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Topic:  Amacuse & Company: Forensis Universum
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  Amacuse & Company: Forensis Universum
July 31, 2010 4:16:42 AM    View the profile of Amacuse 
Avalar, Lampyridae, Rocketman 1167, and myself will be posting to this story.  If anyone else wishes to join in, feel free to pm me, and I'll ask the "company" if they'd like to have you.

Unknown Planet - Early Evening - Raining

Cayden ran through the forest, the rain pouring from the sky, as if from a great waterfall.  He looked back, and saw his pursuers, a squad of Stormtroopers, quickly gaining on him.  "Damn those idiotic intel guys!  If it isn't concerning Onderon, they're as blind as mynocks in an ion field!" he said, jumping over a large, fallen tree.  "When I get back, there'll be hell to pay!"

He jumped over another log, lost his footing, and fell to the muddy ground.  He attempted to get up, but was tackled by one of the Stormtroopers.  He shoved the trooper off his back, and flipped over, kicking him square in the chest.  The trooper fell backwards into the muck, and several others went to help their fallen comrade up.

While they were distracted, Cayden got up and attempted to run, when another trooper, a Captain, came out from behind a tree and pointed his blaster at him.  "Hold it right there, Tavers!" the trooper said.

Cayden looked at the trooper and smiled.  "You really think that'll stop me?  What will you gain by capturing me?"

"A prisoner of war we can hold ransom for supplies, POWs, and a surrender," the trooper said, firmly holding the blaster.

"There is one problem with your assessment.  There is no way in hell I'm letting you capture me," he said, reaching to his pistol.

"You're greatly out numbered," the Captain replied, taking a step forward.  "Surrender, or die where you stand."

Cayden spat the Captains feet and was about to draw his blaster when he was kicked in the back of his knees by another trooper.

"Then you will suffer the consequences of your defiance," the trooper said, raising his blaster.

The trooper was about to fire when multiple shots came from the all around, taking out most of the troopers.  The Imperial Captain dropped to the ground to avoid the incoming fire.  Cayden kicked the man in the side and took his blaster.  He fired at the trooper multiple times, before turning his weapon on several soldiers coming out of the brush.  He was about to fire when he recognized them.  "Well, it's about time Sergeant," Cayden said, standing up.

"Sorry it took us so long, sir.  Your locater beacon was hard to pick up in the dense ion field covering the forest," Sergeant Natan Bowman said, helping Cayden up.

"I could tell... you timing was also impeccable, Natan," he said, picking up the Imperial Captain's datapad.  "Let's get outta here!"

The men ran towards the forest edge, then stopped when they heard the unmistakable whine of repuslorlift engines.  They dropped to the ground as an Imperial Landing Craft broke through the sheet of rain and landed in the field in front of them, troops running out of the rear loading ramp.

"Well... this doesn't look good," Cayden said, turning to Natan.

"Indeed Colonel," Natan said, smiling.  "But, I have a little surprise for the Imperials."  Natan reached into his pocket and pulled out what looked like a remote detonator.  He smiled as he looked back out into the field, then pressed the red button.  Multiple explosion erutped out of the ground, enveloping the Imperial soldiers in a firey blast and destroying the landing craft, tossing lifeless corpses of Imperial Stormtroopers and shrapnel every which way.

The soldiers ducked behind trees as some of the debris flew in their direction.  After all the debris settled, the men walked out of the tree line and stared at the smoking crater that used to be an Imperial landing zone.

"I think you used enough charges, Sergeant," Cayden said, letting out a long, low whistle.

"I wanted to make sure they had to find another landing zone, in case they were hell-bent on capturing us," Natan said, smiling as he ran past the crater.  "Come on.  It's only a little farther until we reach the Etere Videum."

Cayden smiled, running closely behind the Sergeant.

They ran through another patch of forest, making sure to not slip in the mud or trip over fallen trees.  They reached another clearing, this one occuplied by the Gozanti Cruiser Etere Videum, and ran up the loading ramp.  It closed behind them, and began to take off.

Cayden ran to the bridge and stood behind the Captain's chair.  "Status report, Major?" he asked, leaning on the back of the chair.

"All systems operational.  We should be out fo the atmosphere in 10 seconds.  Then, once we get past the Star Destroyer in orbit, we should have a clean shot to Onderon," Major Skaara Calfan said, pulling the yoke up.

"Good.  I want full power to shields and engines at maximum when we hit orbit.  Also, begin calculating the jump to hyperspace, Lieutenant," Cayden said, walking around and sitting in the chair.

"Yes sir," replied Lieutenant Wolf Holgor, ressing buttons at his console left of the pilot's seat.

"Sir, enemy TIEs inbound!" Sergeant Dela Heckmann exclaimed, turning towards Cayden from her position to the right of the pilot.

"Roger that.  Power up the weapons and show them we mean business," he said, smiling.

"Aye aye, sir," Dela said, pulling a lever and pressing three buttons on her colsole.

The Etere Videum began opening fire on the TIEs just as it exited the atmosphere.  The TIEs flew in every direction around the cruiser, firing blindly at it's shields.  The laser cannons on the cruiser attempted to aquire the TIEs, creating a sort of firestorm effect to anyone observing on the planet surface.  The laser cannons managed to connect with a few of the TIEs before the smaller fighters began flying back to the rapidly-approaching Star Destroyer.

"Colonel, we're being hailed," Skaara said, turning to Cayden.

"On screen," he said, standing up as an image of an Imperial Officer appeared on the screen in front of him.

"This is Lieutenant Commander Icarus Mollek of Imperial Star Destroyer Integrity.  Surrender your ship, or be destroyed," the officer said, his face stone cold with hatred and fearlessness.

"I'm Colonel Cayden Tavers onboard the Royal Onderonian ship Etere Videum.  I must humbly request that you let us pass unharmed, for fear retribution," Cayden said, pressing and holding a button under the arm of his chair.

"I will not back down in front of your pitiful attempts at intimidating me, Colonel," Mollek said, staring at Cayden hard.  "You would make a fine officer in the Imperial Navy.  Too bad you'll die here."

"Yes... too bad.  Unfortunately for you, I will not be dying this day... because, I have more important things to do," he said, releasing the button.  The transmission cut, and Cayden quickly turned to Skaara and said "Get us into hyperspace!"

"Yes sir!" Skaara replied, pulling a lever in front of him.

The Etere Videum began flying to the left as the Integrity began firing upon it.  It entered hyperspace, escaping the Integrity before it could engage it's tractor beams.

Cayden sat down in his chair and exhaled a sigh of relief.  "That was too close Major... next time, I drive," he said, smiling.

"Yes sir, of course," Skaara said, turning back to his console, also smiling.

Cayden stood up and walked to the entryway.  He stopped and said "You have the helm until I return Major... if you need me, I'll be in my quarters."

"Yes sir," Skaara said, looking at the engine and hyperdrive diagnostics.

Cayden smiled and walked off the bridge and into the main corridor.  He walked off the Command deck and down onto the 2nd deck, headed back up to the forward-most section, and entered the last room, evidentally labled 'Captain's Quarters.'  He walked over to the bed and sat down.  Next thing he knew, he was laying down, falling fast asleep.

Abrae - 16 Hours Later - Sunny

The Etere Videum exited hyperspace and stopped in orbit over Abrae.

"Sir, imcoming transmission from Vast Empire Control," Dela said, turning as Cayden walked onto the bridge.  "Audio only."

"On speaker," he said, stopping next to his chair.

[[Unidentified Gozanti Cruiser, you are in Vast Empire space.  Identify, or be destroyed!]]

"Vast Empire Control, this is Gozanti Cruiser Etere Videum, under command of Master Chief Petty Officer Cayden Tavers of the Vast Empire Navy. I am sending IDC now," he said into the intercom.

Several moments passed before: [[Welcome home, Master Chief.  Proceed to landing bay 13.]]

"Thank you, Control.  Etere Videum out," he said, turning the intercom off.  "Alright Major, take us down."

"Yes sir," the Major said, grabbing control of the yoke.

The cruiser began descending to the planet surface, flanked on either side by patrol corvettes, until the Etere Videum touched down in landing bay 13.

"Alright everyone, we're here to resupply and gather some things that could help us in our travels," Cayden said, walkng to the entryway.  "Until I get back, Major Calfan is in command."

"Thank you, sir," Skaara said, saluting Cayden.

He returned the salute, then walked off the bridge.

Abrae - Tuk'ata Barracks - 2 Hours Later - Sunny

Cayden walked into the barracks and sat down at the briefing table.  Hmmm... no one's here... must all be at the Cantina... he thought, looking around.  Oh well... I just put my leave papers in the appropriate container, grab my things, and get on out of here.  Cayden walked over to Drac's desk as he heard someone slide a card into the card reader outside the door.

WC: 1578
In case anyone asks what the title means, it loosely translates into "Legacy of the Universe."  (I like languages, anyway... it makes for a better title than the english translation.)  The language used is latin, in case anyone asks.

Oh, and Avalar is posting next.
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  RE: Amacuse & Company: Forensis Universum
July 31, 2010 8:04:02 PM    View the profile of Avalar 
Vanity could feel the stares directed towards her. She could see what they thought without having to ask. Just because it had been several weeks meant absolutely nothing to anyone. Word had spread to those who hadn’t been there to witness the incident. Even though it was all simulated it didn’t matter. Her reputation had been created then and there. Of course it wasn’t her reputation that she cared about. No. What bothered her was that people had to give her constant looks and whisper about something that she blamed someone else for entirely. Though she was used to such treatment, it didn’t mean that it didn’t bother her at all. It fueled her anger and hatred, and she directed all of that negative energy to one person. Cayden Tavers.

