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Callsign: Saphira Striker  Send a message to Saphira Striker
ComNet Rank: ComNet Veteran
Avatar: Saphira Striker
Division(s): VE - Engineering Corps
VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Female
Species: Twi'lek
Birthday: November 24
Date Joined: September 14, 2007
Last Active: August 6, 2011 at 11:59:53 PM
Number of Posts: 1,385
Biography: HISTORY

Born on Ryloth and Raised on Coruscant Saphira was the child of wealthy merchants. Her parents were int he job of selling anything from ships down to exotic variety's of art that was sold threw out the galaxy. From a young age she was groomed to know the vital schematics of every ship that was out in line. Matrial arts was a daily part of her training and her parents got her the best teachers money could buy. Computer skills as to accounts and running schematics was as well a must in her private classes. Saphira also was taught variosu languages. She can understand Ubese and wookie though has a hard time speaking back in their tounge Her mother however wanted her to be more of a lady. Dressing her up for private functions in an effort to further her social status.Saphira however preferred the life of everything new. To see the world, travel and make something of herself.

By the time she was 10 the young girl had become rebellious. She would find the way out onto the streets to race speeders, pick fights and get into anything she thought she could Handel. Thievery was something she first got caught with. Caught in the middle of a robbery from a local part store she was shamed by her parents. It was the one thing her family didn't want. The Empires unwanted attention. While her parents were well known their daughters actions had brought heavy fire on them. For it was not just a small local place she was caught at, but one of the mass producers for the imperial forces.

One in particular had watched as Saphira had fought her way threw the soldiers. Actually managing to injure a few before she was aprehanded. The fact she was the child of wealthy influencial parents made it the more tempting, however they had to go threw semi proper channels. It was only a few days later that her parents were approached with charges of destructing imperial property. They were to lose their status and fortune if they didn't hand over the girl. Torn by greif her family had little choice. It was either that or live in poverty with a blackmark. Saphira, then was dragged off to the imperial training academy never to see her formar life again.

Early History

The young male paced the great hall. Doctors running back and forth. Brushing past him as if he were made of air. It had already been over an hour when his wife had gone into labor. The male Twi'lek grabbed the ends of his head tail. Hands sweating in anticipation.
"Please let them be ok.." His voice came out in a husk. A cry came out, painful as his wife panged the birth. The child was a miracle , for they were told they would never have a child. No one to take over the family business. Another screamed, pushing Marco to the breaking point of busting down the door and going to his wife. Just as he thought he could stand no more did the shrill cry of an infant was heard. Tears streamed down his face as the doors opened a moment to let him in. Marco rushed to Kalia, who was holding a small moving bundle.

"It's a girl.." She breathed, pulling the loose fabric aside to reveal a small red and black skinned baby. Marco opened his eyes in surprise.

"I've.. I've never seen such a design.." Reaching out to touch the small hand. The baby looked up and grabbed for his fingers.

"Black flames all over.. She is truly a gift.." Kalia smiled, leaning up to kiss his head tail as the doctor finished cleaning her after birth up. A nurse then walked up with a data pad.

"What shall you call her?"

Grinning both parents looked at her. "Saphira.. Saphira Striker.."


"But Daddy.." The young girl whined, stomping her feet in a tantrum as her teacher entered the room.

"No But's .. your going to have your studies today and that's finial." Marco replied sternly from his desk. Staring before him was his daughter, now five years old and proving to be extraordinarily stubborn and adventurous. He could place a finger on it why she was like that. He thought maybe it was her markings, something that made her go off and misbehave more then other children.

"No.. I don't wanna.. I wanna go to a public school like other kids.." Again she wined, silver eyes staring defiantly back at him as she crossed her arms. Marco rolled his eyes as her mother entered. Dressed in formal wear for a social gathering.

"Now Saphira, we've been threw this. You're not like other children. We don't associate with commoners.." Her mother piped up, looking at her lovingly as she gently took saph by the elbow.

