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Tylen Jaap's Profile Information
Callsign: Tylen Jaap  Send a message to Tylen Jaap
ComNet Rank: ComNet Novice
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Division(s): VE - Dark Jedi Order
Gender: Unknown
Species: Human
Date Joined: April 28, 2001
Last Active: March 24, 2009 at 11:01:49 AM
Number of Posts: 59
ID Line: Dark Jedi Knight Tylen Jaap

Name: Tylen Jaap
Callsign: Wakai Chikara (Young Force)
Age: 15
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120
Hair Color: Dark Brown/Black
Eye Color: Blue
Reason for joining the Empire: light Jedi/Sith experience
Place of Birth: Adegan system, planet Ossus


|<>| Biography of Tylen Jaap |<>|

Tylen Jaap was born just after the end of the Clone Wars, on the planet of Ossus. This was located in the system of Adegan, home to the site of an ancient Jedi stronghold and training center. His Grandfather, Master Odin Jaap, was one of the Light Jedi who tried to help save the planet from complete destruction in the Clone Wars. His Efforts were successful, however the planet was nearly destroyed. Following the Battle, he went into hiding. He, and the rest of the planet’s Jedi went and made their homes on the new planet they had just helped save. Odin had two children, Giran (Tylen’s father) and Adrona. Giran did not follow in his Fathers footsteps. However, because of the War against the Galactic Empire, he joined into the Alliance to become a member on board the Ossus Day, an Alliance Mon Calamari Cruiser. He left his son behind to his wife, Leonia Jaap, when Tylen was around 4 years of age. The Empire later destroyed the Ossus Day.

At 5 years of age, one year before the Empire’s defeat at Yavin, Tylen was made an apprentice to his Grandfather, Master Odin Jaap. Here he was taught the ways of the light side of the Force. He studied ancient philosophies and force techniques, many of the books unknown to Odin. Among the billions of books and scrolls about the Jedi, there were many book that contained text about the Great Sith War and the Freedon Nadd Uprisings on Onderon, and Ancient Sith artifacts that have been discovered on this Planet thousands of years ago and have been kept safe from the destruction that happened years before. He took a great interest in the Sith ways and he made it a passion to learn as much as he could about the Sith, and yet still keep up on his Jedi training to hide his “other interests”. Knowing that the books would be disposed of once other Jedi found them, he took the books and had then kept in a secret location. At about this time Tylen was enrolled in the local Flight Academy School. His grandfather wanted Tylen to learn how to escape when the time was needed.

At 9, he brought it upon himself, without the approval of is master, to make a lightsaber. He used one of the many Adegan Crystals (also known as Ilum crystals) that were found plentiful throughout the Adegan system. Both of them where light blue in color. The handle of the saber was a smaller version of the standard saber, only about 10” in length. His grandfather however disapproved of his saber and Tylen was not allowed to use it until he thought the time was right for him to learn the techniques of the saber. It only built on his anger towards his master and it did not seem to stop him. Tylen had stolen it back and every day in the middle of the night, he would take it out and teach himself, and many other young Jedi Apprentices moves from the ancient Sith books that he had memorized many years before.

A few years later, just before the Alliance defeat at Hoth, Tylen’s master fell sick from radiation deposits still in the atmosphere. He was nearly destroyed by the radiation from the Cron System, which was destroyed when Aleema and Crado destroyed the system a thousand years back. Tylen was then ordered to find another source of Jedi experience, and get his training else ware. Therefore, with a large amount credits given to him, he set off to find his destiny. However, Jedi experience was not was he was after. He knew his destiny was not with the Jedi. With his passion now in good reach he set off to find out about the Sith legends.

