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Callsign: Merrick  Send a message to Merrick
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Avatar: Merrick
Division(s): VE - Dark Jedi Order
VE - Imperial Center Staff
VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Birthday: March 12
Date Joined: February 20, 2002
Last Active: April 18, 2021 at 12:10:02 AM
Number of Posts: 659

Name: Skyalin Tel'sha

Callsign: Merrick

Age: 32

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 60kg

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Jade (very bright green)

Reason for joining the Empire: She had nowhere else to go and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Well, she was slightly drunk, give her a break. And Kiption is very good at convincing people to do things. Especially when those people happen to be half drunk. ;)

Place of Birth: Ciutric

Species: Human

History: Skyalin stormed away from her mother into her very small and poorly appointed room. She always felt bitter about how little she had, even though she knew her parents struggled just to keep their family fed. She didn't feel bad about blaming them for all the things that weren't right in her life. Her first, and last, boyfriend had dumped her the very same day he had finally succeeded in getting her to show him where she lived. She had no idea it was only partially to do with how poor her family was, and that her father's words to the young man had been the deciding factor. At any rate, she'd seen him with a new girl the next day and decided right then that she would never expose her feelings to another person. That's what had started the fight with her mother. Some part of her knew that her mother was only concerned, knowing as she did about the break up, but she pushed it down and let nothing but a stern expression show. And that's how she remained.


On her 16th birthday, Skyalin had been promised a fancy (at least more so than usual) dinner and a real birthday present. Two weeks early, her father had lost his job and as yet had been unable to find a new one. All the money her mother had saved was all they had to live on until he could find new employment. Skyalin found herself blaming him for never getting her birthday treat, especially when her parents had worked so hard to give her little brother such a wonderful day for his 10th earlier that same year. It was less than a month before she'd disappeared off the planet and her parents thought they would never hear from her again.


While she had never considered herself to have any real friends, least of all the tried and failed boyfriend when she was 15, Skyalin ran into an old friend of her father's on a planet she hadn't heard of before winding up on it with no cash left. Not that the casual bar maid and dish washer jobs she had been taking gave her much to spend even on a good day. His name was Mindarl, and he'd always been the only friend of her father's that she had ever liked. He always showed an interest in her, and at times she'd thought it was because she was turning into a young woman, but he'd only ever sought to nurture her mind. He'd always refused to call her by her name, believing it was far too feminine for her. Instead, he dubbed her Merrick, arguing it suited her more, and wouldn't change no matter how much she protested.

Once he had assured her that he had no intention of telling her parents where she was, they sat down and caught up with each other. He had heard of her disappearance from home over two years ago but unlike her parents, had never thought Merrick dead. They talked for hours about life and her prospects for better work and a better future. Mindarl then offered to take her with him, for free, around some of the more populated planets, with better economies and more opportunities for someone he always referred to as "a smart young woman." Without much hope of surviving, or getting off this planet, any other way she happily accepted.


On one of the many stops that Min's cargo ship made, Merrick decided to see what the local cantinas were like. She hadn't much knowledge about the planet they were on, having stayed with the ship until Mindarl returned from his business. He'd merely told her to be careful and have fun. He promised to be back this way in a few days time and had organised a place for her to stay until then. She promised to pay him back, but he laughed and waved her goodbye. He'd never asked for repayment for any of the money he'd spent on helping her, but she was keeping a tally in her mind for whenever she had the means to pay it all back.

Sitting down at the bar, Merrick took a look around at the other occupants before ordering a drink. She noticed that the guy sitting next to her seemed to be watching her sip her drink slowly. She looked at him out of the corner of her eye, noticing he looked fit and strong, his hair and clothes well kept. Not the usual patronage of a cantina. But then, the rest of the customers seemed to have a disciplined air about them too, there was much less shouting and fighting than was normal in the places she had worked. Her wandering attention meant that when the young man said hello, he startled her and she spilled her drink. She flashed him a fake shy smile and picked up her glass.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. Let me buy you another drink.."


Merrick smiled as the guy came back with another round of drinks. Wow, he is trying really hard to get me drunk. Poor silly boy. He plonked her drink down in front of her, wobbled a little, and managed to find his seat without too much trouble. Merrick had downed her drink before he even managed to find his again.

"Sho.. what was I saying..? Oh, yeah.. thish army thingsh not so bad. You get to um.. kill people, order people around, and all that shtuff. And I haven't managed to die yet."

Merrick laughed at him, and he got self conscious and went back to finishing his drink. She rested her head on the table and closed her eyes. Wow, I don't think I've ever had this much to drink at once. Or twice. He looked back at her from his drink.

"Hey.. you ok?" Merrick gave him the double thumbs up without otherwise moving.

"Oh.. good." He finished his drink in one more gulp. "Sho.. you should come join the um.. uh.. oh yeah, army! Good times to be had.. good times."

Merrick gave him the thumbs up again and attempted to sit up, merely causing her to fall out of her seat. She looked back up at him. "Little help.. what was your name again..?"

He laughed and shook his head. "Call me Kip.." He offered her his hand, but when she took it to get up he merely fell over as well.

Merrick laughed at him. "You're drunk.."


Merrick woke up the next morning, at least she thought it was morning, with a massive headache and no idea how she had gotten back to her room. The guy.. what was his name..? Kip, that was it. He must have helped her. She vaguely remembered talking about joining the army. Must have been a line, he didn't look like a stormie.

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