As Vanity walked past everyone’s favorite place, the Cantina, she kept thinking of the simulator. She walked in to that place ready to blow everyone out of the water, and everything seemed so simple. Take out the 128th and eventually the Rebels and then move on from there. Instead she took out only a few TIEs before shooting down her own Flight Lead. It had been merely seconds, but she had pulled the trigger on Cayden Tavers right after realizing who she was behind. Then after everything that had happened, he passed her. He was able to stand there and tell her that she passed. Vanity took it as neither kindness nor generosity and instead made it her personal goal to get back at him whether it took extreme measures or not. And once I do then maybe I can get the heck out of here. Why did I ever listen to Korinth?

Once his name popped into her head she felt memories sweep her mind which only made her negative feelings that much worse. It’s everyone’s goal to hurt those around them for their own gain. I am just the same, but I accept that fate while others don’t. Doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt. And as she mulled over the flashbacks continuing in her mind, Vanity walked up to the Tuk’ata barracks. She pulled out her card and slid it into the reader. I really need something to do in my free time. If only I had something to chase after like when I was a bounty hunter.

As her thought finished and the door opened Vanity’s eyes focused on the figure sitting at the briefing table. Her eyes narrowed as she stepped inside reluctantly. Had her guess been right? Yes it had. There was no mistaking the hair and the whole shape of him. The very man who she despised with all of her heart was sitting there. He was also the one person she hoped not to see today.

Vanity debated whether to walk by him and ignore him or start up an argument. Either way, knowing him, someone was bound to talk first. While many of the others were fine with just staring and saying nothing, Cayden was different. Maybe it was because he had been her Flight Lead or maybe it was just him. Regardless of whatever reason though, Cayden treated her differently than the others did, and it gave her more reason to have it out for him.

“Hello, Vanity,” and all this time she had hesitated, there came the greeting that did not surprise her at all. Now it was her choice whether to ignore him completely or lash out. She chose the latter.

“Why hello, Cayden,” she began sarcastically though trying to sound serious at the same time just to confuse him, “how are you this fine day?”

“I’m doing well myself and you?” she thought she saw him blink for a second as if in slight confusion. Vanity smirked.

“I would be doing better if you weren’t here,” she spat as she walked in his direction and then past him.

“Now why would that be?” he asked her seemingly innocently. This had the effect of making her grind her teeth and whirl around to stare at him.

“Why don’t you take a wild guess? Go ahead. Just guess,” and now the argument had started.

Cayden seemed to actually stop and think for a second. Whether he was trying to come up with an answer though or was mulling over something else, she had no idea. Eventually he answered, “Because you’re in a bad mood?”

“Oh well that was perceptive. It’s not like you don’t know of all people,” was this guy for real? Anyone smart enough would have already known, but this guy seemed clueless. Maybe that was the reason why only he seemed to ever talk to her while the others just sat back and said nothing.

“Well, I don’t. Plus, I don’t really have time to play guessing games at the moment,” he said.
“You are so stupid. I don’t know how you survive on your stupidity. Someone should really shoot you down next chance they get,” She heard Cayden sigh and then he got this look in his eye that made her tense.

“If there’s anything wrong, Vanity, you can tell me,” his words echoed in the back of her mind. She stood there gazing at him, but in reality at nothing at all. The world seemed to change itself just then. The sky was black and light from surrounding buildings pooled in through the window to her left. The figure of Cayden changed and once she locked eyes with him, Vanity felt herself blinking several times.

The scene had only lasted a minute. No sooner had the whole room changed than it was back to normal again. She was there staring at the man who she loathed for all she was worth. Vanity wanted to say something. Her mouth wanted to spout words of hatred, but she found herself mute. The rage was still in her, boiling inside her, but she seemed unable to do anything about it. It was the weirdest feeling she had ever felt, this inability. There was nothing physical restraining her. Her voice had not been lost from exhaustion or illness. So why couldn’t she speak?

“Vanity? Are you all right?” Cayden’s voice seemed to shatter the slowness of time, and Vanity found her voice was back with her.

“I’m just fine. Why don’t you go jump off the Sky Ramp,” of course the insult she was planning didn’t come out and instead she said something rather dumb. Silently she cursed herself under her breath for saying something that made little sense.

“Wait, what did you say?” Cayden seemed suddenly intrigued, but Vanity was done with the conversation. She turned and began heading towards the sleeping quarters.

“Nothing. I said absolutely nothing.”

WC: 1,120
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  RE: Amacuse & Company: Forensis Universum
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Mehra was sitting in a corner of the barracks by herself, preferring the quiet of her own company, rather than the noise and stress of the Cantina. It hadn't been long since the mess with the Raptor Simulation mission, and she was keen to forget about it and do her job in the Navy. Part of that job meant keeping a low profile. If secrets of her past got out, who knew what trouble that would cause her.

She was wanted in parts of the galaxy, but after changing her name, and creating a new life, she felt safe again. Being wanted by the Empire was no joke, but in her experience governments like this one tended not to notice what was right in their faces if it meant looking stupid. They had no idea she was right under their noses.

She wasn't here to cause trouble. In fact, to the contrary. She was running as far away from it as possible.

She had heard the beeping of the card reader, and a person entering the barracks, followed by silence, and then another beep of the reader.
The conversation of two people by the briefing table, one voice sounding particularly angry, and shortly after that, the stomping sound of someone approaching the entrance to the sleeping quarters.

It was Vanity, the pilot from the simulation who had shot down their flight leader, Cayden Tavers. Since the simulation mission, she'd been on a bender for Tavers, even though he'd passed her. Mehra wasn't in any position to understand why, but Vanity seemed damaged. Dangerous.

Not that Vanity was a fan of her either. Or vice versa. In her opinion, Vanity was a menace to the entire squadron, and was planning on making her feelings known to the 19 year-old as soon as she found the time to waste on the young girl.

Mehra gave a quick wave as she walked past, stomping and grumbling to herself like a kid throwing a tantrum. She spotted Mehra and threw her a glare, not returning the wave or speaking a word in her direction.

She wasn't sure how to react to such anger, especially in someone so young. She'd been that way, once. Out to prove a point and not caring who she stepped on in the process.

She rose from her seat and poked her head around the corner to see Cayden Tavers still sitting at the briefing table, turned to watch Vanity leave. Their eyes met and Mehra sighed, knowing she'd have to greet her superior. God knows, she tried hard not to cause trouble for herself.

She walked to the briefing table, throwing a salute.


Tavers stood and returned the salute, leaning on the table.

"I remember you from the simulation. Mehra Frei."

"Just Frei, sir. I couldn't help but overhear your conversation with Vanity. She seems to be having trouble adjusting to the squadron."

"Yes, well, sadly her temper comes with the deal. Excellent pilot, but lacking in manners, to say the least. As far as adjusting, you seem to be spending an awful lot of time by yourself. Not making friends too quickly either, I see?"

Mehra shuffled uncomfortably, taking an unconscious step away from Tavers. She instantly tried to recover. She had a point to make.

"I prefer to spend time by myself, sir. I find it easier to keep to a set of standards if I'm the only one adhering to them. Friends or companions can betray you, if you give them the opportunity."

"You should give your squad mates a chance. I'm sure if you spent enough time with them, they'd prove to be worth loyal friends."

"This isn't about me. Sir, I'm concerned about Vanity's behaviour. She's a danger to the squadron. Uncontrollable and angry. I don't normally question my superiors, but are you sure you made the right decision after the simulation?"

"Your concerns are appreciated, and not ill-founded, but I made my choice and its final. I think the two of you should give each other a chance. She's not very fond of you either... Or anyone else, for that matter, but I think the right amount of companionship could do the both of you a world of good."

Mehra felt her frustration growing. He wasn't listening. This wasn't about making friends.

"Her actions in a simple simulation are indicative of her actions in a real fight. To say it plainly, sir, I'm not comfortable being anywhere near her in a fighter. She's an idiot."

WC: 753
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  RE: Amacuse & Company: Forensis Universum
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Cayden stared at his fellow pilot, trying not to grimace when he called Vanity and idiot.  "I understand where you are coming from, Senior Crewman, but the fact remains: she is a member of your flight, and you have to live with it.  If you complain any more, and I'll personally request to the NXO and have you both transferred to a detention facility, is that understood?" he asked, his face turning stone cold.

"But, sir.. I..." she tried to say, before Cayden interrupted her.

"Is that clear, Senior Crewman?" he said again, crossing his arms.

"Yes sir," she said, frowning.  Mehra started to walk away when she turned and said  "Sir, I just want you to know I only mentioned it because I care about the squadron."

"Noted, Frei... you can go back to what you were doing," he said, noticing that she was still standing there.  She gave him a salute, then headed back over to her corner, leaving him next to the briefing table.

His comm went off just as he sat back down.  He turned on his wrist comm and said "This had better be good news, Major... I'm in need for some right now..."

[[I wish it was good news, sir... but it appears that we're stranded here for a while.  Apparently an investigation is going on at the landing zone, so all ships are grounded until further notice.]]

"You have to be joking... how long?" he asked, looking around to see if anyone was around.

[[Several hours, give or take.]]

"Alright... crew is on shore leave until further notice.  But I want to be ready when the investigation is over," Cayden said, standing up.  "Understood?"

[[Yes Colonel.]]

He shut the comm off and noticed that Mehra was watching him.  "Major Calfan has a way of making sure I get my rest..." Cayden said, standing up.

Mehra quickly stood up, walked over, and asked "Sir, is there anything you need me to do right now?"

Cayden gave her a confused look, then said "Ummm... I don't know... anything in particular you had in mind?"

"No sir, anything you got would be nice," she said, anxiously.

"Alright... well, I need to head into the city to gather some supplies.  My ship is running low on certain hours.  It should keep us busy until the investigation is over," he said, taking his trench coat off to reveal a navy blue jumpsuit.  Emblazoned on the right shoulder is the patch of the Onderonian Air Force, on the left the seal of the Royal Family, and on the right breast the patch of the Etere Videum.  "What?  Never see a jumpsuit before?"

"It's not that sir, it's the patches... and the fact you just did that right then and there," she said, shocked.

