in the battle. A quick query provided the frequency the Regents were on and he set his holodisplay to it. The channel was silent for a moment, then several pilots spoke. It was obvious from their words and the background noises that they’d boarded the DP-20 Silence, but it wasn’t until Drac heard Cayden’s voice faintly through another pilots comlink that he realized just how far things had gone, "Thank you, now... inform the crew that this ship is now in service to the Vast Empire, and that they are to obey my orders, and my orders alone."

"As you wish, sir," came a female officer’s faint reply.

Cayden again.  "I need someone at the helm, on weapons, shields, life-support, communications, navigation, and three to go down to engineering.  Sarah, I'm reconsidering my intial reaction.  I'm going to ask for bacta treatments, if possible.  Maroy, I suggest you do the same.  Everyone else, obey Lieutenant Rollan's orders as if they're my own."

I admire your spirit, Amacuse, but that’s taking things too far,’ Drac thought to himself, ‘There is no possible way that your pilots can fly and fight with that ship- especially in their current conditions. Frack it, man. You’ve got to learn to conserve your people. If you don’t, you’ll just get them killed.

Quickly calling up a backup communications system, the dark skinned Mon Calamari quickly typed in a message: [To the Commander of Regents Squadron:

Effective immediately, you are to stand down and surrender the ship to Vast Empire forces boarding the ship.  Failure to comply will result in court-martial.

Cayden, you have to be border-line dead by now... Surrender command of the New Republic ship to the Marines, and report back to the
Chrome Fox.

-Dracule "Drac" Mihawk
Chief of Naval Warfare

“Hopefully that will keep them alive.” Drac muttered.

“Captain Mihawk! Sir! The Skyhawk is rolling to present her port gun decks to us, plus fresh shields. Should we roll as well?” Drac’s Chief Pilot called out from across the bridge.

The Mon Cal replied instantly, “Not quite. Position us to present the maximum number of concussion missile launchers against her on our nearer gun deck.”

“Aye, Captain.” Drac felt the deck tremble and watched the stars scroll over as the Dead Gun adjusted her roll.

The two mammoth warships completed their maneuvers at almost the same moment and the Skyhawk began to fire immediately. Claxons rang out in raucous disharmony as several shield sections began to fail. The Dead Gun’s Shields Officer called out, “Sir, we’re about to lose all starboard shields. Orders?”

“Weapons, give me concussion missile firing solutions in a line along the highest concentration of the Skyhawk’s operational guns.”

“Already prepared, Captain.”

“Excellent. Fire all starboard missiles in four volleys. I want every gun on Skyhawk’s port side turned into a crater. Understood?”

“Absolutely, sir. Firing one!”

Thirty five missiles streaked out toward the enemy Star Destroyer, passing by beams of coherent light flashing the other way in strident counterpoint.

Three seconds later. “Firing two!”

Thirty five more missiles shot out of the tubes. The others reached the halfway point, three bursting into bright flowers of fire as lucky turbolaser bolts intercepted them.

Three seconds later. “Firing three!”

Thirty five missiles winged their way outward. Thirty of the first wave slammed into the Skyhawk, turning her entire port side into a bright yellow oval of fire and flaring shields.

Three seconds later. “Firing four!”

Drac called out, “Roll the ship! Present port gun decks!” Thirty five missiles streaked into vacuum, following the traces of their deadly fellows. The enemy gunners had caught on while General Ongol ordered all shield power to the port side and initiated a roll…but it wasn’t enough. Twenty seven concussion missiles laced  the Skyhawk’s gun decks, the final few overpowering her overladen shields.

Three seconds later. Thirty two missiles impacted on the now undefended Reshie Star Destroyer. The previous waves had done their job- sowing confusion and terror into the crew. This third wave of explosive destruction descended, detonated, and chewed away at the sharp lines of the great warship. Turbolasers and Ion Cannons detonated up and down the length of the Skyhawk, their crews torn apart or fried where they stood.

Three seconds later. The General’s roll took effect, turning the bottom of the Skyhawk up enough to change the impact zone of the final round of missiles. Thirty five missiles slammed into it, unopposed by the twisted and fiery wreckage that had been a gun deck three seconds before. They spread out, pitting the hull heavily and wrecking the hangar bay doors, but failed to gain tight enough groupings to penetrate deeply. Only three locations vented atmosphere along with torn and melted durasteel.

