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Zharyn's Profile Information
Callsign: Zharyn  Send a message to Zharyn
ComNet Rank: ComNet Initiate
Avatar: Zharyn
Division(s): VE - Imperial Navy
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: October 21
Date Joined: March 26, 2006
Last Active: May 30, 2006 at 2:01:19 PM
Number of Posts: 176
ID Line: FM/SCRW Zharyn/Aegis 3-3/Wing I/mSSD Atrus/1VENF/VEN/VE (=*A*=)
Biography: Name: Cailis Kaz
Callsign: Zharyn
Age: 22
Height: 5'8
Weight: 146 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Place of Birth: Corulag

Physical Features: Small scar on left forearm from a vibroblade tournament on Corulag and a small birthmark on left side of neck that looks like a seven-sided star

Personality: Cailis is shy and reserved, cool and calculating. He likes to be in control of the situation and covers every contingency to make sure it doesn't get away from him. He thinks things through thoroughly before making a decision. This does not hinder his ability to act on impulse or out of reflex, however. He chooses his friends very carefully, and these people are the ones he fully trusts. If one is worthy enough to be trusted by him however, they will find him to be a valuable ally. His trademark is a stare that seems to pierce into the very core of its recipient and examine what is there. Many have gotten this look from him, and few have forgotten it easily or shrugged it off.

Service Record:
Joined the VE on 3-26-06
Promoted to SCRW after passing the Aviator's exam with distinction on 4-19-06
Officially graduated from Flight School on 4-25-06
Assigned to Aegis Squadron (Aegis Ten) on 4-25-06

History: "I was born just after the rise of Emperor Palpatine, about three years after the Clone Wars ended. I am the only son of a Republic Intelligence officer, Sarn, and his wife, Thelissa. When the Republic became the Empire, my father stayed with the new Imperial Intelligence and claimed he was a loyalist. However, the Empire seemed to keep an eye on him; then again, they were watching all of us. When the Rebellion arose, we moved to Imperial Center to avoid the uprising on Corulag, but we had to leave my mother behind. I do not know what became of her. My father continued to serve unwaveringly, and assisted greatly in the capture of many Rebels and other criminals. Sadly, he was killed in the line of duty just before the debacle at Endor. He died an honorable death, and his dying wish was that I continue the fight and enlist at the Academy. So I'm here now, after years of studying and learning, continuing his legacy and honoring him through my service to the Empire. Now I'm in Aegis Squadron, flying a gunboat, at least partially serving that wish that was made so long ago..."

~Cailis "Zharyn" Kaz~
FM/SCRW Zharyn/Aegis 3-3/Wing I/mSSD Atrus/1VEF/VEN/VE (=*A*=)
Aegis Ten- Flying under the command of a furry rodent man
Hail to Mountain Dew
Fire is my friend
Reader of Sun Tzu
Navy: Accelerate your Life
A "Shazam Success Story"

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