"It's the trench coat... it's muddy... I'm going to have it cleaned... and the patches are the symbols of the Onderonian Military.  The one on the right is for the Royal Air Force, the one on the left is the crest of the Royal Family, and the one on my right breast is the one for my ship, the Etere Videum,"  he explained, putting his coat in the cleaning closet.  "You ready?"

She nodded and said "As I'll ever be for a shopping trip, sir."

"Excellent... let's be off then," he said, opening the door.  "Vanity, I'm going to be gone for several hours!  Mehra is coming with me!  If you need anything, help yourself to anything in the kitchen!"

They walked out the door and Cayden lead Mehra to an empty field.

"Ummm... sir?  I thought you said we were going to be getting supplies?" she asked, confused.

"We are, I'm just waiting on... there it is!" he said, waving his arm in the air, signalling an approaching gunship to land.  The LAAT/i Gunship landed in the field, and Cayden climbed on.  "You coming?"

She looked over her shoulder, then rushed onto the gunship.

The gunship took off and started flying away from the barracks, heading in the opposite direction of the landing zone.  The intercom switched on and the pilot spoke.  [[Where to, sir?]]

"Abrae Surplus, then to Abrae Weapons & Ammunition, and finally to Abrae General," Cayden said over the hum of the engines.

[[You got it, sir.]]

The gunship started flying more to the right, then started to straighten out.

[[We'll be there in about 15 minutes, sir.]]

"Good... gives me time to review the list..." he said, pulling a datapad.  "I need... food rations for 4 months... a new sensor array, apparently... scanning equipment... ammunition for my rapidly growing slug-thrower collection... armor polish... a new trench coat... and, several phase-pulse power converters..."

"'Phase-pulse power converters', sir?" Mehra asked, confused.

"Yes... they're for converting raw energy generated by the reactor into the energy that is fired out of the cannon... which reminds me... I'll need to get some more reactor fuel soon... thankfully, I have enough to last me several more missions..." Cayden said, typing something out on his datapad.

"Missions?" Mehra asked, confused as ever.

"Ummm... classified.  All I can say, is that it isn't for the Vast Empire, and it's why I was in such a bad mood earlier.  Sorry about the way I acted before... I'm just under a lot of stress lately..." he said, setting his datapad aside.

"It's alright, sir... you were well-within your rights to react that way.  I was questioning the authority of a superior officer," she said, looking at the floor of the gunship.

"Mehra, under no circumstance is that the grounds for me to react that way.  Though, you two would probably benefit quite a bit from being isolated together," he said, smiling.

"No sir, you cannot leave me with her!" she said fiercely.

He chucked and said "Don't worry, I'm not... I have a different plan of action..."

"And what's that, sir?  Classified?" she asked, patronizing him.

"It's not, actually... how would you like to go on a little trip across the galaxy on my ship, the Etere Videum?" he asked, his smile getting wider by the minute.

WC: 1016

Alright Lampy, we're going to go shopping for some supplies (the ones I mention above, mind you).  Avalar, don't burn the barracks down while I'm gone.
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  RE: Amacuse & Company: Forensis Universum
August 1, 2010 3:48:13 AM    View the profile of Rocketman1167 
----A Day Before----

Rocket woke up and looked around for his flask that he bought following the events of Lehon he opened it and began to drink but noticed that it was empty.

I must have drinking a lot more last night than I realized I wonder if I have any left.

Rocket looks around his locker to see if he had any liquor left so that he could drink his daily dose of the day. When he got done looking his locker Rocket found that he had drinking everything that he had bought, so he did the only thing that he did when his flask was empty and he did not have any bottles left.

I need to stop drinking so much but I can’t because I still can’t deal with that pain. Meh what am I saying I need another addiction because flying away, and looking for my father, because that is worse doing that than anything else. Damn personal quest that I gave myself.

Rocket walks into the cantina and says hi to the bartender whose name is Marcus, and drinks his sorrows away.

“So you want your usual today or do you want something stronger.”
“The usual and also the strongest shot that you have I will take two of those.”
“Okay than here you go.”

Rocket ingests the liquor and sits back in his chair and starts to think about Lehon again.

“Just keep them coming man I wanna make sure that I can’t remember today.”

After a while Rocket finds that he had stopped thinking about Lehon enough to the point that he was not depressed and able to function again after getting enough drinks in him so that he was starting to feel a little better. After a while Rocket sees this cute lady and walks over to her and starts to talk to her about how here day is going.

----Some Time That Next Day----

Rocket heard people arguing and imminently got mad because he had only been asleep for the past four hours due to late night drinking of course it ended well because he got a hot lady’s phone number, or at least hot to him at the time, and that he would call later on that day, so Rocket does his normal thing and throws his boot at the general direction that the sound had been coming from, after that he noticed that the arguing stopped and tried to go back to bed but found that he could not. So he got up and went over to the refresher to wash his face and shave and make sure that he did not light his ponytail on fire the night before like he did one time when he was younger and didn’t drink that much. And also take a shower.

After finishing that he looked around the barracks and noticed that Amacuse was there with one of the new people that were sent to the squadron.

“So how are you guys doing today?”

505 words This is to get me into the story.
There are many aspects of the Force we have no knowledge of. The subject still requires further research and study.

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  RE: Amacuse & Company: Forensis Universum
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Vanity had been listening the whole time. She wasn’t the kind of person to eavesdrop, but she had nothing else to do so it was better than nothing. Listening to Mehra call her a dangerous person and an idiot didn’t faze her much. If there was one thing she was used to it was that. In fact it came as an expectation that such people should say such words. It was normal. It was predictable. What Vanity wasn’t ready for was to hear what was coming up next.

"Alright... well, I need to head into the city to gather some supplies.  My ship is running low on certain hours.  It should keep us busy until the investigation is over," and then there was a slight pause and he spoke again, "What?  Never see a jumpsuit before?"

"It's not that sir, it's the patches... and the fact you just did that right then and there,"

"It's the trench coat... it's muddy... I'm going to have it cleaned... and the patches are the symbols of the Onderonian Military.  The one on the right is for the Royal Air Force, the one on the left is the crest of the Royal Family, and the one on my right breast is the one for my ship, the Etere Videum," and by this time Vanity felt her breath catch in her throat. She moved herself in such a way that she was barely peaking around the corner to look at Cayden. Sure enough what he said was true. He wore the patches of Onderon of all places.

This was too much. Cayden was from the same exact planet she had come from? How did that work into everything? Not only was he extremely nice to her for some unknown reason, but they also came from the same place. Now she knew why he had questioned her when she had made her Onderon reference. What he didn’t know was that she, too, was born on Onderon.
Her mind was so focused that she didn’t snap back until she heard Cayden yell, "Vanity, I'm going to be gone for several hours!  Mehra is coming with me!  If you need anything, help yourself to anything in the kitchen!" and then that was that.

Now Vanity pulled herself back into the sleeping quarters and lay on her bed. Onderon. She hadn’t thought about that planet in so long. It brought back memories that she had chosen to forget. Now instead she relived them as she stared up at the ceiling. Her mother, Anaya, was so sweet and beautiful. Her father, Truel, was so cruel and angry. Vanity could’ve had a brother, but her mother never returned and her father told her the news eventually that neither she nor the baby had survived. That was when her life became miserable.

As her hated past came flooding back, Vanity strived to find a new topic in order to keep herself from completely falling apart. Unfortunately the new topic was Cayden Tavers, and it wasn’t until now that she really paid attention to the last name. Her time on Onderon had not been long, and she barely remembered it, but now that she was thinking about it… The Royal Family?! Surely Cayden can’t be… but he is. I was too young to really know, but I remember my mother teaching me. and indeed she did remember some of the stories Anaya was able to tell her before she passed away. Vanity was in the presence of a prince, and never knew it, but that doesn’t change anything between us. I’m just surprised no one else is making a big deal about this. How can something that people consider powerful go so unnoticed? Or maybe I’m just not paying attention.

This news made everything about the simulator seem slightly different. Not only had she shot her Flight Lead, she had shot at a prince who was also in her same squadron, “Is there anything else I should know about now while I’m at it? Anything else we’d like to add to the equation? If so speak now or forever hold your peace!” Vanity yelled at the ceiling. If anyone was trying to sleep now, she didn’t care.

This mixture of emotions was new to her. Vanity was used to anger, rage, sorrow, and negative feelings that were somewhere along those lines. These emotions were just off and hard for her to understand. If only…. but why would I ever ask him for help? He’s the whole reason why I’m here. I was so stupid to have listened to him. I should’ve stayed on Nar Shaddaa! Why am I even alive for that matter?! Why?! There’s no reason for me to live right now and yet I choose to stay alive! I’ve already seen that my father is dead. I did the deed myself. What else am I supposed to live for? And then she remembered the simulator, That is the only thing keeping me going. One event is giving me some kind of purpose. I will get Cayden somehow.

Vanity laid there in thought, and, as she laid there, her eyes began to close. She thought about different ways in which to get back at Cayden. She thought about Nar Shaddaa. She thought about Korinth. Eventually her mind traveled back to a memory still fresh in her mind, and by this time she was asleep.

---Dream Sequence/Flashback-- Nar Shaddaa 2 Years Ago---

The Ebony Sector was lit by signs from the different buildings that rose into the sky. Vanity found herself trudging along one of the bridges that connected the 52nd level. She leaned against the railing and looked down at the minimal traffic below her. The world was a dark place. People liked to kill and destroy life. She was no different than anyone else. They tried to kill her, so she returned the favor. It was live by killing or die by the killer. She hated them all.

She began walking again, and, as she came by a tavern, there was a large commotion she could hear coming from inside. The next thing she knew a man had been thrown out and was lying on the ground. It was her father.

