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Callsign: Warmaker  Send a message to Warmaker
ComNet Rank: ComNet Veteran
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Division(s): VE - Dark Jedi Order
VE - Imperial Navy
Gender: Unknown
Species: Human
Birthday: February 23
Date Joined: November 9, 2001
Last Active: December 2, 2009 at 1:03:05 PM
Number of Posts: 1,031
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ID Line: WC/CAP Warmaker/Viper 1-1/Phoenix Wing/mSSD Atrus/VE/VEN/ (=A=) (=SA=) (=FOCE=) (=JCPA=) (=SCPA=) [VC-B] [SV] [CBV] [IC] [LSM] [SBM]

Name: Jack Daniels

Nickname: Warmaker

Age: 24

Weight: 72 kg

High: 1,85 m

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown


On Thyferra in the Polith System was born Jack Daniels. His Father was officer in the Imperial Navy and his Mother the daughter from an Industriell Manager. The Planet was a Peacefull Place and so Jack grown up without hearing about the Rebellion since he was 14 and his Father was promoted to a Captain of an Imperial Star Destroyer. The Rebellion grown slowly and his Father reported him every Time when he comes back home from more Fights against little Groups. His whole Live changed as he received the message that his Father died in a Battle against a few Rebells. A Damaged X- Wing flyed in an Kamikace act into the Bridge Tower. Nobody from the Bridge Crew survived this cowardly attack.

After this Jack asked his Commander for an transfer to a Task Force Group to fight against the rebells and revenge the Dead of his Father.

His new Squadron was on the Victory Stardestroyer Revenge who flyed the whole time trough Hyperspace on the search after Rebell Groups.

In this Time, Jack flyed more Fights as in his whole Navy Time bevore.

His Flight Skills and his hunger for Revenge brought him his Callsign "Warmaker"

Soon, the Task Force was feared in the Rebellion, nobody knows where they are stationated and where they attack next, but a Bothan Spion found with luck one of the Bridge Crew of the VSD Revenge when they had one of the seltenen Landurlaub and was able to get the man drunk and talkactive.

Nobody from the Rest of the Crew knows about this betrayal and so they started the next Time again into Hyperspace on theyr Search, but soon an captured Interdictor from the Rebels hold them out of Hyperspace and severall Y-Wings and X-Wings Squadrons engaged the Revenge.

Jack tried with his Squadron to defend the Revenge, but one Squadron, even one of the most feard Squadrons had no chance against an attack from over 6 Squadrons.

One after one of his Squadron fellows was killed, soon there was only the half Squadron left as Warmaker could see the Explosion from the Revenge. The Squadron was equipped with Tie Interceptors with Shields and Hyperdrive, but they cant use him, becouse there was no way out of the incoming Bogeys to go on a secured Hyperspace Vektor.

Warmaker and the Rest of the Squadron knows that this is probaply theyr last Fight, so they tried to take as much Rebels as they can kill with them bevore they self get killed.

One after one died and soon only Warmaker and his Commander was left, but the Rebels had heavily Casaulties and the Space was not more Filled with Dozens of Fighter. His Commander ordered Warmaker to try with him an Escape into Hyperspace, but as they flight to the Hyperspace Vector a Missile hit Warmakers Fighter in the Back and damaged him heavily, the most of his Systems fall one after one out and he could see the incoming Bogeys for the Finall Kill as he heard another Order from his Commander over the Comm System.

The Order was to try an Blind Jump into Hyperspace.

Warmaker knows that he would die when he stayed and that he proubaply would die when he makes an Blind Jump, but he don’t want to give a Rebell the satisfaction for his kill, so he engaged the Hyperengines and made the Blind Jump ……..

Many Hours later, Warmaker awakes in an him unknown System. The most Systems in his Fighter was Damaged, but he tried to fly to the next Planet bevore his Ship fell apart.

In the moment when he reached the Orbit, his Engines finally fall out and he Crashed after an Rough Flight trough the Atmosphere in an See at the Biggest Continent.

This Crash, who nearly killed him, deleted the most of his memorise. After he awaks in the Hospital, he cant remember where he is, from where he are ….. the only Thing he can remember is the Hate onto the Rebels and his Callsign from the Wreck of his Ship.

After a few month of Rehabilitation in the Hospital, Warmaker joined a little mercenary Group who defend Convois against Rebels attacks.

From Time to Time, he gets Flashbacks from the Past, but as soon as they appear, they was mostly over. But Piece for Piece, Warmaker brought slowly the puzzle together and he knows that someday he had his memories back.

At one of there Flights, the mercenarys received a message from an Rebel Ambush and they decidet to join the Fight.

But there was not many to defeat, the Rebels was killed from the Imperial Forces and Warmaker was fascinated from the efficence they had cleared the Battlefield and he was impresed from the Leading ship of this Imperial Group, the m/SSD Atrus from the Vast Empire.

Something in Warmakers head sayed to him to leave the mercenarys and join the Vast Empire Navy, but at this Time he wasent able to say what lead him in this moment.

After he completed an little Training, he was been placed in the Viper Squadron. His Hunger for Revenge was still there and here he would get enough chances to kill rebels, for the VE it was a Time of Fights. It seems that every Group tried to destroy them and the Pilots of the VEN must nearly every Day flying with theyr Tie`s to keep the Freedom in there sectors.

After an few month, he was ordered to an Test in which a Dark Jedi tested him, to see how many Force potential he has.

Now he understand his “Luck” in the Fights and other events in the past.

The Dark Jedi Council decidet to train his Force Power


CMDR/DJK/CAP Warmaker/Viper 1-1/Phoenix Wing/mSSD Atrus/VE/VEN (=A=) (=SA=) (=FOCE=) (=JCPA=) (=SCPA=) [VC-B] [SV] [CBV] [IC] [LSM] [SBM]
Wing Commander Phoenix Wing
Viper Squadron Commander
"You can run, but you cannot hide"
"Have you ever kissed a Snake?"

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