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Callsign: Rizzit  Send a message to Rizzit
ComNet Rank: ComNet Disciple
Avatar: Rizzit
Division(s): VE - High Council
VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: January 1
Date Joined: March 21, 2002
Last Active: January 27, 2015 at 4:23:30 PM
Number of Posts: 2,943
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ID Line: CoT/MG Rizzit/VEA/VE[OPE][OTH][EW1][RCoD][CRoM][CoH][OPA][SoA][SoS][SCP]

Name: Rizzit BlackHeart

Callsign: Rizzit




Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Green

Reason for joining the Empire:I love the Sith, and I love StarWars. On top of that, it looked like a lot of fun.

Place of Birth:Tatooine

Alternate e-mail: [email protected]

History: When Rizzit was a boy, the Empire was still in its prime. Many of the would-be “heroes” of the Rebellion were not even heard of yet. Rizzit was raised outside the imperial regime and knew no other way of life. His father, Sontar Blackheart, was a successful smuggler for one of the Hutt clans and in return for a slightly larger portion of his earnings than most smugglers: they allowed his wife to remain in his care. Ferrus had made the mistake of falling in love with a Hutt slave, and the price to marry her was steep: as long as he was capable of doing so he was bound to the service of the Hutts. If this contract was broken, his wife would be taken from him and most likely killed.

Time passed by, and Rizzit was now six. Rizzit was now the big brother to a new little sister. His parents had this insane delusion that it would be grand if both their children had similar names; to their shock however, very few people shared their particular views on the matter. Whether or not people liked it, there were now two Blackheart children: Rizzit and Rizzette. While it WAS easy to tell them apart, it still got to be quite confusing if not annoying having two names so similar. They might as well have been called the same thing.

As with most children when they are young, time would not go by slow enough for their mother. Rizzit was now twelve now and old enough to have an understanding of things outside their home planet. He was well aware that there was a “Rebellion” against the Empire, but he also understood that the Empire meant order. Surely, the any rebellion or uprising would only serve to create chaos in the galaxy. He and his family lived outside the Empire per se, but they lived under another regime: the Hutts. It was far from being the perfect life, but he had no complaints aside from the fact that their father was away more often than not. Rizzit still had not completely developed his mind, but he felt the Hutts kept order in their lives much as the Empire did for the rest of the galaxy.

One thing Rizzit did develop was a sense for adventure. Tattooine may have been a barren wasteland filled with sand, but there were still a lot of interesting things to check out. He would never get lost though, nor would he get caught. He had two excellent qualities about him: he was great at navigation and he loved racing speeder bikes. Someday, these skills would come in handy somehow. Until such a time they did come in handy, all they did was make Rizzit’s mother worry.

Time heals all wounds, or so many people would say. In this case, it only caused new ones to appear. The Empire had been defeated by the Rebellion, and the New Republic was not doing a good job at maintaining order in the galaxy. The Empire still existed, but it was merely a shadow of its former self. To their credit though, they fought the New Republic tooth and nail to try to reclaim their former glory. They were making progress, but not nearly enough. The New Republic was also not a big fan of the Hutt clan, it was only a matter of time before they started interfering here on Tattooine. Rizzit had been thinking of joining the Empire (or what was left of it) long and hard for several years now. It was high time he made a decision.

It took a few years to actually make a decision. Rizzit’s dark brown hair was now what the locals would call “exceedingly long”, but his hair was the least of his worries; plus, he liked it long. It wasn’t short and “standard” which is why most did not care for it, but since when was “normal” such a good thing? He had blended in for far too long, and he had finally made his decision to go off and join the New Empire as they were now called by some. He needed to at least keep something that made him stand out – he would be blending in again soon enough. Rizzit’s mother would never have let him go if he told her, she could never know. He snuck away in the middle of the night, leaving a note explaining what he was doing. People would say it’s easier to prevent something than to stop something after it has happened; only time would tell if the saying had any truth to it. He was about to find out – he was on his way to meet his recruiter: Sergeant Major Cosmic at the Mos Eisley Spaceport.

