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Topic:  Nazgul - Vacation?
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  Nazgul - Vacation?
August 13, 2009 10:03:02 PM    View the profile of Hunter-Morrell 
Ok guys. Figured it was time for a new story since the EPC is shut down. Its going to be something many of you have never done before. This time, the story is going to be totally up to you. I'm just asking that you don't take it too far out of hand and that you keep it over 400 words. Without further ado, let me present to you Nazgul's new "unofficial" story.

Hunter was standing in front of the expansive viewport on the bridge of his CR-40 Consular Cruiser, staring out into the stars, when he sensed the approach of someone. Turning his head, he saw one of the comm techs jogging over to him.

“Sir, we have just received an incoming transmission. Its urgent. I suggest you take it immediately.”

“Ok. I'll take it here.”

Striding over to where the holo projector was, Hunter clasped his hands behind his back as he waited for the holo to come through. A few moments later and a fuzzy image appeared before him that quickly solidified into Denethor, the Naval Executive Officer. Snapping off a salute, Hunter lowered his hand as Denethor returned it.

“Sir.” Hunter said, giving a curt nod, “You need me for something?”

“You could say that, yes. We have a new mission for Nazgul Squadron. Atrasin is unreachable at the moment so we turn to you. It isn't so much a mission as a vacation. We have received evidence of some recent civil unrest on the planet Xenzi. Its a small planet on the outskirts of Vast Empire territory. It isn't under our control just yet, but we're hoping that if Nazgul can find the source of this civil unrest and quell it, it may open up negotiations between us and allow us to station a garrison on that planet.  Like I said, this isn't a real mission so you can treat it as a vacation of sorts. Nothing too serious, but it has a potential to be very valuable. So try your best not to screw this one up.”

“So how are we supposed to get there?”

“You and the rest of Nazgul are to hitch a ride on VSD Relentless which is to be heading towards that area on a mission. Head back to Abrae ASAP and meet up with Nazgul. Be on board the Relentless by 2200 hours  tomorrow. Good luck. Oh, and one more thing. You've been promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer. Congratulations.” Denethor finished up with a nod, his image dissolving as the holocam feed was cut.

All Hunter could do was grin as the news of his promotion sunk in. He was a Master Chief Petty Officer, and was now one of the highest ranked non-commissioned officer, which was quite an accomplishment. Shaking his head in silent joy, he turned to the bridge officers who were all staring at him.

Grinning, he said, “Well, you heard the man. Time to head back to the Abrae. As soon as we arrive and disembark the ship, you all may have shore leave. For as long as you want. Consider it my gift to you.”

His spirits at an all time high, he turned and walked off the bridge, whistling a tune with a spring in his step.

WC: 480. Alright guys. This is now totally up to you. I may jump in from time to time, but its mainly in your hands. You can move the story along whenever you want. I expect some communication so that you don't mess up someone else's post with your own. Now, post you slackers, POST!!!
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  RE: Nazgul - Vacation?
August 16, 2009 9:59:15 AM    View the profile of albinostorm 
Albino was quite cheerful at the news of this new mission he had received over his comlink. If it was of little enough priority to send over a wireless device then he knew it would be good. They had all been ordered to take leave.   

Albino bundled his few non-VE clothes together and took care to include just one ceremonial VE uniform in He then took a second and third bag, none of these bags were very large, but all slotted together to make a large bag.   

In one he placed his blaster pistol, slugthrower, ammunition and all his 'Ablutions' gear, toothpaste and the like for the non-military types. He also Very delicately put an ornate leather and silver belt in, on top of which he placed a scabbard with an extended falchion in. 

The last bag was lined with an insulating material and a few jets. In this Albino flung a bucket of chunks of bantha meat, He closed it and pressed a large red button on the side and some hissing was heard. After a few seconds he gently kicked it and found that it was solid. A carbonite freezer bag. With a satisfies smile slotted the other two bags on top and extended the handle. 

Albino wheeled the bag out to the balcony, where a Dactillion waited with a smaller backpack containing the expensive mission devices placed nearby Albino patted the waiting animal then folded the handle down and separated the 3 cases again. The first two he lifted onto the back of the animal and reconnected with ease. The third one, with wheels, he struggled to lift and slide into the waiting winged lizard. once the deed was done, Albino connected the last box and secured the three with a couple of ropes and slid on the backpack. 

The Dactillion turned and growled at the large weight of the combined man and luggage, wondering why such a small box was so heavy. despite the protest, the creature wobbled forwards and dropped off the balcony, swooping upwards and easily compensating for the weight gain. As the couple darted along the large Dactillion made lazy snaps at any nearby bite sized birds when he finally caught one he was met with a reaction from Albino, who was blinded by feathers to the face "Bana!"

