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TX-47's Profile Information
Callsign: TX-47  Send a message to TX-47
ComNet Rank: ComNet Member
Avatar: TX-47
Division(s): VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: May 15
Date Joined: January 18, 2008
Last Active: April 19, 2024 at 6:41:04 AM
Number of Posts: 621
Web Page:
Biography: Physical Appearance: He wears black jumpsuit or uniform off-duty. Modified Corellian Powersuit most of the time. Clean shaven & serious.
Native Language: Corellian Basic
Gender/Species: Male/Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: light tan
Height: 1.81 meters [5'11.25"]
Weight: 88 kg [177.76 lbs]
Age: 20 [in 9 ABY]
Full Name: Baraka “Tank” Kodex
Physical Build: Strong and Sturdy
Homeworld: Corellia

Talents/Skills: Trained in use & Repair of Armor, Blasters, Repulsorlift Vehicles & Vibroweapons. Competent with Computers & Communication systems, Droids & Ground Vehicles. Speaks Duro, Huttese, Zeltroni. Understands Jawa [sort-of] & droidspeak.

Personality: No-nonsense most of the time, he does relax with his friends. He tends to treat everyone in a fair-but-firm manner.

Background: One of the ‘goode-ole’ boys from Coronet City. Graduated from the Corellian Military Academy.

22 BBY The Clone Wars begin. Many Corellian Militia units are integrated into the Grand Army of the the Republic.
19 BBY The Clone Wars end. Colonel Azkul Kodex's 38th Mechanized Battalion support the 11th Division of the 501st execute Order 66 on the Corellian Jedi.
18 BBY Azkul Kodex marries Taepellae Adare.
17 BBY Twin brothers Revv & Suulru Kodex are born.
15 BBY Twins Dillan (sister) & Saedhe (brother) Kodex are born.
13 BBY Twins Terena (sister) & Keval (brother) Kodex are born.
11 BBY Baraka Kodex is born, the 5th son of Azkul & Taepellae Kodex. Attack on hospital blamed on Nyax Cult; Stormtroopers saved the children.
9 BBY Twin sisters Lonna & Atrissa Kodex are born.
0 BBY The Battle of Yavin. General Azkul Kodex's Division is one of many stationed on the Death Star; thousands of Stormtroopers are killed. Baraka is 11 years old.
4 ABY The Battle of Endor.
5 ABY Baraka enters the Corellian Militia Academy at 16.
6 ABY In his 2nd year he trains on Ground Vehicles as both a driver & mechanic.
7 ABY 3rd Year. Hover & Repulsorlift Vehicles. Despite Benok's foul play, Baraka wins the Storm Skimmer Race. What is truly srprising is that Cadet Benok Falt doesn't even get a slap on the wrist.
8 ABY 4th Year. Baraka trains on Walkers & Starfighters. The Academy maintains AT-RT & AT-XT walkers, as well as INT-4 & V-Wing Interceptors. Baraka, Batu & Dhagon catch Benok & his lackeys stealing test answers; Benok's group is expelled.
9 ABY Graduates in the top 10% of his class. Going into the Stormtrooper Corps with two of his friends, he is surprised they aren't on the same shuttle to Tadath. Are they on another flight to Tadath? Are they going to Carida or another Academy? Delayed by an Ion Storm on the final leg of his journey, he rushes to join his fellow recruits...

Family & Friends:
Father: General Azkul Kodex, Deceased. Killed on duty abourd the first Death Star. Veteran of the CDEF & GAR. Had a love/hate relationship with Taepellae Adare before the war.

Mother: Taepellae Kodex. A Free Trader before the Clone Wars, she became a smuggler moving Republic personnel, troops & supplies. Also completed many scouting missions for the Republic providing crucial intel for the GAR.

Uncle: Zherron Kodex, Soldier, CDEF.

Uncle: Jorran Kodex, Soldier, CDEF.

Uncle: Ov Adare, Swoop Jock.

Brother: Revv Kodex, 26, CDEF.

Brother: Suulru Kodex, 26, CorSec.

Sister: Dillan Kodex, 24, Imperial Navy TIE Ace. Abrae.