Cosmic had apparently seen some potential in Rizzit, or they were just desperate for help. One way or another, he brought Rizzit back to Tadath immediately to join the Imperial Faction known as “The Vast Empire”. Upon arriving on Tadath, Rizzit was introduced to the Prefect of the Army. Fury was someone who had respect, and a lot of it. Fury didn't seem like your everyday officer though. Unlike the officers that Rizzit had met, Fury didn't demand the respect: he earned it. Fury informed Rizzit of the rules he was to follow, and presented him three uniforms: a standard uniform to take on missions, a dress uniform to wear for ceremonial occasions, and a casual uniform to lounge around the barracks with. This uniform would be seeing the least amount of usage. Next to Fury was standing Japer, the Platoon Commander for Wildcard. Fury introduced him to Rizzit. "Japer is the commander of Wildcard Platoon. You won't see him too much, but don't feel bad: none of us ever do." Rizzit had saluted the both of them. Snake had motioned to get going, he was quite eager to get him to the Raiders barracks. Fury dismissed them, and the two of them left. Cosmic had stayed with Fury and Japer, where he belonged.

At the barracks, Snake had shown Rizzit to his quarters. He had also shown him the lounge, mess hall, and other such areas of the base. The bed next to Rizzit was empty, due to there being a small number of troopers in the squad at the time. For today, Rizzit was happy not to have a roommate. He needed to be alone on his first day away from home. He needed time to absorb all that had happened today, and maybe even think of what his future may have in store for him. The next day, Rizzit had met Nomar, Cloud, and Shadow: they were current members of Raiders like Rizzit. They welcomed him and treated him like he had been there forever, yet little did they know he was to be their new boss.

Months had passed, and Rizzit had seen some action. Unfortunately, he had also seen some death. Nomar had died during Rizzit's first mission. Rizzit had however met Otto, who would be sharing his quarters with him, at least for now. Within a month of meeting Otto, Snake had been promoted to a higher position. This had meant leaving Raiders. The time had come for Rizzit to step into the role of Squad Leader. He needed to select an assistant, and he immediately knew who to choose. Otto vox would be his assistant. Ironically, not too long after his take-over as Squad Leader, new blood began to pour into the squad. Rizzit had met a new group of eager recruits similar to himself: D-13, JR, `Strider, and the3djedi. Also, one of the retired veterans had joined up with them: Colonel TJ. Ironically, he was the older brother of JR.

Very little time had passed; it seemed like none at all, but time did pass nonetheless. Rizzit got along with just about everyone that had come in and out of Raiders, treating all of his troopers like friends. He found this was the best way to get them to follow orders. Otto, on the other hand, was another story. He had 3 members in particular that he "disagreed with": D-13, Swomz, and Jubei. They mostly argued about trivial things, that Rizzit felt should have been left alone. Listening to Otto often gave Rizzit a headache at night. That was all about to change though. After coming back from their most recent mission on Mimban, Rizzit had recieved both good and bad news. The good news was that he got the privilege of moving up the ranks to assuming a role as Platoon Adjutant, a job that would result in his being Japer's personal assistant on top of being Raiders Squad Leader. The bad news was that his Squad assistant was being taken away from him. Otto had finally been promoted to become Squad Leader of another Squad. Rizzit had the option of promoting another Squad Leader, but he declined. He enjoyed his time with his troopers too much to let go. So, he accepted his promotion and looked for a new candidate for his assistant. One week later, Rizzit's answer came to him. During their last mission, they had acquired a new addition, Jikkyo Nimichii (otherwise known as Jubei's brother). This new trooper had great potential, like Jubei did when he first joined. More so, he had already proven that he'd go to any length to get things done. So, Jubei's brother would be the new Raiders assistant. Six weeks had passed, and more good news had come along with it. Otto was going to come back to Raiders. Apparently, Otto's squad disbanded and Otto chose to remain faithful to the end. Rizzit was more than happy to welcome him back; unaware that Otto was coming back just in the nick of time.

Two weeks later, Rizzit received his last bit of bad news. After about three years of being Platoon Commander, Captain Japer had decided to retire. Rizzit was therefore chosen to take his place. This was not an easy step for him to make. He had been with Raiders Squad since he joined, and it was with a very heavy heart that he decided to make the change. The change went quite smoothly though. Otto had been promoted to Squad Leader based on his experience, and Jikkyo remained Assistant Squad Leader. The Squad was in capable hands Rizzit felt, but before he could officially take the office: he had to have a meeting with Cosmic and Fury to take an "Officer's Exam" to prove he was the best man for the job.

