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Denethor's Profile Information
Callsign: Denethor  Send a message to Denethor
ComNet Rank: ComNet Expert
Avatar: Denethor
Division(s): VE - High Council
VE - Imperial Navy
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: January 1
Date Joined: November 4, 2001
Last Active: October 18, 2017 at 8:48:17 AM
Number of Posts: 1,534
ID Line: NCC/CCAP/VAD Denethor/mSSD Atrus/VEN/VE(=A=)(=SA=)(=FOCE=)[LoR][LSM][LoM]
Biography: Biography of Retired Vice Admiral Denethor

Naval Commander in Chief - Retired
Former Captain - Executor Class Super Star Destroyer Atrus

Name: Kam Vox
Callsign: Denethor
Rank: Vice Admiral
Reason for Joining VE: To follow in my father's footsteps
Birthplace: Kuat

Bio Stats
Height: 6'0
Weight: 175 lbs
Eyes: Teal
Hair: Spiked, jet-black.

I was in the Empire for about 9.5 years. I joined a year and a half after my brother Otto. He and I are different in almost every possible way, he's a physical fighter, and very skilled in the Force, I fly and can't lift a thing with my mind. I began my career in Flight 3 of Viper. Soon after however, CWO Gravin approached me and with out even getting a week of being a Leading Crewman, I was promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class, and placed as Flight Leader of Flight 2 in the newly formed Nazgul Squadron, to which I gave its name. Unfortunately, I did not have much time to bask in the fun of a command position, for I was on leave most of the time that I was in the Squadron. A few months later Naval Executive Officer Riel Fury transferred me to Aegis with out my knowledge. I made a life changing decision to stay in Aegis, and after only a month of being with them I became an Elite pilot. I know that my father would be very proud of me; I inherited every skill that I have from him. The whole reason I joined the VE is because of him, I didn't really know him that well, because he died when I was 8. But 8 years can be just the right time for a child to be like their father in every way. And until mother died a few years later, she always told me I was just like him.
I made the pain staking decision to stay in Aegis, for which I still feel bad for leaving my good friend Ez8, but things must be done for the sake of destiny. A few months later, I realized that my time in Aegis had ended, many orders that I was given I was unable to fulfill. I then transferred to Venom squadron, where I then became Flight Leader of Flight 2. I would miss all my former Lusthawks, but things happen that need to be done. After a few months in Venom squadron, membership of Venom and Nazgul began to diminish, so in an act to keep up activity in the Navy, the NHC combined the two squadrons to reform the empty Kaph squadron. I was then made the Flight Leader of Kaph flight 2, along with Sabre as Flight 3 FL and Corran as our Squadron Commander. Because of my actions I was then promoted after a long while to Warrant Officer 1st Class. A few months later the Squadron Commander of Polaris was forced to step down due to personal issues and the High Council then appointed me to be SC of Polaris. I was then later on promoted to Chief Warrant Officer when my squadron started to pick up activity. I was however forced to retire from the Navy because of personal problems. A couple months later I returned to active duty and took of a Flight Member position in Kaph, under the Flight Leadership of my own former XO, LoneWolf. The Squadron Commander, Arturus then suddenly placed me as Executive Officer of Kaph, I found out at the same time the rest of the squadron found out by looking at the roster. No matter how surprising it was, it was well accepted. I was then soon after moved to Flight Leader of my flight, to replace the retiring LoneWolf. After a month or so I took over as Squadron Commander with Petty Officer 2nd Class Shazam as my XO. Soon after, Naval activity picked up and need for a new squadron came about, and Shazam took over as SC of Nazgul after I had him promoted to Warrant Officer 1st Class. I then replaced him as XO with Warrant Officer 2nd Class Chipmunkman. I then was considered for officer ranking in the Navy, and took the FOCE. I passed with distinction and was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. I went on an extended leave after a while, and returned to find myself removed from the roster, and my position taken up by my XO, Willtconq. This had become official only two days before my return - I had been removed, and the promotion had been given. The Navy had done so without even the slightest attempt to inform me of the action, so I came back to feel betrayed and shafted. So I decided to retire, which I did to some mild argument by others who wished me to stay, but it was obvious that the Navy didn't need me any more if they hadn't even tried to tell me what they were planning to do with my position.
Almost a year later however, I was approached by the Naval High Command to come back into active duty by becoming the Captain of the Corellian Corvette Ferrum Umbra in the newly conceived Task Force Alpha. I agreed and was given the position of captain. Whilst remaining captain of the Ferrum Umbra I was then appointed by Line Captain Shazam to be the Executive Officer of Phoenix Wing to be trained to then take over for Shazam as Wing Commander when he felt the time was right. This was mildly awkward for me because he had once been my Executive Officer in Kaph. During my time as Wing Executive Officer, I was given all of the responsibilities of Wing Commander in an attempt to see if I was able to handle the job. The Naval Commander in Chief, Fleet Admiral Japheth, saw the duties I was fulfilling and placed me as his Adjutant in order to officially be able to complete the administration tasks I needed to. Almost a year passed and Shazam finally saw the need to push himself to the backburner and allow those he had been training to take over. I was then promoted to the rank of Commander, and the position of Wing Commander. After a few months High Admiral Japheth felt that I had been doing the majority of the duties of the empty Naval Executive Officer position, so he filled that position with me, promoting me to Captain. After about a year, High Admiral Japheth felt that his long term as Commander in Chief should come to an end. When he retired, I took his place as Commander in Chief and was promoted to Rear Admiral. I brought Commodore Shazam back as my Executive Officer. Replacing me as Pheonix Wing Commander was Lieutenant Commander Atrasin. And that is where I, and the Vast Empire Navy stand today. After some time, I placed Willtconq as the Master At Arms, a positions that I felt would work as a liaison between myself and the troops, however, it appeared that my choice of the person to fill that position was a bad one. After some rampant issues with Shazam and Willtconq, I was forced to remove them from their positions. I removed the position of Master At Arms completely and replaced Shazam with Stormz. After some time, I felt that it had come my time to leave the Vast Empire. I gracefully retired and chose Stormz to proceed me.

