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Jelly Bean's Profile Information
Callsign: Jelly Bean  Send a message to Jelly Bean
ComNet Rank: ComNet Member
Avatar: Jelly Bean
Division(s): VE - Engineering Corps
VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: January 1
Date Joined: November 15, 2006
Last Active: August 21, 2023 at 9:46:04 PM
Number of Posts: 811
Web Page:
Biography: Physical Appearance
Native Language: Basic

Hair Color:Brown (lol)

Eye Color: left eye is green right eye is dull silver (Surgery Update New surgery and Both eyes are now Green the cybernetic lines in my right eye are still visible)

Skin Color: Slightly Tan

Height: 6' 2

Weight: 150 lbs

Age: 20

Full Name: Gainun "Jelly Bean" Rigar

Physical Build: Toned Build

Scars: Scar running down right eye (scar is less visible)

Tattoos:Bears his fathers id tag on his right arm

Homeworld: Coruscant


1) Has Trained extensively in the Art of close Range combat 1A) Does not have a particular fighting style mainly practices hitting pressure points to subdue a foe 1B) Trained extensively with Swords and prefers one in close combat 2) Father trained him with long range and medium range rifles has a good feel for firing Mid range Rifles but is more at home with Sharpshooter Rifles 3) Has a biological cybernetic eye (right eye) 3A) eye has possibility for up grades at a later date,currently eye has a 5 meter zoom, and can link with specially modified sniper scopes for better sniping and accuracy. 4) Spoken languages: Basic,Bothan and Mandilorian

Background History

Born on Corusant to his mother Atra Rigar and Sether Rigar his Father. Both parents Served in the Imperial Army so Gainun is familar with duties done. He was well educated during his childhood.

His Father was one of the most elite Stormtrooper Sharpshooters. He was highly skilled at his trade. He worked on assassination jobs as well as battlefield sharpshooting. During his 12 years of Loyal service he has gotten over 240+ kills. He died on the moon of Endor his death had no details though. He was reported KIA ,but his body was never found.Many comrades that had survived reported that he was ambushed in the forest while moving positions by 7 rebels. Also reported that only the seventh killed him.

Atra his mother was an Imperial Trainer. She trained some of the more elite battalions on Coruscant. She only served the Empire for 7 years joining up after Gainun was born. Her death occurred in an unclaimed Terrorist attack. Her dental records identified her as dead.

Sether and Atra had known each other all their lives. They where married 3 weeks before Sether signed up for his Imperial Career. Atra followed him 5 years later after the birth of their son Gainun.

Before Her death Atra taught Gainun Imperial command Structure as well respect and drilling many lessons that would help him in the Future. His mother was killed on the Day of his 7th birthday. He mourned shortly but continued on. He became a cold person from then on when serious situations arose. His Father taught him everything he knew about Sniping and Vibroblade combat up until his supposed death on Endor.

Gainun learned to still be a happy person and not be hateful to other people. A lesson his parents always stressed since it was possible that they would be die in the line of Duty.

He made many friends over his teenage years. One of which was Gurney Morex . They where the best of friends until Gainun's 16th birthday where Gainun had told him he wanted to join the Imperial Army. Gurney didn't want him to join , Gainun pushed him away.

When he was 17 Gurney meet Gainun in a bar Gurney proceeded to insult his Father which angered Gainun. They both drew their knives and fought each other. During the fight Gainun's right eye was slashed out which is why he now has an cybernetic eye.

Since the incident he has received two surgeries for his eye. First giving capability to link up with specially modified scopes and other devices (only scopes where specified to him) and the other giving the ability of a 5 meter zoom. (There is a draw back he has to close one eye to focus control of the eye. Future surgeries might make this easier but none are available at this time.) Gainun broke off all contact with Gurney and many of his Friends on Coursant. He moved to Tatooine to further train.

He has since then done little hunting jobs for people on Tatooine hunting down Rouge Tuskan Raiders. Also on Kashyyyk he Went after one Rouge Wookiee that had killed his Family. Gainun had to track him for a month before he finally caught up with him on the forest floor. They first stalked one another with sharpshooter rifles. After about 4 hours both had run out of ammo and finally engaged in close quarters combat . The Wookiee fought him with its Vibroblade. Gainun eventually outsmarted him and gained the upper hand. Gainun returned to the village with his head and vibroblade. To Gainun this was the first step into Manhood he wanted.He then decided he would follow and exceed where his father had failed.

Thus on Gainun's 19 th birthday he walked into the Imperial recruiting office on Tadath and signed up to join the best of the best StormTrooper Corps.

Jelly Bean has been in Vast Empire only a couple months and has already become a Corporal in Eclipse Squad


Can be very laid back at times as well as joking except during combat he becomes very cold and shows no emotion.He finds joy when among friends. He respects women and dones't go to places where they degrade themselves.Recently Jelly has enjoyed his BlackJack Riot Suppression Rifle.

Awards: Emperor's Will First Class, Emperor's Shield First Class

{ComNet Nazi}

Gunnery Sergeant Jelly Bean
Storm Trooper Academy
Army of the Vast Empire
GSGT Jelly Bean/Echelon/STC Academy/VEA/VE
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Jayne: You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with 'til you understand who's in ruttin' command here.

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