The landing crews swiftly moved out of the way as the mount landed and slowed to an ungainly walk. The officer on deck noticed this and cautiously walked towards the couple shouting orders to stop and identify. Albino athletically jumped off and lazily tossed his comlink to the officer who appeared to take insult at the lack of being saluted. After viewing what he needed to (Albino had the order he had just received on the screen) He frowned and strode up to Albino, who had 2 of the 3 boxes on the floor. Albino swiped the comlink out of the officer's hand which obviously angered the man. Albino then took a deep breath and swung the last box out, which landed on the officer's foot with a crash and a crack. All of the men present seemed to stifle a giggle, even Bana seemed to be smiling. 

Albino then took the reins of the Dactillion in one hand and the compound suitcase in another and started to the door. The officer who had clearly lost it with the upstart pilot screamed out his disapproval of the lizard moving inside the building, to which Albino replied with a bellow and a raised hand, not even bothering to turn his hand 


He would receive a lot of punishment later, but for now, he was felling very self confident at his insubordination.   

Albino led the Reptile through the military spaceport to the shock and awe of many, and a few challenged him, too. these that challenged him were met with the words "taking it away" as Albino reached the lift up to the docked ship, he grabbed a nearby worker and asked if there were any animal cages, the worker replied with a finger which Albino followed to a large durasteel zoo cage. Albino bid his apologies to his pet and plonked him in. He used a grav sled to float the caged animal to the worker who politely accepted the cage like he had a choice, and albino entered a different lift up to the ship

732 words

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  RE: Nazgul - Vacation?
August 17, 2009 12:06:13 AM    View the profile of Drac 
Exercise does a fellow good. Good way to relax, too. Drac thought to himself as he kept up a fast jog on the running machine. Sure, it would have been easy to take a nice, long swim instead. That wouldn't change his open-air stamina any though. For that, he needed to run in real conditions. Everything was different above the water's surface...weight, balance, muscle groups used, everything. It was all good, though. Running like this actually made for a nice change, albeit with the added discomfort of beathing in the dry shipboard air at an increased rate. That was sufferable, and he'd long ago gotten used to it.

Ten minutes into his jog, Drac felt a buzzing on his hip. Setting the machine to stop, he pulled his datapad from the pouch he kept it on. A mission profile came up. Taking a quick glance around to ensure he was still alone in the workout room, Drac entered his access code. It was just text, rather than holo, but getting a message from the Naval XO was still a shocker. It read:

Recipient: Petty Officer 1st Class Dracule Mihawk
Sender: Captain Denethor
Re: Mission NS-00124

Content: Petty Officer, you are to report to Master Chief Petty officer Hunter-Morrell onboard the Relentless before 2200 hours tomorrow. Nazgul has a new mission of sorts. Gather your flight and pack for a vacation. You will be on Leave for this operation. Your XO will brief you further upon your arrival.

Also, congratulations on your promotion to Chief Petty Officer.

-Captain Denethor
Naval Executive Officer

A vacation, huh? I'll believe that about as much as I believe this datapad can shoot down my Avenger. We never get an easy job...well, there's always a possibility. I'll try to treat this like a normal vacation, except with weapons. A lot of weapons. Shaking his head, he turned the machine back on. As he began jogging again he muttered, “Well, if I die at least I’ll die a rank higher. That’s comforting…yeah, and Quarren adore us.”

Two hours later Drac was running a final check on his equipment. Knowing that Hunter was out of the system for a while, he’d finished the last five minutes of his exercise routine before heading for his quarters. A cool shower to refresh his body and a short meal later, he began to pack. Most of the clothes he chose were civilian, but two uniforms disappeared into a duffel as well. One was a standard flightsuit, still showing his old rank insignia. The other was a dress uniform featuring the same emblem. Ah well. I can get that changed afterward.

The weapons the Mon Calamari chose to bring along made up his standard ground combat set, plus a little extra. Two combat knives, the DC-15, and his satchel of grenades were joined by his E-11, DL-44, and the SatSkar sword he’d so recently learned to use. Various and sundry other items joined this equipment, including his toiletries. It didn’t take long to pack, which left plenty of time to manage the rest of his duties.

Settling himself before the built-in console gracing one wall of the quarters, Drac shot off a message to the rest of his Flight…currently consisting of Albino. Eaglle and Qayla had been reassigned, along with a couple other members of the squadron. Four Flight had been closed as well, providing the Mon Cal with a not so new wingman. Albinostorm was back in place as Nazgul Ten, a situation Drac was more than pleased with. Albino was one of the sharpest pilots he knew, and a pleasure to fly beside.

Done with the task of notifying his Flight, the Chief Petty Officer switched his screen over to an official administrative server. Navigating to the appropriate section, he entered his identification number and password. Once in, he confirmed the start of his Leave and scheduled his flight plan to the Relentless. That done, he stood and stretched. Then, grabbing his gear in one hand, he left his quarters enroute to the private spacecraft hangar. Since the mission was Leave, he’d take the Krakana over to the Relentless[i/] and hope he got to bring it along when they left. The E-wing was pure joy to fly and fight in and the Mon Calamari took every opportunity to take advantage of the firepower it held.