“Status?” Drac asked quietly, steadying himself against the rumbles and tremors that still wracked his ship.

The Damage Control officer replied, “Staying put let us hurt them, but it let them hurt us too. Our starboard shields are down permanently- too much damage to recharge. We’ve also lost a considerable number of guns on that side, though the missile tubes are still intact. The hull’s breached in ten…no, eleven different sections. Two of those damaged power cells  connected to the starboard maneuvering thrusters. We’re not crippled, but we’re not far off from it.”

Drac nodded, then looked over to Sensors, “And the Skyhawk?”

“She’s running, sir. Her trajectory is changing to bring her on the shortest course out of the planet’s gravity well. Looks like her port gunnery decks are completely gone, though the rest of the ship is relatively lightly damaged.”

“Very well. Send the Excise and the Ad Valorem to get out ahead of her. Make sure they take advantage of her lack of guns on the port side. Prioritize damage control efforts for the moment. I want to be able to trade body blows if the Skyhawk refuses to stay penned in.”

A quick glance over toward the shipyards showed the other ships of 2nd Fleet to be closing in on it. Return fire from the station was weak and sporadic, while reports from the Marine teams he’d sent in assured him that the complete lack of action by the docked ships was for the best of reasons. The Silence, he noted, sat quietly at berth. ‘Good. I’d have hated to court-martial the man.

The two Dreadnaughts, relatively undamaged, pushed ahead of the maimed Reshie Star Destroyer with little trouble, easily absorbing what little fire it managed to direct at them. The few fighters the Reshies had remaining to them, a scant twenty, made a final, desperate push to save their flagship. A quick dogfight against the numerically superior and less damaged Vast Imperial fighters  resulted in the deaths of eleven of their number, after which they fled back under the protection of the Skyhawk’s starboard guns.

Then it was done. Excise and Ad Valorem swung out, crisscrossing each other and presenting a formidable wall of durasteel and turbolaser at the Skyhawl. Drac watched as the enemy ship’s engines darkened and it slowed. After a moment his holoprojector sprang to life once more.

General Ongol still stood ramrod straight, proud despite the blood caking one side of his face and an arm hanging limply at his side. He nodded at Drac, “Captain Mihawk, forgive me for being unable to greet you properly with a salute.”

Drac looked at the man in some surprise, “Think nothing of it. That a man in your position has the honor and grace to react in such a manner is quite enough. We could use more people like you.”

The General nodded seriously, “Yes. I’d heard of the attack upon your officer corps- a cowardly and disgusting tactic. It doesn’t appear to have reduced the efficacy of your forces, however. My compliments- that missile barrage, while brutal, was quite unanticipated. An excellent tactic for handling a better armed opponent.”

“Thank you, General. You are calling, I trust, to accept my offer of surrender?”

Ongol nodded, his shoulders slumping a fraction of an inch, “Indeed…if the offer is still on the table?” The man’s concern for the wellbeing of his men was evident.

“It is. Your other ships will be granted safe passage and your surviving personnel transported to a neutral system. It is a small price to pay for a prize such as the Skyhawk.”

“Thank you for that. Your tactics may have been brutal, but your honor is not. I surrender the Skyhawk to you, Captain Mihawk…on one condition.”

Drac’s lips twitched in amusement at the man’s intentional echo of his earlier wording. “I see. And what condition is that?”

The General shifted uncomfortably, sighed, then spoke quietly, “Asylum for myself. My men will not be punished after being returned- though I expect they’ll go through their fair share of suspicion. However, as the commander of the Skyhawk and the other New Republic forces in this sector, I will be held up as a traitor by certain politicians no matter the valor and loyalty of my deeds. Understand, Captain. I am not afraid to die- but I have no wish to die pointlessly. Asylum is what I seek, so that I may avoid a wrongful execution.”

Drac thought about the General’s request for a moment or two, then spoke, “You will be reviled as a traitor, then, no matter the outcome?”

“Just as I said.”

“I see. Then I will offer you, not asylum, but this: defect, along with your ship, and serve the Vast Empire. We are not a perfect government either- but I doubt such could be found in any case. However, we do respect honor and skill, and reward it in kind. What do you say, General? Will you keep your ship- but under my command?”

