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Reese's Profile Information
Callsign: Reese  Send a message to Reese
ComNet Rank: ComNet Novice
Avatar: Reese
Division(s): VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: January 29
Date Joined: October 26, 2008
Last Active: May 12, 2020 at 11:19:14 PM
Number of Posts: 25
Web Page:
Biography: == Physical Appearance ==
Name: Terrin Reese
Homeworld: Kuat
Species: Human
Native Language: Imperial Basic
Gender: Male
Skin Color: White
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 180
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Facial Hair: Circle Beard
Eye Color: Grey
Scars:No Major Scars
1.Barcode on underside left arm,
2.Obscure Design on right shoulder.

== Background History ==
Born on Kuat to an engineer and diplomat, Reese spent most of his childhood alone. He doesn't remember much of his father due to him being away from home a lot working in the ship yards in orbit. The clearest and fondest memories he has are of spending odd days here and there with his father in the workshop, repairing and refurbishing old, discarded equipment for sale to supplement the household's meagre income.

His father taught him all he knew about his trade knowing that he would never be able to afford to send his only son to an academy, and at least, this way he was getting a shot at life and a steady, honest career.

His mother, a junior diplomat was by necessity, absent from the household frequently. Sometimes for weeks at a time on negotiations far away. So he grew up learning to take care of himself in the streets of Kuat.

Shunning the company of others his own age, he preferred to spend time alone, as he was used to, repairing things he found and tinkering with software to see what he could change and improve upon.

Managing to stay more or less out of trouble during his early years, he fell on hard times when he lost his father and mother within weeks of each other. His father and three others were killed in an accident at the shipyards, though the authorities never gave any details of what had happened so he had to make do with the accident explanation.

His mother had been returning home after a two month trip to the core worlds, noone seems to know what happened but the ship was right on time, then suddenly it disappeared. No trace had been found of yet of the ship or its personnel. Trying every diplomatic channel and trick he could devise, he never found any truly promising information.

After hearing the news, he had wandered aimlessly through the backstreets of Kuat, indulging in everything he could get his hands on to forget the pain. Then the fateful day arrived.

He had been drinking in a bar frequented by engineers, merchants and local low lifes, when he overheard his fathers name in a conversation at the bar; two men were getting louder over what appeared to be two mugs of low grade Skannbult Likker. They seemed to be dicussing events at the shipyard. One man dressed in the shipyard security uniform was saying to his friend that four workers were killed trying to stop a couple of saboteurs from damaging the shipyard's systems, he had heard it from his friend in the Defence Forces; whilst the other man was denying this as fantasy. Reese listened closely to this conversation for some time before eventually going over to the men and diplomatically engaging them in conversation. A few drinks later, he had got some information he needed.

According to the security officer, there had been an emergency declared in the yard after the saboteurs were spotted acting suspiciously in one of the corridors and his father and three others were in the area when a firefight erupted causing an explosion that caused severe damage to the structure, killing those nearby and injuring others. Sick with grief and anger, he hadn't noticed the gang creep up behind him.

The fight ended when, just at the moment he was about to be taken to the floor and finished off, he landed a solid punch on the closest gang member, knocking him to the floor in a heap. Seeing this, the others ran off leaving their friend behind.

Checking the man's pulse Reese discovered he was dead. Not knowing why or what he should do about it, he ran as fast and as far as he was able.

His mind had raced with the events of the past few weeks, now he knew what had happened to his father and the only way of finding out about his mother's fate seemed to be to try and get access to the information himself. That meant trying to use his skills to break into classified files, and risk being caught and punished, or by enlisting in the armed forces and hoping he could get access to the knowledge through his work and the resources it offered.

It all seemed so clear all of a sudden, he had to get off Kuat quickly, he had no friends or surviving family, his father was killed presumably thanks to the Rebels and his mother was lost, perhaps alive, somewhere waiting for him to rescue her.

By the time he arrived at the recruiting office, he had regained his composure. Walking confidently up to the recruiting officer, he collected an application form, "maybe I can find her, maybe I can find out who to blame for my father; but at the very least I can do some good here" he thought to himself. The officer smiled as he gave him a pen, not knowing what he was getting into, and all to aware what he was getting out of, he prepared to sign his life away..

== Character's Personality ==
Always striving to keep the peace and being generally unwilling to sit around doing nothing. He abhors ignorance and prejudice, preferring to judge people by their actions rather than anything else, he is a loner by nature and enjoys finding out how things work and tinkering with them. Always on the lookout for opportunities and always looking to expand his knowledge, he can usually be found reading history books and studying maps and plans.


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