When he arrived at the hangar, Drac was pleased to see his ship ready for takeoff already. He stowed his gear quickly, then waved the on-duty technician over, “What’s the status on my ship? Weapons, fuel, the works?”

“Yes, sir. Full loadout of sixteen proton torpedoes, laser cannons serviced and lubed, engines checked, fuel tank topped off, and systems tested. She’s as ready as we can make her.”

“Thank you, Crewman. Dismissed.” Drac saluted and turned to the ladder leading into the snubfighter’s cockpit. He settled in, buckling the various straps, closing the canopy, and activating the main systems. The preflight check went well, with both engines showing green. Ready to go, he activated the com, “This is E-wing VE0263 requesting permission to depart. All systems are green.”

“E-wing, this is Flight Control. Request checked and cleared. You are clear to launch. Good flying, pilot.”


Some hours later Drac snapped off a salute to Hunter as he met the Executive Officer aboard the [i]Relentless
. The action felt off, wrong somehow when performed in civilian clothing. The contrast between the unfamiliar fit of the tunic and leggings and the familiar weights of the two combat knives and blaster pistol was unsettling. Hunter noticed the uneasy expression, “Think of it as just another uniform, Drac. One that doesn’t match as well, but that’s beside the point.”

Smiling, Drac shrugged, “We all have our habits, I guess. So, what’s the situation?”

“We’re being sent to a planet called Xenzi. There’s not much there, and we don’t control it yet, but there’s some civil unrest going on. Command feels that if we can get rid of that minor problem we might gain the system for the Vast Empire. It’s important enough to matter, but may not be heavy in combat. We won’t know until we get there.”

“So they’re sending us on a diplomatic mission?” Drac eyed the other pilot incredulously, “Who in the world recommended us for that? This is going to be absolutely nuts. I can just image what our squadron’s going to show up with. I brought my E-wing along for the ride, but that may be tame by comparison. Can’t you just imagine Albino carting that lizard of his in here like it’s expected?”

Word Count: 1,100
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  RE: Nazgul - Vacation?
August 22, 2009 12:59:16 AM    View the profile of Rocketman1167 
Rocket woke up from his power nap of three hours to find that his comlink was ringing; he picked it up and opened the text that he received from the XO. The text said that they had a new mission but not a mission like the others he had before this one was a vacation the Higher Ups thought would be a good idea for some reason that they were thinking. Rocket went to go to the mess hall to grab something to eat before he had to start packing for the upcoming mission. When he gets to the mess hall he notices that only one person from the squad was there he could not tell who it was but he knew that it was Nazgul. Rocket goes over and gets a sandwich from the dispenser. He decides that the mess hall is not the best place to eat at this point in time because of a dispute between two pilots that was getting pretty intense and decides that it would not be wise to get into another fight on a ship. Rocket starts to head towards the hanger and remembers that he could not use his Avenger for this mission.

I wonder if that mechanic was able to get my old Tie Fighter from Viper. Well that’s a thing I can check on at this time.

Rocket starts to head to the hanger to see if he can find the mechanic that works on his Avenger to see if he was able to get his old fighter. When Rocket gets to the hanger he notices that there is only one person that is on the hanger deck and it happens to be his mechanic.

“Yes oh it’s you again come to tell me how to do my job again.”
“Well no I haven’t I had a question for you.”
“Really now well go ahead and ask.”
“Do you know what happened to my Tie Fighter when I was assigned to Viper Sqaudren?”
“That is a good question that I can’t answer at this point in time, but I will check into it for you.”
“Thank you for the help, oh and one more thing good job keeping my fighter flying.”

With that Rocket left the hanger and headed to his room to start packing for the upcoming mission that he was going to embark on. When Rocket gets to his room he packs all of his weapons and then packs his civilian clothes the he will wear and three of his uniforms that consist of one flight suit, his dress uniform, and a work uniform. He also packs all of his toiletries, and a couple of books that he is free reading, and all of his information that he has on his father.

Well I can finally review my information that I have collected on my father maybe I can find out where to look next for information on him.

Rocket is satisfied that all of his equipment is packed and starts to head towards the hanger to get a ride to the ship.

