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Callsign: Shiric  Send a message to Shiric
ComNet Rank: ComNet Novice
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Division(s): VE - Imperial Navy
Gender: Unknown
Species: Human
Birthday: July 14
Date Joined: April 14, 2006
Last Active: December 7, 2008 at 3:28:38 PM
Number of Posts: 42
Web Page:
Biography: Name: Anaine Dryker
Callsign: Shiric*Pronounced as Sh-ay-rick*
Race: human
Gender: female
Home Planet: Coruscant
Age: 19
Height: 1,45m
Weight: 60kg
Hair: Waist length jet black blair
Eyes: Mismatched: left green, right blue
Other traits: A rogue tattoo on the palm of her left hand,

Born as the third child and first daughter to Rakin Dryker and Ganlena Dryker, Anaine was the pride and joy to the family due to various reasons, her excellent display in academics and very mature nature. Till the age of twelve, she was expected to follow her father's footsteps to politics. Everyone thought so except Anaine who began to despised her family's snobbish manner as she grew older. They were part of the upper class of society, considered aristocrats even and mingling with the less privileged classes were considered an insult to the family name and heritage. Of course Anaine did not think so and went against the family code.

Shortly after her twelfth birthday Anaine got lost in the city, her wanderings took her to the backwater slums of the city where not even local authorities dared to venture for a stroll. Without any means of contacting her family she was forced to overnight on street. For two days she had to survive, but it was in those two days she realised she didn't belong to the Drykar familie's snob idealistic ideas of life and joy, how could they live in prosperity ignoring the cries of the underfed? How could they deem their self so sincere? She met with a boy slightly older then her who felt pity for her due to her (by this time) ragged and torn clothes, puffy eyes and all the symptoms of a lost girl and took her in.He introduced him self as Lenrax. They became tight friends in a matter of hours.

Anaine was returned to her home shortly following Lenrax's directions. But it wasn't the same anymore and Anaine longed to part of Lenrax's world. A world as he described it which was full off adventure, swoop racing and causing chaos, freedom for Anaine. For the next year and a half Anaine kept sneaking out in the dead of the night to join with her newfound friends. Her loyal yet reckless nature and cunning wit were traits the Black-13 gang were famous for, of which Lenrax was a member. They initiated her on her thirteenth birthday deeming the number thirteen a sign of good luck. Most of them were not quite sure whether she could and should be accepted and made her go through their tests loyalty. She passed. This is also where she was nicked Shiric, signifying her new start. A nick she would keep for years.

Living in aristocracy during the day, and at night as a peasant rebel, taught Anaine both sides of life as well as sides of the galaxy. She knew her parents sided with the New Republic, while the Black-13 sides with the Empire. She found the New Republic corrupt, their discipline shameful and their policies of democracy useless. Her disgust and hate at them increased a lot when they killed two of her gang members who were brother to her. She found her self dumbfounded at the Republic for killing them when they were barely teenagers. She and the Black 13 were soon becoming loyalists to the Empire. The Empire enforced their laws and disciplines by simply eliminating whatever stood in its way, quick yet effective. Very similar to how the Black-13 operated.

She was the only female in the gang, making her somewhat the cream of the Black-13 with her aristocratic beauty and gracefulness in comparison with their roguish nature and ragged image. If they were caught she would charm their way out of trouble and if they fought amongst each other she was the keeper of peace. Through her time at the Black-13 she was exposed to acts and activities she wouldn't even have dreamt of if she remained with her family. She and Lenrax experienced life together, and helped each other when they fell., their personal views, similar manner of handling themselves and those around brought them a lot closer to each other then to the other members of the gang. When the Black-13's reign finally came to an end, she and Lenrax were two only two original members left. The rest killed or jailed.

As the years passed Anaine and the Black-13 was steadily outgrowing their childish gang deeming their antics something of the past, they soon joined a resistance group which sided with the Empire. Anaine's parents never found about her nightly activities. Years later she found her self nearing her eighteenth birthday, something which her parents made a big fuss off much to her annoyance, but when the big day arrived much to their surprise they found Anaine gone. Her closet empty and the money they didn't bank stolen.

Along with Lenrax they left Coruscant. A recruiting agent found their resistance group, and they filled out their Imperial applications as soon as they could. They were quickly placed on a shuttle which in turn left in a matter of hours to the Atrus.

Personality: She has a witty attitude boosted by arrogance, she always haves a soft spot for children. Even though males for the majority of her memory surrounded her she is a feminist despite the Empire's previous doubtful questions about their efficiency as pilots and troopers. She is a bit of a brat due to the wealthy background from which she originates even though she spent her time in backwater villages and houses. Her pride is her downfall and she finds it difficult to admit her mistakes and faults. She has an inquisitive mind, which is always prepared to learn something new.

Aegis Squad

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