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Omni's Profile Information
Callsign: Omni  Send a message to Omni
ComNet Rank: ComNet n00b
Avatar: Omni
Division(s): VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: June 6
Date Joined: November 21, 2005
Last Active: July 2, 2007 at 3:07:17 PM
Number of Posts: 8
Biography: Name: Leonidas "Omni" Shinra
Age: 23
Hair: Black but irrelevant. Male recruits are shaved bald upon entry. No real hairstyle besides a messy one
Height: 1.73 m
Eye color: Heterochromia iridis, left eye is grayish-blue and the right eye is a slightly dull blue; did not seek corrective surgery citing 'uniqueness' reasons, refer medical file MD43235-102-781304
Birthplace: General Hospital 530228, Sector 456, Coruscant
ID: 43235-102-781304

Family: 2 parents Father: Sgt. Wen "The Hammer" Shinra, ret. Mother: Cpt. Kat "Val" Sine-Shinra, ret.

Previous Service: Vast Empire Army

Reason for joining: Educational opportunities; parents are former military personnel: father was a supply sergeant, mother was a surgeon
MOS: 31B Military Policeman
Rank: Private First Class
Unit: 508th Imperial Dragoons under Col. Jeset Timms
Reason for Transfer: Service period was up and he volunteered for Corps training to see some real fighting, and maybe earn some medals in the process of becoming a hero.
Qualifications: Basic Rifle Qualification Badge: Tier 1 (lowest level) Bayonet Fighter Badge: Tier 1
Commander's Notes: "Bit of an idealist on warfare, but he served honorably with us; good discipline, strong sense of justice, and has a spotless record, even if he is still very wet behind the ears. He can be a bit reckless at times; who knows how many times he's been in the bacta tank because of these otherwise avoidable accidents. He's also known for his pranks around here, lightens the mood but annoys my squad leaders. Hasn't participated in any combat ops, so I can't say how he's done under fire. Go easy on him though; he's a good kid, but a kid nonetheless." Biography is Ongoing

Having had served in the military for a number of years, Leon Shinra sought something more exciting than staking out the local bars for cases of drunkenness among army members. Born to a middle-class family with military connections, it was a matter of time before he himself joined up in homage to his parents. But while his parents served in mainly non-combat positions, Leon watched enough war movies to dream about going to battle. Before he left, though, his parents convinced him to enlist as a military policeman to keep him out of harm's way. This he did, but Shinra rued his choices.

During the Empire's brief offensive into enemy territory, Shinra found himself guarding one of the cities of Bestine after everyone cleared the city of New Republic sympathizers. It was a boring job, but a necessary one, others in his unit told him. He wrote frequently to his parents, telling them about his dreams of storming onto the front lines, guns blazing. Having nothing else to do, he signed up for many secondary courses to occupy his time when not on duty or reading strategy texts, and later his willingness to do anything that's needed so much earned him the nickname "Omni." He would retain this name as his call sign later on.

After being discharged from the regular army under honorable terms, he asked his recruiter about the Stormtrooper Corps. Because the Corps training was so different than that of army troopers, he has to undergo basic training again, but he did bring his savings with him -- earned on his first tour of duty. He also enjoys a comfortable allowance sent periodically from his parents, both of whom now work in the Corporate Sector, so he likes to go shopping at the Post Exchange -- invariably run by Imperial Center Enterprises -- whenever his drill instructor lets him.

When his barracks mates asked him about his plans after leaving, Shinra took all of them by surprise. Living in the big city-planet of Coruscant all his life, he confided to them that he'd rather settle down into the life of a marine biologist in the middle of an ocean, and occasionally leave to go chocobo racing or gambling with his old land-based buddies. As such, he's rented some local stables on Tadath to keep his growing collection of birds and creatures. It's a strange hobby, sure, but one must do something other than fight all the time, right?

Omni is a relatively versatile fellow, able to work both in teams and solo if required. He could be a bit eccentric in one moment, and dead serious in the next. His friends in the Army often made fun of his tendency to get himself hurt -- though never seriously -- in the most mundane of situations, his fondness for food, and penchant for good-natured mischief of all kinds. He's also prone to bouts of laziness. He keeps a copy of the old war text called The Art of War for light reading whenever things got boring around the post. "This book never gets old," he claims to one fellow Corps recruit.

His former commanding officer wasn't kidding when he said that Omni was more than a little idealistic about the prospects and realities of war. All the violence he'd seen were either in holographic movies or watered-down army trooper basic training. In the Corps, the stormtroopers move in first and bear the brunt of the enemy attacks. "It'll be glorious and honorable to fight," he once boasted. Leon "Omni" Shinra was about to have a rude awakening during his baptism by fire.

Just another maggot.

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