516 Words
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  RE: Nazgul - Vacation?
August 23, 2009 7:42:16 PM    View the profile of Crashdown 
Kristof sat at a table in his orbital apartment, contemplating what to make for afternoon meal. Life was different for him the past couple of months, a life of retirement from service in the Imperial Navy. Where before it was wake at 0600, review paperwork, sign documents, attend meetings and briefings, submit his report, and return to his on base quarters by 1800, the life of an Officer. Now he was able to sleep in, lounge around, wonder, eat real food, and then repeat.
He could not help but think back to the surgery he had a few months ago, at the beginning of his retirement. Call it being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it killed him and saved his life at the same time.  It was a distant memory to him, but there were facts he could remember.
Kristof, then a Private, was onboard a galactic transport, recently retired from service in the Vast Empire Stormtrooper Corps. It was a simple transport, going to who knows where.  He was looking to take the transport out to wherever it was going and retire at its destination. He does not remember much of the trip, to which the Doctors that were there when he woke up told him was because he blacked out. They did not know what caused it, but his Cyber-Brain had shorted, causing his neural pathways to block all signals from his host conciseness.  He did not know exactly what they did to resolve this, past what they told him. He was told that the doctors used parts from an Imperial Naval Droid to repair his Cyber-Brain, and that it included the part that controlled the conciseness of the person. They said nothing more than that, and not knowing what that meant confused and somewhat angered him.

He glanced out the window, gazing down into space, staring downward towards Abrae.

The Door bell went off, and Kristof stood up from his chair and went to answer it.

“Hello.” The man said. He wore a strange uniform, one that Kistof did not recognize.

“Hello, and you are? Kristof asked.

“Petty Officer First Class Robert Mesa, Sir.”

“From what department?” Kristof said, going off the assumption that the uniform was not one of a combat-oriented NCO.

“Internal Operations and Affairs, I was sent to deliver these documents to you.”

“They could not have just been sent through secure Holo-Net?”

“I was instructed to ‘Hand-Deliver’ them, and get a signature.” The Petty Officer said, as he handed Kristof a data pad and stylus.  “Please sign on the line.”

Krisotf took the data pad, and signed it as asked. He then handed it back to the Petty Officer.

“Thank you, here the documents you requested.” The NCO said.

“That I requested?” He questioned.

“Yes, Sir. The requisition order is marked back a good while, but the files were collected and I was instructed to deliver them to you.”

“Right. Then I guess I will take them.” Kristof said, and accepted the documents.

The Petty Officer saluted, to which Kristof returned the salute, and went back inside his apartment.
He took the documents over to the table, and opened the packaging. He read them over, but did not recognize any information that was listed on them. Then, strangely, in the time it took him to blink, his mind shifted and instantly he knew what the documents pertained to.

"It will take some getting used to; eventually I will phase out though and cease to exist"

Kristof grabbed his sidearm, and looked around the room.

“Who’s there? Show yourself!” He said to the voice. He looked around the room, but saw no one.

"I am not out there, you can put your sidearm away" the voice said.
“Who are you? Why can’t I see you?”

"I am in your cyber-brain. They put me into your brain during the accident. You have all of my memories, and knowledge. Placing my cyber pathways and devices into your brain repaired your Neural Interfaces"

“… so then … I have a droid in my head?” he asked, confused.

"Yes, I am C-3PX2. I was on the ship, and they needed the parts, I was done with them anyways"

“What do you mean ‘done with them’?”

"I was a Second Lieutenant in the Imperial Navy, but I had recently retired. I do not know if you know what retirement means for a droid, but it is not as pleasant as your retirement has been. I was to be shut down and scrapped for parts"

“I am so confused.” Kristof said, and sat down in his chair.
"With time, I will phase out and my memories will merge with yours, along with my knowledge. It will be seamless and you will not notice that they are not actually yours. You should be happy, everything I working out for you right now, Lieutenant"


"I said you got all my memories, and knowledge. Some of that information is classified and restricted to Officers of the Navy. Since we are merged through the cyber-brain, you are now a Second Lieutenant in the Vast Empire Imperial Navy"

Kristof stood up, and walked towards the window.

"I have taken the liberty of contacting the proper people within Internal Operations and Affairs, they have put the paperwork through and modified databases. All of this is current and true. You have all the duties and privileges of a Lieutenant in the Imperial Navy" the droid voice said.

“What about my retirement, you said duties, has my retirement been terminated?”

"Yes. You are schedules to report to duty by 0800 tomorrow morning. You are to be placed into a squadron and perform duties there"

“Great…” He said, still unsure of what he was just told.

Second Lieutenant Kristof O’Neill stood at his apartment window, staring outward towards Abrae, wondering what would happen next.

980 Words
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  RE: Nazgul - Vacation?
August 23, 2009 10:48:36 PM    View the profile of Rocketman1167 
Rocket decides that it would be better if he met someone from the squadron before he took off to the Relentless since he had awhile before he was supposed to be there he decides that it would be a good time to do a  check over on his weapons to make sure that they worked before he left because he could not afford to have one of his weapons not working because it would just cause problems after looking over his weapons he decides that it would also be a good idea to hit up the target range before he left to make sure that he could still hit targets. On his way to the range he passes two people in a heated argument over the specs of a Tie class fighter. Rocket stops and sees if he can settle the dispute between the two. He finds out they are fighting over withier missiles are better or lasers are better after they exchange a few words he calmly says that it does not matter on the weaponry it depends on the pilot in the fighter, because if you are facing an ace than it does not matter what you throw at him, he can still get away from both of them if he knows the specs of the fighter he is in, and the distance of the weapon being used against him. One of the pilots asks that if it was lasers it would be harder to dodge than a missile. “True but you can still use maneuvers to away from lasers just as easy as a missile, so in my option it does not what weapons you use it’s how you use your fighter in battle, because if you have a decent idea of your fighter you can easily use that towards your advantage.” How do you know this for sure asks one of the pilots? Well because I have seen battle and dodge plenty of things that have been thrown at me does that answer your question? It does thanks. After that Rocket decides that he can get some sleep in the hanger until he received further orders about where to meet the rest of the squadron.

