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CJ's Profile Information
Callsign: CJ  Send a message to CJ
ComNet Rank: ComNet Cadet
Avatar: CJ
Division(s): VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: December 12
Date Joined: January 11, 2005
Last Active: January 20, 2013 at 4:26:07 AM
Number of Posts: 240
Name: Cess Jile Core

Call sign: CJ

Species: Human

Planet of Birth: Mawan

Build: 6 pack of Mucsles

Eye color: Black

Skin color: Lightly tanned

Height: 2.2M

Weight: 74Kg

Age: 19

Hair: Short, Straight, Black

Cybernetics: Cybernetic Right Arm

Scars: 6 Inches long scar on right shoulder

Joined the VE for: Respect, Revenge.

Fair at Marshal Arts
Excellent in ranged combat(Great blaster accuracy)
Excellent agility
Excellent at Hijaking (does not include computer access)

Short Bio:
CJ was a human born on the small planet of Mawan and grew up in a peaceful environment surrounded by the Mawan race until a revolution broke out. At the age of 16, CJ join the revolution against the Mawans. In one of the Mawan raids, CJ lost his arm and it was replaced by a cybernetic arm. The revolution almost torn the planet apart with the weapons of mass destruction. So much that it opened the pathway to an underground world of crime and destriction filled with thugs and gangs that, once they were released, confirmed the destruction of the small planet. The Revolution had no choice but to escape the torn apart planet. CJ helped to secure the off world transport of many but not all. CJ's parents were killed in an attack on the transports. CJ was so mad, he swore on their grave he would one day return to Mawan and track down the exact people who did it and then, kill them.

When he was transported off the planet, he landed on Mos Eisley, Tatooine. He then was driven to steal to survive, for he could find no work anywhere. One day he was driven mad by a trader, and by the boiling hot tatooine sun, that he stole a blaster from his personal guard and kill them both from close range. A nearby rebel saw his talent and erged him to join the rebellion cause. CJ did not know but when the rebel mentioned pay, he jumped at the offer. Ever since then, he was transported to, and trained hard at a rebel outpost and became the best there, but once again, he was driven mad by someone. His drill sergeant and, by something unexplainable. A force inside him telling him to abandon the rebels. CJ then took his standard issue rebel blaster rifle, and some stolen genades, and blasted his way out of there. Before he new it, he killed all the rebels in the small outpost. He then dropped his blaster in shame. What have I become? He scramble back to Mos Eisley and as soon as he got there, he saw an imperial recruiter. He instantly new that this was it...

For longer version Bio, go to Storynet, CJ's Story - Before the VE

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