The test was quite easy for Rizzit. Having been acting Platoon Commander in Japer's absences, he knew what to do quite well. After passing the test, Rizzit had one chore remaining: he needed an assistant. He had received quite a few applicants for the job. Rizzit knew the applicant he would choose right away once they applied. He had been a former Squad Leader of Wraith Squad, and they had worked together before. Rizzit liked having an assistant that he not only knew, but could trust. It also helped if the two of them got along :) Raziel was made the Platoon Adjutant, and Rizzit stepped into Platoon Commander. Things had been going good, despite the trying times.

As was the case with Rizzit’s military career, he never stayed in one position for too long. Within the one year, he was already promoted to captain, but that lasted little longer. The Imperial Factions were all making a co-operative effort to retake Courscant and the Core Worlds. Shortly after taking a couple of the planets in the campaign, Rizzit was promoted to Company Commander; which had little new excitement to go along with his role. He now had two platoons to manage: Storm and Wildcard. He was more or less doing the same job just for more people. Being an officer was a good thing for Rizzit though. He was able to really do something about problems that needed to be addressed, as well as help out in whatever few missions he was needed for. Being an officer also meant very little time in a stormtrooper uniform, which allowed Rizzit’s actual appearance to be seen: including his long hair that was slowly starting to creep its way down his back. Currently, it was just past his neck.

Rizzit was now twenty two and in for the quickest rise in position for his career. He laughed to himself when he thought back to when he joined: he was worried about not being able to stand out. That was hardly an issue he had not only gone through the ranks quicker than most troopers get their first or second promotion; Rizzit was also the most unorthodox officer people had ever met – Rizzit was sarcastic, down to earth, teasing, understanding, firm, and duty bound all at once. Then too, they were on a major campaign that was going fairly well. Most of the outer rim was taken, and the inner rim was starting to be attempted. To top it all off, Fury’s Executive Officer, Merrick had decided to retire. This had meant Cosmic would be promoted to Surface Marshall and named the new Executive Officer. This left the Commander of Training spot open, and Rizzit had been asked to fill it.

Rizzit had spent little time in Commander of Training, less time in fact than he had as any other position. Fury had been promoted to Operations Officer, and therefore needed to leave his role as Prefect behind him. Cosmic had been promoted to Prefect of the Army, and Rizzit had stepped up to Executive Officer. He left the Commander of Training position in the capable hands of Second Lieutenant Yillis. Little did Rizzit know, this did not last.

Cosmic had been with the empire before Rizzit, and for the entirety of his career: Rizzit used to believe Cosmic would be there after Rizzit decided to retire. Much to Rizzit’s shock and dismay: he was wrong. Cosmic had decided to finally retire after the many campaigns he had been involved in and Rizzit had been named the youngest Prefect in the history of The Vast Empire. NOW Rizzit knew what it meant to be in charge of people. This time he was not in charge of a squad, or a platoon, or even a company: this time Rizzit had to manage an Army that was made up of several divisions: The Army Corps (though thankfully he had a Commander of Training to deal with these troopers), the Stormtrooper Corps (which was the main unit of operation), the Security Corps, The Star Corps (which were basically Marines), and the Aerospace Corps (which provided a bit of a headache due to the consistent power struggle between the Army and Navy over who controlled them); plus he was partially in charge of two other divisions: The Engineering Corps (who were in charge of building bases), and the Medical Corps. Furthermore, he was even in charge of three small specialty division units: Commandos, Advanced Recon Commandos (ARC), and Special Forces Units. Rizzit now knew what the meaning of work was.

It was amazing how slowly time had passed now, yet so much had happened. It was a complete reciprocal of Rizzit’s upbringing when so much time would pass and so little happened. Not even a month had passed for Rizzit in his position as Prefect, yet he felt like he had already been there for years. The campaign was still going well, and Rizzit wanted to be the one to lead them to success (at least for the part of things he was in charge of), but something told him he would be getting his wish. Rizzit did know where he belonged though. He belonged, here: in the empire helping them restore order to the galaxy. He was in a position to make a difference, and if there were ever any doubts about leaving home only a couple years ago they were now erased. Still, Rizzit could not help but think about things. The past was the past, but what would the future hold in store for him? How long would his career in the Vast Empire last? Would it end with his death? Would he retire? Would he be promoted position wise and get even more work? Only time had these answers, and for the first time in his life time was not something he wanted to face.

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High General Rizzit Blackheart
Prefect of the Army
"Everything expressed truly from your heart and soul is as pure as gold in the minds of anyone who listens" --Rizzit

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