Brother: Saedhe Kodex, 24, Imperial Army Trooper. Garrison Liaison between Imperial Army & local militia. Various VE worlds.

Sister: Terena Kodex, 22, Imperial Army Trooper, Mechanized Infantry. Tadath.

Brother: Keval Kodex, 22, VE Stormtrooper Officer. Tadath or front lines.

Sister: Lonna Kodex, 18, Cadet at Corellian Militia Academy. Corellia. On track for Tadath Academy's Scout Trooper program.

Sister: Atrissa Kodex, 18, Cadet at Corellian Militia Academy. Corellia. On track for Tadath Academy's Imperial Army Trooper program.

Cousin: Batu Adare, 20, he & Baraka were frequently classmates at the CMA. A true Gearhead he is now a VE Army scout & engineer.

Drill Sergeant Ponlar Bostuko, Instructor at the Corellian Militia Academy & a veteran of the Clone Wars. Served with Azkul Kodex but was in a different unit.

Dhagon Grenn, 20, was Baraka's best friend in the CMA. Trained as a Medic & Tech, entered service in VE's Imperial Army Intelligence (Slicer).

Coorta Lorso, 20, the group prankster. CDEF.

Vula Rhemm, 20, Scout/Medic, CDEF.

Luxa Dule, 20, Zeltron, she is in the Stormtrooper Academy on Tadath [Baraka doesn't know yet].

Mebla Grenn, 20, trained so far as a Scout, entered the Stormtrooper Academy on Tadath [Baraka doesn't know yet].

Ratrin Lootra, 20, he is a VE Navy TIE pilot & scout.

Aayda Vhek, 20, she is a VE Navy TIE pilot & scout.

R5-X7 'Rex' is a modified Astromech Repair Droid.
WEG-6D6 'Weg' is a EG-6 Power Droid Tank upgraded into an Ammo Droid.
HK-X47 'Hex', an HK-series Assassin Droid
T3X-M47 'Tex', a T3-series Utility Droid
Shadow, his Prowler 1000 probe droid.

Other Droids:
26 MSE-6 mouse droids
6 B-1 Battle Droids
20 Destroyer Droids
2 B-2 Super Battle Droids
6 R5 Astromechs
4 Dark Eye Probe Droids
1 2-1B Surgical Droid
1 FX-6 Surgical Assistant
1 GH-7 Medical Analysis Droid
Basilisk War Droid
ED-209 Enforcement Droid

3-2-XR Speeder Bike
SMS-18G Garland 7 Hover Cycle
INT-4 Interceptor
Dante's Inferno, an extensively hot-rodded ISP 'Swamp Speeder', now as fast as a Storm Skimmer & more heavily armed with the addition of an LC-5 Lava Cannon & a Heavy Republic Flame Thrower.
Storm Skimmer Patrol Sled
TX-130S Saber-class Assault Repulsortank
1-L Imperial-class Light Repulsortank
1-M Imperial-class Medium Repulsortank
2-M Saber-class Repulsor Tank
1-H Imperial-class Heavy Repulsortank
HAVr A9 Floating Fortress
LAAT/c (Low Altitude Assault Transport/Cargo) Gunship
LAAT/i (Low Altitude Assault Transport/Infantry) Gunship
Reconnaissance Troop Transporter (RTT)
The BlackJack Zero Strikebreaker Riot Control Vehicle is still seeing plenty of action as the BlackJack Squad vehicle.

The Ebon Shyrack, his heavily modified Sentinel Shuttle. Allegedly the fastest troop transport in the galaxy, it is also his new home.

ISP-6 Imperial Shuttle Pod
TIE/ga Ground Assault Infantry Support Fighter Pod

Capital Ships:
The Dreshdae Thunderhawk, an Adz-class Patrol Destroyer currently being modified.
Acclamator-class TransGalactic Military Transport, recaptured from rebels
Corellian Frigate, recaptured from rebels

[color=#FF0000]Red #FF0000[/color]
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Lance Corporal Baraka "Tank" Kodex

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Vehicle Crewman
Storm Commando
"Smart."  -Calo Nord
"Don't'll just die tired" -Iron Horse Motto
Exalted in the Dark Side

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