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Cosmic's Profile Information
Callsign: Cosmic  Send a message to Cosmic
ComNet Rank: ComNet Master
Avatar: Cosmic
Division(s): VE - Dark Jedi Order
VE - Engineering Corps
VE - High Council
FES - Remnant Expeditionary Corp
VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: July 20
Date Joined: September 15, 2000
Last Active: March 14, 2011 at 12:08:15 AM
Number of Posts: 7,772
Web Page:
ID Line: PRF/SML Cosmic/HCA-1/Tadath/VEA/VE [OPE][OTH][OPA][EW1][CoR][CDS][IH][GS][BC][LM][SoS][CRoM][CoH][PoC][SCP][MSM][IOC][SoA][CCA] || DLK-SL/KO Cosmic/Lion 1-1/mSSD Atrus/VEDJ/VE [VP][WoS2][KC1][SoY][EoP][OAK]
Biography: Physical Appearance

Native Language: Basic
Hair Color: White/Silver
Eye Color: Silver/White (glows brighter when agitated)
Skin Color: White (with a slight tan)
Height: 6'
Weight: 168 lbs
Age: 27
Full Name: Cleric Vor'soth
Physical Build: Well-built/Well-formed (Muscular)
Homeworld: Aefao


1) Greatly excelled in the martial arts (especially in unarmed combat) a) Has trained in dozens of different styles throughout the years, but has the most experience in T'Dayrah'Yu (Tah-Day-Rah-You), an art that focuses on one-to-two-hit death strikes (an art found only on Aefao) b) Is especially keen with pole arms - halberds in particular 2) Understands (but cannot speak) Huttese

Background History

I was only eleven when they came, but I remember it as if it had happened yesterday. We couldn't see them, but their Imperial Star Destroyer two's (ISD II) were looming over our heads. They had not yet deployed their ground forces, and my people were already wishing for death. I watched them fall from the sky... the dozens of troop transports swiftly descended upon us, and we couldn't do a damn thing about it; we were too ill-prepared and an infant in comparison to their technology. Our sticks and farming equipment was no match for E-11 Blaster Rifles, and they quickly overran our small village.

My nose was pressed up against the clear glass of the window I was staring out of from inside our house. I felt a small hand tug at my thin tunic and I looked down - it was six-year-old Vyrn, and tears had swelled up in her tiny cute eyes. I knelt down and pulled her into my chest and wrapped my arms around her small form.

"What's going to happen to us?" she asked through sobs.

I stepped back and brushed her long blonde bangs away from her face, "It's going to be ok, Vyrnie," I whispered. "No one is going to hurt you or take you away."

She wiped her eyes with a closed fist as she looked up at me, "You promise?"

I smiled and gave her a hug, "I promise, Vynie... I promise."

She gave me a toothy grin and ran back to her friends that were huddled in a corner. I slowly rose to my feet and looked out the window again.


A squad of Stormtroopers was making their way to our house. I quickly grabbed a nearby broomstick and fled out the front door. The squad stopped fifteen feet away from our house, and all I heard was laughter. I didn't care - I wasn't about to let them ravage through our home and take away my closest friends.

"Back off!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. I ran up to them and held my broomstick firmly in my hands. They created a circle around me and continued their laughter.

"I know why you're here." I said.

Their laughter slowly came to a stop and the squad leader took a few steps forward, his arms crossed over his breastplate, "Yeah? Then why we here kid?"

"You want our T'Dayrah'Yu art."

The squad leader chuckled and nodded slightly to the rest of his squad, "Smart kid, but what's a broomstick going to do about it?"

"I'll show you..."

I hurled my broomstick at him and leapt into the air. The broomstick was just enough of a distraction to prevent him from paying attention to me, and I executed a L'Dari (Leh-Dahr-Ree) strike to his throat. He fell to his knees and I was pinned down by two Stormtroopers. The squad leader slumped to the ground after a few seconds and didn't move a muscle. One of the Stormtroopers had medical training and quickly knelt down beside him, removed his helmet, and checked his pulse.

"He's... He's dead." He looked over at me and motioned to someplace behind us. "Take him back to the transport."

One of the Stormtroopers that had me pinned hoisted me over his left shoulder and began walking back towards their transport. I looked up and watched my house slowly grow smaller... then I saw Vyrnie... she had her nose pressed up against the window - she was crying.

At least she was safe.


Seven years later, I found myself wearing that same white armor that was worn when those invaders overran my homeworld. I was a Private, but that was enough to allow me access into the archives to see what had happened on Aefao. Apparently, the Empire knew of the powerful art of T'Dayrah'Yu, and wanted to train its most elite soldiers with this art of war. The various squads that were dropped onto Aefao soil were sent to capture the T'Dayrah'Yu masters. Little did they know, Aefao only had three masters, and two of the three were actually captured. Like true T'Dayrah'Yu warriors, they did not spill their secrets of their art during the interrogations, and they were eventually killed. The Empire knew that if they couldn't have the death-strikes, no one would. Everyone on the planet was spared - the Imperials only wanted the masters, so I figured Vyrn had survived and was now living a fruitful and happy life.

Over the past seven years, I began changing. Through all of those hours in the interrogation rooms, the torture droids, and the constant mockery from the crew, I began to learn how to "ignore" them - I was able to drown out their laughter. The torture and interrogations was still physically excruciating, but I knew that it wouldn't be long before they just gave up... I could feel myself changing into a different person... a very different person, and it scared me. Eventually, I realized that if armies of rebels couldn't defeat an Empire, how could a single person even hope to cause dent? "It's better to wield the sword than have your head decapitated from it" became my reason for joining them.

The mockery didn't stop even after I joined their ranks. I continued to ignore them and go about my business. Over time, the laughter stopped and I was finally at peace in that respect. I was angry at myself for had becoming a different - more sinister - individual. The thought that I had betrayed my friends by joining the same force that had struck fear into their hearts never stopped eating at me - perhaps it never will. There is only comfort that I draw from, and that is the fact that little Vyrn was still alive.

I never wanted to return to Aefao for fear that Vyrnie would see me and not recognize me anymore. The eleven-year old boy she knew was taken away that day, seven years ago, and as far as she knew, I was dead.

I love her too much to let her see what I have become.
Prefect of the Army (Retired)
PRF/SML Cosmic/HCA-1/Tadath/VEA/VE

Dark Lord of the Krath (Retired)
DLK-SL/KO Cosmic/Lion 1-1/Lopen/VEDJ/VE [VP][WoS2][KC1][SoY][EoP][OAK]

Chief Operating Officer (Retired)
COO/CHM Cosmic/Lotaith/VET/VE

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