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Callsign: FireMane  Send a message to FireMane
ComNet Rank: ComNet n00b
Avatar: FireMane
Division(s): VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Female
Species: Twi'lek
Birthday: September 5
Date Joined: December 10, 2007
Last Active: August 20, 2010 at 10:55:58 AM
Number of Posts: 23
Biography: Vidalla spent most of her childhood on her home planet of Ryloth. Up untill her mother was captured and enslaved by the Hutts, Vidalla spent most of her time learning how to dance from various people in her home town. After her mother was taken, she spent her time moving from planet to planet with her father. Vidalla, angry with not being able to defend her mother when the Hutts came to take her away, learned how to defend herself from various defense teachers, as well as basic operation on various melee and projectile weapons so that no one would ever be able to take her without a fight. She excelled at the melee training because of her athletic build and spent many hours training with projectile and energy weapons.

In her late teens Vidalla's father was killed when their ship was attacked and boarded by brigands. In the ensuing firefight aboard their ship Vidalla's father took a lethal blaster shot to the chest as did the life support on board. Fortunatly a lone Trandoshan by the name of Nymall was flying through that region of space and picked up the automatic distress signal. Nymall transported the near comatose Twi'lek from the destroyed vessel to the nearby planet of Tatooine where she was given medical attention and given a clean bill of health.

After losing her father Vidalla and Nymall became fast friends and spent many months travelling togther. They took odd jobs to make ends meet which included transportation of goods, bodyguards, recon, diplomatic envoys, and even hostage recovery. Eventually they both decided to join the Vast Empire. Nymall joined the Imperial Navy whereas Vidalla choose to become a stormtrooper.

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