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Snake's Profile Information
Callsign: Snake  Send a message to Snake
ComNet Rank: ComNet Novice
Avatar: No avatar selected
Division(s): VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Unknown
Species: Human
Birthday: January 1
Date Joined: April 28, 2001
Last Active: January 13, 2005 at 4:50:28 AM
Number of Posts: 44
ID Line: Trooper

for intro, read g5's bio

Name: Lohn Smiter
Callsign: Snake
Age: 16
Height: 52
Weight: 115lbs
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Reason for joining the Empire: Trying to get away from old life
Place of Birth: Lorn IV


After leaving with the Red Fist and effectively abandoning his brother, Snake came to his senses, But it was too late, he had already joined up, and once you joined the Red Fist your were stuck with the Red Fist till you died. Anyways, after almost a year with the pirates he saw his chance. He grabbed a couple guns and hopped in an escape pod. He landed on Obrai Skai and caught passage to Lorn IV on a cargo freighter named the Beautiful Bovine. When he arrived on Lorn he joined the VEA. He was way too young (barely 14) and couldnt have joined, if his brother hadnt put in a good word for him, not to mention that the VE was strapped for personel at the time. He quickly showed himself to be a good soldier, a mature boy, and a great leader. He was soon leading the Raiders. After going through an assortment of different jobs he is now the happy Squad Leader of the Raiders.

SGM Snake
If you can stand to lose, you'll never win.

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