Ongol was taken aback. His brow furrowed deeply and he appeared to be lost in furious thought for more than a minute. Then, slowly, he nodded, “I have never seen Vast Imperial forces fight with anything less than honor, and I know you are indeed in need of officers. The Skyhawk and I are yours, Captain.”

“Glad to have you aboard, Captain Ongol. Have your people stand down and open all hangars still in operating condition. Vast Imperial Marines will board the Skyhawk shortly, with explicit orders to harm no one who offers no resistance. Once we’ve secured the ship, the Excise and Ad Valorem will tow your vessel to the shipyards.”

“Understood, sir.”

Drac activated an open channel and broadcast to everyone in the system without encryption, “This is Captain Mihawk of the Vast Empire. New Republic forces within this system have surrendered, effective immediately. All Republic forces are to stand down and power down all weapons. Vast Imperial rescue teams will assist those in need. All Republic vessels except the Skyhawk are free to leave the system in peace- anyone unable to reach a vessel will be taken into custody and released onto a neutral world.” He paused for a moment, letting the silence draw out, then spoke again, “I do hereby claim the Belgaroth System in the name of the Vast Empire. It is now under the protection and law of same.”

Turning off the holoprojector, Drac stretched to work the kinks out. Ensign Ludwig approached, “That went well, Captain.”

“As well as could be expected,” Drac replied with a grimace. “Oversee our occupation of the shipyards and the rescue of endangered personnel, would you? And set up a defensive perimeter of the least damaged ships.”

“At once, Captain.”

“Thank you.”

“May I ask what you plan on doing now, sir?”

“I’ll be informing the Naval Commander in Chief that 2nd Fleet has a new home…and a new flagship.”

Marden turned to look out the viewport, examining the spaceport and planet with a new eye, “That sounds…excellent, sir.”

[Two Weeks Later]

“Status report, Captain Ongol?”

The human officer, sporting a new scar on his forehead to go with his new uniform, saluted crisply before replying, “Sir, the Halcyon Warrior’s structural repairs are completed. Given another month for fabrication and installation of replacements weapons and superstructure, your new flagship will be ready for combat.

“That’s good to hear. Captain Ludwig?”

Dead Gun’s repairs should be finished within the week, sir.”

“Excellent.” Drac rose from his chair and stepped from behind the desk. He stood in his new office, a spacious and well appointed, if functional, room that would now serve as the seat of his command when he wasn’t onboard the Halcyon Warrior. He stepped through a door in one of the side walls and into a large briefing room. It wasn’t like any squadron briefing room he’d ever used, though. Rather than a stage and stadium seating, he stood before a long conference table with built in datapads, comlink chargers, beverage holders, and a host of other planning and comfort features. This was a briefing room for commanders, where Ship Captains and Squadron Commanders and their assistants could assemble and plan whole missions. Seeing it shot a thrill of nervousness through the Mon Calamari, ‘How very, very far have I come...and been so audacious about doing so.’ He glanced through the window, noting the burnt out hulks still floating in place about the station, ‘But I must remember that part, too, lest I allow arrogance to get the better of me. No matter my surroundings, I’m here because I have a job to do and a duty to fulfill.

The dark skinned amphibian settled into his chair at the head of the long conference table, nodding at the others to be seated as well. Then, pressing a hidden button, he opened the doors at the far end of the room. People began to file in, dispersing to seats along each side of the table. Lieutenant Gorma took his seat at Drac’s right hand, the Captains of Task Force Aurek filled out the head of the table, then the Captains of Task Force Besh continued on down, interspersed with Squadron Commanders from both battlegroups. Prominent pilots and other important sailors lined the walls, watching in attentive silence.

Once everyone was seated, Drac stood and welcomed them, “Gentlebeings, welcome to the new home of the Vast Imperial 2nd Fleet. This is our home and this room is the core of it. Here we will discuss strategy and plan missions. Here we will organize our assaults and defenses. Here we will drive forward the name of the Vast Empire.”

Everyone assembled saluted as one. Drac returned it, then sat again, “Okay. Now that we’ve got the formalities out of the way…what do you have for me, gentlebeings? I know you’re itching to undertake some smaller scale actions.”

Word Count: 2,477

Finis. This story will remain open for several days, so that anyone who wishes to can wrap things up from their perspective as well.  The Regents already have a story up, and I know the ‘Shrikes have one in the works as well. If you’re not involved in either of those yet, get with me and the relevant commander and we’ll get you involved. I think Slasher may have something up his sleeve as well, so keep an eye out for that.

