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Ken Alibek's Profile Information
Callsign: Ken Alibek  Send a message to Ken Alibek
ComNet Rank: ComNet Initiate
Donation Status: Imperial Baronet ($25.00)
Avatar: Ken Alibek
Division(s): VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: January 1
Date Joined: October 7, 2007
Last Active: October 28, 2016 at 2:46:26 AM
Number of Posts: 199
Web Page:
ID Line: TRP/GSG Ken/1SQD/1PLT/1CO/1BN/1RGT/Tadath/VEA [EW2][GRP][AS-H]
Biography: Physical Appearance

Native Language: Basic
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: White (Pale)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170 lbs
Age: 18
Full Name: Keneka Alibek
Physical Build: Skinny, muscular
Homeworld: Corulag

Notable Skills

1) Very skilled at the use and repair of computers and other machines.
2) Superior sprinting speed -- has competed in many track events.

Notable Deficiencies

1) Relatively poor marksman -- has difficulty hitting medium- and long-range targets.
2) Bigoted -- does not respect non-human troopers, regardless of their rank or position.

Background History

Keneka, usually called Ken, was born on the Imperial world of Corulag during its heyday, and he grew up among the exemplars of Imperial behavior and loyalty. He lived with his mother and father, his brother, and his uncle. His was an intact middle-class family, supported by his father and uncle. His father, Lem, Sr., owned and operated a small repair shop servicing droids, comlinks, and other household machines. His uncle, Varik Bazer, taught chemistry at a local university. His mother, Carla, stayed at home to look after the children. Throughout their childhoods, Ken and his older brother, Lem, Jr., often helped in their father's shop. At first, their father only entrusted them with sweeping, mopping, and wiping up messes in the shop. Lem, Jr. was mostly content to perform these simple tasks, but Ken eagerly sought to learn more about the machines. As the years went on, Ken gradually became a valuable worker, quite proficient at fixing the various machines that came into the shop.

Encouraged by their parents and the Imperial media, Keneka and Lem each joined the Sub-Adult Group as teenagers. Stories of Imperial daring captivated the boys, and many of their games pitted Imperial soldiers and sailors against vicious pirates and evil aliens. Lem grew out of the games first, but the romantic tales of Imperial soldiers still fascinated him. When Lem completed his primary education, nobody was surprised that he had decided to join CompForce. The entire family supported his decision, and the boy was sent for assault training right away. Ken was very proud of his brother, but since there was no war on, he wanted to stay on Corulag and work at his father's shop when he got out of school. Against all odds, Lem passed through basic training with only moderate injuries. After a few days of recovery, Lem was attached to an army regiment and deployed against the same pirates and aliens he had fought as a child. His travels and achievements were a constant source of pride to his family, and they eagerly ate up every letter he wrote home.

While Ken remained in the Sub-Adult Group on Corulag, Lem traveled the galaxy, maintaining Imperial supremacy. Before long, scattered terrorist groups formed an alliance and began a concerted terror campaign against the Empire. Lem was removed from his old regiment and attached to a stormtrooper regiment assigned to a pacification campaign in the Outer Rim. The campaign was a fantastic success, and at its conclusion Lem and his regiment were ordered back to the Core. Shortly after it entered hyperspace for the journey home, Lem's convoy was intercepted by a rebel attack force with a gravity well generator. The convoy was too small to fight off their attackers, so the convoy commander transmitted a distress signal and ordered all ships to attempt individual escape back into hyperspace. A few of the ships successfully escaped the gravity well, but most of the sluggish freighters were caught by rebel frigates and Y-Wings. After a brief, valiant struggle, eight freighters were destroyed, leaving only a field of floating cargo and corpses. Lem was aboard the freighter Deliverance when she was destroyed.

Lem's death deeply affected Ken, and he promised himself he'd join the military so that he could avenge his death. Unfortunately, the Empire's dominion over the galaxy was to be shattered before his zeal could do it any good. With the Emperor's death at Endor, a shadow fell over Corulag. Their world was soon invaded by the rebels, and the Alibeks were forced to live under the intolerable yoke of rebel occupation. Ken lashed out against the occupation troops, and was arrested several times for vandalism and harassment. When Ken's uncle Varik was murdered by a rebel soldier, his father decided the family had no future on rebel-occupied Corulag. Spending a large portion of their savings, Ken's parents hired a sympathetic smuggler to take them to Tadath, out of enemy-occupied space. His family settled in a suburb of Sianat and was quickly accepted into a community of fellow refugees. Ken continued his education there, and when he came of age he fulfilled the promise he made on Corulag and enlisted as a trooper in the Vast Empire Army.


Ken is a slightly reserved but friendly young man, and he is taking military regimentation and discipline in stride. Though he started off poorly, he is gradually getting the hang of military etiquette. He is always helpful, and usually courteous. The exception to his positive attitude is his behavior toward non-humans. He dislikes working with any other species, considering them to be nothing more than animals. His loyalty to the Imperial cause is unwavering, and his hatred of the rebellion is strong. Despite his zeal, he dreaded making his first kill against a real human opponent. Since then he has learned that, in the present conflict, clean hands are a luxury not available to a soldier. In spite of his anxiety, he is determined not to insult his brother's memory by quitting. He isn't sure how far he wants to go in the Corps, but he means to keep fighting until the flames of rebellion are extinguished. His greatest desire is to participate in the eventual liberation of Corulag.

Gunnery Sergeant Keneka Alibek, VEA (ret.)
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