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Topic:  Extraordinary Circumstances Discussion
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  RE: Extraordinary Circumstances Discussion
April 8, 2010 04:05:36 PM     View the profile of Havock 
I know I know, Oh god its her again. Deal with it

Quick Reference Huzzah:

All squads are together and we all have the same objective. Get to the mainframe. The mainframe is on the 4th floor, the very top of the building. We are currently on the second floor. You don't need me to do the math do you? Anyways use the stairs and get ready for a at the Alamo stand off once we arrive.

You do not need to use EVERYONE in your post. Try to focus on yourself and maybe one or two other people but don't think anyone expects you to cover everyone in your posts. We are a rather large group.

By the time the squads reach the 4th floor the SL's + resistance should be there too.


Craven = Current head of Horn Telecom. Former Pirate, good with numbers. He has long black hair, a very long black beard and an eye patch. He also likes Ale for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Krista = Slicer, she was trying to hack into the companies mainframe and accidentally (due to the SL's intervention) set off the failsafe. We don't know why she is so interested in hacking the mainframe, but its probably something interesting.

Gunner = Head of the resistance, was undercover with the militia guys until he left to join the resistance. Militia guys really hate this dude.  With the squads, but he knows better than to talk much

Vlad = Also in the resistance, in charge of the resistance peeps with the SL's.
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