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TK_421's Profile Information
Callsign: TK_421  Send a message to TK_421
ComNet Rank: ComNet Cadet
Avatar: TK_421
Division(s): VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: December 1
Date Joined: February 18, 2009
Last Active: May 26, 2023 at 2:19:20 PM
Number of Posts: 242
Biography: == Physical Appearance == Homeworld: Naboo Age: 21 Species: Human Native Language: Basic Gender: Male Skin Color: Caucasion Height: 5"9 Weight: 187 Hair Color: Black Facial Hair: None Eye Color: Brown Scars: None Tattoos: None == Background History == TK_421 grew up in a middle classed family on naboo, just out side theed. At birth he was called Vaas Lowrider and grew up working as a trade merchent with his father during the Clone Wars. However, one unfortunate day happed when he was 17, some Rebels thought the items him and his father were carrying were imperial goods, so they ambushed them and raked in the items. However, during the confusion Vaas' father was killed but Vaas got away and swore to this day he will revenge his father's death. So, he joined the Empire and became TK_421. == Character's Personality == TK_421 Loves training droids, well fighting them. He is charasmatic (might be spelt wrong) hard-working and is ready to stand up right with is opinons, he will also never back down in a fight. Tk_421 is serious about his opinons and work but he does have a sense of humor

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