Well that was eventful at least I ended a argument which would have probably turned into a fist fight because people do not know how to keep their cool on a ship in the middle of space. I wonder if those pilots will survive the mission they will problem get sent on, and hopefully use the information that I gave them to help them in that mission, because I know what happens when you don’t know a lot about the enemy and can’t figure out what to use against him in order to stop him from shooting you done instead, I can’t believe I have survived this long without being as good as my enemy. I guess it just was luck or maybe it was something else entirely that I would have no understanding about. (Sigh) Well I guess that I think too much for a pilot in my position. Well I need to get focused at the task at hand and hurry up and get to that hanger so I can get some more sleep before this mission starts, because I know that this mission is going to be an interesting one that will problem be filled with a lot of confusing things that I will not understand about until I think about it at the end of the mission. Oh well at least I know that they consider this to be a vacation that will problem be an interesting one at that.

As Rocket reaches the transport hanger he finds a couple of stacked crates and decides that this would be the best place he can find some sleep before this mission goes down, with that he sets his datapad to wake him up in three hours.

658 words thought the argument would be a good idea.
There are many things about the force we do not know it still requires more research
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  RE: Nazgul - Vacation?
August 25, 2009 1:16:26 PM    View the profile of Slasher 
----= Slasher's apartment =----

A young (looking) and heavily scarred Falleen male stands bare chested in the middle of the training room in the Apartment, a very worn punching bag in front of him. normally this would have been the room used to entertain visitors, but Slasher felt that it was more important that he have someplace to train, so he had removed all of the furniture and such which had been put in place for the purpose of entertaining, and had prepared the room instead to be his training area.

Immediately upon entering the apartment, a visitor would see on their right a wall full of various types of low tech, but clearly lethal, weapons. To their left would be a series of training devices, some designed for punching, some for kicking, and some designed for training with the aforementioned weapons.


Slasher's left arm slowly extends, as he makes the motion of a punch he checks his body to make sure that it is being correctly executed, and also carefully listens to the signals his body is sending him to make sure that he is not straining his body to much.


Just as slowly the other arm extends, passing his left arm which is returning to a defensive position, hitting the target in precisely the same spot that the first punch made contact.

Looks like I've still got it...

Slasher closes his eyes momentarily, and then suddenly his body explodes with motion, throwing punches with blinding speed, he delivers punches to what would have been the vital organs had the target been living. Each punch lands with unerring accuracy, and after a couple minutes of this, he stops, breathing lightly.

Slasher's head turns as he hears something beeping in the other room, and he listens as his 3PO unit moves to respond to the noise, and predictably, a couple seconds later he hears the voice of his protocol droid,

"Sir, you have a message waiting on your datapad from the Wing Commander, "

"Very well 3PO, would you please ready my uniform, I will probably need to report back to base, a pity really, I had been hoping to get some training time in so that I could get the chance to do some hands on teaching at the academy once I'm reinstated as the Training XO."

Walking over to where 3PO had placed the pad on the table in the small dining area, Slasher began to read the message:

TO: Senior Chief Petty Officer Rorran Gorma
FROM: Captain Denethor
SUBJECT: New Orders

Senior Chief Gorma, effective immediately, you are being recalled from shore leave, report to the VSD Relentless no later than 2200 hours tomorrow, information regarding assignment will be provided by one of the Flight Leads in your squadron.

Senior Chief, in light of recent events, and due to changes taking place within the squadrons, the 4th flight of Nazgul has been closed, and you have been removed as Flight Leader. You are reassigned to first flight, with the designation Nazgul 1-3, you will report to Master Chief Hunter-Morrell, and Ensign Atrasin.

Also, it has been decided that Master Chief Hunter-Morrell will continue to hold the position of Training Executive Officer. The Academy Staff is currently full, and therefor the Empire does not need your service in that area anymore.

Loyalty, Honor, Courage

Captain Denethor
Pheonix Wing Commander

Placing the datapad back on the table, Slasher stands up, heading to his sleeping quarters within his apartment, as he enters, he addresses his 3PO unit,

"3PO, before you pack away the uniform, I need you to make a couple of alterations, remove the Flight Leader and Training Executive Officer insignia, and leave behind the NCO Dress Uniform entirely. Also, send a request to the base supply center for an Enlisted Dress uniform, let them know what insignia and decorations need to be placed on the uniform."