The dark sky seemed to grow darker. Few people were walking along the bridges of the city. It was just Vanity and her father who seemed almost as if he was unconscious though most likely drunk. She could feel her gun suddenly burning at her side, and she placed her hand on it. The figure of her father began to show some sign of life. As he began to raise himself on his forearms she spoke, “Truel Morukuv…” Her father seemed to look up in some sort of drunk recognition of his name. He wobbled up to his feet and opened his mouth to speak.

“Huh….. Anaya…? You look so young….” And he squinted at her. Hearing her mom’s name made her eyes flare in even more rage. The calm anger that was there had clicked now. Her father was too drunk to realize that he was looking at his own daughter! The pain of him not knowing her and of remembering that her mother was gone was too much to bear. She took up the gun and yelled,

“The name is Vanity Orlaya Morukuv you kath hound!” and she shot him where he stood, watching life leave the figure of her father. Vanity stood there for several minutes. She knew people all around were probably watching her. She also knew that she needed to get away, but this moment was a climax in her life. It was a climax with seemingly no resolution. Truel was gone. Was she expecting to suddenly feel better? Was she expecting any sort of change from the outcome?

Soon she found herself turning and walking somewhere though she didn’t know where. The lights of the city seemed dimmer. Life in Nar Shaddaa’s Ebony Sector seemed lifeless. Everything was colder in both the literal and figurative sense. Thinking had abandoned her mind and instead there was this void that needed filling, but she had nothing to fill it with. If she was feeling any sort of emotion, she had no name for it. In fact she felt emotionless if that was possible. Despite all of this though, she felt a strange sense as if she was being haunted by something. Whatever thought or memory it was though, she could not place it.
The world was a dark place. She felt she knew that better than most people. Now it seemed darker than ever before.


Vanity’s eyes shot open. When had she fallen asleep? How long had she been asleep? Since when did her mind decide to plague her even more? Slowly Vanity sat up and shook her head before sighing, “I haven’t had that dream in a long, long time,” It was amazing the details that one could remember of past events. The lights of the city she could still see as bright as day. The architecture of the high rising city and its layout was still fresh enough in her memory that she could find all the best places in the Ebony Sector. Those were the less gruesome details though. Still she remembered what her father looked like after he was dead. Still Vanity remembered some of the other gruesome happenings that left her torn up and miserable.

She stood up and walked out of the sleeping quarters. No one was in the barracks that she could see. The “prince” and Mehra are probably still out doing who knows what. Wonder what he does in his free time. she thought to herself sarcastically. In truth she could care less, as long as he wasn’t bugging her.

By this time her stomach growled and she made her way to the kitchen, playing close attention in case anyone walked in. At the moment—or rather, in her case, at any moment—she did not want to be bothered by anyone else. Of course, knowing her luck, Cayden was probably bound to return at any moment.

WC: 1,690
I'm giving adequate time for Cayden and Mehra to return.
Note: As said before anything to do with Ebony Sector is my creation for Nar Shaddaa.
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  RE: Amacuse & Company: Forensis Universum
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Stop one: Abrae Surplus

"Missions?" Mehra asked, confused as ever.

"Ummm... classified.  All I can say, is that it isn't for the Vast Empire, and it's why I was in such a bad mood earlier.  Sorry about the way I acted before... I'm just under a lot of stress lately..." he said, setting his datapad aside.

"It's alright, sir... you were well-within your rights to react that way.  I was questioning the authority of a superior officer," she said, looking at the floor of the gunship.

"Mehra, under no circumstance is that the grounds for me to react that way.  Though, you two would probably benefit quite a bit from being isolated together," he said, smiling.

"No sir, you cannot leave me with her!" she said fiercely.

He chucked and said "Don't worry, I'm not... I have a different plan of action..."

"And what's that, sir?  Classified?" she asked, patronizing him.

"It's not, actually... how would you like to go on a little trip across the galaxy on my ship, the Etere Videum?" he asked, his smile getting wider by the minute.

She stared at him for a minute, then asked "Are you for real... sir?"

"Yes I am, Mehra.  I am 'for real.'  So, I take it that's a yes?" Cayden asks, smiling.

"Hell yeah, sir!" she said enthusiastically.

"Alright... I hope you know that Vanity will be coming along then..." he said.

Mehra stopped smiling, then asked "Is that wise, sir?  I mean, you'd be putting the lives of your crew in danger, sir."

"I know... but, it's my decision.  She needs to come and feel what it is to be part of something big... you both do," Cayden said, smiling.  "Is that alright with you, Senior Crewman?"

"Yes sir," she responded, not looking happy at all.

Good... my ship has a few rules.  One, being, all weapons must be checked in with the Quartermaster upon boarding... including mine.  Not even the security officers are allowed to carry weapons," the Master Chief said, holding his M-70 Semi-Automatic Pistol in his hands.

"Alright, weapons checked in with Quartermaster.  Anything else?" Mehra asked, leaning forward.

"Two, no fighting.  If there is any, I have to give the order to detain all parties in the brig for 3 days," he said, setting his gun down on the deck.

"No fighting, got it," she replied, smiling.

"And lastly, do not interfere with the main operations of the ship.  I worked long and hard to get the crew in tip-top shape, and I really would hate it if I had to crack some skulls because someone was reducing the efficiency of my crew," Cayden said, picking his gun up and putting it away.

"No interference, understood," the twi'lek said, nodding in acknowledgement.

"Good, now that we have that out of the way... no symbols of the Vast Empire are permitted on board.  All crew members must wear the symbols of their respective planets, the Etere Videum, and the Onderonian RAF on their uniforms.  Ship-wise curfew for passengers is 2200 hours precisely.  Violators will be locked in the brig for one night.  And finally, any attempt to sabotage the ship will result in you being sent to Onderon as a prisoner of war, tried, and locked away for 10-20 Galactic Standard Years.  Now, are we clear about everything?" he asked, smiling.

"Yes sir!" Mehra said, saluting.

"Good... ah, looks like we're at our first stop," he said, standing up as the gunship shuddered as it landed.  "Pilot, keep the engines running.  We shouldn't be too long.  If someone gives you the stink eye, don't hesitate to blacken it for them."  Cayden pressed the hatch button and jumped out of the opening side hatch.

Mehra followed him and took a step towards their first destination: Abrae Surplus.  "Sir, are you sure this is the place?" she asked, looking back at Cayden as he closed the gunship's hatch.

"Yes it is, Mehra.  I'd recognize it anywhere," he said, turning towards the store.  "Let's go see if they have what we need..."

The pair walked into the store and stopped, noticing that everyone around were staring at them.

"What are they staring at?" Cayden whispered.

"It must be your jumpsuit... you are on a VE world, sir," she whispered back.  "Not to sound disrepectful, but you do look kinda ridiculous, sir."  Mehra suppressed a laugh.

"Well, they act like they've seen a ghost..." he said, walking forward.

They walked towards the front counter and stopped when a large man stepped in front of them.  "Cayden, welcome back!  Last time you were here, you were just here to set up a purchase account!" he said, smiling.

"Drago, it's nice to see you too.  Listen, I need to make a supply requisition through that account," Cayden said, walking with Drago to the counter.

"How much?" he asked.

"3 months worth," he replied, leaning on the counter.

"3 months?  That's all?" the large man asked, confused.

"Trust me, Drago... this isn't the last time I'll be in here.  I'll be here every 3 months, simply because there is no one else I'd trust to give me food than you," Cayden said, smiling.

"Very well, I'll have the supplies transferred to your ship on the landing platform immediately," Drago said, pressing several keys on his command console.

"Thank you, Drago... see you in three months," Cayden said, walking away.  "Let's go Mehra."

The pair walked out of the store, and Mehra walked in front of Cayden and asked "And doing this will take up several hours?"

"Oh, heavens no... this was our first stop.  Getting the food was the easy part.  Getting the rest of the stuff will be quite a bit harder," he said, smiling as he opened the hatch on the gunship.

WC: 958
Lampy, you're up.  We are going to Abrae Weapons & Ammunition next.
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  RE: Amacuse & Company: Forensis Universum
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Mehra shook her head as the hatch closed behind them and the gunship took off. Cayden spoke to the pilot through the intercom.

“Abrae Weapons & Ammunition next.”

Mehra sat down, crossing her arms over her chest, rubbing absently at the scar that stretched from her clavicle to sternum, leaning her head back against the seat. She looked over to
Cayden, about to speak, when she heard a quiet clinking noise coming from the right sleeve of her jacket. She huffed in frustration, swearing under her breath as she removed her tight leather jacket, revealing a plain white tank-top and two matte-black metal vambraces attached to her forearms.

Both guards extended to her fingers, and wrapped around her middle and index digits in interlocking metal plates.  She felt something coming loose on the underside of the right arm-guard and could sense him studying the contraption as she fiddled with it agitatedly.

It made sense that he hadn’t noticed them before. She wore jackets or long-sleeved garments, and kept her hands concealed as a general rule. The metal also blended with the colour of her fingers and hands. No small coincidence. She spoke without looking up at him, far too engrossed in her bothersome task.

“Sir, not to be informal about this, but I don’t suppose you could tell the pilot to hurry the hell up, could you?”

“We’re not far now, so there’s no rush. Why? And what the hell is that?”

She looked up at him, wrapping a stray lekku around her neck and over her shoulder as she popped open the safety locks on the underside of her arm and pushed the metal plate away from her arm, slipping her hand out of the finger guard.

“Beskar vambraces with spring-loaded dart guns. Don’t worry sir, they aren’t loaded, but the spring in this one beginning to loose tension, so pieces are falling out of place, and the trigger is far too slow for my liking. I was hoping the weapons place here would be able to give me a few replacement springs, since we’re here. Maintenance is a real pain with spring-loaded weapons, and all the poking pieces of metal get to be uncomfortable, after a fashion.”

“Why are you wearing them?”

“Habit. These aren’t just weapons, and they certainly aren’t for show. They’re armor. I wear them at all times, because their useful for both defense and offense. I can block a punch and land a pretty solid hit on someone’s jaw, and I always carry sleeper darts with me as well, just in case. Nothing wrong with being cautious."