Awards and promotions from this story will most likely go out this Sunday.
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  RE: 2nd Fleet: A Page from the Rebels' Book
May 14, 2011 8:36:49 AM    View the profile of DeepSix 
"Chief, the ISD's maneuvering once more!"

There was no need for such obvious notifications truth be told. Granted Seth was currently busy ripping a X-wing's foils apart but he was bound to notice the huge hunk of durasteel change positions. There was just no way for a ship that size to make any move and not be noticed after all.

"She trying to make another run for it?"

"Doesn't look that way sir. Appears she's getting in a better position to fire. She's definitely targeting the Dead Gun, Chief!"

Son of a... That's bound to deal some serious damage. I can already see engineering teams running back and forth those corridors for days to come.

The frustration drove the Onderonian pilot to lock on yet another NR fighter and fire a missile his way. Couple of seconds later the craft was space dust and the senior chief was feeling a tad better. There was just no better therapy than slashing things, shooting things and better yet blowing up things. Such actions always helped calm the squadron commander down.

"Chief, she's opening fire!"

Of course she is...

"Chief, now we're returning fire. Sensors show multiple incoming missiles."


Wanting to make sure the info was reliable Seth managed to glance at his own scanner and indeed noticed a wave, no make that two waves of fast moving blips on an intercept course with the Skyhawk.

Did Mihawk finally decided to blow them apart?

"Chief, more missiles incoming..."

"Looks like the good captain decided to throw us a fireworks show even before finishing clean-up duties. Be sure to enjoy it, but at the same time make sure no uninvited fighters get to admire it free of charge."

"Underssstoood, sssiiiir..."

The missile barrage proved quite a useful distraction as a few NR fighters slowed down and hesitated after witnessing it. Those few moments of hesitation however proved fatal as Imperial Interceptors did their duty and skewered them with some heated Tibanna gas. More and more enemy fighters dropped like flies as Nightshrike pilots as well as pilots from other Imperial squadrons began gaining the added advantage of numbers, allowing them to gank on single fighters and taking them out even quicker.

"Chief... she's moving once more!"

"Planning for another broadside?"

"Doesn't look like it. Seems like she's instead attempting another run for it."

"Copy that Quicksilver. Alright Shrikes, stay with it but at the same time keep your distance as well. She may be bleeding but she may yet bite and take us out if we're starting to get reckless."


"Roger that chief."

In the next couple of minutes even more Republic fighters ended up buying the proverbial farm. The allied forces also continued suffering the occasional casualty but as more seconds passed by the more the scales of the battle were tipped in the Vast Empire's favor. It was no longer a question of who would win, but rather of when would the Imperials claim the victory which was now undoubtedly theirs.

"Sir, remaining fighters are retreating towards the Skyhawk. Do we pursue?"

"Negative. Repeat, do not pursue. If you can get good locks on them then use missiles provided you're not empty. Otherwise stay clear of the ISD's point defense lasers."

"Understood, switching to missiles now."

Only a few such projectiles followed the retreating NR fighters though. Once the surviving crafts found themselves safely protected by the ISD's shadow the remaining Imperial fighters surrounded the Skyhawk - just in case those enemy pilots would decide to once more come out and play.

"This is Captain Mihawk of the Vast Empire. New Republic forces within this system have surrendered, effective immediately. All Republic forces are to stand down and power down all weapons. Vast Imperial rescue teams will assist those in need. All Republic vessels except the Skyhawk are free to leave the system in peace- anyone unable to reach a vessel will be taken into custody and released onto a neutral world."

So this is it then...

"Your orders, chief?"

"Regroup and ensure all enemy fighters have powered down. If any of them acts up blast it to smithereens. Still make sure not to get too close to any of the enemy capital ships though..."

"You don't trust them?"

"Quicksilver, i don't trust anyone with my life if i can at all help it."

"That's rather grim sir."

"I never said i was a happy person, did i now?"

Seth paused a for a bit before continuing:

"You have your orders Shrikes... Get to 'em!"

The squadron acknowledged and complied almost immediately afterward. As it turned out the NR surrender was real and no sneak attacks or other unwanted issues occurred - much to the Onderonian's relief to be sure...
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