"Yes sir,"

----= Abrae, Vast Empire Naval Base Landing Pad =----

Slasher steps onto the Landing pad, making his way quickly over to the shuttle that would take him and the rest of Nazgul up to the Relentless. Entering the shuttle, he quickly takes a seat among the various Navy Personnel heading up to the Destroyer, and straps in, he does not speak to anyone.

Once they are in transit up to the destroyer however, he can no longer avoid it, as Master Chief Hunter-Morrell motions to him to follow him back into the cargo area. Once they arrive Hunter turns and begins to speak to him.

"Alright Slasher, what the hell is going on?"

"Master Chief?"

"You and I both know that something is bothering you, spit it out."

"What are you talking about?"

"This is not the Slasher that I know, What happened?"

"I'm old, I am no longer the top of the pile, and command has left me behind. I've been shot down one to many times,"

"Nonsense, you are one of the best pilots we have,"

"Don't lie to me, there is lots of up and coming talent in the pilot corps, and there are plenty of pilots who aren't coming off of a long time of restricted duty because of combat injuries. Command has closed my flight, I have only a couple more months left before my enlistment is up, I'm going to finish out my time and retire. I've been passed over for promotion a number of times, and it has gotten to the point where any career moves I will be making now are either going to be static, or backwards. What the empire needs is good, fresh combat pilots, not old, broken down, former Flight Leaders."

"Slasher, you were in your prime, and you were one of our top aces, you're going to just throw that away?"

"There is the key Master Chief, the key is "was" I was all those things, but I'm not anymore. I'm one ejection, one injury, away from being grounded as a starfighter pilot, and assigned to larger craft, or not assigned as a pilot at all. I'm becoming obsolete, and pretty soon I will be retired, like all old things are."

"Slasher, Nazgul won't be the same without you."

"Master Chief, there was a Nazgul Squadron before I enlisted, and there will be a Nazgul Squadron after I am gone."

"So when are you going to retire then?"

"I do not know, but I will do it before I am completely useless."

Hunter sighs, "Is there anything I can do to change your mind?"

"I do not know, Permission to return to my seat Master Chief."


Hunter turns his back on the forward compartment, lost deep in thought about what to do about Slasher.
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  RE: Nazgul - Vacation?
August 27, 2009 1:00:21 AM    View the profile of Dairy 
"Please, M'lady..."  She eyed him with curious suspicion before taking his hand and walking down the ramp.  Blond curls bounced in a loose bun on the back of her head while the dress she wore wrapped elegantly around her.  From the dress alone one knew that she couldn't be military- especially not that dress, Jasper thought to himself as he caught a glimpse of her legs in the slip.  She was a fairly modern, fashionable, and flashy girl, though.  Either way, dressed in light red, she stuck out like a sore thumb.

"Thanks," she said, turning to look at him more fully.  Jasper seemed to notice and spoke up-

"Oh!"  He chuckled-"The name's Crane, mam."  She smiled in her cute way and replied-

"And to what do I owe the pleasure of such chivalry, Mr. Crane?"  Jasper again laughed to himself before saying-

"Perhaps a simple explanation?"  He lifted a dark brow and grinned, noting quietly to himself that the rest of the passengers had departed from the transport already.  "That is, why we have such a beautiful civilian on board."  Now she was smiling, and by god was she strangely addicting.  She was pretty, yes, but in a peculiar way.  "I was under the impression," he continued," that the Relentless wasn't in the habit of allowing non-military personnel."

"Ha!  Most civilians, Mr. Crane- most civilians."  She seemed to become suddenly aware that she had to be somewhere and said- "Let's walk and talk!"  Jasper's features lit-up at this and he replied-

"I'd be delighted!"


"So technically I shouldn't even be speaking to you?"  This brought a look of feint horror to the woman's face as she exclaimed-

"No! By all means, I'm just like any girl, but I suppose it might be wise, indeed, for you to keep an eye out for my father if I should ever see you again."  They'd been walking for some time, he realized- his pleasant little jokes were a bit more time consuming than he'd realized.  "My, my..."  She started to say, a look on her face that suggested his charm had worked with fascinating potency- "You got me to talk about myself for nearly fifteen minutes," she paused," and yet I feel as if you've taken me to some fine restaurant..."  Jasper smiled sheepishly and continued to the doors of her quarters, where he set down her fairly heavy pair of luggage.  "How will I ever look back upon this without kicking myself for not asking you more questions, you fascinating gentlemen..."  This was more than a smile now, and Crane was more than aware of it, but he kept his cool and replied-

"You won't, mam- you can ask me after you request that your father find out what squadron I'm in; perhaps you recall my name and rank?"  He crossed his arms and returned her rather intent gaze.  Then she nodded her head in a variety of directions as if to say- "I suppose you're probably right," and said-

"I should hope that he will be willing to help me."  This means it's time to go, huh?  The look in her eyes said "yes." 

