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Mako Sanguin's Profile Information
Callsign: Mako Sanguin  Send a message to Mako Sanguin
ComNet Rank: ComNet Cadet
Avatar: Mako Sanguin
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: June 26
Date Joined: September 21, 2007
Last Active: December 20, 2007 at 9:57:39 PM
Number of Posts: 275
Biography: Physical Appearance Native Language: Basic Hair Color: Dirty Blonde, Shaved Eye Color: Grey Skin Color: Light Tan, some heavy battle scars Height: 5'11 Weight: 220 lbs Age: 28 Full Name: Mako Sanguin Physical Build: Thick, Muscular Homeworld: Imperial Space Station 6413-9x ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Talents/Skills 1)  Very street-wise and well traveled. 1A) Grew up homeless and has survived the corrupt undergrounds of many worlds  1B) Is great at stealth, improvisation, and security bypass 1C) Is able to understand several languages, but only capable of limited phrases in a few of the less complex languages 2) Is very good at thievery and many underground skills such as gangster negotiation tactics that are necessities in the underground life. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Background History I was born on Imperial Space Station 6413-9x to now unknown but assuredly loving parents who were under special employ of the Empire. From what I know, they were doing some type of research on Genetic Engineering to create a nano-being that flows through the bloodstream and repairs tissue damage. Their research was to support the Imperial Troops in battle, enabling them to stay younger longer, and heal much more quickly, thus enabling the Empire to do the same job with less troops (It’s all about cost cutting, never lives). Imperial researchers are not allowed to bring family on board Empire run Space Facilities, and so any children born on Imperial Space Facilities are considered wards of the Empire. The children are often allowed to stay for up to five years, long enough to get off of the breast and be potty trained, and taught some basic, but not much else. Then they are sent to be raised by the Empire for their own purposes, often ending up in Imperial Military schools until they are so well trained that they join up with some elite squadron somewhere doing the Emperors bidding. Though the prospect of getting shipped off to be a ward of the Empire seems troublesome, it was during transport when my life was truly changed. Imperial personnel transports are often not so protected, especially when the Empire rules the galaxy and there is a 50/50 chance that you will end up with an E-11 Blaster in your face instead of a payload. I was four and a half years old, and being shipped with a small load of young children who were also headed to the Empire’s boarding school, when we were attacked and utterly dominated by a small band of rogue pirates. There were a few Imperial troops on board, but they were lackey transport officers who had gotten used to the routine delivery jumps. The Pirates were easily able to cut through these defenses, and roped us in like a fresh herd of cattle. Cattle is what we were treated like as well. We were packed in to a small smuggling compartment that was pitch black, and the door would open occasionally only to blind us with the ship lights, and to have cold slop and water dumped on our heads to be devoured however possible. I don’t remember too much from this encounter, but I do remember one of the Pirate’s hands. It was tattooed with a language that I still have not seen again to this day. I was sold off to the highest bidder to live the life of a gangster’s slave. The Empire may have looked for us, but I doubt it. We don’t cost as much if we aren’t there, and they already have plenty of troops. As I grew older, I was taught the ways of the hidden life, and all about loyalty, loyalty to the hand that feeds, loyalty to respect, loyalty to money, and loyalty to a set of rules that don’t get broken unless you want to end up in a trash compactor somewhere waiting to be launched into the nearest sun. I worked for a feared and respected man in the galaxy, and when he was murdered and his own empire was transferred, I worked for another feared and respected man. The cycle continues on and on, like that ancient dragon that eats his own tail. I did learn to survive though, and when the gangsters started turning on each other more and more, and the Empire started pressuring the groups hat were disrupting Imperial business, I did what was necessary to survive. I moved on to the next feared and respected man in the galaxy, the Emperor himself .
Go ahead, laugh.  It's all fun and games until someone puts YOUR eye out.


TRP/CPL Mako Sanguin/2SQD/1PLT/1CMP/1REG/1BAT/Tadath/VEA
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