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Helena's Profile Information
Callsign: Helena  Send a message to Helena
ComNet Rank: ComNet Member
Avatar: Helena
Division(s): VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Birthday: August 24
Date Joined: June 24, 2008
Last Active: January 28, 2016 at 2:10:17 PM
Number of Posts: 508
Biography: == Physical Appearance ==

Native Language: Basic
Hair Color: Shoulder length, black, with a slight tint of purple when caught in the light.
Eye Color: Hazel
Skin Color: Pale
Height: 5'5
Weight: 105lb
Age: 20
Character's Full Name: Helena Leucine
Physical Build: Helena is Petite, slight, but bearing a big bust. She bares a slight scar on her hand, due to a burn she had recently recieved.
Homeworld: Tatooine

== Background History ==

Helena was one of many. Her parents were fond of large families. Helena was one of six; she was the only girl, and the smallest out of the family. She didn’t mind, she thought it made her stronger in ways height didn’t.

Helena’s parents were involved in the coffee industry. They owned their own business. This business was handed down through the generations, and Helena took a very fond likeness to it. She would spend hours a day, helping her parents try and run the place. The coffee shop was used by some members of the Corps during their break, and they were always very nice and friendly towards Helena being there. She’d look forward to waking up and opening the shop in the morning to see new happy faces.

This was all very happy and well until there was an attack by New Republic soldeirs. Helena was busy collecting coffee bean sacks from the cellar, when she heard some commotion in the entrance to the shop. Automatically, she dropped the sack and ran up the stairwell. There was a sea of people gathered at the glass doors, peering out. The shouting and mumbling became louder as she made her way the front for the crowd.

‘Could anyone tell me what’s actually happening?’ Helena cried out

“An attack on the village Miss!” A villager replied

“W-What?” Helena stuttered as she turned around to face the glass doors.
Helena felt her heart sink as she saw hundreds of men and women fleeing for their lives, followed by New Republic Soldiers carrying what looks like repeating rifles in their hands.
Helena demanded everyone moved down to the cellar, where people would most likely be safer.

It was a bit crowed, but at least they were safe underground. The sound of screams and gunshots filled the small, compact room. This lasted for hours, which seemed like weeks to them. Everyone was anxious to see what state the village may be in, the sounds seemed to die down, and seemed muffled. Helena, being brave, decided she would make her way out of the cellar. She gulped loudly as she tiptoed up the stairwell. She peered out of the shop glass doors. To her horror all she could see was blood, scattered all across the roads, bodies littered around the streets and loved ones claiming family members that didn’t make it to safety. She called back the customers that hid in the cellar with her to come and check out the streets. To her relief, Corps members escorted her and her family to a new planet.
Here, the family tried to get their lives back on track.

Helena often looks back on memories in the coffee shop, and seeing the faces of the friendly Corps members. This is when she finally decided she would join the Corps.

== Character's Personality ==

Helena is a shy individual when first meeting someone, but that eventually subsides and her true bubbly personality comes out. Helena's work in the coffee shop has allowed her to keep her head in stressful situations, a property that has heard her called a natural born leader several times.
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