She smiled and pulled out a tiny dart filled with a clear liquid from her belt, holding it up for him to see. He took it and studied it momentarily before handing it back to her.

“Just don’t accidentally shoot me. I don’t have time for sleep right now. Everyone carries a weapon around here, but you still need to be careful. Weapons aren’t toys, you know.”

Mehra snorted before she could stop herself, covering her mouth in embarrassment as he looked at her with an expression of annoyance. He probably thought she wasn’t taking him seriously.

“No, sir, don’t misunderstand. I’m not laughing at you. I just… I’ve been around weapons for a long time now. You don’t need to worry about this accidentally ending up stuck in any part of you.”

“I hope not Frei. For your sake.”

She slipped the vambrace back on as the conversation fell silent and the gunship coasted to a stop. They got off, walking to Abrae Weapons & Ammunition.

A tall, skinny man with a pale complexion and seedy grin greeted them almost the instant they walked in, shaking Cayden’s hand warmly. Clearly Tavers was well known everywhere they went. The man shook Mehra’s hand, giving her a creepy smile as he did.

“Name’s Dax. Must be a lady of some importance to be with
Cayden here, eh? What can I get you this time, ‘ey Cayden? It’s been a while since your last visit! I’m scared to think of what you’ll be needing this time…”

“Yeah, yeah, leave her alone Dax. Just see what you can do with this list, right? The scanner and array systems especially.”

He handed Dax the data pad with their list of supplies. Dax’s eyes widened as he looked over the list. He tapped his own data pad, cross-checking with Cayden’s as he spoke.

“I know we’ve got the kind of ammunition your lookin’ for, but scanning and sensor array equipment like that? I’m pretty sure we don’t have anything as specific as all that. It wouldn’t kill you to be a bit less picky sometimes. That way I could actually help you from time to time…”

Cayden ran a hand through his hair, retrieving his data pad and looking less than pleased with the news. Mehra took this opportunity to butt in, stepping forward, looking charming and feminine for half a second.

“Well, thanks anyways. I’m sure he’ll find what he needs. He’s a very dedicated man, it seems. I just had one or two more requests. Do you have any replacement springs for a dart gun? Any length will do, since I’ll be cutting them to the specifics I need.”

“Sure, we’ve got maintenance gear. Is there anything else you’ll need?”

Mehra looked back at Cayden, who was grumbling and tapping away at his data pad. She turned back to Dax, speaking quietly.

“Yeah, I was wondering about a few other things. I’ve got a wrist vac that needs some extra blades, if you’ve got ‘em, and a wrist-mounted Featherweight FWG5 that I need some flechette pellets for. Also, a couple hundred empty collapsible dart canisters. Or just the regular ones.”

“My god, what on earth are you going to be doing!? Does Cayden know about all that?”

“I’m just stocking up for a long trip. Going with him and his crew to a few planets. Don’t like being unprepared, you know? Also, I’m paying for all of that myself, so you don’t really need to tell him. I’d also love to walk out of here with my purchases as soon as possible, if you can manage that.”

She smiled sweetly at him, knowing full well she’d have what she needed before they left for Abrae General.
No more than twenty minutes later, Mehra was nearly broke and walking happily to their next destination, carrying her loot in her leather jacket-turned-duffel-bag as she navigated the small crowd that filled the area.

Cayden walked slightly behind her, still agitated over not being able to get everything he needed.

“I can understand wanting to be prepared for our departure, but they could have put all that on the ship, you know. You didn’t have to insist on taking it with us…”

Mehra was humming quietly to herself, adjusting the fittings on her left vambrace when she happened to glance up, catching a glimpse of a pair of green eyes looking straight at her. Green eyes attached to the face of a man that she remembered all too well.


She stopped dead in her tracks, her heart racing and her finger balling into fists, fighting the overwhelming urge to run. A voice echoed through her head, a memory she’d been trying desperately to suppress.
“I’ll find you. That scar will always remind you that you can never run far or fast enough. I will find you.”

As he walked past her he dropped something into her jacket, brushing her shoulder as he moved on. Mehra was paralyzed, all senses cut off completely, until Cayden walked into her from behind, still talking and not realizing she had stopped directly in front of him.

She jumped and dropped her bag, starting to swing her dart gun up and around on instinct, but stopping herself before she found it pointed at the wrong person. Cayden Tavers, to be exact, who was staring at her with an odd expression. She looked behind him, searching the heads of the crowds frantically before gathering her wits and turning her attention to her spilled merchandise, which Cayden was already picking up.

“Shouldn’t stop right in front of someone like that, Frei. Causes accidents. I thought you said you only needed replacement springs? What’s all this other junk for?”

“Oh, uh… Well, I just needed a few other things. Stocking up while I can. Where’s the ship?”

Cayden pointed behind her, where ten feet away the gunship was waiting for them. Mehra finished picking up her things and hurried to the ship.

He caught up with her, opening the hatch to the ship as he addressed her.

"Are you alright? What was that back there? You were happy and chipper one minute, now you look like you've just seen a dead man."

She paused, feeling for the object that had been dropped on her jacket and pulling out a circular patch with a red border and one word sewn across it. Damascus. She turned it over, her thumb smearing some of the faded ink that spelled out two nearly unreadable words. Layla Tanbec

She looked up at Cayden before entered the ship, mumbling mostly to herself.

"He was supposed to be dead..."

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  RE: Amacuse & Company: Forensis Universum
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"He should have been dead?  What, are we frakking insane here?  How should be dead?" Cayden asked, surprised at her statement.

"No one... sir.  No one at all..." she quickly answered, getting on the gunship.  She saw him standing outside still and asked "Are you coming or what?"

"Yeah, I'm coming-" he started when a speeder pulled up to the MAAT and stopped.

A man wearing a similar jumpsuit to Cayden's jumped out and saluted him.  "Colonel," the man said, standing at attention.

"At ease, Major.  What're you doing away from the ship?" Cayden asked.

"The dock officers have requested to speak with the captain of the ship.  I told them the XO would have done just fine, but they specifically asked for you, sir," the Major said.

"Great... just what I need right now... apparently, the XO isn't good enough for them... alright, I'll go.  I need you to help Senior Crewman Mehra Frei

finish purchasing supplies for the journey, and take her back to the Tuk'ata barracks, is that understood?" Cayden folded his arms and looked at the man hard.

"Yes sir!" he replied, saluting.

"Good, now... Mehra, Major Skaara is going to be escorting you to Abrae General to purchase reactor fuel, then straight back to the barracks.  The ship shouldn't be grounded for more than an hour now, so when everything's finished there, I'll come over and pick you up," he said, smiling.  "I wouldn't want to leave you with Vanity too long, now would I?"

"I can take care of myself, sir.  I don't need an 'escort' to pick up fuel," she snapped back, folding her arms and turning away from him.

"Crewman, do you know what fuel I need?" Cayden asked.

She paused for a second, thinking, then said "The good kind."

Cayden smiled and said "Reactor fuel D-89G."

"Alright then, I can pick it up for you," she said, smiling.

"How much fuel do I need?" he asked, smiling again.

"Ummm... enough?  I don't know..." she said, defeated.

"200 tons of fuel.  Major Skaara is what I call 'quality control.'  Not just any old D-89G fuel is good enough for him... oh no, he likes the expensive kind... and hates it when I buy the cheap kind.  So, he'll be there only to make sure the quality of the fuel bought is perfect, and to put the purchase under my name," Cayden said, walking to the speeder.  "I'll see you back at the barracks, you two."

Skaara saluted and said "Yes sir, of course."

Mehra turned to Cayden and replied "Of course... sir."

Cayden smiled one last time before stepping into the speeder. The craft took off and began flying towards the landing platform.  "Damn, you could have waited a little longer, couldn't you have?" he asked sarcastically.

"Sorry Cayden, but there is a matter you need to attend to..." the pilot said.

"What's that, Ashley?" he asked, puzzled.

"Some of our cargo has.... escaped.  The disturbance at the platform isn't incorrect... but we seemed to have lost control of the situation," she said, handing a datapad over to Cayden.

"Lost control?  How could you lose control of gizka?  I mean, seriously?" he exclaimed, sifting through the datapad.

"Well, one thing is for sure... those damn genetic experiments performed on them worked.  They're immune to the standard gizka poison, and reproduce twice as fast," Ashley said, making a sharp turn at an intersection.

"Great... 'super' gizka... remind me again... why were we carrying gizka?" Cayden asked, confused.

"'To send them aboard one of Torti's Star Destroyers.'  I believe those were your words exactly?" she asked, proud of her near-flawless memory.

"Yes they were... damn... and we need a proper delivery system for the modified poison, right?" he asked, looking at the schematics of the platform.

"Yes... I was thinking maybe aerosol form, putting it into the ventillation shafts and distributing it throughout the landing platform.  Maybe We'll manage to knock out a hefty amount of them, then use the liquid form to take out the rest," Ashley said, handing Cayden another datapad detailing the plan.

Cayden read through the datapad and asked "Alright... and how are we going to lure them into one area to hit them all with the liquid?"

"Simple... we ses this," she said, tossing a loaf of bread into Cayden's arms.

Cayden smiled and said "This is why you're not only my XO, but my wife-to-be."

Ashley blushed and said "Cayden... you're going to distract me..."

Cayden smiled and said "Alright... but when we're in hyperspace, remind me that I owe you one."

She turned to him and said "You owe me like 28... but alright... it better be good too.  Not like last time, oh no... I didn't like that at all..."

"Aww... fine... I'll have something new when the time comes, you can be sure of that," he said, smiling and blushing.

"Oh, I know you will... that's one thing I don't have to worry about at all from you," Ashley said, blushing.  "That, and your unwavering loyalty."

"Yes, speaking of my loyalty... how's everything on Onderon?" the Colonel asked.

"We recieved a message while you were out shopping for supplies.  The Ruling Council would like to speak with you as soon as you can," she said.