"Very well, mam- it was pleasure making your acquaintance."  He took her hand lightly and leaned in, God, this is pushing it, kissing it ever so gently before standing back-up to his full height and turning on a dime back toward the other end of the hallway.  Don't look back, don't look back...  As he rounded the corner he caught the reflection of the woman that he now knew to be named "Lehnah" in the glass of a local office: she looked breathtaken.  Jasper grinned like a fool and returned to the hanger to find out where he would be meeting his first squadron.  Probably the same types that I ran into at the academy, he thought but shrugged it off.  Then, as if on cue, a chirp sounded that Crane didn't altogether recognize.  What in...  Oh- this stupid thing.  Freeing the datapad of it's clasp, he held it close and studied the screen for a moment.  "Nazgul at 0200?"  Odd name for a group...  Replacing the device at his hip, he took note of how many times he'd thought something was strange in the Navy already; perhaps strange is quite usual around here, he concluded.  He would have to reserve judgment on the other pilots for now, though; not everyone could be like the fools at the academy.  Forget it.  He sighed, smiled and began his march to the hanger bay.  All in all, things had started pretty well for Jasper Crane.

(Good to be writin with you folks; don't actually know if any of what I wrote will make sense in the end, but maybe we'll be able to tie it back in with some twist, lol).
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  RE: Nazgul - Vacation?
August 29, 2009 5:04:00 PM    View the profile of Slasher 
Slasher looks around as he disembarks from the shuttle which brought them to the Relentless, it had been a long time since he had been on board a VSD, but since almost every ship is designed the same, he takes very little time to find his way from the hangar to the Enlisted Barracks.

I wonder what this mission is going to be like... I'd hate to die on some far off planet just a couple months before I'm supposed to retire, that would really suck.

As he arrives at the Barracks, Slasher finds his way over to the bunk which is going to be his and he begins to unpack the few belongings that he has brought with him from his apartment.

It has been a long time since I have been able to wake up and live on my own schedule, I have lived on the Empire's schedule for a long time, and I was hoping that it would give something back to me eventually...

Slasher considers placing his uniforms in the storage units which are provided for that purpose, but knowing how short the time he will be on board the Relentless is going to be, he just leaves them in the carryall he used, and shoves that into the storage unit.

As Slasher sits down on his bunk, his wingman, newly re-activated Senior Crewman DR, enters the barracks and makes his way over to Slasher.

"Slash, looks like I'm your new wingman"

"it would appear so..."

"What happened after I went inactive?"

"Well I really can't reveal to much as far as what went down, because I don't actually know what occurred. I was pretty quickly taken off the flight line because of the injuries which I had sustained during the mission to Anoat."

"That sucks, I was moved into a reserve unit for a while because of the problems I had with Skrat. Whatever happened to that reptile anyway?"

"He disappeared following the mission."

"No way, tell me what really happened Slash."

This guy really does not know what he is getting into, he better drop this

"Senior Crewman, the Official Vast Empire records indicate that Skrat disappeared following that mission, that will be all on that subject understood?"

DR shrugs and turns to his own bunk, unloading his equipment and settling in for the trip to their destination.

Turning back toward his own equipment, Slasher picks up his blaster and begins to strip and clean the weapon, making sure that everything is working correctly before reassembling the weapon and slipping it back into the holster which is at the end of his bunk.

As he begins to lay back he hears the ships comm sounding.

"All hands to Battle Stations, We have received a distress call from a group of freighters, they are under heavy attack, and we are moving to support them, Fighter pilots man your ships."

DR looks over at Slasher from his own bunk and says,

"Dang it, we're gonna be going into combat and we don't even have the capability to engage them in fighters. What are we going to do?"

"I'm not sure... This is gonna be interesting."

As they are sitting there wondering what the heck to do, a 2nd Lieutenant who was newly assigned to the squadron in the second flight third fighter slot, with the designation Nazgul 7, one 'Crashdown' according to the information file Slasher had looked over earlier, came into the barracks and said,

"Come on you two, move it! We're at Battle Stations, find something useful to do."

"Copy that Lieutenant!"

Just throwing in a little curve, as I am liable to do from time to time. We are unable to get to any fighters, find a way you can help out aboard the ship, and do that, this is a good opportunity for some CD for your character under a combat situation where they are unable to fight back the way they are used to. Have fun.
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  RE: Nazgul - Vacation?
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Well, this was unexpected, thought Darian.  I guess I’ll take control of a turbolaser, not much else to do.  Darian spotted an unoccupied turbolaser and thought, Am I really going to take control of a turbolaser that is probably supposed to be manned by someone else?  Then his mischievous side took over.  Of course I am!  Darian went over to the seat, took quick glances in all directions, and sat down.  He looked through the sensor, scope, or whatever you wanted to call it.  Oh dear, he thought.  There were 2 MC80 Star Cruisers firing upon the freighters, along with the 240 total starfighters that came with them.  This should be good.  Those ion cannon people better take care of the Cruisers though, otherwise neither the freighters nor us will last long either.

