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Callsign: HellKite  Send a message to HellKite
ComNet Rank: ComNet Novice
Avatar: HellKite
Division(s): VE - Imperial Navy
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: November 18
Date Joined: November 8, 2006
Last Active: October 10, 2008 at 4:16:28 PM
Number of Posts: 58
Biography: Full Name: Garuda Translyvon
Physical: Garuda, being a relatively fit individual, is slim with slight muscles. He has jet-black hair, which is dyed to have a deep blue tint. Also, he has emerald green eyes. He has peach skin with a light tan, one with the typical tint of someone who spends a lot of time in the sun. He stands 5 feet and 10 inches tall and weighs 128 pounds.
Notable Marks: Garuda has many scars on his arms. Most notable are two big scars on his upper left arm, given to him by sharp metal. He also has a tattoo of a winding black snake, who's tail starts at the right hip, wrapping around his body several times, its head ending along the left side of his neck, jaws open.
Personality: Garuda is generally a very serious person. Having a depressing past, Garuda tends to be introverted when it comes to talking about personal history. He dislikes nonsense though he does fool around once in a while when he is in a good mood. He tries to act professional, and tends to put down others in order to convince himself that he is worth something.
Garuda watched in horror as he looked back. Pieces of metal flew out of the sky, some still red colored from the heat caused by the flames that surrounded them. After mustering his self-control, he reluctantly tore his eyes away, beginning to run again. Every step made him feel like his muscles were ripping, and yet he ran on. Sweat dripped down his dirty face, the black tinted drops of water dropped of his chin. He didn't know how long he had ran, but he just kept running. It was like he wasn't in control of his body, his feet moved on their own.
The landscape was a plain barren land. There were barely signs of life. All he had seen was sand, rocks, and shrubs of grass, yellow and wilted. The air was hot and dry, causing every breath to shoot a pain down Garuda's throat. The heat seemed to burn into his skin, and yet he ran on. His muscles ached, his lungs burned, and his throat was dry. Finally, Garuda came to a stop. As his body stopped moving, he felt even more pain than he had felt before. It was like a nightmare, only this time, it was real. His legs suddenly felt weak, wobbling like jelly. His legs finally came, causing him to fall face first onto the ground. He turned his face to the left, coughing. The breeze blew sand into his eyes. Garuda couldn't move, it was as if he was separated from his body. It was then, that Garuda looked up and saw boots. Boots and a shadow&
-------------------------------Several years later-----------------------
The jet-black haired youth shook his head, finding himself in his room. He sighed, wiping the sweat off his forehead. The memory seemed so bleak now. It had been at least 5 years since pirates killed his parents in a raid. He remembered it barely now, and he found himself ashamed. It wasn't right to forget his parent's death. Frowning, he got dressed. He thought to him, " I shouldn't be thinking about this, I have a long day ahead of me." Throwing on his uniform, he opened the door of his room. Someone had left a piece of paper outside his door. He picked it up and read it slowly, grabbing a piece of bread while he read. It was a form for the monthly bill. Taking a bite out of the bread, he grabbed his pen and signed "Garuda" on the paper. He looked at the word awkwardly and then went back and crossed it out. Next to it, he signed again, only this time with the name "Hell Kite." That's right, he was Hell Kite now, a proud member of the [I]Behemoth[/I] pirate crew. After finished the piece of bread, he walked out of his room, stretching. The window caught his attention. Hell Kite walked towards and stared out. There was nothing but black space, glittered with specks of white, red and yellow. "Hm&home," he thought to himself. Beginning to walk again, he turned left and noticed something strange. A ship had stopped right next to the crew's. It was bigger, and obviously heavily armed. It seemed to be boarding. Indeed it was. Soon, the ship Hell Kite was on shook violently for a few seconds. A small distant noise could be heard. Hell Kite recognized it as the door. "Shit," he cursed as he looked out the window. He had just noticed the strange insignia on the ship. He bent closer and stared to get a better look. Suddenly, Hell Kite recognized it, the Empire was here. He cursed loudly as he ran to his room, gathering his belongings. Crewmembers ran past his room, heading in all directions. Among the chaos, blaster shots could be heard. It was no use, the imperials had caught the behemoth by surprise, and now they were boarding. Hell Kite sighed, realizing there was nowhere he could run. An idea ran across his mind, and though he was not proud of it, it was possibly the only thing that would save him. Taking a huge breath, he dropped his stuff, walking out, arms out to show he had no weapons. And so, he went peacefully, turning himself in.
-------------------------------Months Later------------------------------
Hell Kite looked up at the gray ceiling. He was laying on a small bed, its frame made of metal. The gray paint and the little space of the room made it look more like a jail cell. Hell Kite didn't really mind, it hadn't been much better than his room. In fact, Hell Kite should've been in a jail cell anyway, or perhaps dead. Most pirates were executed once caught by the empire, or at least that was what he had heard. However, as a sign of mercy for turning himself in, Hell Kite was given the offer to join the Imperial Navy to escape death. He had eagerly accepted at the time, but now he wasn't so sure. He was starting his real training today, and he could feel butterflies in his stomach. Everything before had been just classes, a dull instructor talking in a monotonous voice, just droning on and on about things he knew. Today was going to be different, and Hell Kite had a bad feeling about it.