"Alright, I'll just-" he started before being cut off.

"In person, Cayden.  They requested that you come to Onderon as soon as you could," Ashley said, looking at Cayden.  "I don't think you should go."

"Don't go?  Why not?" Cayden asked, confused.

Ashley signed, then handed him another datapad.  "Because of this," she said.

"What's this?" he asked, taking it.

"They call it 'the New Golden Age of Onderon.'  I call it the end of Onderon as we know it," she replied.

"They... they can't do this... I mean... what the hell was the war for, then?"  The speeder stopped.  Cayden sighed and asked "How much fuel do we have?"

"Not enough to make it to Onderon," she answered, opening her door.  "Come on... let's do our job here, then worry about that later."  She stepped out of the speeder and walked over to Cayden's door and opened it.

"Right... and that was?" he asked foolishly.

Ashley sighed and said "To contain the gizka problem?  Did you forget already?"

"Oh no, I didn't... I just love hearing you say 'gizka' repeatedly.  You make that cute little smile when you say it," Cayden replied, smiling and blushing.

Ashley made a move to punch him, but instead smiled and said "I bet you do... and for that, it had better be FRAKKING AWESOME..."

"Damnit... fine, it'll be 'frakking awesome.'  Let's get this problem under control," he said, getting out of the speeder.  He shut the door behind him and saw several Abrae security officers nearby, watching them.  "I wonder if they know the problem is our fault?" he whispered to Ashley.

One of the SOs walked over and said "You had better get this problem under control, Master Chief... or High Command will be demanding an explanation."

"Yes sir... now, if you would like to lend a hand, could you please evacuate the landing pad?  We're going to release a toxin into the ventilation system that should wipe them out.  Of course, it is also harmful to most sentients," Cayden said, smiling.  "You have 10 minutes before the toxin is released."

"Yes sir!" the SO said, saluting.  He waved his fellow officer over and both of them began rounding up everyone on the landing pad and escorting them off the premesis.

"Alright, now that the security officers are busy... where's that dock officer?" Cayden asked, looking around.

"You know... neither are the gizka, nor the dock officer, are going anywhere... we could... take a break..." Ashley said, moving closer to Cayden.  She placed her hand on his back and began rubbing it.

Cayden closed his eyes and smiled.  Yes... a small break couldn't possibly hurt... then again... these are super gizka... then again... he thought as he turned around, embraced her, and kissed her.

They kissed for a long time, until they quickly broke away as Captain Lisa Nivix walked into the area.  "Oh gosh!" she exclaimed, turning away.  "I'm so sorry, sir... ma'am.  I didn't know..."

"It's alright, Lisa... I didn't think a few minutes would have arroused suspicion..." Cayden said, blushing.

"No kidding..." Ashley quietly said.

"I take it the delivery system is ready then, Captain?" he asked.

Lisa straightened up and said "Yes sir, the aerosol dsitributing system is hooked up to the life support systems of the landing bay.  All we need to do now is insert the toxin and press the button."

"Of course, we'd all put on our bio suits," Ashley said, taking a few steps towards the corridor that Lisa came from.

"Right... lead on," Cayden said, smiling at Ashley.  "We'll finish this later, Lt. Colonel..." he quietly said to her, opening the door.

"Yes sir..." she whispered back, walking through the open doorway.

Lisa saluted Cayden and walked through the door.  The three of them walked down the corridor until they came to a hangar.  In the middle, the Etere Videum was neatly landed.  At the base of the ship, was the dock officer.

"You must be Colonel Tavers.  My name's Carl Reese.  I'm the dock officer in charge here.  I noticed that you seem to be taking care of the problem you started," Carl said, smirking.  "You know, this wouldn't have happened at all if you hadn't landed here, Colonel."

"Yes, and when I show you me VEN ID, you'll say otherwise," Cayden said, smirking back.  "Now, either help the SOs get everyone out of there that isn't in a bio suit, or get out of our way, because we begin venting in... 7 minutes."

Carl walked away, in the general direction of the security officers, as Cayden pulled a metallic tube out of a nearby crate.  "Install this on the distributing system.  Wait for my signal to activate," he said, handing the tube to Lisa.

"Yes sir," she said, taking the tube.  Lisa walked over to the distributor to insert the tube while Ashley walked up to Cayden and placed her hand on his arm.

"Cayden, shouldn't we put our bio suits on?" she asked, her voice full of concern.

"Yes, we should... make sure the crew are all wearing their suits and standing by," he said, grabbing her hand and squeezing it tight.

"Yes sir," Ashley said, squeezing his hand back.  She let go, walked onboard the ship, and began distributing bio suits to everyone.

Cayden walked over to Lisa and asked "How's it coming?"

"It's almost ready... I just need to... done," she said, connecting one last hose to the metallic tube.

"Excellent.  Go put on your bio suit and stand by for further orders," he said, grabbing the remote.

"Yes sir," Lisa said, saluting.  She walked over to Ashley and put on a bio suit.

Cayden walked over and grabbed a bio suit for himself, slipped it on, and look to Ashley.  He smiled, then pressed the button.

Green gas flowed out of the vents and began to quickly replace the oxygen with the toxin.  Cayden pulled out a scanner and noticed that the toxin levels reached their peak, and began to quickly fall as the distributor's built-in vacuum began sucking it all back in.

"Alright, crew... let's all search the place.  Top to bottom.  I want every last gizka located, recorded, and disposed of," Cayden said, taking his helmet off when the levels hit zero.  "After that's done, get the ship ready for departure."

WC: 1937

One long freaking post that took almost 4 days to write... but worth it...  Lampy, get back to the barracks on the double.  I need Avalar to get back into this.  I will return in my next post.

Good luck everyone... cause the next posts will be filled to the brim with fun...
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Mehra remained at the entrance to the gunship, her arms crossed and her mouth drawn into a thin line as she watched Cayden leave in the speeder. She looked up at Major Skaara, her new babysitter, with an expression that conveyed her less-than-satisfied attitude at the change in the situation. It was obvious to anyone who was observant enough that she was far from calm and collected. Her tension level was through the roof

Not that she particularly cared if CAYDEN went with her, but she greatly disliked the implication that she couldn’t do something as easy as buying fuel on her own. He could have told her what fuel was needed and it would have been no different…

She turned to Skaara, who was standing at the door to the ship, waiting for her to go in first. He stared at her for a second, before breaking out in a beaming smile. Mehra extended her hand, letting him clearly see the dart gun mounted on her wrist. He took the proffered hand and shook it, the smile on his face never once wavering.

“Major Skaara Calfan. Chief Navigator of the Etere Videum. Pleased to meet-“

Mehra tightened her grip and pulled the Major closer to her, cutting his sentence short as she examined every facet of his appearance. Blonde hair, deep green eyes, and that ridiculous grin. He was attractive, to say the least. His face was open and friendly, which was something she immediately liked about him. Skaara’s eyes shifted awkwardly as she studied him.

Finally, she released his hand and stepped into the gunship without a word. She liked him enough… For now. She’d have to forge a friendship with at least ONE of the crew members under Cayden’s command, and this was as good a place as any to start.
Skaara spoke to the pilot while Mehra slumped in her seat, scrounging through her bag for the Damascus patch. She pulled it out and studied it closely, absently pulling out a loose thread.

Skaara sat down as the ship took off, turning to Mehra with that silly grin again.

“The flight over shouldn’t be long. 20 minutes at best. If I were flying, we’d be there faster… I can fly anything, and I can fly it well.”

“No wonder you work for Tavers…”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothin’. Just talking. I’m a little distracted today.”

“Anything to do with that patch? Can I see it?”

Mehra handed it to him, biting her lip in thought while he studied it, turning it over in his hands, then passed it back to her.

“Where did you get it?”

“It was lost a long time ago… An old friend recently returned it to me. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed it until now.”

“Old friend? Was it yours?”

“Yeah, just an old friend, and no, it wasn’t mine. It belonged to someone who is dead now… ”

Mehra let silence fall, not wanting to give away too much to someone she hardly knew, friendly or not. Her hand move unconsciously to her scar, fingers feeling the ruined flesh that was permanently numb to any sensation.

She was in her ship, the Damascus, screaming a distress signal into the ship’s radio.

“This is the Captain of the ship Damascus. We’ve crash-landed in the Nightlands.  Out of my 12-man crew, all but two of us are either dead or infected. We’re going to quarantine the ship. If anybody can hear this, please, send help!”

It was dim in the flight room. One light bulb remained intact, and its light fought valiantly through the smoke clouding the room.

Controls sparked intermittently and sirens blared weakly through her senses. She felt blood running down her face from her temple, and her head was reeling with pain. Lor, The pilot of her ship, lay slumped over the controls, neck snapped from the impact of the crash, with blood flowing from his crushed skull. Blood covered the floor and was splattered across the walls and lighted control panels.

She covered her mouth, trying not to vomit. The smell of burnt flesh hung heavily in the air, and the cloud of smoke that filled the room made it nearly impossible to breathe or see clearly. She felt blindly for the blaster that Lor kept in a holster on his thigh.

She got a grip on it and brought it around in front of her, turning just as she was pushed back into the controls by another body.

Her blaster went off twice before the hand holding it was slammed down onto the control panel, dropping the weapon with a cry of pain as her wrist snapped under the pressure.

She looked up at her attacker, meeting a pair of blood-shot green eyes on the face of her second-in-command, Kierran Vel Aath. His clothes were covered in blood, and she guessed not all of it was his.

He bared his teeth at her, snarling in her face as he forced her into the panel underneath her.

“Every death on this ship is your fault, Layla. I will see this finished before you kill me too.”

She kicked and pushed at him, trying to create a window for her to escape or injure him. She remembered the knife in her belt and struggled frantically against him to grab for it, to be able to defend herself. He anchored his weight against her free hand, keeping it pinned to the console, and yanked the knife out of her belt.