    Darian took aim at a fighter, but the fighter’s pilot seemed to know he was aiming at it, and just got out of the way.  Darian aimed following it around, and, when the pilot hesitated for a split second, Darian fired upon the X-Wing, which promptly exploded in a flash of light.  It’s definitely not easy compared to a fighter.  At least in a fighter, you can work in three dimensions to take your target down.

    After struggling to take down three more fighters, Darian had an idea.  He lowered the turbolaser down, as if getting up, but he just stayed looking at the sensor.  A couple of X-Wings came near, the pilots thinking it was an unmanned turret that couldn’t harm them, and were about to fire upon it so they wouldn’t have to worry about it at all.  But Darian was one step ahead of them in the game.  They were in a perfect line for Darian to quickly aim up at one, fire, go to the next one, fire, and so on, until all five were destroyed.  I am so smart,[i] thought Darian.  [i]I have already downed nine fighters without ever having used a turbolaser before.  Darian took aim again, and had no trouble downing eleven more fighters to make an even twenty.  He even destroyed a few Y-Wings.  Darian couldn’t help but shout, “Ha haaaaaah hah hah,” as a laugh of victory, even if it wasn’t a great victory.

    Darian took aim again, but there were no fighters around.  Maybe the guns on the MC80s are far away, but at least I can see them.  I should be able to take out a couple, if with difficulty.  So Darian shot at the guns on the cruisers, and while it was indeed difficult, he did actually manage to hit a few.  Darian took a look up in the aiming reticule for no particular reason, and… “Oh,” he muttered aloud.  He ducked out of the seat, and right in the nick of time too, for if he had delayed one second more,  he would have been killed by the blast from the proton bomb from the Y-Wing that destroyed his turbolaser.

    Well, that was fun, thought Darian.  Maybe there’ll be another unmanned turbolaser somewhere, either because nobody claimed it, or because the person firing was killed but the laser itself wasn’t destroyed.  Darian set off to find this hopefully existent turbolaser.

WC: 536.  Have fun helping to get rid of the 200 or so fighters that are left, as well as the star destroyers.  Although the Relentlesses fighters might take care of that.  Darian's just not quite smart enough to figure that out.  He actually thought it was ion cannons that would do it.  So did I, for a sec .  Surprising, since he and I are both quite smart >.> .
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  RE: Nazgul - Vacation?
September 2, 2009 3:47:00 PM    View the profile of Rocketman1167 
Rocket feels someone nudging him as he groggily tries to wake up, as he looks around to try to get his bearings he looks at the person that woke him up and finds out that it is just a technician and asks him why he woke him up and finds out that the shuttle that he was waiting for had arrived and that it was about to leave and starts to run to try to get on before it takes and turns around and yells a thank you to the tech that woke him up. As he pulls up to the cargo hatch he asks the people that are moving things who is in charge so he can talk to him. One of them points to a man standing at the bottom of the hatch trying to light a smoke. He starts to walk over to him and pulls out his lighter and offers it to him and the man which had a insignia that he did not recognize and asks him if he has any room left on the shuttle, the man asks if Rocket was a pilot and he said yes. Than you can be my copilot during this trip because the one that was supposed to help me is not here as you see so put your bags in the cockpit so we can hurry up and get to the Relentless so I can get some sleep and not work for a couple of days said the man. As Rocket is walking to the cockpit he notices that the XO is on board and someone else that he did not know. Rocket starts to walk to the XO so that he that he can see if he knows anything more about the mission. Sir (snaps off a salute and waits to it is returned until he drops his)
“Congraz on the promotion Sir.”
“Thank you Crewman nice to see you.”
“You to Sir I hope that this mission goes well and do you know anything more about the mission.”
“Not at this time and Rocket do you know when this bird is lifting off?”
“I do Sir it will lift off momentarily once all of the supplies are on.”
“Okay that will be all.”
Sir (snaps off a salute and hurries to the cockpit so that he runs the pre-flight checks.)

When Rocket gets to the flight controls he notices that it is similar to the Tie class fighters but different at the same time.

Thank god I took a class at the academy about flying shuttles and got some flight time in too, and also how to pilot this better in combat too. It’s been awhile though well if he goes down than I will just let the pilot take over.

“Hey kid”
“Yes uhh?”
“Yeah that’s right my rank yeah sorry I don’t go around in uniform because I go to a lot of planets that don’t exactly like the Empire, yet alone the military in general its Petty Officer Seconded Class but it’s still sir to you though.”
“Than we ready to leave Sir.”
“Yeah we are but we are in hurry because the Relentless received a distress call about a couple of fighters that are in trouble so let’s get to it.”
And with that Rocket activates the engines and lifts off the planet and jumps to hyperspace.

565 words needed to figure out a way to get on the ship quickly.
There are many things about the force we do not know it still requires more research
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