It wasn't just that Hell Kite was nervous. He wasn't used to the style of the Navy. Being a member of a small pirate group was so different from being a pilot of the Imperial Navy. The style in the Navy was more tight and uniform, it was also a bit too careful for his liking. After all, where would the fun be when you were just worried about your own tail all the time. Also, he wasn't used to the TIE models. He was used to run down ships, old ones that didn't have all the latest technology. Using a TIE, however, was something he did look forward too. Other pirates had told tales of the great Imperial TIE Interceptor. Not only was it did it move faster and posses more firepower than the fighters Hell Kite had seen and used, they were also fancy. They were famous for their shiny surface, their sleek look and the way they "whined" as they flew. Back in the day, he would have considered himself lucky to just have seen a TIE Interceptor, but now he was going to be able to drive one.
Thinking about the ship had made him feel better. The butterflies were gone and he felt his body relax. With a groan, Hell Kite sat up, and yawned. He looked to the left to look at the clock. "Hm& Still pretty early," he said to himself. He got off the bed and threw on his clothes, which were ripped and stained in various places. He started to walk out, planning to get breakfast, when a box on his desk caught his eye. Hell Kite frowned and walked up to his desk. He ran his fingers across the box's polished wooden surface. He had kept the box in tip top shape, for it was one of the most important things to him. Lifting the cover up carefully, he looked at the object inside. It was his mother's necklace, the gold chains that held the expensive lavish gems together still had their luster. It was one of his mother's most treasured objects. Hell Kite had found it, buried in the sand when he had returned to the desert plains a few years the death of his parents. It was all he could find, and he kept it close to him. Selfishly keeping the necklace a secret, he had always imagined his mothers spirit was in it. Carefully picking up the delicate necklace, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
-------------------------- Several Years Earlier-------------------------
"Mother? What's happening?" the little boy said as he tugged on his mothers shirt. He rubbed his eyes, having just been woken up by screams. The boy's mother looked down at him with sad eyes. Suddenly his dad ran in, gasping for air.
"They've come in huge numbers, there's little chance we can escape," said his father after catching his breath. The boy looked at his father and than up at his mother. The woman's eyes that met the boy's were filled with sorrow.
"Honey, be a good boy and take the escape pod down," she had said unclearly, her voice bubbled with sadness. The boy tilted his head sideways, a bit confused and then got up from his mother's lap.
"What about you and daddy? Aren't you going to come with me? I get scared of the dark." The mother did not answer the boy's inquiry for a while. Instead, she sadly looked at the ground, as if ashamed. Finally, she opened her mouth.
"Yes, honey. We will join you later, I promise. Remember, if you ever need us, we will always be there." The boy's mind didn't understand the reason his mother had spoke to him with a strange wording but he was too young to think things over deeply. The boy nodded, and grinned.
"See you down there!" he yelled as he got in the escape pod, thinking this was all a game. The door of the capsule closed with a wish and he felt his body decompress as the capsule shot out of the ship. From the window in the capsule, he looked at the ship. A swarm of fighters surrounded the royal ship that he had just left. As the son of an imperial aristocrat, he had never seen so many fighters before. The fighters moved quickly, shooting at the royal ship. The escape pod landed softly, cushioned by balloons. The boy stumbled out, keeping his eyes up at the sky. The ship was burning now, smoke trailed from it as it descended downwards slowly. "Mommy&Daddy& Hurry up." He whispered, anxiously waiting for a second escape pod to shoot down.
It never came, moments later, the ship exploded as multiple missles hit it. The pieces of burning scrap metal fell from the sky. He had finally realized, his parents sacrificed themselves by piloting the ship away from the escape pod, so that their son may escape safely. It began hard to hold back the tears, and finally the boy gave up, letting his emotions out. Tears streamed down his face as he watched the metal fall. He stared helplessly at the fighters. They weren't the TIE fighters he had seen. X-Wings. Of course he didn't find out they were X-Wings till he was older.
As he stared up, half of him wished a piece of metal would fall on him and kill him, saving him from his miserable plight. But the other half knew better, it knew what to do. [I]Run. Survive no matter what it took. Make sure his parent's sacrifice were not in vain.[/I] And so the boy ran off in the distance. Later vowing to seek out the republic's soldiers that were sent to kill his family.
Hell Kite opened his eyes, finding it hard to control himself now. It had been already been done though. The murderer's were killed when he was found by Argonat, the captain of the [I]Behemoth[/I]. He had told his story to the big, rough yet kind man, who quickly found the fighter pilots in a nearby city, lodging. Killing them in their sleep that night, Argonat offered a home to the late Garuda Translyvon. And it was that day, that Hell Kite was born. He looked at the clock again. He still had half a day till his class would begin. Quickly running out of the building, he left to buy a ticket.
-----------------------------A Few Days Later--------------------------
The sand felt funny under Hell Kite's boots. The wind blew gently, sending a bit of sand at Hell Kite's feet. He stood in front of a makeshift tribute. Underneath the flowers and miniature stone statues, buried below were the coffins of his parents. He took a step forward, the necklace in hand. Hell Kite crouched and placed the necklace on next to the flowers and started digging. He kept at it until he reached his mothers coffin. Placing the necklace onto the coffin, he smiled a bit. He moved the sand back into the hole. He stood up, and started to walk away. He was going to be placed in a squadron soon. He was going to make his parents proud. Hell Kite stopped and looked back. Perhaps now they were truly at peace.

"Where there is hell, flames follow."

"Let the wings of death cast a shadow on all your hopes."

EFM/CRW/HellKite/Kaph 3-11/Phoenix Wing/mSSD Atrus/DEF/VEN/VE

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