“This is for my sister…”

For what felt like an eternity, the knife hung in the air, flashing in the dim light before slamming down into her chest and shattering her collarbone with the strength of the downswing. Kierran smiled as he dragged the blade nearer to her heart. She could feel her throat going raw as she screamed, but heard no noise. Her chest was on fire.

The whole scene began to shake violently, disorienting her as sound and sight fell away and disappeared as she blacked out.

--End flashback
Mehra came out of her dream with a sharp gasp, one hand pressed firmly to her scar, the other digging into her seat in a death grip. The ship jolted hard as it landed, and Mehra nearly fell forward out of her seat. She felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up at Skaara, who was eyeing her with worry.

“Are you alright? You were thrashing around in your seat so badly, I thought you’d fall out of it for sure.”

He offered her a hand out of her seat, throwing a nasty towards the pilot, mumbling something about being able to fly the ship in a coma and still make a smoother landing.

“I’m fine. Thank you for your concern, but I’m fine, I assure you.”

Mehra ignored the hand and exited the ship hastily, remaining mostly silent during the time it took them to buy the fuel and return to the ship, with only the occasional word to the Major when he asked her a question or spoke to her.

They returned to the gunship an hour after landing at Abrae General, and once back on the ship, Skaara made every effort to get her to break through the barriers of her stormy mood. Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t be unhappy around the Major, and they talked the entire trip back to the barracks. Despite Skaara being a useful distraction and her recently purchased spoils that she planned on toying with as soon as she had the time, she felt the dark cloud looming just beyond the borders of her present good mood.

They reached the barracks and entered, finding Vanity standing in the kitchen area, looking up as they came in.

WC: 1,287
Ending is a little crap, but I couldn't think of a proper ending that would set up Avalar for her next post.
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  RE: Amacuse & Company: Forensis Universum
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===== Bridge of the Etere Videum =====

Cayden stood on the bridge, looking out the viewport as his crew finished sweeping the spaceport.

Ashley walked into the bridge and said "The final team reported back.  All gizka are counted for."

"Good... prep the ship for departure.  As soon as you can, take-off," he said absentmindedly.

"Cayden... you alright?" she asked, resting a hand on his shoulder.

He turned to her and smiled.  "Yeah... I'm alright... the sooner we get started, the better," he said, sighing.  "Well, I'd best be getting our passengers."

"You sure it's still a good idea, taking several VE pilots out on a joyride through the galaxy?" Ashley asked.

"No... but, then again, what's a good idea these days?  I have to work with these people, and if they can't trust me to have their backs on a cruise, how can

they trust me in the heat of battle?  No, this has to happen..." Cayden said, giving Ashley a hug.  "It's just too bad that you'll have to get off at


"I know... but, duty calls.  We're still soldiers, after all," she said, smiling.  She issed him softly and said "You had best be leaving."

He smiled and kissed her back "Yes ma'am," he said, smiling.

They let go, and Cayden left her on the bridge.

===== Tuk'ata Barracks =====

The speeder landed in front of the squadron barracks and Cayden smiled.  Good... they're all here... well, time to make my entrance and get them all onto

the ship
he thought as he climbed out of the speeder.  He walked into the building, and the first thing he heard and saw was Mehra and Vanity arguing

about something pointless.  He smiled as he walked over to where Skaara was standing and asked "They been at this the whole time you were here?"

"Yes sir... all fifteen minutes," the Major replied, sighing.  "Did you take care of the little problem, sir?"

"Yes, Major Calfan... the gizka will no longer be a problem," he said quietly, smiling.  "Alright... time to end this little argument..."  Cayden walked down

the corridor to his room and grabbed his modified wrist blaster.  He loaded a tranquilizer dart into the secondary chamber and smiled as he heard it click

into place.  He walked out into the hall and leveled it at Vanity.  He pulled the trigger, and the dart flew out and hit Vanity in the side of her stomach.

Vanity looked at where she got hit, pulled the dart out, and said "... Frak..." before she crumpled down, unconscious.

Mehra stood there, bewildered.  "What the hell just happened? she asked.

Cayden walked out into the main room and said "I put her asleep, Mehra... I figured that you would have been happy with the method I chose, and that this

argument had gone on long enough."

"And what gave you the right to do that, sir?" she asked, throughing that last 'sir' on there to mock him.

"Rank... that's all I need at this point.  Grab your things, Mehra... we're leaving now," he said before a hand grabbed his shoulder.  "What the-?"

He was turned around, and saw that he was facing Rocket.  "YOu know, Cayden.. that wasn't a polite thing to do," he said, smirking.

"Yes, well... I've been doing things I wouldn't normally do today..." Cayden tried to explain.

"Well, at any rate, I'm glad the arguing had finally stopped.  So... where you two going?" Rocket asked, curious.

"Mehra, the unconscious Vanity, and myself will be taking a little tour of the galaxy," he said, grinning.

"Do you mind if I come as well?" Rocket asked.

"Yeah, we could always use one more person to join us," Cayden said, smiling.  "Major Calfan, grab Vanity and her things and place them onto the speeder. 

Mehra, grab your things your taking and get them on the speeder.  Rocket, you should do the same."  He walked back into his room and grabbed a small bag

laying on his bed.  He shut the door and locked it behind him and smiled as he walked out of the barracks.  "Alright, everyone... load up!"

Everyone threw their things into the speeder and climbed in.  Cayden sat down in the pilot's seat and said "Everyone strap in... it's going to be a rather

interesting ride!"  He took the speeder up into the air and began making a beeline for the landing bay.  The speeder shook hard as it accelerated to

dangerous speeds in the atmosphere.

"Colonel!  I'm gonna suggest that we slow down a bit!" Skaara yelled over the roar of the engines and the shuddering of the speeder's exterior.

"Nonsense!  She can handle it!" he replied, pushing harder on the accelerator.

The speeder began to increase in speed and altitude as it raced towards a distant dot in the sky.  The dot grew rapidly until it resembled a blue/white

Gozanti Cruiser hanging in the air above the landing bay.  It began to decelerate as it stopped underneath the cruiser.  A hatch opened up underneath the

ship, and the speeder quickly slipped in, the hatch closing behind it.

Cayden exited the speeder and stood on the deckplating.  "Welcome onboard the Etere Videum.  The passenger and crew quarters are on the level above

us.  Your rooms have been already selected for you.  You may place your things in there if you so wish.  All weapons will have to be checked in with the

Quartermaster, 2nd Lieutenant Tamran Overnage.  You will also have to go to the medbay on the 2nd deck and get checked out by 2nd Lieutenant Lorianna Coral

before you can come onto the bridge.  We will be departing Abrae in 10 minutes.  Any second thoughts about being here nad better be stated now."

"Sir, what about Vanity?  You brought her here against her will... shouldn't we wait until she wakes up?" Mehra asked.

Cayden gave Mehra a quizing look and said "Vanity has been deemed a risk by her Academy Instructor, and has to go on a live-fire mission with him to prove

her mental and emotional state."

"A risk?  You just figured that out?  And you passed her?!?" the twi'lek yelled.

"I passed her because I knew that I can help her!  I need you onboard with this, or else you will be going to that prison I mentioned earlier,

is that understood, Senior Crewman Frei?" he asked, getting very irritated at this point.  She didn't respond, so he repeated "Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir..." she said, defeated.  "Just keep her away from me."

"Fine... but you two will be working together on this adventure of ours, otherwise it's the prison for you two," Cayden said sternly.  "The rest of you, get

to your quarters.  We leave in 5 minutes."  Cayden walked out of the cargohold and onto the bridge.  "Lieutenant Holgor, status report?"

"The ship is ready to go, sir.  Just say the word, and we're a-go," 2nd Lieutenant Wolf Holgor said, turning to face Cayden from the navigator's chair.

"Excellent... get us out of the atmosphere and begin the jump into hyperspace," he said, sitting down in the captain's chair.

"Yes si- Ummm... sir, scanner is picking up a ship heading right for us.  No VE or Onderon IDC," Wolf said, concerned.  "Should I sound battlestations and

raise the shields, sir?"

Cayden stood up, looked out the viewport, and smiled.  "Negative, Lieutenant.  They're slowing do-"  He was cut off by the impact of ion cannon fire from the

approaching ship.  "Damnit!  Status report, Sergeant Heckmann!"

Staff Sergeant Dela Heckmann pressed several keys on her console and said "Sir, engines, shields, weapons, and hyperdrive are all offline."  She took another

look and noticed that there was something breaching the ventral hangar.  "Sir... we're being boarded."

Cayden turned around and saw the ventral hangar doors slide open.  He grabbed his sidearm pistol and readied himself for whatever came onboard.

WC: 1315

Alrighty you guys... I know it's been forever since I've been around, but... we're in space!  Also, Stewart... you are cleared to engaged.
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===== E-9 Exporer class- "Unfriendly Gift" =====

Stewart-Power put an a hand on the seat in front of him.

"Good job Nav." He said to the occupant of the seat, as he stared out of the view-port.

"Are you sure we should board with all of their systems intact?" Jiss ed the occupant of the seat, Navigational Officer Rissa.

Had it been from anyone else, Thel would of reprimanded them, but seeing as how the Officer in question was a Trandoshan, and the hissing was merely a by-product of the speech patterns of that race, he let it go.

"Relax Rissa." Thel said re-assuringly, "Gunnery Chief, set blasters to stun"

As Thel listened to the Gunnery Chief's response, who was also Trandoshan, as he set his own blaster, a StarSlasher carbine, to stun.

He lined up at the boarding ramp flanked by His Gunnery Chief and his Security Chief. He also listened to the Security Chief go over a last minute equipment check.

Once they were ready, Thel called to his Navigational Officer, who was doubling as helmsman, to open the door. With a shower of sparks the boarding umbilical opened the unwilling hatch.

As soon as it was open, the two Guards rushed in, firing the blasters, and stunning everyone in the rooms. Thel waited at the door until the two highly trained guards repeated this for every room and corridor in the ship, until the entire crew was subdued.

