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DJ234's Profile Information
Callsign: DJ234  Send a message to DJ234
ComNet Rank: ComNet Member
Avatar: DJ234
Division(s): VE - Engineering Corps
VE - Imperial Navy
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: May 9
Date Joined: February 28, 2005
Last Active: December 29, 2015 at 1:59:22 PM
Number of Posts: 794
ID Line: FM/PO1 DJ234/Nazgul-7/Phoenix wing/mSSD Atrus/Defensive Fleet/VEN/VE (=A=) (=SA=) [VC:B] [CoB] [BWC]
Biography: Name: DJ234 Age: 17 Hair color: Black with blue streaks and black tips. Eye Color: one Amethyst the other robotic used for targeting. Birth Place: Asteroid Colony X-99 Scars/ Tattoos: one scar across the base of the Jaw line, and a tattoo of a black phoenix on his left arm. and a scorpion on his back DJ234 had no family or friends, he grew up like a machine in a tube for 10 years. The only people he may have called family were eight others just like him. He was built like a man but had the mind of a machine no he would follow orders until he dies. His face portrays no emotion only the hard look on his face. DJ had a vast Knowledge of what was happening outside of the asteroid, He has just recently learned that the rebels are finding any possible places that might Have indicated where the empire has stored equipment. He knew that there is a massive storage facility at the west side of the City, So while the guards were not looking DJ crept out of his Prisonand started to make his way to the storage facility. DJ234 has never been the one to disobey orders but he had a good reason to now. Walking down a road he looked around for anything that can be used as a weapon or a tool. Finally he found a tiny knife it looked rusty an old but a bit of polish and it would look new. Examining the blade closer he noticed it was a XV-7 Vibrobayonet. Just as he got to the facility he heard an explosion. Whipping his head around he saw a ship that was blood red and opened to the shape of an X. quickening his pace he rushed over to a big part of the storage area, trying the door he found it was locked. Pulling out his new weapon he tried to pick the lock, with a click it opened and reviled the thing that would change his life forever. In front of him was a TIE interceptor a viscous model fast and powerful. Hearing the blasts getting closer. DJ quickly climbed into the cockpit and started up the engine rising up and getting use to the control DJ blasted the door open and flew out. Hearing the sounds of other TIE fighter. DJ knew that he wouldn't be alone in the conflict. After the battle DJ saw what was left of the city and felt sad an emotion that he has never experienced before. He was startled out of his thoughts by a tap on his shoulder, turning around he saw a man wearing a pilot combat suit. The man held out a hand expressed his gratitude for helping us out. He was pleased with my flying and asked if I wanted to join the Vast Empire. Looking excited he answered a quick yes and jumped in to his fighter to join the rest of the pilots in their flight.
I think war might be God's way of teaching us geography~Paul Rodriguez
FM/PO1 DJ234/Nazgul-7/Phoenix wing/mSSD Atrus/Defensive Fleet/VEN/VE (=A=) (=SA=) [VC:B] [CoB] [BWC]

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