"But, but.. Mommy..I am a regular kid.." She started as she lead her off. Finally leaving Marco and her alone. Sighing he put his datapad down.

"When I thought she was a blessing I did.. but.." He trailed off as his wife approached him and traced his head tail. "Her nurse mentioned she caught her out of the house grounds again. Playing with the local children and working on their speeders."
Sighing he was pleased to a point that some of the lessons were paying off. Their cooperation sold vast amounts of goods. Including mechanics, though while not adjacent to the teachings he took it on himself for her to learn everything. Even though she was caught outside the boundaries..

"It's just a phase love. She'll grow out of it soon enough." Planting a kiss on his lips she smiled. "I have a meeting with the local merchants. Once Saphira is done with lessons I need her to come and be dressed properly this time." Her tone hardened as she remembered last time their daughter arrived. Dressed in raged play clothes and covered in grease from the homes shop. Saph had pestered the mechanic to let her help him.

Marco, didn't mind that Saphira was attending these. She was acting already too much of a tom boy and needed in his opinion to know how to act like a proper lady.

"I hope so.." .......


The light sound of feet could be heard down the halls. It was the middle of the sleeping cycle when Saph managed to sneak back into her room. Covered in grease, dirt and sweat she took her hand to wipe her brow. Smearing the dirt even worse as she closed the door.

"That was close." She breathed, walking over to the 'fresher to began cleaning up. Opening a hidden panel she installed a year earlier the young child stripped and shoved her clothes in there to hide them. Only ten years old and she was now a full rebel. Shutting the hatch she showered quickly before making too much noise. The last time she was caught out the punishment had been dire.

Dripping wet she reached for a towel and quickly dried. Her silver eyes scanned the area as she reached for her gown and dressed for bed. It had been an interesting night. Racing the speeders threw the garbage pits. Nearly cost her life as well.

"Damn Malica for it all.."

She muttered, pulling the gown over her head. Malica was one of her outside friends. Several years older and was a brilliant racer for a human. However, he had forgot to fix the engine from the last race when it was damaged. In the middle of hers the engine had cut in the middle of a jump. Growling, a small beeping sound pierced the silence. Eyes opening wide saph made a mad dash for her belt and tore it off.

"What?" she whispered harshly. "You know if my dad hears me -"

"Sorry, you ok? That was some freaky piloting tonight Saph." Malica's voice crackled over.

"Yea I'm fine. What do you want?" She yawned, scratching her lower jawline. Her ears listening for any movement in the hall.

"Always straight up ain't ya? Anyways, the speeder is junk. We need a new part to stabilize the engine and coolant but no one around here carries it." Saph listened intently. Knowing what he was getitng at.

"You couldn't afford it anyway.." She stated, pacing her room.

"Yea.. your right.. but we need the parts. No parts no money.." His voice sounded desperate. One of the other reasons she raced was to help her friends make some money. It wasn't much but it kept them fed and clothed.

"I know where we can get them, but..." She stopped.

"What, and where?"

"My father transports them to the Imperial center here. Their shop has them. I can get us in but it's risky.." Not paying attention she bumped into the nightstand and knocked it over. The loud thud made her freeze. Sure enough the sounds of a door opening down the hall was heard moments later.

"Stay silent.." She snapped and dashed for bed and covered her head. The door opened and Her mother poked her head in and looked around. Thankfully, she didn't come in once she found her daughter tucked in bed. Had it been her father, that would have ended up differently. The door closed and Saph pulled the comlink back up.

"Sorry." she muttered, keeping her voice to a whisper.

"Alright.. Well I'll meet you tomorrow and we'll start planning this thing. We need to have those parts tomorrow night. It's a risk I'm willing to take. What about you?" Another crackle as she clutched the com tightly.

"Yea. I'm in.. I'll sneak off from classes and see you around noon." Muttering a good night she placed the com under her pillow and began plotting to break into the imperial storehouse.
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