===== Etere Videum =====
Thel watched as Cayden awoke bleary-eyed from in the chair he was tied to. Thel waited to see if the ship's, that he had just acquired, captain would speak before the Mon Cal did.

After waiting a minute or so, the young human finally spoke.

"Wh... Who are you" the man said to one of the still blurry figures.

"I'm The Captain of the ship that just boarded you," Said one of the other blurry shapes "In case you'ld like to know, your entire crew is safe, including two Vast Imperial pilots, one of whom we had the stun several times." The figure paused before continuing. "But, if you want a shorter answer, I'm a good friend."

As the words came out of his mouth, Thel could tell that he had timed them perfectly. Cayden had just fully woken and now recognized his captor.

"Stewart! How did you get here?..." He looked around him, realizing his position. "Uh... Stewart?"

"Let him go" Thel said as he motioned his Security chief forward to untie the young captain.

"Thanks... I guess." A nearly awkward silence passed before Cayden spoke again. "So, why?"

"Because," Thel responded enthusiastically "I wanted to give you a show."

"A show of what?"

"A show of what you new additions to the crew can do, and of your new ship!" As he left Cayden to ponder that, Thel radioed to his Gunnery Chief, "Release the rest of the crew, though be careful of the one we had to stun multiple times, I believe she goes by 'Vanity'"
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  RE: Amacuse & Company: Forensis Universum
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She was sick of being put out.

One minute she was awake, and the next there was someone trying to put her back to sleep. Sleep. Awake. Why couldn’t everyone just leave her state of being alone? It was beginning to make her angry (not that she wasn’t already angry).

Vanity was awake again, feeling slightly nauseous because of the mix of stunning substances. Her stomach threatened to cough up the food she had eaten not long ago, but she controlled it. Why exactly such substances were affecting her stomach rather than just her head, she did not know. Whatever the reason, she wished it would stop.

Her attention turned to the human male standing not far from her, turned away in fact. She was laying on a bed, presumably hers, in what was, presumably, her room. She wasn’t stupid. Vanity knew a ship when she saw one, even if she had been tranquilized before being kidnapped here. There was one person she knew to blame: Cayden. There had to be something against him taking her here against her will. Of course…. the trip could allow her to take care of her one goal. One positive to take over the negative. She’d have to tough it out.

Slowly, because she was still feeling nausea flooding her senses, Vanity sat up on the bed and eventually stood. It was at this time that the man turned to look at her, “So I see you’ve woken up,” he was a very serious-looking man wearing what was obviously an Onderon sort of uniform. First Cayden and now this man, “I am Major Avery Jones. Call me Major Jones. I am your guard for the duration of this flight.”

“My guard? Oh isn’t this lovely?” Vanity replied sarcastically. Her eyes scanned the small room, “And why do I require a guard?”

“My orders were given by Cayden for his reasons alone.”

“Right. Well maybe you should leave now before I make you leave.”

“You try such a thing and you will be detained,” and she could see that he was already braced for anything. Vanity sighed. Her head was swimming still and, despite trying to keep her anger, she knew that trying to take down the Major was not a good idea in any way. For once she accepted that she was powerless.

“Fine. Where am I allowed to go? Or have I been ordered to remain in these quarters for the rest of my life?”

“You may only go to certain designated areas,” he said, straightening slightly, “These areas are your quarters, the bridge, the cargo hold, the med bay, and the refresher. You may not go anywhere without my presence.”

“I thought that last part was assumed Major,” she spat acidly, “I love being treated like a prisoner here. Kidnapped against my will—”

[Attention all passengers, please brace yourselves as we are entering hyperspace.]

She barely had time to register what that would mean for her in her condition until she felt the jolt of the ship going at speeds beyond any normal human perception. Spots dotted her vision, and she laid herself back down on the bed. The Major seemed to ask if she was all right, but she slapped his hand away from her. At least, she was fairly sure it was his hand, but her eyes were closed and covered by her other arm.

Several minutes passed before her body stabilized itself. Once her head began to stop spinning, Vanity slowly sat up, the Major still staring at her in a somewhat concerned fashion. It bothered her. She wanted to get out of this secluded place and have a word with the infamous Cayden.

“I’m going to the bridge,” Vanity said as she stood up carefully. Major Jones watched her carefully as she went to the door and then exited her quarters. He followed her closely, but she didn’t care anymore. As long as he wasn’t bothering her, it was meaningless. Her mind was too blurry to care, an unusual predicament for anyone that knew her well.

Vanity stumbled down the hallways. If people were looking at her, she ignored them, as usual. The Major did come to an advantage though during her march to the bridge. He knew where he was going whereas she did not. Now instead of her walking ahead of him, he walked ahead of her until they got to the bridge.

There was Cayden, standing off to one side of the room. She found that the rage she felt towards him was able to somewhat break through the shroud of sickness that enveloped her. Now she could be seen marching over to the Onderonian, fists clenched and shoulders tensed.

“Hello Va-”

“Save it. Why the hell am I on this ship?” her eyes bored into him, threatening to harm him.

Cayden smiled. "To take a little trip, Vanity. You've been both depressed and aggravated, so I made the decision for you to take a small trip away from the Navy."

"You decided to make a decision for me?!" her voice was slowly getting louder, "Who said it was in your rights to do this? Who said I wanted to 'take a little trip'? Who said this would make me any better?!" behind her the Major seemed to brace in case Vanity decided to pounce on Cayden.

"I am your ranking officer, both here and in Vast Imperial space. You had best get used to the Chain of Command, because such outbursts will earn you a night in solitary confinement," he said, holding his ground. Cayden walked over to the Major and whispered something in his ear. Vanity closed her eyes for several seconds. The anger pulsed through her veins like life blood, as always. Cayden went from being happy-go-lucky to a total jerk. It only proved her point further. No one was the image Korinth had tried to make them out to be. More proof that she was right.

Cayden walked back over to Vanity and said "Come with me." He exited the bridge and walked down the corridor. He stopped and looked back to see if she was following him.

When he beckoned her, she followed, grudgingly, but she followed nonetheless. Now they were making their way back up to, what she eventually figured out, were her quarters. He stepped inside and waved her in. Vanity reluctantly obeyed.

Cayden shut the door behind him and asked "What the hell is your problem with me, Vanity?!? I have tried to be as nice as humanly possible with you. Yes, my drugging you and kidnapping you wasn't the nicest of things, but I had good intentions! If it wasn't up to me, you would have washed out of the Academy. Hell, I was the only one who supported you passing, even if you did shoot me down! So, if you can give me a logical explanation of why you don't like me, please do so now!"

The outburst was so sudden. Vanity had been shocked into silence. This was a first for her in a long while. Her lips were parted slightly, as if she had every intention of saying something, but her mind was drawing a complete blank. There were angry words to say, but now the sickness had washed that over because of the new confusion. Once again, she was sitting on her bed, now staring at the floor.

"What? No smart mouth come-back? No reason at all? Just... cause I saw a little good in you? Because I saw that you are a gifted pilot who, with the proper motivation, could become an astounding fighter pilot? Because I saw you as an individual instead of a statistic and decided to give you a chance in a real squadron? All that I have done has been to help you, never to hurt you. Even this, drugging you and kidnapping you, was to get you out of the barracks. Though, I'll admit, the second attack didn't help... that one wasn't me at all, I swear. But, I did everything to help you. I did everything to try to help you fit in. I just want to know why in the hell you hate me so much?" he asked, crouching down on the floor in front of her.

Her eyes locked with his, and she could feel unfamiliar feelings welling up inside her. Images of her past flashed into her mind. "It's not just you, Cayden. I hate the world, and the world hates me. That's how I lived, and that's how I live now. Everyone is evil. There is no good in any of us. Good does not exist," images of Korinth began to burn in her brain, but she rejected him. She would not let him win, "Maybe you should have failed me then. Then you wouldn't have me to deal with," her voice was empty and defeated. The sudden lack of fight was not typical of Vanity. Ever.

"I'm not the world, Vanity. I'm just one person... one person who wants to be your friend, if you let me. The whole may seem like it's evil, but it's not. Sure, people in power are evil, but if you look into the average citizen's heart, there is a good chance you'll see something good looking right back at you," he said, smiling. He grabbed her hand and added "And failing you was not an option for me, Vanity. I passed you because you had a lot to offer the Vast Empire. Sure, you shot me down, big deal... not like that hasn't happened to me before. But the way you did it was unlike anything I've seen in a long time... not since I flew the skies over Iziz two years ago. You have a talent in the cockpit, Vanity... one that can't be ignored. And, if you let me, I'd like to be by your side when the shooting starts." He rubbed her hand gently, then asked "Why do you hate the world?"

"The reasons are my own," she felt her guard go up when he grabbed her hand. Vanity pulled it back from his grasp with such strong force. Her confused feelings were beginning to make sense again as anger slowly washed back up, "I choose not to tell what I choose not to tell!" Images in her mind. What they had done to her at Nar Shaddaa. Vanity felt the shudder in her body before she could stop it.

Cayden gave her a confused look, then sighed. "Alright... if you want to ever talk, I'll be down the hall," he said, standing up. He walked out of the room, leaving Vanity alone by herself.

But before he could leave, Vanity spoke up, "You're from Onderon?"

Cayden stopped right outside the door and said "Yes... I am from Onderon... why do you ask?"

"... I'm from Onderon too. I haven't seen that place in a long time though...." she trailed off.

Cayden turned around, surprised. "You're from Onderon... too?" He leaned himself against the doorway to prevent himself from falling and said "You haven't seen it in a long time... hmmm... I don't know if that'll be possible for a while. The entire planet is a disaster. Iziz is in near ruins. Judging by your age, you're aware that there has been a civil war going on, am I right?"

"I.... wasn't there for most of my life. I was born there... I... moved.... later on..." Vanity half-lied, "But I do know of it. I definitely know of it."

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