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Ruwe's Profile Information
Callsign: Ruwe  Send a message to Ruwe
ComNet Rank: ComNet Member
Avatar: Ruwe
Division(s): VE - Imperial Navy
Gender: Male
Species: Wookiee
Birthday: August 22
Date Joined: January 13, 2009
Last Active: September 25, 2012 at 4:34:42 AM
Number of Posts: 316
ID Line: FM/SCRW Ruwe/Nazgul 7 (2-3)/Nazgul Squadron/Phoenix Wing/mSSD Atrus/1FLT/VEN/VE (=*A*=)(MC:2)
Biography: Ruwacca grew up in a village called Prakkiia, which was very close to the Shadowlands as it was only a few hundred feet from the dark depths itself. Being so close to the Shadowlands the village was prone to katarn attacks, and other creatures of the black abyss. It was amongst this small village that Ruwacca became a skilled fighter, and a guardian of the village. Growing up he was often known to travel into the Shadowlands to take some of the battle to the creatures down in the inky blackness. During one of his excursions down in the depths he encountered a katarn hunting party of four. He had taken on such odds before alone because he had no one to save. This time however a group of Rebels had taken refuge down in the depths and assumed that Ruwacca would need help. During the battle one of the Rebels was about to be killed until Ruwacca stepped in the way and took a bite to the shoulder. After the battle was done Ruwacca fainted from the blood loss in his shoulder. Waking amongst the Rebel camp he was on a stretcher with medics tending to his shoulder. Feeling greatly offended that such a war wound was to be fixed he rampaged through the camp destroying most of it. Leaving quickly through the trees he made it back to his village. Still disgusted at the way the Rebels had dishonoured him he remained hating them. When the Empire came to the planet in search of the Rebels, Ruwacca told them of the Rebels amongst the depths of the Shadowlands. Leading the Empire down into the Shadowlands they quickly found the Rebel base. After which a short battle followed and Rebels were taken prisoner along with a few damaged starfighters. For his helpfulness of finding the Rebels the Empire gave him and his village amnesty of becoming slaves. As well as the amnesty they let Ruwacca keep one of the starfighters. Fixing the craft easily, Ruwacca often ventured off planet to practice his manoeuvring in an asteroid belt. A few years passed with him practising his starfighter skills. When the Emperor died, the Imperial Navy set up recruitment offices everywhere. Remembering the honour his village had gained from the first encounter with Rebels, he felt that if he was to help kill more Rebels his village would gain more honour. With this in mind Ruwacca signed up for the Imperial Navy at the only recruitment office on his planet. Within days after signing up, Ruwacca was reporting in for basic training.
SC/MCPO Ruwe/A-1/S:98 "Vengeance"/W:58 "Javelin"/ICF-II Fearless/TF:B/2Flt/SFC/VEN/VE

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