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Tinker's Profile Information
Callsign: Tinker  Send a message to Tinker
ComNet Rank: ComNet Cadet
Avatar: Tinker
Division(s): VE - Imperial Center Staff
VE - Imperial Navy
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Birthday: June 12
Date Joined: March 2, 2009
Last Active: June 14, 2019 at 9:25:42 PM
Number of Posts: 242
Web Page:
ID Line: FL/PO1 Tinker/Viper 5/Flight 2/Phoenix Wing/mSSD Atrus/1FLT/VEN/VE/(=A=)(=*SAE*=)
Biography: Cadie 'Tinker' Reese is a talented mechanic, pilot, and good with computers. She has faced tragedy in her young adult life, loosing her parents just a little over a year before joining the Vast Empire. Cadie spent the year after her parents disappearance living in Nar Shadda Cantinas. She took up smoking, drinking and gambling. This behavior got her in a far share of trouble, and many fights. She was convinced to join the Navy to attempt to pull herself together after her parents deaths.

Cadie has just graduated from the Naval Academy and been placed in Viper Squadron. She is currently engaged in her first mission with Viper Squadron. After continuous dedication to her squadron Cadie was promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class and made the Flight Leader of Viper Squadron Flight 2.

After passing her Senior Aviator Exam with a score of 100%, Cadie has been promoted to the rank of Petty Officer 1st Class.


Physically Tinker is small but by no means weak. Tink has an athletic body and is rarely found sitting still. She has deep red hair and light green eyes. Her face is pale and covered with freckles. Even during her breaks you can find her taking apart or fixing something.


Cadie can come off has dry witted and harsh to most people. She is found most often at the cantina drinking and gambling.

Emotionally Tink is somewhat fragile. She jokes and masks her emotions well but can zone out easily, becoming obsessed with her parents disappearance. Her youthful appearance tends to illicit a playful response from people which goes along perfectly with how she wants to be perceived by others.


Cadie Reese, or Tinker as she is known by almost everyone, is a young mechanic from Nar Shadda. Her parents worked as traders for a respectable shipping company based out of the planet. Although she was born on Nar Shadda, she was rarely there as a child. Her parents were frequently traveling around the galaxy making pick-ups and deliveries. They did not even have a home, preferring to make their ship – the Wandering Star - their home. Tink learned to pilot space ships during these runs, when her parents would let her take a turn.

Tink doesn't know much about her parents background. They rarely mention their life before coming to Nar Shadda and their employment at the Bailey Shipping Company. But her parents did love to tell her about her nickname, Tinker.

From a very small age she tinkered with anything and everything. She was known to take apart any toy that her parents gave her, and she would put them back together with great precision. As she got older her “toys” became droids, ship parts, and computers. Her father commented one day, while Cadie sat hunched over a pile of parts that used to be a motivator, that she looked like a little Tinker. The name just seemed to fit and it stuck.

When Tink was twenty-one, her parents took a job that proved to be their last. Tink, who usually went with them, had to stay at the spaceport and assist one of their good friends, KJ, with some ship repairs that had started to back up. Although the mission seemed simple and her parents were expected back in two or three standard days, they never returned. Tink remained with KJ for a year, and continued to work as a mechanic at the spaceport, but she became restless. Her family had been her world and she didn't even know what happened to them. With them gone she started to turn to nightclubs and reckless behavior.

One of the pilots that came through the spaceport was from Tadath and a former member of the Vast Empire. He was impressed by Tinker and suggested that she consider joining herself. KJ encouraged the decision hoping it would get her mind off of her parents, and keep her out of trouble. Since Tink loved starships, flying and repairing them, so she decided to go.
1st Lieutenant Cadie "Tinker" Reese
XO||1LT TINKER|| mSSD Atrus|Task Force Aurek|1st Vast Imperial Fleet|VEN|VE|

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