Family Affairs
Almost 10 years ago, my oldest brother Valin was on the first Death Star as a Squad Leader in the Imperial Army. Sadly, he was aboard when it was destroyed by Luke Skywalker. I do not blame Skywalker for this; he was only doing what he believed in, I blame the Rebels that put the thoughts into his head for what he believed in. Those brainwashers tricked him to destroy the Empires wonder, and second best leader that the Emperor had, Grand Moff Tarkin. Valin was a very talented trooper, very well trained in sniping. He was possibly the best trooper that the Empire had; he was one of the only Majors to still remain a Squad Leader, that's how dedicated he was. My father was a trader on the Corellian Trade route, the rest of the family didn't see him much, but he always seemed to take me along for the ride. I guess he somehow knew that I would end up a pilot. He actually gave me the controls a few times. My mother was a nurse at the General Hospital of the Planet Kuat. It brought in little money, but with the money that my father sent us, it worked out. When my father died in a face off with a squadron of T/As, my mother had to take up a second job as a stripper. That wasn't her best move, sadly, that's what got her killed. The Dark Jedi that killed her was mad and drunk, and she would not let him get her in bed, and he went off on a blind rage, raped her, and strangled her to death. I had said that if I ever saw him in a ship, I would blow him out of the sky. My brother had made it his mission to hunt the man down and kill him, and only a few months ago he finally completely that mission and found justice, taking his lightsabre and life from him.

Positions Held
Naval Commander in Chief - Current
Captain: Executor Class Super Star Destroyer Atrus
Naval Executive Officer - Former
Wing Commander: Phoenix Wing - Former
Wing Executive Officer: Phoenix Wing - Former
Task Force Alpha Captain - Former
Captain: Corellian Corvette Ferrum Umbra - Former
Squadron Commander: Kaph Squadron - Former
Executive Officer: Kaph Squadron - Former
Squadron Commander: Polaris Squadron - Former
Executive Officer: Kaph Squadron - Former
Flight Leader: Venom Squadron - Former
Flight Member: Aegis Squadron - Former
Flight Leader/Co-Founder: Nazgul Squadron - Former
Flight Member: Viper Squadron - Former
Kam "Denethor" Vox
Vice Admiral
Chief of Naval Operations
Vast Empire Navy
CNO/VAD Denethor/mSSD Atrus/NHC/VEN/VE
"Only the dead have seen the end of war." -Plato
Every drop of blood. Every bitter tear. Every bead of sweat. I live for this.

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