His travels took him farther than he ever wanted to reach. Most of his exploration was near the Tingel Arm sector near the Gardaji Rift, where there was rumor of a planet that manufactured biological ships, one that he dreamed of owning. He did end up finding a planet, however it was not the planet he was after, Zonama Sekot. This planet was very different from the rumors, it didn’t have the great clear Blue skies, it was a dark red color, and the natives were not Ferroan. However, it still worked that same as Sekot, the ships where made the same way, only with small weapons built on the tops and bottoms. It was like they have transplanted sections of Sekot and placed it on this new planet, or maybe Sekot was destroyed. Tylen didn’t know and didn’t dare find out. Tylen did end up going through the process of making a ship, and what a ship it was. It was unique; it was nothing like he had ever seen before. The ship itself was small just a one-person transport. This ship did however drain him of almost all his credits. He stayed with the planet for several months for training on the biological ship. Once completely trained he would be able to whistle and his ship would be ready for him. One that would need no controls and would operate by the thoughts in his head. After he returned to his quest for the Dark Side.

At the age of 15, 4 years after the destruction of the Second Death Star and to the Empire, Tylen made his first encounter with the Vast Empire Fleet. His ship was low on its reserve fuel tank; he had nowhere else to go. The Vast Empire Ship, the Super Star Destroyer Mustang, then took capture of his small ship while in escort to somewhere he didn’t not know of at the time. He had a very good felling about this new fleet, it had a very strong sense of the Force on it. This would be his first meeting with Majere. Majere had the ship and the boy taken capture, and was placed in the Detention area of the m/SSD and was interrogated. Because Tylen was in a standard Jedi Padawan uniform they were very cautious at first, but Majere quickly found out about the boys intent. For disciplinary reasons and to keep a very close eye on him, Tylen was made an Apprentice to the Dark Jedi Master.

Their First mission was not an easy one. The Vast Empire Fleet found their new homes, however it had been pre-occupied. Tylen, Master Majere and Master Atrus were to find a great and powerful Dark Jedi and hunt him down. They got in a battle with a huge beast 4 times their sizes. Tylen was forced to hide and watch, he could do nothing against this beast. About half way through the battle, something happened that Tylen was not prepared for. The two Masters were knocked into a wall. Atrus quickly regained his strength and resumed the fight. However his master did not, he sat there for a moment with his head down. He told Tylen he could not go on any further, and there is nothing he could do about it. Majere stood up and before Tylen knew it, Majere was out of his life. Atrus, aware of what just happened, continued to fight twice as hard. Then and there, Tylen discovered his destiny. He reached behind his new Dark Jedi uniform under his cloak and pulled out the lightsaber he has made 6 years before and stared at it for a moment. It brought back memories of his past, his grandfather, his home planet and his parents. But he quickly put those aside, ignited his lightsaber to a brilliant blue and gave Atrus a small message that he was on his way. Together, now Master and Apprentice fought the beast and defeated it.

After several weeks Tylen was made is masters Adjutant in the Navy, he was the Naval Commander and Chief’s assistant. Tylen continued his training developing many new skills. Force speed, jump and pull, Tylen had previously learned back from his Light Jedi years. But he continued his efforts to gather his next strengths, His ability to control is pain was by far his greatest advantage he had right now, without that there would have been nothing left. He continued his lightsaber training schedule from his past. Bringing out his saber to practice in the shadows of the night sky.

After what seemed like a very short time, 3 months in fact, after Atrus took him on as his new Apprentice. The Vast Empire had a terrible tragedy. Supposedly a group of rogue Light Jedi were able to make their way into the compounds of the naval base. They had planted a bomb that sent the Dark Lord to his death, becoming one with the force.

During the week, Tylen was in a complete shock. Two Masters…gone in less then a year. For a 15 year old Dark Side apprentice, this was hard to understand. He sat in his quarters, all dark, meditating throughout the rest of the week, not speaking to anyone that came looking. He did, at the end of the week, attend the memorial service, and his master received his ritual cremation.

Just a few short days after the memorial, Tylen was given a new mentor, yet again another master, Dark Jedi Master, Lord Kadann. He started his work on his lightsaber and was called forth with the rest of the Dark Jedi to fight to avenge his Atrus’s death.

Sith Guardian Tylen Jaap
CM/SG Tylen Jaap/Elite Griffen Sect/VSD-II Griffen/VEDJ/VE [VP]
Little Ball of Death - Jester Squad

'Meditate on this, I will'- Yoda

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