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Arturus's Profile Information
Callsign: Arturus  Send a message to Arturus
ComNet Rank: ComNet Disciple
Avatar: Arturus
Division(s): VE - Imperial Center Staff
VE - Imperial Navy
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: January 1
Date Joined: November 10, 2001
Last Active: August 30, 2011 at 7:13:59 PM
Number of Posts: 2,143
ID Line: WADJ, SPAC/1LT Corran "Arturus" Hargraves/M-SSD Atrus/VEN/VE(=a=)(=sa=)(=*ma*=)(=jcpa=)(=scpa=)[MC:1](x2)[SV][BRC][VC:B][LSM][LoR]
Biography: Description:

Name: Corran "Arturus" Hargraves
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Home Planet: Corellia
Marital Status: Common-law relationship with Lieutenant Taylsha Nightrider
Languages Spoken: Basic, Bothan
Languages Understood: Sullustan, Selonian, Calamarian
Rank: Ensign
Height: 185cm
Weight: 77kg
Hair Colour: Dark brown with some faint, natural, dark red highlights
Eye Colour: Hazel
Facial Hair: Clean Shaven

Emotional Description and Thought Patterns:

Arturus has a reputation for keeping to himself. He shies away from general chit-chat and socializing, prefering instead to sit in deep thought. He is quiet, intense, and strategic, saying little when it is not necessary but willing to share both ideas and strategies with his commanders when required. When he is more open, it is with Lieutenant Taylsha Nightrider, his partner and future wife. He has the appearance of being aloof and distant though that is due more to his dislike of comradery rather than arrogance or egosim. Arturus expects much of those he flies with and finds himself pushing the limits, relying more on breaking down all events into strategy and tactics rather than skill and reflexes. While having excellent piloting abilities, his downfall comes from attempting to use over-elaborate tactics and trying to direct his wingmen's maneouvers in detailed instructions so as to execute his plans while leaving no room for flexibility or adaptation. Asking almost the impossible, it has resulted in placing himself in many dangerous situations as what he directs and what is possible on the spur of the moment are two very different things. Arturus as stated earlier can come across as cool, distant, and aloof, but he has a firey temper if provoked. He is also highly suspicious by nature by an underlying, almost instinctual, paranoia of people. He always carries a weapon and is consistently looking around him. Those he trusts, have earned his complete trust but very few have earned that. For the rest, he can be polite but always remains suspicious. Arturus is a perfectionist and becomes angry and frustrated if he fails to achieve his own standards. He also has little patience for mistakes and incompetence from others though he has learned, from his leadership experiences, to mask this to an extent. Finally, Arturus' body language is generally cold and rigid. His intense nature and instinctual paranoia makes him as such and subsequently, only Lt. Nightrider is able to make him loosen up even a little. Taylsha is able to bring out Arturus' otherwise concealed emotions and has helped him to cope with the unknowns about his confusing and forgotten past which continues to huant him.

VEN Record:

Arturus started his VE career in Viper Squadron. After a couple of months he accepted a transfer to Nazgul Squadron and was named a Flight Leader. He worked his way up to Executive Officer before taking command of the Squadron. Shortly there after, due to declining overall activity in VEN, Nazgul Squadron was disbanded and Arturus was moved to Kaph Squadron. There he took command of a Flight before becoming Executive Officer and then Squadron Commander. He led Kaph Squadron on three separate occasions before finally stepping down and taking a long leave of absence. When he came back, he transferred back to Nazgul Squadron where he remains today.
Imperial Navy: Admiral Corran "Arturus" Hargraves, Fleet Commander, Seventh Vast Imperial Fleet

ADM Corran "Arturus" Hargraves/ISD-II Maleficence/7th Fleet/VEN/VE

Vast Empire Intelligence: Director Corran "Arturus" Hargraves

DIR Corran "Arturus" Hargraves/ISD-II Maleficence/7th Fleet/VEN/VII/VE

Imperial Centre Store: Corran "Arturus" Hargraves, Senior Company Agent

SCA/ADM Corran "Arturus" Hargraves/DC-LCS Golden Ark/ICS/VE

Clearly Canadian!


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