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Callsign: Atrick25  Send a message to Atrick25
ComNet Rank: ComNet Member
Avatar: Atrick25
Division(s): VE - Imperial Navy
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: January 14
Date Joined: May 25, 2006
Last Active: July 20, 2009 at 9:36:24 PM
Number of Posts: 380
Web Page:
ID Line: FM/LCRW Atrick25/Nazgul-10/Phoenix Wing/[mSSD Atrus]/1VENF]/VEN/VE (=A=)
Biography: Name: Acrutis Manor Callsign: Atrick25 Race: Human Age: 20 Gender: Male Home Planet: Naboo Height: 6'0 Weight: 140 lb's Hair: Blonde, turns white in sunlight Eye: Deep Blue Attributes and personality: Acrutis wears glasses, but still from time to time wears contacts and has a tattoo of a TIE Fighter on his back History: Acrutis was born on Naboo to his socially challenged parents, Dominick and Vally Manor. He was an only child, and was loved by his parents very much. He discovered at the age of six, that he had amazing reflexes, which allowed him to dodge anything thrown at him by other kids or the mean adults of Naboo. Acrutis was an intelligent student at the school on Naboo, and consistently made top marks in all of his classes. He loved to read, especially about the Clone Wars and the technology used then. Most of all, he was fascinated by the space battles and the ships. Everyday he would grab the technology holocron from the shelf and watch the schematics and test runs of TIE Fighters, X-wings, TIE bombers, and other assorted ships. Shortly after his tenth birthday, Acrutis left his home one night and headed deep into the city for some "fun." He soon found out, however, that the alleyways and back streets of Naboo were not the safest of places, and he soon returned home to worried parents. Around a year later, his father was accused of murder and taken to jail, leaving Acrutis as the man of the house. This forced him to drop out of school and work to keep him and his mother afloat. His mother died six months later, and he left the planet for a better life somewhere else. He took the next ship to Coruscant and there became a delivery boy, shuttling cargo and smuggling between main shipping lines, praying that inspectors would not find the contraband on board. After a nasty run-in with the Galactic Police, he decided to shape up. Acrutis joined the Vast Empire Navy, hoping to put his meager piloting skills to a better use. Personality: Acrutis hates taking orders, and is usually the one who argues with the order. He is headstrong, but gives in if he agrees with the plan somewhat. He likes to take risks, which sometime get him in trouble, but mostly just make hime manuver to avoid an asteroid. He likes to fly, practicing in the simulators almost everyday for about 2-3 hours.
FM/SCRW Atrick25/Nazgul 3-3/Phoenix Wing/mSSD Atrus/1VENF/VEN/VE (=A=)
~Senior Crewman Atrick25~
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